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Good Wednesday morning, Jumble friends! Hip hip hooray for BERET is all I have to say as I felt it was the only challenging clue word today. It’s unusual for one of the 5-letter words to give me so much trouble. I started out by trying to make words starting with “T” until I used my trick of trying the anagram backwards to bring it into view. Next up was SNOWY which was instantly visible. If you had difficulty solving this one, remember the “Y” trick. If an anagram contains a “Y”, most likely the finished clue word will also end in a “Y”. It doesn’t always work but it’s worth a try if you’re stuck. FIXATE and STRING took just a glance to complete, and it was off to the cartoon!

The setting for today’s panel is a kitchen where two characters appear to be enjoying a leisurely morning. The man is busy making a couple of cups of coffee while his significant other is seated at a table with a newspaper. The man is pouring hot water into a “I ❤️ Jumble” coffee cup with a can of “Quick Coffee” on the counter beside it. By reading the dialogue and sentence we discover that he’s preparing the drinks with coffee crystals to save some time. With his preparation method being so detailed, I knew it would be part of the final solution. Before I attempted the final solve, I took a few moments to savor all of the detail work that Jeff poured into this one. The little scoop in the coffee can was a great touch as was the “J” on the man’s shirt. The newspaper that the woman was holding had to be my favorite part. If you look closely, you can see that she’s finishing up the Jumble! Also on the newspaper was “The Family Circus” cartoon as well as a couple of grid-shaped puzzles. My guess is that they were the Sudoku and Word Search games.

The layout for the final solve was 11-letters in length and kept the answer well hidden. The only 3-letter word that I could come up with was FOR so I crossed it out. I had to work another minute for the 8-letter word in quotes but it wasn’t too difficult with all of the visual clues in the cartoon.

On a final note, the winner of this month’s giveaway was Stephen D! Congratulations, Stephen, and I hope you enjoy your prize. 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


29 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/18/2018

    • 🎶 Way down among Brazilians, COFFEE beans grow by the billions…So they’ve got to find those extra cups to fill…They’ve got an awful lot of COFFEE in Brazil…🎶

      ☕️Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh brewed coffee when they wake?
      Whether a SNOWY morning or when 85 we break?
      I FIXATE on my coffee like a honey does to comb…
      I usually even carry cups whenever I may roam.
      I have a zillion processors, I make sure they all work…
      But ask me which I like the best…It’s still the one I perk.
      I think of France I think BERET and then there’s my French Roast…
      I like a dark rich coffee and brew it well I’ll boast…
      The guys here’s using water to melt some crystals down
      To each his own, I do agree, but this just make me frown.
      STRING me along with certain things, I brush it off and laugh,
      But if you mess with my coffee? Oh no, now that’s a gaffe…
      I take a lot of teasing, with a lot of circumstance
      But brew I do and always will, there is no…FOR “INSTANTS”! ☕️

      Good Morning, Everyone! ☕️ INSTANT?…WE?… ☕️

      Although today’s words are BEAN there, done that, I did FIXATE on FIXATE for just a QUICK brief tic. But then it DECRYSTALLIZED…The others? INSTANT GRINDidication! Ok…Today’s cartoon. We see a couple, presumably married, sitting in their kitchen. She’s GRINDING away at todays Jumble, her paper also showing the Family Circus cartoon, in its familiar circle, and perhaps a Crossword and Sudoku puzzle. We see him, making two cups of INSTANT COFFEE in I ❤️ JUMBLE mugs. He’s really not GRINDING away at anything, because all he’s doing is pouring HOT WATER atop COFFEE CRYSTALS…Not much of a GEM, IMO! The wife is heard asking her husband why he isn’t using his usual French press. His answer is that there’s another way to make a “QUICK” cup of “COFFEE”…INSTANT! Hmm. This is giving me a LATTE to think about. INSTANT COFFEE? C’mon. I ask you, Folks…Is that ok with BREW? Well, not for me…Look, I know it’s just my oBEANion, but knowing my coffee, I feel I CAN ESPRESSO myself here. Sure it may taste OK, sure it may be a PERK if you’re in a rush, sure it may be part of your morning GRIND…but is it the same? I think not. It’s almost MOCHA me crazy…And it could cause a real STRONG and HEATED debate, but…there’s not enough time for all that. Ok, I’m going to be SWEET about it, stop proCAFFEINATING, and just go for the solve. Our question states …People making a quick cup prefer Crystals…FOR “INSTANTS”! Well, PHOTO finish, Folks! How’s that for a MUG SHOT? Good one, David! Ok, eye candy…You’ve already READ about the wife’s newspaper…And there is a SCOOP in the opened CAN…but they’re a little DRY…The STEAM emanating from the HOT WATER is a nice touch, and the HALF and HALF filled spoon lying on the counter might be worth a SHOT, but I don’t want to keep MILKING this. I’m going with the tiny little “J” logo emblem on the husbands shirt. He obviously has very good TASTE…When it come to clothes, anyway! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…No BREWding today…You don’t want people asking…”What’s SUMATRA with you”, do you? ☕️🙋🏻

