Jumble Answers for 04/13/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!               🐦 SQUAWK of The Town 🐦

🎶 Bye, bye, BIRDIE…I’m gonna miss you so….Bye, bye, BIRDIE Why’d ya have to go? (Bye, bye)Bye, bye, BIRDIE..It’s awful hard to bear…Bye, bye, BIRDIE, guess I’ll always care…Guess I’ll always ca-a-a-a-are …Guess I’ll always care! 🎶

🐦 Three parrots in a tree we see, and all of them can talk,
They fly around from place to place and always they do squawk.
They say HOWDY, they say Goodbye, sometimes they’ll say So long
Despite a RUMOR you may hear their beaks are not OBLONG
We see them all ADRIFT in trees, communicating loud,
They always flock together, with them it’s one big crowd.
They’re said to speak, and mimic, they can’t live well in drought…
They like to wet their beaks a lot…they’re each a “BIRD” OF MOUTH!🐦

Well, HOWDY! Not only are today’s words all old favorites, but we’ve seen RUMOR as recently as March 24th! And HOWDY was one of our gifts on Christmas Day! We saw OBLONG on May 14th, and ADRIFT on June 13th. So, did a little BIRDIE whisper in our ear with a hint or two this time around?…Or did we find ourselves up a TREE?…The anagrams are all new, and I think a little easier this time around. But if I was forced to go out on a LIMB, IDK…They were all pretty TWEET to me…What about you, Folks? What word RUFFLED your FEATHERS today? Let me know…Ok, our cartoon. Let’s take a BEAK…Today Jeff’s FLOWN us away to a warmer climate. Let’s say South America. We’re up in a TREE, listening to the conversation of three PARROTS. As we know, PARROTS can “talk“. What they do, is MIMIC the sounds that they hear. Science tells us that it has something to do with the wiring in their brains. BIRD brains..Hmm. Where have I heard that before? Sounds very familiar. But I digress…The three we see here, are letting one another know that it’s time to FLY the coop…or flee the TREE as it were. Being very social birds, they live in groups, called FLOCKS. So if ones going, they’re all going. And since they’re all together, you know, BIRDS of a FEATHER…news travels fast. So, how do they get the WORD out…”BIRDOF MOUTH! Well BEAK-a-boo…Dave’s got you! Now we’re SQUAWKING! Good one, Dave! Ok, eye candy…What can I say? There’s not much to choose from here…This cartoon’s really for the BIRDS…I like the black BEAK on the PARROT farthest back, but I’m not HOOKED on it. I’m going to go with the PARROT already in FLIGHT…He must be that early BIRD we’ve always heard about. Or perhaps he got a TWEET? Is he on TWITTER?  Should we FOLLOW him? CLAWS why is he FLYING off alone…? Hmm. A POLYGON for sure! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And remember..There will always be questions in life…a PARROTdox here, a PARROTdox there…Just don’t let them get you DOWN. 🐦🙋🏻


21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/13/2018

  1. An OBLONG crate was seen ADRIFT in the bay and a RUMOR spread that it was HOWDY Doody’s casket.
    The only word that caused a “tic” was ADRIFT. Not sure why and I don;t remember seeing it a previous Jumble, but then memory of used words is not my forte.
    Appropriate song choice Angela and your poem is, what can I say? Poetic.
    I looked at the cartoon on a web site in colour and it was much more “eye-catching” than in black and white.
    Have a good day everyone—we are in for some troublesome weather again. Sighhhh.

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    • Good Morning, Earl. I was hoping the color cartoon would show the birds multi-colored, but all three were just shades of themselves. Blue on blue, gold on gold, and the brown with, what would you call it…Indian Red perhaps? I was looking for some wild tropical coloring. I love exotic tropical colors..Maybe next time. Thanks for the shout out, but I must ask…Is “poetic” a good thing? 😉 As for your sentence, it has me laughing out loud! Thank you, I definitely needed one this morning. Kudos! BTW…You made no mention of having a tic with ADRIFT last time out. That day it was anagrammed as “fridat”. And I’ve included your corresponding sentence offering below…The puzzle then centered on Ichabod Crane. Don’t let the weather get you DOWN, Earl…We know it’s all FLY BY NIGHT. Have a good one! 🐦🙋🏻

      While ADRIFT on the Mohawk, Ichabod’s wife ERUPTED in SHAME when her new HAIRDO ” headed south.” (Earl, 06/13/2017)


      • Yes POETIC is a very good thing in this context. No poetic justice intended
        Strange that ADRIFT caused trouble one day and not the next. Clever scrambling must account for it. Thanks for re-posting my sentence. As soon as I saw it I recalled the word and the cartoon.

