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Happy Friday, Jumble fans! The first three clue words that we encountered this morning were old favorites and posed almost no challenge. RADIUS did require a quick second glance before it came into view leaving just one word to solve. With no obvious words coming to mind, I noticed that it had a “Y” and decided to try my Y-trick. By placing the Y at the end of the layout, I eliminated a letter from the anagram but still nothing jumped out at me. At this point I figured that the Y may not be at the end of the word so I decided to just scramble the letters in the margin of my newspaper. It took 6 attempts before coming into view making PARLAY my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day.

The setting for today’s cartoon is a beach where we see two older people enjoying some time outside. Reading the dialogue and sentence we learn that the female (who looks a lot like Meryl Streep) is ready to take a stroll along the beach and she inquires if her partner would like to join. He looks pretty comfortable in that chair and replies that he’s just started a new book so he’ll have to pass.

Reading the words on the open page of the book we learn that the title is “The Rise and Fall of the World’s Oceans.” Underneath the title we see a little more text which is partially obscured from view by the gentleman’s head. It says “Push and P Publishin” leaving us to fill in the blanks.

Doesn’t that trail of soft sand look inviting? It has has no doubt been warmed by the sun which is best enjoyed barefoot. And look at that gorgeous view! The waves are gently lapping the shoreline while the seagulls fly gracefully overhead. Entranced by such a serene setting you may not have noticed the sailboat in the distance that appears to be in peril. Have no fear as this is Jumble artist Jeff Knurek’s signature addition to cartoons that have a water setting and it’s also my favorite detail for today.

The letter layout for the final solution was very cryptic and gave absolutely nothing away. The P seemed like the odd letter so I decided to work with it first. Noticing that the layout began with GAE brought PAGE into view leaving TIDAL to be found soon after. Have a fantastic Friday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎶Blue MOON, you saw me standing alone…Without a dream in my heart, Without a love of my own. Blue MOON, you knew just what I was there for…You heard me saying a prayer for Someone I really could care for… Blue MOON, now I’m no longer alone, Without a dream in my heart…Without a love of my own…🎶

    🌜The day looks clear and cloudless, no GAUZE-like look of haze
    And Paige wants to go walking, while Leif is not so fazed…
    He’d rather ELECT to stay put, and read from his new book,
    The RADIUS from where he sits, enough for him to look.
    A lover of the ocean, a purveyor of its wealth…
    He’d choose to PARLAY stories of the sea. That’s what he felt.
    So while Paige takes a walk and has the beach to set her stage…
    Old Leif will sit and just moon over this his “TIDAL” PAGE…🌛

    Good Morning! I’m absoLUNEly BEAMing! And why? Because I think the TIDES may have turned! I think we have a new word today! PARLAY! S’il vous plait! I mean I could just be TREADING WATER here, but I really do believe it’s NEW! Would I BET my last QUARTER on it? Yes, I think I would. Whether ISLAND on my feet or KNOT…Yes, I do think I would…Ok…I need to calm DOWN! As for our other words, we’ve SEAn them all within the past 12 MONTHS: Elect on 09/07, Radius on 09/13, and Gauze on 05/02/17. Perhaps they’ve caused a tiny LUNA TIC or two today, but I hope you’ve all done…well, SWIMMINGLY! So, on to our cartoon…Today, we see a couple, at the Beach. The woman, PAIGE, is asking the man, LEIF, if he’d like to take a walk with her. I’m SHORE he enjoys her company, but today, he’s WAVING her off. You SEA, he’s just starting a NEW book, and he’d much rather COAST through the day reading. And, it looks like she underSANDS. We SEA by the FIRST page, that Leif’s book is aBOAT the MOON, and its effect on the OCEANS. ELEVEN Chapters are involved, I believe. The book is TIDEled..”THE RISE AND FALL OF THE WORLD’S OCEANS”. The author isn’t mentioned, but I have a feeling that it’s ROMAN EMPIRE…Anyway, our question asks…What did the book HALF? It had a “TIDAL” PAGE! HA! WATER we HALF here? A wonderFULL pun, that’s what! Good job, David! Ok, eye candy…I like PAIGE’S hat and scarf, but the entire outfit’s purple, so you know I’m hardly OVER the MOON about it. I like the seagulls, but maybe a little too FLIGHTy. Of COURSE I absoLUNEly Love Jeff’s signature sinking sailboat way off in the distance. I hope you can SEA it. But what really PHASEd me today? On that TIDAL PAGE, way DOWN at the bottom? Jeff’s written the Publisher’s name. The THIRD word is hidden, so we can only see HALF, but I know where he’s going with this…The name? PUSH and PULL! Now how’s that for being clever? Good one, Jeff, a real WANEer! So, There you HALF it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. It’s Friday! Get out there and SHOOT FOR THE MOON! 🌓🙋🏻

