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Good morning, Jumble players, and happy Wednesday! Today’s game was just my type of puzzle. With a perfect blend of challenging clue words, a surprise answer with one word in quotations and a well-drawn cartoon, it surely hit all the right keys!

ADAGE has been used many times in the past but it’s one of those clue words that always seems to gives me trouble. David crafted his anagram with the two consonants in the beginning and the three vowels at the end making it one big mess! TWINE and RITUAL were no trouble to decipher and immediately visible upon first glance. My pick for the most difficult anagram of the day would have to be ENGULF. It was jumbled so well that I had to work through it in the margin of my newspaper for a minute before it finally gave itself up. With all of the clue words unscrambled, I was now ready to give Jeff’s cartoon my full attention.

The setting for today’s panel appears to be a small study where two men are fascinated by some newfangled piece of technology. With a candle flickering away on the wall instead of a lightbulb, we can date this “period piece” to the late 1890’s or early 1900’s. By reading the dialogue and sentence we learn that the man seated is an author and he’s explaining to his friend how a typewriter works. With his line of text typed, the author presses a key that moves the large cylindrical roller back to the right so he can continue his work.

The detail work on the typewriter was exquisite! Jeff added a floral design in the center which really made the drawing pop. Some of the other details in the drawing were a cigar burning away in an ashtray as well as a few handwritten pages of the authors newest novel. What really caught my attention was the action lines on the cylinder that had it appear to be moving left to right!

The letter layout for the final solution kept the answer well hidden making for a difficult task of deciphering. I decided to start with the 3-letter word in the middle to eliminate some of my letters. With no “H” in the anagram, THE wasn’t going to work. AND was there so I decided to give it a try. Looking at my remaining letters, WRITE jumped out at me leaving LEFT to finish it off. Today’s Jumble was a pleasure to complete and I hope you had fun solving it as well. Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!


32 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/11/2018

    • 🎶I’m gonna sit right down and WRITE myself a letter…And make believe it came from you. I’m gonna WRITE words, oh so sweet, they’re gonna knock me off my feet…A lotta kisses at the bottom, I’ll be glad I got ’em…🎶

      Good Morning, Everyone! ↔️ MARK This One WRITE! ↔️

      ↔️ I’m wondering did Dave throw in the word TWINE as a clue
      Since Mark Twain is our guest today, and sound the same they do…
      Mark Twain wrote of Tom Sawyer on a typewriter we are told,
      Some doubt of course is spoken of, but here it won’t unfold.
      The RITUAL of writing at this point would take a turn,
      While all the while cigars he smoked incessantly would burn.
      “I smoke with all my might, and allow no intervals”…
      Twain said this while ENGULFed in smoke, to him not a foible…
      “Write what you know” an ADAGE he coined while speaking of
      The Huck and Finn adventures that people came to love.
      The talent is now legend, Samuel Clemens in our sight
      Describing how the new machine can type from LEFT AND “WRITE” ↔️

      Today’s words were alWRITE…We’ve seen them before and except for the slightest wisp of a tic at ENGULF, I was able to SMOKE them out easily. Our cartoon? I’ll tell you what DREW me in WRITE away. That cigar….Today, Jeff brings us back to the 1870’s. We see Samuel Clemens, better known by his PEN name, MARK TWAIN, explaining the intricacies of the TYPEWRITER, with a cigar burning besides him in an ashtray. An interesting fact here, TWAIN was one of the world’s most famous cigar smokers. He smoked between 20 and 40 a day. Just thought I’d blow that by you…So, its said that “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” was the first novel written on a TYPEWRITER. The KEY word here being WRITTEN. And once I saw the quotation MARKs, and had the “W” from TWINE, and SAWYER word DIRECTIONS in the question, I knew I wasn’t “ROUGHING IT” anymore…I had the solve! Our question asks…How did TWAIN explain the DIRECTIONS?…LEFT TO “WRITE”! WELL, WELL, what do I thINK about this? I’m KEYed up, that’s for sure! Dave, Turn in that INKWELL and come get a blue RIBBON! This is a pun! Ok, eye candy. Is that a candle, or a Gas lamp? Illuminating…but doesn’t shed that much light on the subject…The design on the Typewriter? Nice FINNish, but no…There’s the TYPEWRITER ROLLER, but it LEFT me FLAT. The mustaches? (Jeff does like a good mustache, doesn’t he)? Twain’s hair, the eyebrows? Great caricature, a lot of hair, but it didn’t LOCK it up….There’s the String Tie…Is that TwInE? No, today Im going with the KEY thing that led me to the MARK in the first place…That cigar! …Jeff’s captured it well. The ashes, that smoke rising? Just BLEW me away! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And keep in mind…Just like the theme of our puzzle today, Directions…East is East, and West is West…and never the TWAIN shall meet! ↔️ 🙋🏻

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  1. Engulf stumped me as I was trying to make it into fungle,thinking the baseball players hit ‘fungle’ fly balls rather than the correct,’fungo’ fly balls.

