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Good Morning, Everyone!             ☎️   HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY   ☎️

🎶 When the evening shadows fall…and the lovely day is through, then with longing I recall the years I spent with you…MAMA, I miss the days when you were near to guide me…MAMA,  those happy days when you were here beside me. Safe in the glow of your love, sent from the heavens above…Nothing can ever replace the warmth of your tender embrace… Oh, MAMA,  until the day that we’re together once more…I’ll live in these memories…Until the day that we’re together once more…🎶

❤️ Mothers are a breed apart…There’s no one can compare
We needed them as children, but the need don’t disappear.
For those of us who’ve lost them, today takes quite a toll,
You’re happy for the others, but your heartache still unfolds.
My MOTIVE here’s not sadness, but that emptiness I bear?
I can go through all the MOTIONs, but the echoes I still hear.
I’ve a NOTION just to let it go, not do a foolish rhyme
But I’m wide awake and you know…You can’t run away from time…
Always.. daily…even HOURLY, my thoughts of her are close,
And I’m not the one of FEWEST words…in fact I’m quite verbose.
So now how do I DEPICT this, this cartoon of Mother’s pride…
When I’m missing my own Mother, and my heartache’s hard to hide?
I’ll just say that it’s quite timely, and the Jumble’s sweet intention…
Isn’t lost on me…It’s nice to see this MOTHER OF INVENTION…❤️

Words. We’re here for Words. And I’m going on record to say that the most beautiful word in any language, is Mother. Period. And today we celebrate all MOTHERS. And maybe David. MOTION and NOTION? Anagrammed to look nothing like one another? I say, Kudos, Sir. But Jeff? The hips? What was your MOTIVE there? A little bit of a broad stroke of that pen, no? And you know I checked. But most images of NANCY EDISON DEPICT her from the waist up only, so I really can’t judge. But since I have such great faith in your artists’ eye…I’ll let it go. It’s the FEWEST of my worries this morning. As for the Thomas Edison-Mothers Day connection? Well….Here’s another broad stroke. I’m just going to tell you all that there’s a ton of stories on line. What’s true, what’s not? A ton of stories. Was MAMA Edison supportive? Of course she was. Was EDISON creative? Of course he was. Was he one of our greatest inventors? Of course he was. Did he probably do more to shape the physical and cultural makeup of our present day civilization? I suppose he did. Did he “INVENT” MOTHER’S DAY? Of course he didn’t! Anna Jarvis did Folks. As I said….A ton of stories on line. Ok…Today, we’re in the childhood home of THOMAS EDISON, which we see also doubles as his workshop/lab. He’s with his MOTHER, and our question asks…What was his MOM happy to be? The MOTHER OF INVENTION! Bravo, David! You’ve CREATED a really good one here!! Ok, eye candy.. Today, the cartoon’s a gem. A plethora of amazing detail! And if I can get past the hips, I’ll do my best to list them for you…On the table: A hammer. A candle encased in a glass holder. An early day megaphone. A paper airplane. A pair of scissors. Crude early day earphones. Two spherical objects that I’m unsure of…one depicting the tiniest of figures running. The other? A speaker perhaps…A drawing of an early telephone…And thread. Phew! SEWing it all up so far?  Masterful. And then we have two framed photos, on a credenza. One of Thomas alone, one of him with whom I’m assuming to be his parents. On the wall, a lamp. MAMA Edison is wearing a necklace. Thomas is wearing a cap and a string tie. The chair is engraved with a flowery design. And there’s a pencil behind Thomas’s ear. There’s just so much here… The solution? There’s Thomas, speaking with his MOTHER through tiny hand held megaphones, connected by a string wiring….He’s calling his MOTHER…❤️💔 So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And to all those celebrating MOTHER’S DAY today…I wish you a wonderful day of Laughter, Love and Happiness! Enjoy! ☎️ 🙋🏻

15 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/13/2018

  1. The MOTION picture director had the NOTION to DEPICT the FEWEST clues about the MOTIVE for the murder in the first reel of his HOURLY series.
    No problem with four of the six words, but notion and motion slowed me down. Once I had notion, the arrangement of ION became clear. Blind solve for the solution and no need to write the circled letters out. Very clever cartoon and love the Edison reference. Thanks Angela for all the background and pointing out details I overlooked, as usual.
    There is little to be said about Mother or Mothers’ importance in our lives that you have not already stated,, Angela . Wonderful sentiments and your poem certainly mirrored my emotions this early Mother’s Day. Thank you.
    Your song was especially relevant also. Before I signed on to the blog, I found myself humming “M is for the million things you gave me, O means only that you’re growing old,T is for the tears you shed to save me,etc. etc. Strange. I hadn’t thought of this song since I was a little boy and had to sing it with my best friend at a school play.
    The greatest gift to give your Mother today? Spend TIME with her while she is still alive. And ask her questions about her life, that you will not be able to ask when she is gone.