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      • Hey Earl. Just checking! It’s not the justice I’m concerned about…it’s the license! LOL…Who can account for how the words hit us one day to the next, right? Sometimes my mind goes blank at the most inane things.. Could be that day was a beautiful sunny one…had your spirits perked up a little more. And you’re very welcome, Sir, anytime! Take care! 🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. Especially to you Angela. Good choice on the song, it made me think of the movie. You and Earl did a nice job on the words and since I already have one ready I’ll follow suit. Rumor has it that after being Adrift on an Oblong piece of drift wood for weeks at sea, all he could say when rescued was Howdy. Today was another day that nothing came easy. For me the hardest of all the words was oblong. The cartoon answer took me half an hour to solve. But this victory comes with more satisfaction then if it was done in minutes. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • And a special Good Morning to you too, Brooklyn! Always a pleasure. Loving your sentence. But you got me wondering now…What was his second word? 😉 Thanks for the shout out. Another one of those song choices that sort of picked itself…Perfect! And I was singing it for a while too. Now that you mention it, I wouldn’t mind seeing that movie again either…It’s been a really lonnnng time. Sorry you didn’t FLY through the words today, but like you said…sometimes the victory’s a little sweeter when you sweat for that FEATHER in your cap! Have a good one, Bud. 🐦🙋🏻


  3. I had a blind solve on the answer, though the play on words doesn’t really resonate with me for some reason. (Sorry David!). All of the clue words were, surprisingly for a Friday, instant solves as well.

    Until tomorrow.

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    • Hey John…I FLEW through it too. I’m surprised to hear you say this about the solve, though. Word of mouth? “Bird” of mouth? I thought it was a good pun. Hope you’re enjoying your morning..! 🐦🙋🏻


    • And that’s how you know you have yourself a really good pun, right? Good Morning, Chuck. I think it’s brilliant! These birds are always MOUTHING off! …🎶 Nothing could be MYNAH…then to be in Carolina…🎶. Have a good one, Sir! 🐦🙋🏻


  4. Hi all – ADRIFT took an extra glance, and “word of mouth” seemed obvious, leading to the pun.

    Nice to see that before their flight LEAVES, the flock meets up at their BRANCH office.

    You folks in the Northeast – What’s up with the New England Confectionery Company saying they’re going to close if they don’t find a buyer? No more Necco wafers? What’s next, Dunkin’ Donuts and Del’s Frozen Lemonade? I didn’t know until I read the story that the flavors are hated as well as loved. I always ate them, except for the licorice: “The flavors have been described as ‘tropical drywall,’ ‘plaster surprise,’ and ‘attic citrus,'” John Clarke wrote in The Journal. “One Twitter commentator calls it a candy that ‘only a psychopath would like.'” A tad harsh.

    Speaking of candy, I’m off to my dentist for a regular checkup. See you tomorrow.

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    • Hey G. Agree, the pun was just sitting there on the PERCH! Cute and clever… Necco’s story’s been going around for a while. Now there’s ink all over the place. Supposedly they’re closing next month. There’s a mad dash for them. One of my brothers never stopped enjoying them, so I bought him as many rolls as I could find the other day. They’re all just about gone. Hated? C’mon, the purple and the black were always hated! Think back! 😂 And the price gouging’s out there in full force. Take a look at eBay…And you know Dunkin’ Donuts is seriously contemplating changing it’s name to Dunkin’. Guess they don’t need time to make the donuts anymore! 😉 World’s gone crazy…Kudos on the Leaves/Branches! Have a good one, Bud! 🙋🏻


    • Steve, I had not heard about the impending demise of the much maligned Necco Wafer. I always liked them, but haven’t had any in years. Psychopath, indeed; I must be doubly troubled, as I LOVE the licorice ones! Perhaps I need to search out a cache of them today.

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  5. Hey Caroline, here’s a quote I just saw in a story about a new Elvis documentary starting today on HBO:
    “Presley’s career took off with the release of his RCA single “Heartbreak Hotel,” written by Tommy Durden and Mae Axton, the “queen mother of Nashville” and the mother of Hoyt Axton.” Good genes all around!

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  6. HOWDY, all, I’m not wanting to put a damper on the fun we’re having on this Jumble Cruise, but RUMOR has it that the OBLONG safety rafts on this ship might not keep us ADRIFT.

    Five-minute solve. Took a minute for each word and the answer. Knowing it would be something about “word of mouth,” I got BIRD OF MOUTH when I saw the “B” and “I” rather than “W” and an extra “O.”

    I like the cartoon drawing of parrots in trees. I love pictures and paintings of nature and enjoy getting out into nature with trees, flowers, wildlife, and water of all shapes & sizes from an ocean to a puddle.


    • Hi Lelia. Yes, it was an easy, breezy puzzle. Like the beautiful weather here today! Perfect for sailing! 😂 Lets hope your information IS just a rumor! Hope Jerry’s feeling better. Take care and enjoy your day! 🐦🙋🏻


    • Hi Caroline. I think it’s like Tirade was y’day. Sometimes a certain combination of letters just throws us off, and causes that CONFUSION. But, don’t let it RUFFLE your FEATHERS…At least you’re in fine company, Earl and Steve! Hope you’re enjoying your day. Take care! 🐦🙋🏻


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