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      • I think I’ve only heard that word used in commercials…”Folgers Crystals”? But I could be mistaken. I was forced to try it once, where there was nothing else available…Definitely not my cup of tea! But who are we to say? There’s really no GROUND rules about it! ☕️🙋🏻

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      • LOL…Ah, the STRONG and DARK! 😉 Good Morning, Big Guy! Thank you.. You’re so SWEET! You got two good ones in there…Just the SHOT in the arm I needed this morning! Hope you have a BREWtiful day, Caro! ☕️🙋🏻


  1. Good morning. Nice job Mike. After reading your comments,I always go back and see all that I missed. And it’s a lot. Just can’t seem to get it into my head to really study the picture. Angela,good choice for the song and use of the words. I have a feeling your medical remedy works by using all them puns a day,does keep the doctor away. Hope your back in form,if your post is an indication,your just fine. Today’s entire puzzle was easy breezy. Never had to look a second time at any of the words and when it was time for the cartoon,it was the same. Since my mother-in-law always drank instant coffee,the answer was instantly solved. Just had to look at the letters that I put down to get the first word. Never liked instant coffee. It was always perk coffee in our house. Cant remember the last time I had that though. In today’s time it’s Keurig. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Thanks…If it were only that simple…😢
      I still perk pots of coffee every day. I must have every “machine” imaginable, and I guess they’re ok in a pinch, but nothing beats the aroma of coffee perking on a stove top in the morning…You should try it again…Have a good one, Bud, and thanks for the shout out…☕️🙋🏻


  2. Fixate was the new word for me today,but the solution was quick,especially since my mother drank Folger’s instant crystals all the time as a quick cup of coffee apart from the ‘drip’ coffee she made at breakfast or supper time.

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  3. The French lad lost his BERET on a SNOWY day while trying to FIXATE on his kite’s STRING.
    Still no e-mail in spite of subscribing again.
    Not a day when I can share. Perhaps tomorrow.


  4. Good puzzle this morning. I too paused at beret. I also remember Folger’s crystals, Angela, but, like you, have personally never cared for the instant coffee preparations crystals or otherwise. Were you at The Coliseum last night Steve? Sounds like all of Oakland was there. Happy 50th Anniversary and I’m happy the A’s won. Hope you folks get a new stadium. Sounds like it won’t be a moment too soon if and when it happens. Have a good Wednesday everyone.

