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Good morning, Jumble fans! Looking back at the puzzles from last week, we saw some amazing anagrams that definitely gave us trouble. The top three most searched for clue word answers were CALOIS, FLEGNU, and DIRTEA. Monday’s surprise answer of LEFT AND “WRITE” turned out to be the most searched for solution. With a new week of puzzles on the way, let’s take a look at what Jeff and David cooked up for us today!

WEARY and BULKY were no trouble at all. Last week I mentioned over and over that if you see a “Y” in a clue word that you can’t figure out, chances are that the word will end in “Y”. The trick worked like a charm and both became instantly visible to me. Both of the 6-letter words were quite a challenge for a Monday morning game. At first I thought DEVOUR was OVERDUE but it had one letter too many. The word that tangled me up the most was COBWEB so it’s my pick for the most challenging word of the day.

Looking at today’s cartoon, I recognized the setting instantly as the soup stand from the television program “Seinfeld”. The episode that Jeff is referring to was entitled “The Soup Nazi” with the term Nazi being used as an exaggeration of the excessively strict ordering regiment the chef demanded of his patrons. If you didn’t order your soup “just right” or otherwise offended the chef in any way, your soup would be taken away and you would be scolded with his “No soup for you!” catchphrase. It’s worth mentioning that the chef in the episode wasn’t German, but actually Argentinian.

It the foreground we see two characters that appear to be Jumble cartoonist Jeff Knurek and his wife Kathy. The square framed glasses make the character look like Jeff, but the absence of a logo on his tshirt had me second guessing myself. Kathy seem’s to be the only one with manners at the table as she savors each spoonful while Jeff skips the spoon and slurps directly from the bowl! It looks like David Hoyt is ordering a couple of bowls for himself in the background. Be careful not to catch the ire of the chef, David, or you’ll soon be hearing “No soup for you!”

The final solution to the puzzle started with a cryptic but not overly difficult anagram to decipher. With all of the soup bowls in the drawing and the “W” in the letter layout, BOWL quickly came to mind. Crossing it out led me to discover OVER with an -ED left for the finish.

It’s the final day to enter the “I ❤️ Jumble” coffee mug giveaway and the winner will be chosen later this afternoon. Good luck to everyone who entered! 🙂

Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


41 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/16/2018

  1. 🎶Today our dear friend Chicken soup…This very ordinary day, boiled up a pot of Chicken soup, and swallowed it away. A-lack! A-day!…O-woe! Oy-vey!…He swallowed it away!…🎶

    Good Morning, Everyone! 🍲 SOUPy SALES? 🍲

    🍲 The weather here turned cold again, and feeling sick and WEARY
    Just yesterday I made some soup so spicy I got teary.
    I love my soups and it in fact was the first thing I learned
    To cook and ever since its been a dish for which I yearn.
    We see a group of people, Soup Nazi holding court…
    And isn’t that our David with the two bowls he’s just bought?
    The people sit and savor, we can see them DEVOUR
    Big bowls of soup and I’ll bet this place jumps at the noon hour…
    Soup keeps us warm and toasty, the BULKY clothes you’ll shed
    Just have a bowl of any kind…and don’t forget the bread…
    So now I’m left with COBWEB and I’m leaving it in clover…
    It’s time to taste some of this soup…and see if I’m BOWLED OVER! 🍲

    After just coining the new phrase on Saturday, the Confound Compounds, here we have one today, a compound word. COBWEB. The double B may have caused a b-blink, and a bit of a hITCH, but the other words are all old favorites. Ok, let’s take STOCK of our cartoon. Today we find ourselves at a cafe run by the Argentinian SOUP NAZI, maybe somewhere in the BORSCHT Belt. For those of you not familiar with him, he was featured in a 1995 episode of Seinfeld. (There’s extensive info about him on-line, the “real” news and the “fake”. Feel free to CHICKEN out if you’re interested). Today, SOUPprise, SOUPprise!..We see Jeff himself, accompanied by his lovely wife Kathy. And as I mentioned earlier, we also see Dave, getting two bowls of soup. I SOUPpose Claire is with him, but since we don’t see her, I don’t WONTON speculate. He’s mentioning to the Nazi that he’s heard his SOUP is the best. Be careful, David, don’t make a PHOpas! The Nazi doesn’t like anyone STIRRING THE POT, and he’s known for his terrible temper! Next thing you know, he may be RAMEN those BOWLS down your throat, and screaming, “No SOUP for you”! We see two other diners, who look to be a Father and daughter. In the background, we have three patrons in darkened silhouette, two women and a man. And the man looks like he could be Kramer! You know, the HARE…So, what’s everyone’s CHOW? DER soup, of course! Big BOWLS of SOUP! And from the looks on their faces, we can see that they’re all saying…”This SOUP makes MISO happy”! UDON see any STEWing here! So our question asks…What were the customers? They were BOWLED OVER! Good one, Dave! Really SOUPer! Ok, eye candy…Not too much to WET the APPETITE…And I’m STRAINING my eyes too…I do like the squiggly lines of steam emanating from all the BOWLS…very FLUID…But I’m going to go with the scowl on the SOUP NAZI’S face…Oh BROTHer, He’s always got a BEEF about something! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…If you leave a POT of ALPHABET SOUP on the stove unwatched, and it BOILS over…it could spell disaster! 🍲🙋🏻

