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Good Wednesday morning, Jumble friends! Regular players of the Jumble won’t find any problems with today’s clue words as they were all old favorites. If you found yourself stuck, it was most likely GLADE or SHREWD that required a second look. Overall, SHREWD would be my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. We last saw it on 2/25 where the cartoon and surprise answer were very similar to today’s game. Either David is creating similar puzzles by pure coincidence or he’s having some serious car trouble!

Looking at the cartoon, the setting appears to be an auto repair shop but the plethora of tires in the background leads me to believe that this is actually a tire replacement shop. Kudos to Jeff for changing the setting ever so slightly to set it apart from that 2/25 puzzle! Looking at our characters, we see two employees that are polar opposites of one another. The man in the back seems like he’s the type of guy that wants to work smarter and not harder. With his safety glasses on, he informs his co-worker that he has found his toolbox. In a rush to get the job done, the other man decides to carry the lug wrenches all at once. I’m not sure why he thinks he needs so may different wrenches as lug nuts are pretty universal and are usually only different on after market tires!

After reading the dialogue and sentence and seeing all those LUG WRENCHES in the cartoon, the answer was a blind solve. I wrote out the clue letters just to check myself and the layout was wonderfully cryptic and hid the answer extremely well. Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!


38 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/21/2018

  1. 🎶John Svenson was a farmer, he grew the Minnesota wheat, he rode there with his daughter high upon the thresher’s seat ..They broke down on the hillside, The radiator spitting steam…Went back to get the TOOL BOX So they could fix the old machine. With a turn of the WRENCH and a twist of the screw…We can fix the tractor, we can make it like new…🎶

    🔧🔩 On February 25th, Mechanics were our theme
    We saw a man injure his back from turning wrong it seemed
    Today we’re back within the shop, and once more Wrenches reign
    Is this a SHREWD move on Jeff’s part to get us here again?
    We thought it kind of WACKY when a farm was shown for days
    So now I think it’s funny..Are we HUNGRY for this phase?
    We see a harried worker, the sweat upon his brow
    His tool box had gone missing, but someone found it now
    But he began to carry tools, his arms laden with wares
    I’m overlooking GLADE, because it doesn’t fit in here!
    I think that our mechanic needs to better use his senses…
    And keep that tool box closer so he won’t have to LUG WRENCHES! 🔧🔩

    Today’s words..RETREADS…Except maybe for WACKY…I can’t RECALL for sure. I do remember though, the last time we had SHREWD. Coincidentally it was in that same puzzle of February 25th! It was anagrammed as DHERSW that day. Are our Boys PULLing a FAST one on us? KNOCK KNOCK…Who’s there? SHREWD? Hmm..And by the way, it caused a few of us to BOLT that day, but we prevailed. Ok, our cartoon…Jeff’s placed us back into an Auto Repair Shop. We see a Mechanic, STUMBLEing around with an armful of Wrenches held close to his BODY. Having misplaced his Tool Box, he decided to START his repair work, and without HESITATION, he just carried his tools. I should mention here, that Mechanics use all kinds of Wrenches. A LUG WRENCH, is a kind of socket wrench that’s used to loosen and tighten the LUG nuts on car wheels. In England, it’s referred to as a wheel brace. I just thought I’d THROW that in there. Ok, so our guys carrying these Wrenches, and his partner, who’s wearing protective glasses, is shown LIFTing the lost Tool Box. TOOL little, TOOL late though, huh? Our questions asking what did our Mechanic have to do? LUG WRENCHES! Well how’s that for a pun? Good one David, really good! You AUTO get a medal for this one! Ok, eye candy…We got a little GREASE on the floor, but OIL just let that GO. We got our Mechanic with his tongue hanging out, but I’m BLOCKing that out, it’s kind of a DRAG. There’s a logo of some sort on the cap, but it isn’t CLEAR, and I’ve already mentioned the bead of sweat…I think I’ll just go with that Greasy Rag in the Tool Loop. WATER you gonna do? Something about it just HOISTs my spirits! So, There you gave it,Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And find something to DRIVE you FORWARD today…Get those WHEELS turning and CLUTCH on to something good…🔧🔩🙋🏻

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    • Oh no, Chuck! There are a few places where you can get the Jumble online when you don’t have your paper handy. I hope you enjoyed today’s commentary and safe travels to your final destination, my friend! Thanks for checking in. 🙂

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  2. The WACKY but SHREWD and HUNGRY gorilla was ecstatic when he found his favourite GLADE.
    As Mike pointed out, the clue words were no challenge this AM and I was able to blind solve the solution with all the hints in the cartoon. I knew the first word had to be a verb and so got LUG almost immediately. Great Puzzle. and cartoon.
    OK Angela, another British term thrown in—good for you. I’d snap my braces in congratulation, if I wore them! Enjoyed your poem and your puns. Hope you don’t get buried in the snow today. Stay safe and warm. Up here, not to rub it in, it is quite nice—a little cloudy but no snow.