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    • Hi Betty. How’re you?! I thought of you the other day when I was going thru my shoe closet. I want so badly to break out the sling backs and sandals, it’s killing me! But I went out in boots the other night! Boots! In mid-April! It’s still so cold here, especially at night. We had two freakishly warm days, and I strapped those sandals on so quick…but it was too short-lived. Alas! 😢👠 I remember seeing a lot of coffee commercials, but I don’t think they air any more, do they? If they still do, I haven’t noticed in a while. I see Chuck’s mentioned remembering them also, and his Mother drinking instant coffee. I suppose it’s an acquired taste. As I said, I had no choice but to drink a cup once, and the once was enough! Hope all is well. Take care. ☕️🙋🏻


      • My sympathies on your weather, Angela. Sounds like it’s going to be awhile before sandal weather arrives for you folks. However, I do love boots as well so I’m sure you look classy. You’re so right about the coffee commercials. Haven’t seen one in ages. I remember MJB coffee – good to the last drop. And wasn’t Mrs. Olsen the face of and spokeswoman for Folger’s saving all those marriages where the husband hated the wife’s coffee? Now we have Starbucks, Peets & boutique brews so I suppose those other brands are now considered pedestrian.

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      • Hey Betty. It has gotten very frustrating. You just don’t know how to dress. The other day I ended up changing my clothing 3 times! Too hot, too cold…I feel like I’m Goldilocks! And this morning someone said…SNOW! I was like…I hope you’re referring to this puzzle, because otherwise..😲 *%?!#%…
        Betty, don’t get me wrong, I love boots too…I’m a collector! 😉 And some are for “just because”…We refer to them as the “Cutes but cold”. But these were winter boots I put on! The humanity! LOL…And thanks so much for the complement…I try! (Although I fear some of these boots can probably be categorized as…Hmm…I better not say..after all this IS a family blog)! 😉 You get my drift! LOL….
        The commercials? I thought so. I haven’t seen one in quite a while. And, yes…LOL…Mrs. Olsen! Marriage counseling in a cup!!! Drink your way to wedded bliss…As if! I still think there was something else besides coffee in those cups!! 😂 And you know, I never thought of what you’re saying. With all the “designer” coffees out there today, I suppose “mainstream” coffee has taken a back seat. Personally, I was never a Starbucks person…(and now after what occurred the other day, I’m sure I never will be)! I’m happy with Dunkin’ Donuts. As for Peets, we don’t have any out here. I did tell Steve though, that my local Shop Rite had a display a while back of Peets K-cups. I’m not big on Kcups, but I tried it for Steve! 😉 It was ok, but I’m sticking with my Folger’s… perked in my pot! I can’t say it’s improved any of my relationships…but I haven’t had any complaints!! 😂 (Maybe because I wear my boots in the kitchen)?! 😉Great speaking with you, Betty. Ciao! ☕️🙋🏻


      • I had no idea that you would try something just because I mentioned it, but I feel honored! 🙋🏻‍♂️
        Let’s see, Peet’s, Del’s Frozen Lemonade, Eclipse Coffee Syrup – I promise I’ll be careful with what I recommend!

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      • LOL…Yea, you’ve managed to hypnotize me! LOL..Well isn’t that how people come to new things, upon the recommendations of others? And you didn’t just recommend, you raved. I told you about the Peets in my Shop Rite, remember? Big old display sitting right out there at the end of the aisle? I couldn’t get it that particular day, because I was on the way out, but I got it the next time. And it was good…but as I told Betty, I’m much happier perking my coffee. And if you remember, G, you did say that it probably wouldn’t taste the same as your fresh brewed. As for your other recommendations, so far you’re batting 1,000! The Eclipse I even re-ordered. You done good, Grasshopper! ☕️🙋🏻


      • Oh good, I’m happy to see you’ve repressed all mentions of sushi. I will add, though, that I never eat the raw fish stuff because it just seems too dangerous. It’s safe in the hands of a skilled chef, but you can’t always count on that here. I just go for vegetarian stuff like California Roll, asparagus hand roll, etc.
        Good luck to you with the Mets, and me with #DUCKHUNT. 🙋🏻‍♂️


      • SUSHI? Who me? Even the word alone makes my SKIN crawl! You know EEL’ll never happen! 🙋🏻


    • Hi Betty, no, I wasn’t there. I just checked out those great old Charlie Finley softball uniforms from 1968 on TV and went back to hockey playoffs. I hear they distributed 200,000 invitations, were ready for 70,000 to show up, and got a near-capacity of around 60,000 – much better than the 8,000 or so they’ve been averaging so far this year.