    • Great job, Angela! I found PARLAY used way back on 2/27/13, but I could have sworn that we’ve seen it more recently. Perhaps it’s PARLOR that I’m thinking of. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

      • Thanks, Mike. 2013? That IS going way back I lost my QUARTER! 😂 Yes, Parlor was used just this past Jan 12th, so maybe that’s what you’re thinking of. Parlay got me excited, though! LOL…It’s not a word that may come easily. A friend this morning said that unless one gambles, they may have a hard time recognizing the word. I can’t make a call on it, because I saw it right away. We shall see. Good weekend? Not yet, too early! 😉 Hope your day’s going well…🙋🏻

  2. No blind solve of today’s clever surprise answer, but it was quickly solved with the designated letters written down. All of the CWs were instant reads this morning.

    Until tomorrow.

  3. Clue words went quickly,except for parlay,but the solution was problematic,until I stumbled upon page with tidal following shortly thereafter.

  4. Parlay caused me pause but actually radius is the one that took me the longest to solve this morning and that has tripped me up before. Took me some time to come up with the cartoon answer but once I found page the rest was easy. Clever puzzle today. Happy Friday everyone.

  5. DONE! My newspaper was missing the whole section that contains the Jumble, so off to Seattle I went. The hardest word for me by far was RADIUS. For some reason PARLAY jumped right out at me so I typed it and was pleasantly surprised to hear the little tune that means I got it right. Looking at the letters, I immediately saw the word TIDAL first but didn’t know how it was going to be a pun word until I saw PAGE.

    Mike, I already have ocean withdrawal and wish to visit a beach in California, but now I am wanting that trip even more after reading your delicious description of the warm soft sand, gorgeous view, gentle waves, and seagulls. Sigh!

    Off to my dermatologist to have her help me with a painful callus on the bottom of my foot and check the nose surgery in which she snipped off a benign lump. Hope your day is more fun than that!! ha

    • Hi, Lelia, and happy Friday! It’s definitely not a beach day here on the NH coast. Low 60’s and a wind off that water that’ll chill you to the bone. It was such a brilliant puzzle today and the cartoon definitely left me with a smile. So here’s a 🙂 for you and enjoy the weekend despite the Doctor visits.

    • Lelia, if you want warm sand, winds and water on the California ocean, make sure you stay down South. Our day here is like Mike’s, low 60’s for a high, wind and always very cold water. It feels cold enough here to be summer!😂
      I’ve been very happy to read about your Mother’s Day celebrations after having felt sick for so many days, and I hope today’s stuff clears up quickly.

  6. Hi all – Got a blind solve on the answer from the ocean and moon references. I saw PARLAY quickly but, not being a bettor wasn’t sure if the spelling was correct or even the right word. A nod to tomorrow’s Preakness perhaps? (And is that why we’re holding off on declaring this a good weekend or not? 😉)
    Then had to go through RADISH to get to RADIUS.

    Angela, Blue Moon by Elvis or someone else?
    Have a great day!

    • …Holding off? LOL…Did you mean me? You do have a suspicious nature, don’t you? 😉 …No, nothing like that at all. Don’t jinx me! 😉 Mike knows what I meant…🎶Blue Moon🎶 Sinatra (BMH), who else? Afterwards I thought 🎶Moon River🎶. Two birds with one…Song! You know parlay the moon and the water..But I hate going against my first instinct…😂 Enjoy, Bud! 🙋🏻

        • Yea..LOL..It’s a nice song, but I never got into it. A little too…? What’s the word? 😉🙋🏻

  7. Re: The recurring sinking sailboats – Let’s hope Jeff never does a cartoon about the America’s Cup races – total disaster!