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    • Good morning on this terrible windy rainy day. Thanks again Mike on your valuable information and tricks to help solve the puzzle and see what we mortals miss. I did not realize it was the soup nazi until you mentioned it. I keep forgetting to really really look at the picture. There is so much you miss when you don’t do that. Angela,the Queen of puns. You didn’t disappoint us today. Great job as always. At Resorts in Atlantic City they have the Soup Nazi on the main floor. Even though I love soup and would not get tired having it every day,I have yet to try it out. Probably because it’s not in a restaurant. You take your order and sit in open court where other vendors sell their cuisine. If you remember,just the other day I went with the kids to the restaurant for soup and salad. That’s all I got so until tomorrow stay well.

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      • Hey, Brooklyn. Good Morning. Windy, rainy is right! It’s been like a typhoon out here for hours….Perfect day for SOUP, right? 😉 We had a Soup Nazi shop on Richmond Avenue for a while. I never got a chance to try it though because they closed down after that whole tax evasion and bankruptcy thing. I’m not too big on eating soup outside of home anyway. I like to make my own. Thanks for the shout out, you’re such a Sweetheart. I got a good laugh over your sentence, well done, Bud! And I feel the same way about eating in the food courts. Just not my cup of SOUP! Stay warm and dry…The coastal flood warnings are coming in fast and furious…Have a good one, Brooklyn! 🍲🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. I awoke very frightened and Weary because of a nightmare dream where I was caught in a rather large spiders Cobweb and wrapped in a Bulky cocoon and the spider was approaching with his mouth wide open to Devour me. Another fun puzzle today. I was stuck on devour and after an instant read on the cartoon I knew the letters I needed to get the last word. Now it’s time to go back and read your post Mike. Until later.

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  3. Good puzzle this morning. Mike, I never look at the cartoon as closely as you do, so I completely failed to notice the obvious setting!

    Puzzle was fairly easy, WEARY being my trip word today (kept seeing WAREY). Needed the letters in order to solve the surprise answer, too.

    Until tomorrow.

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    • Hey, John! Were you a big Seinfeld fan? I got into it near the end of it’s run and bought the DVD’s to see the earlier episodes. I watch Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO which has different characters but the same hijinks.

      Have a great start to the week! 🙂

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  4. Hi, all! Easy Monday solve. Angela, thank you for the little ditty you wrote just for me yesterday. I read it, memorized it, and made up a tune for it while I prepared my second lunch, but when I sat down to thank you for it, I went to sleep at my computer twice so went to bed for the day. I woke up very sick yesterday and am still that way, so youngest grandson in on his way over to drive us to Jerry’s tooth surgery. I’ll miss getting to read your comments, Mike, but I’m sure they are wonderful and you know I’ll read them later while I eat a bowl of chicken-noodle soup.

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    • You’re welcome, and no worries, Lelia. I know the feeling, I’m a tad under the weather myself. Well wishes to both of you. Good luck and take care. 🙋🏻


      • Your under the weather because you run around so much and have poor sleeping habits. Doctor Paul suggests you too should have some Jewish penicillin and get under the covers and skip Monday altogether. Hope this brings a smile and your on the road to recovery.

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      • AH, if it were only that simple.You’re right on both counts, Brooklyn, I do run around too much, and sleep very poorly…But this is a whole other animal. Anyway, thanks for your concern, and know that I’m a firm believer in the therapeutic effects of Italian penicillin. I swear by my Chicken Soup…And be assured that you, Bud, ALWAYS make me smile…🙋🏻


    • Please take care of yourself, Lelia. And bless your grandson for taking you and Jerry to his appointment. What a fine gentleman he is for giving you both a lift. No need to apologize for not having read my post. It was a rush job because I had an appointment that I had to get to this morning.

      I hope Jerry’s tooth surgery goes smoothly and that you feel better real soon. All my best!


  5. Devour was the word that tripped me up today. Kept seeing it as overdue so had to back into it after solving the cartoon answer. I do en;joy the way that Jeff, & David join in the cartoon fun periodically – fun. Happy Monday everyone. We’re having rain here too but nothing like the storms you folks have and are continuing to experience. Keep dry.