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  5. Hi, all! Upon reading the cartoon, I immediately wrote “for instance” and “for instants” in the margin of my paper until I solved SNOWY and STRING. Knowing I needed to use two “S’s,” I wrote FOR INSTANTS in the boxes. BERET and FIXATE took me the longest even though I had the letters.

    The traveling couple began to FIXATE on dressing appropriately at their vacation spots with him wearing a BERET and her wearing a STRING bikini in France and both of them wearing very warm clothes in SNOWY New Hampshire & Montana.

    MIKE, I’ll bet SNOWY was an easy word for you. To answer your request of yesterday, I’m telling you that I feel a little better but far from well after a night of too much coughing. Jerry is so proud of me for staying in bed all day except to do the Jumble & eat, something I have never done before. I give you the credit with your well wishes and reminding me to take care of Lelia. Your words have finally sunk into my brain.

    STEVE, yes, the man wore clothes other than just his BERET in France. Ha ha
    While I was taking care of Jerry during his surgeries, I remember thanking you for reminding me to take care of myself, too. Let’s hope that the next time he needs a lot of care, I obey your advice, too.


    • You beat me to it Lelia, as I was thinking that the Frenchman in his SNOWY BERET began to FIXATE on the STRING bikinis that would soon appear along the Riveria. Get well!


  6. Hi all – BERET took an extra look since there are no acute accent marks in the paper. I find the quoted answers are sometimes actually easier, because I often get the wrong word when guessing an answer. Since the quotes show that the answer is intentionally not what it should be, my wrong word is often correct for these.

    Yum, Instant Sanka 😝 That’s GROUNDS for divorce around here in the land of Peet’s (or Starbucks, if you’re desperate.) There’s a famous SF Chronicle front page headline from Feb. 18, 1963 which is often remembered:
    “The Terrible Coffee in S.F.’s Restaurants” with the sub-head:
    “A great city’s people forced to drink swill.”
    Things have improved greatly since then.

    Speaking of historic Chronicle headlines, there’s one that’s pretty hard to miss:
    1906 – “San Francisco in Ruins: Earthquake and Fire”. This is commemorated every year at 5:12 AM at Lotta’s fountain with a big gathering, the fire department, people in period costume, etc. (Trust me, San Franciscans will celebrate *anything*). Then the crowd migrates to 20th and Church St, where a new coat of gold spray paint is applied to the fire hydrant that miraculously kept working and saved the Mission District. (🎵”Walking along in The Mission, in the rain”🎵) Then I believe it’s time for Bloody Marys.

    Also, 1942, Jimmy Doolittle lead a raid on Tokyo from the carrier USS Hornet, which is now anchored in San Francisco Bay and used as a museum and place for celebrations (notably New Years Eve, with a period-appropriate big band.)


    • STEVE: Before you ate your tomato soup right out of the can, did you heat it first? Because of your mentioning Progresso, I’m going to try it soon.

      PAUL: I’m in the same can of tomato soup as you are with my family preferring milk and Jerry’s using water. After a few times with milk, Jerry requested water. I tried it a few times and then tried half of each, but now I have my choice because Jerry has stopped eating tomato soup so please put me down as one vote for milk. Thanks.

      MIKE: Garlic & cheese flavored croutons with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese! It just keeps getting better and better!

      STEVE: I’m embarrassed that I forgot about Elvis singing Peace in the Valley. I enjoyed hearing him sing everything he sang, but the one I referred to was Randy Travis. Elvis changed it a little by singing “alone” for “along.” Thank you for reminding me to “rest up,” and I will ask my family the trick question about how many grooves on an LP album and will ask Josh to tell me again what he said about the guitar strings.


      • Yes Lelia, I did heat it. By “straight from the can” I just meant I didn’t add anything (although the picture of just sticking the spoon right into a cold can gave me a laugh! On second thought, who even needs a spoon? Bachelor-style dining at its finest.) My favorite flavors of Progresso happen to be the cheapest ones – Vegetable, Garden Vegetable, and Minestrone.
        And don’t add anything! 😂


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