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    • Good Morning, Earl. I too found the puzzle to be so simple, the solution as you said so obvious. And very clever indeed. The background stories about Edison and his Mother’s support are very entertaining too. There’s a lot to read out there. But, I did this whole write up so piece meal today. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. And I’m glad you found it relatable. Well, you know what I mean. My song.. Connie Francis’s 🎶Mama🎶 is sort of an Italian staple. If you’d like a good eye wash, Google it. It’s out there in English and Italian. It’s a beautiful, beautiful song. But talk about tugging on the heartstrings? Be prepared. I like yours also, and I’m glad it came to you. It’s a sign…You do know that right? For whatever it’s worth…It’s not strange at all. But I think I did more than enough preaching for today, so I’m taking my heart off my sleeve…Thank you so much for the kind words, they’re especially appreciated today. And Kudos for your sentence, Sir…I’m sure it was no picnic! 😉
      As for your closing sentiment? ❤️💔..in a nutshell. Have a good one, Earl.


  2. Good morning and Happy Mothers Day to all you terrific mothers out there. Hope you all have a great day in spite of the terrible weather. I’m sure some where the sun is shining for a few of you girls. I will read everything later as I’m off to visit the love of my life. Today’s words were fairly tough for me today. After I finally got them all and checked to see if I was right,I was surprised to find the my first word which was Intoon does not exist. Should have gotten Notion. With no hesitation at the first word,I really thought it was right. After reading the cartoon carefully. It was an instant blind solve. Crossing out the letters confirmed I had it right. Until tomorrow stay well.

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      • I just knew you would come thru with the appropriate song today Angela. You gave us a “Plethora” of knowledge regarding the cartoon. The traffic was ok going out to Long Island but horrible coming back. Met some of my children there so it was worth it. Earl,also liked your song,your use of the words and your last remark. One should spend time and talk to their mother and learn all about the family before it is to late. There is a lot of good stories within the family that you might not know about. Regarding the song. If you get a chance in one of The Godfather movies the guy sings Mama in Italian in a play that two of them see because the guy has a crush on the young actress. To me it’s beautiful.Enjoy what’s left of the day and take care.

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      • Hey Brooklyn. That Belt! Same happened to us..it’s always a joke coming back. And in an hour or two, it’ll be a parking lot! But it’s always worth it..Thanks for the shout out, Bud. The song…I had it playing this morning…Got most of “it” out of my system…Most of it…Hope you’re having a good day..l 🙋🏻


  3. DONE! Wonderful Mother’s Day jumble puzzle. I am headed out for lunch with both of our daughters, 3 granddaughters, and first born grandson. Enjoy your day and I’ll enjoy mine!


  4. Hi all –
    🎵”But I’m INTOON, Right INTOON
    I’m in INTOON, And I’m gonna TOON
    Right in on you”🎵
    No wait, that can’t be right – but the first word was definitely the hardest for me.
    You want to dance with me? Well, I guess, but first I have to ask the MOTIVE for your MOTION NOTION.
    🎵”So I’d like to know where you got the notion”🎵

    The second time EdiSON did this, his mother said “Why don’t you ever call?” and he thought “What have I wrought?”

    Angela, that cylinder with slits and running figures is a zoetrope. You spin it and look through the slits and the drawings appear to move – an early movie.
    Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas named their film company “American Zoetrope”, founded in San Francisco.
    That other round thing, all I could come up with is a block of wax he’s going to melt for his wax cylinder records. 😂 And I *love* the extremely early version of headphones!

    Have a great Sunday everyone.

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    • Hey Steve…Tks for the ID, but Lou 2 texted and sent me a picture after I posted the final section and said…”zOY you TROOPED the ball on that one”! He gave me the laugh I needed early this morning…Gotta love the man’s wit…if nothing else! 😉 I knew it had a “name”, but my head wasn’t into playing puzzle this morning. I spent enough time trying to find a full length pic of Edison’s Mother! 😉 Your first music reference? The Who?….and I was humming..”🎶Rock the Boat🎶 at 3:30 this morning…but I knew I wasn’t going anywhere! 😉 I’m still looking at that other “round thing”, though. It’s bugging me now. Lou said its a puck…He made a hockey pun…Can’t share it here though! Maybe Jeff will let me know. As for EdiSON? Yea, look what he started! 😂 Almost time…and on to the food….Let the games begin! Good luck with yours. Have a good one, G. Talk to you later…☎️🙋🏻


  5. Jeff…If you look in, what is that round object on the lower right hand side of the table? 🙋🏻


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