  8. A GAUZE curtain was used to PARLAY a RADIUS of privacy when the conclave met to ELECT a new exalted ruler.
    Agree that PARLAY gave me the longest pause today. And I’m not sure I have used it correctly in my sentence but I was in a hurry to come up with something 8 hours ago and I don’t feel like trying again. I had the solution even before writing the letters out–and groaned as I wrote it down and checked it out–not my favourite pun, but clever.
    I was thinking of “Love Letters in the Sand” an old Pat Boone song when I saw the cartoon—even though the pair on the beach seem more interested in walking and reading than writing sentiments in the sand. Still an oldie that I hum whenever I walk along the lakeshore.
    Thanks for all the details about the clue words and the cartoon, Mike and Angela, I didn’t enlarge the cartoon today or check it out in colour, so your observations were even more greatly appreciated. BTW Angela, I started reading “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” once and could not get through the first volume. Did manage “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” thoughl
    Post is late in the day—spent morning and early afternoon at Rochester, NY’s Highland Park Lilac Festival—which I believe has one of the largest collection of lilac bushes in the US, in a park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. Blooms were at peak and the fragrance powerful. Plus dozens of Japanese maple trees, a magnificent pansy bed and magnolias and other flowering trees. Temps were perfect and no humidity to slow us in our walk up and down the hills.
    Don’t like to call anything PERFECT but today came very close.

    • There you are! I was becoming worried! Hi Earl. I’m laughing, because I knew the answer immediately also, but I must say, I didn’t groan! LOL..You know me, any pun, any way, any time! Very clever. And your sentence is fine…the use of conclave in there is brilliant. We’ve discussed 🎶Love Letters🎶 a few times, and I’m trying to remember if I ever used it for you. I’m going to check. I’ve read “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”. Grueling comes to mind. 😉 But I only threw it in there this morning jokingly. I passed on the “Third Reich”. The festival sounds wonderful. And your description, poetic! And how great to have good weather. We’ve had rain and clouds down here all day. I recently visited the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn. Again. I’ve been many times. So beautiful. Cherry blossoms, lilacs, tulips, wisteria, etc. Different themes, too. Rain Forest, Desert. So serene. I’ve attended a few weddings there also. Breathtaking. But I’d love to do your Lilac Festival some time. I think I’ll add it to the Bucket List! I’m so glad to hear you had such a great day…Thank you for the shout out, and I hope your night goes as well, if not better than your day. Ciao! 🌷🌻🙋🏻

  9. I saw PARLAY but had trouble again, like others, with RADIUS. Tidal came to mind, with page easy to see after that.

    • Ah, Caroline, I owe you a BIG thanks. Your off-the-cuff mention of Bette Midler singing “One For My Baby” led me to two great performances yesterday. In addition to all the emotion in her appearance for Johnny Carson, what also struck me was how beautiful the pianist’s accompaniment behind her was.
      Then the next clip up on Youtube was her version of Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” from “The Rose” which I hadn’t seen which was also powerful. But then in instrumental break, there’s a guy playing harmonica — wait, could that be Norton Buffalo? YES, it sure is! We talked about his tour de force in the video of Bonny Raitt’s “Runaway”.
      Whenever you have any more recommendations, please don’t hesitate to post them!

      • Hi Steve,
        Glad you enjoyed that very special performance. Thanks for telling me about the other song by Bette, which I haven’t heard, and Raitt’s. I’ll listen tonight.

      • Steve, I really enjoyed hearing Norton Buffalo play. Never heard of him before. I love the harmonica. Also appreciated these performances of Midler and Raitt – two of my favorites.

        • That’s great stuff Caroline. The clip from “The Rose” was excellent, but she was playing a movie role, and I must admit it made me want to see some actual Janis Joplin, like “Get it While You Can”, or “Cry Baby”.

      • Hi Steve, I never saw The Rose but I realized Bette was trying to sing like someone else. Didn’t know until now that the film was loosely based on Janis Joplin. Bette didn’t sound like Janis to me but who could?

        • Hi Caroline. You sure got that right. I didn’t see The Rose either so I just enjoyed Bette’s performance for what it was, and the surprise appearance of Norton Buffalo.

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