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    • DEVOUR is edging out COBWEB as the most difficult anagram today, Betty.
      I’m just happy that all this rain isn’t snow. April showers bring May flowers! Enjoy your Monday. 🙂🙂🙂


      • You may get to see an extremely rare sight – a sold out Coliseum, since they gave away free tickets. Otherwise, we’re drawing around 7,000 per night.

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    • Hi Betty and Mike – We’ve even had some rare hail in the area today, just in time for the A’s 50th anniversary game today, but it’s supposed to clear up before gametime. Should we rename this year’s ballplayers “The Boys of Winter”?

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      • I felt bad for the Boston marathon runners today… I’m just happy they didn’t have to run in snowsuits. 😂
        And they’ve already cancelled the Red Sox/Orioles game so I just might tune in to the A’s.

        If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring??? 🤔


  6. Hi all – BULKY was the only part of the puzzle that took me an extra minute. I couldn’t get it BY LUK, so Mike, please keep repeating your trick over and over until I stop forgetting it!
    It wasn’t until I noticed the scowl on the chef’s face that I thought it might be Soup Nazi, so I’m glad to hear the confirmations. I never saw most of the Seinfelds, but parts certainly seeped into the culture, like Soup, the Festivus celebration, and two others which shall remain unquoted (but not unreferenced) in these pages.

    The only excuse for the manners I can think of is that he’s having Ramen, which I hear is traditional to slurp loudly. Fortunately, I’ve never been anywhere where that happened, and I’m very glad for that.

    The cartoon reminds me of a place in downtown Chicago in the early 70’s specializing in soup and bread called “The Bowl and Roll.” It had huge high windows, and it was always so cold and miserable outside, and so hot and steamy inside, that water was continually rolling down them, inside and out. Good soup, though.

    Angela, you made me laugh out loud twice with Borscht belt and PHO-pas. But PHO, Ramen, Udon noodles – are you inching closer to liking sushi? (Nah, I didn’t think so. 😂)

    In history, 1968, A’s first game in Oakland.

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    • The “Y” trick is always worth a shot if nothing comes to mind, Steve. And Seinfeld remains one of my favorite shows to this day. Frasier is pretty high on the list, too.

      The A’s have a 10:05p start time so it looks like I’ll read about it in the morning. Enjoy the day!


    • Hey, G. Yea, I knew you wouldn’t miss a BEET with the BORSCHT belt…Had me TIED up in stitches too! And I’m glad that PHOpas hit you just RIGHT. But moi? No, Bud. No sushi for what you see! It’s EEL I can do to even think about it. I cook…with gas! 😉 CHOW, Bud! 🍲🙋🏻


  7. My vote goes to cobweb. I had to back in and use my pad to get it.
    Thanks, Mike, for again filling me in on some popular culture that I missed.
    I hope all those under the weather will be fully recovered soon.

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  8. Was gone on the weekend and just had a chance to do the Sat,Sun,and today’s Jumbles.
    Cobweb was the new challenge for me today,but bowled over was a quick blind solve.We actually visited the Nazi soup restaurant while we were in NYC on a Broadway show tour several years ago.

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  9. Paul summed up very well the thoughts I had about Mike and Angela’s posts. Well written, informative and funny. I went to the Catskills often and was a big fan of the “Borst belt”. for it’s stand-up comedy acts and the marvelous kosher food. Thanks for a trip down memory lane.
    Never watched Seinfeld” so was ignorant of that reference and that restaurant. Did you use vichyssoise any where Angela? If so , missed it.

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    • I think you’ve mentioned once before affinity for soup
      I share your love for it a lot, so many in the group…
      It’s chicken seems to lead the pack when I’m down with the blahs..
      But just to make you happy, Earl, I’d make you vichyssoise.
      The onions, leeks, potatoes, I’d cook them with the cream
      And rest assured you’d love it, a BORSCHT belt lovers dream…
      I’m glad I conjured memories for you through y’day Storms
      I owe you that and so much more…for brightening up my morns!
      Thanks for y’days shout out Earl. ❤️🙋🏻


  10. Hi, all!
    PAUL: I agree that chicken-noodle soup is a cure-all! My fav comfort food is a bowl of tomato soup with a lump of butter in the middle, served with toast.

    ANGELA: Get well soon! Thanks for your well wishes for us. I’m still enjoying my little ditty that you wrote for me.

    MIKE: Great post! The grandson you complimented so highly is our singer, Josh, whose singing you have complimented highly. Just as you hoped, Jerry’s tooth surgery went great!

    STEVE: Thank you for your best wishes! Here for you is the song that popped into my head as I finished our first clue word today (sung by R. T.) “Well, I’m tired and so WEARY, But I must go along…” I remembered to ask Josh about the guitar strings and he answered me but I’m too tired to remember what he said….zzz.

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    • The fact that Jerry’s tooth surgery went “great” is the best news I’ve heard all day! I hope the pain and swelling that usually follows is minor. Thanks for keeping us updated, Lelia! 😊


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