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    • Good Morning, Ray…I’m gonna LEVER with you here…You make a good POINT. Jeff may have PUSHed the envelope…But it’s out of our HANDS…Perhaps Jeff may care to steer us in the WRITE direction? Have a good one! 🙋🏻


  2. The farmer’s RITUAL of TWINE collecting and quoting a favourite ADAGE, led him to ENGULF others in his eccentricities.
    I agree with Mike and Angela that ENGULF was the most difficult word to unscramble.
    The solution was fairly easy once I separated WRITE from the circled letters. Clever pun and beautiful cartoon with historical references which Angela highlighted for us.
    Great WRITE-ups from both M and A.
    One small note Angela. Only a New Yorker (aka NYC person) would say that TWINE and TWAIN sound anything alike! 😉 Great song choice. Was the letter SWAK?

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    • Good Morning, Earl. ROTFL!! They both have the TWs, they both have the Ns…What the HUCK? 😉 Do you think it was easy working that word into the rhyme? Work with me here! I’m pleading Phonetics! Great all around puzzle, but that word just didn’t want to segue! Love your sentence, especially your spelling of “favourite”…you old Anglophlle you! SWAK…I wish, Earl! I’m still waiting, but one of these days I’ll get it in there for you, I promise! Thank you, and I agree on today’s song choice, courtesy of Billy Williams. It’s a great old piece of music. A lot of recordings were done, but his is my “favorite”! I have an old 78 in the collection, and scratches and all..it still sounds great! If you get a chance, check it out on YouTube. Thanks for the shout out, and I hope today’s a better day for you than y’day was…Ciao! 🙋🏻


  3. Good morning. Sorry that this is going to be short and to the point. There is a lot of things for me to do today so if I get a chance I’ll read everything later. The words were no problem again with a slight tic on Ritual. However the cartoon answer took some time. Between my friend who I called and myself,we each gave one another a word where it was finally solved. Until tomorrow stay well.


    • No worries, Paul. RITUAL has caused me so much frustration in the past. I noticed that David had -UAL at the end of the anagram today making it easy for me to spot. RELIC is another one the “R” words that usually trips me up. I’m glad that the buddy system worked and you didn’t have to peek at the answer. Take care and talk soon. 😎👍🏻


  4. Back from a road trip and to the Jumble. No blind solve today, but it was smooth sailing through the words and the answer once I had the letters.

    Until tomorrow.

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  5. Hi, all! First, my Jumble solve from yesterday about the doctors “SICK” SENSE. Fun puzzle, good cartoon picture, and my hardest word was SOCIAL.

    Now, easy solve today, even with first seeing “lariat” for RITUAL and “fungal” for ENGULF and writing in “left and right” before realizing it was LEFT AND WRITE.

    Yesterday my PCP said he wanted me to get the lump removed from my nose by my dermatologist. She had an early cancellation for today so off I went. She said that she could hold the lump with her left two fingers, hold her scissors in her right hand, cut the lump off with no numbing at all, and put a steri-strip on it. (She knows I don’t like numbing shots.) I voted for that, she did it, and I was out of there in less time than it would have taken just for the shot. Did that hurt? You betcha, but not long.


    • You’re one tough woman, Lelia! I can’t imagine having anything like that done without the help of a numbing agent. Your dermatologist must have the hands of an angel to be able to perform the procedure and not make it hurt. I’d be crying like a baby….. 😂

      I saw another robin this morning and thought of you. Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’m glad your procedure was quick and somewhat painless. 😊


    • Hi Lelia. Glad you got fixed up, but Ow!
      About that romantic proposal in the puzzle last Sunday, your song choice was particularly appropriate – “Gotta take that sentimental journey, sentimental journey home.”
      I meant to mention it at the time. I remember my grandfather playing that one on his clarinet. 😀


  6. I solved it just like our mentor Mike – first and, then write and finally left.
    Appreciated reading about all the detail that I missed, Mike, and great catch and info re Twain, Angela.

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    • Good afternoon, Caroline! The most difficult part of the puzzle for me was the wording of the cartoon sentence. Jeff is responsible for coming up with the wording and he didn’t lead us on at all. Very cut & dry today…

      And as always, it’s my pleasure to fill you in on the details. I really thought there would be some type of hidden message on the papers that were stacked next to the typewriter but unfortunately it was just squiggly lines.

      Have a great day, Caroline, and see you tomorrow. 🙂


  7. Hi all – Got the words but struggled with the answer. Had to WRITE down the letters, then stare until I saw “write”, then got it.

    The invention then made possible John Lennon’s first book “In His Own Write”, which is appropriate for me today, because the “song from the ceiling” at Peet’s this morning was the Beatles’ “I am the Walrus.” I don’t know how appetizing the “Yellow matter custard” lyric is at that hour, but I’ll take a Beatle breakfast any day.
    You know you’re an old computer nerd if you look at the Colorado Rockies’ baseball hats and the first thing you think is “Carriage Return”.

    Angela – Billy Williams – “Oh YEAH!” 😉

    April 11, 1970 – Apollo 13 launched.
    🎵”Ground control to Major Tom:
    Take your protein pill and put your helmet on.”🎵
    and get ready for a ride you didn’t expect.


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