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    • Good Morning, Earl. Thank you very much. I threw it in there to give you a smile. And I don’t know how my opinion HOLDS UP, but I never thought you to be a suspender man anyway. Guess I was right! Reading your sentence, I got a good laugh, right in the MIST of it….I’m happy for you and Moose, but after only a few hours, I’m buried in snow here already…MARMOSET there’d be days like this….Thanks again, and have a good one…🙊 🙋🏻

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  3. No blind solve, but came readily with the letters laid out. Clue words were all easy.

    Never checked in yesterday. That puzzle answer was vexing until FLAP jumped out at me.

    Until tomorrow.

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    • I was wondering how you made out yesterday, John! I checked again this morning to see if I overlooked your comment but didn’t find anything. I would have been surprised if anyone was able to blind solve it yesterday. Enjoy your Wednesday, my friend! 😎👍🏻

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  4. Good morning. Gorilla of my dreams I love you. I’ve heard that somewhere before but can’t remember. Kudos to the three amigos. You all hit it out if the park. Today’s words were easy with a slight hitch at Shrewd. When it came time to the cartoon all I could get that made some sense for three letters were Run or Use. For the eight letter word I saw wrench but no more. Earl was right,the answer was starring you in the face. Should have gotten it. Of well, thinking about all the snow I’m going to shovel. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • In a throwback to the 2/25 puzzle, Paul, I hope all that shoveling doesn’t wrench your back! We got pummeled last week with over 16” and we’re only expecting a dusting to 2” this time. Enjoy your Wednesday, my friend!

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      • Not so bad out there right now. 31/2 “in backyard and 23/4 “in front. Just cleaned the front and a little in the back doing the steps so we can go out the back door. It’s supposed to get worse later on. And yes a used a steel ruler to check how deep it was. Would love to be upstate and in the woods right now. Loved it when we went hunting and it snowed. God gave us some beautiful sights.

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    • Hey Brooklyn. .Thanks for the shout out. Gorilla My Dreams is an old Looney Tunes movie with one of my favorites, Bugs Bunny. But a lot of jokes have also been made with it since. I’ve always loved Looney Tunes…In fact just this morning someone told me I was nuts! It stung a little, but who knows..maybe I do have a SCREW loose! 😂 Be careful out there with the shoveling…Give a heads up when you get back in…Ciao, Bud! ❄️🙋🏻


      • It’s not the fact that your nuts. It’s knowing you are,so therefore your able to handle it. At least that’s what I always tell my friends. It’s when you don’t accept it and finally realize you are that you sometimes take the dive. I’m cleaning it up on how I say it to people when it’s said to me.

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      • ROTFL…Brooklyn, Tks. I needed the laugh. You’ve mentioned this before..and I don’t think you’re nuts at all. Nor am I…Maybe a little convoluted…Yea, I’m going with that! 🙄
        You finished shoveling already? Is your car in a good spot? 🙋🏻


  5. Hi all – Well that was interesting. The very first thing I thought was that I wanted to call the guy “big lug”, and work in “wrenches”. Then I did the words, forgot my thought completely, and took 10 more minutes to get the answer. First I thought the 3 letter word must be USE, then SEE, then tried to work in CLUTCH, STRENGTH or WRENCH singular. My three letter word is obviously DUH!
    My brain in this rain is mainly very strange – at least I’ve been warned that I can expect it to DOOLITTLE today!

    Mike, it wasn’t until I bought a newer car that I discovered that, although the lug nuts are standard, many new cars come with one “locking” lug nut on each wheel for which you need the corresponding tool or socket. And of course, there is no standardization among models, so maybe we can use that as an explanation for all those tools he’s carrying. My tire shop has amassed a huge collection, it’s a huge headache, and they still don’t have them all. So keep the set that comes with your car, they need them (especially if you’re out on the road expecting a random greasemonkey to change it.)

    Angela, coincidence – at my thrift store last week, for nostalgia’s sake, I bought an old Laserdisk titled “Looney Tunes Assorted Nuts – Memorable ‘supporting players’ and vintage classics from the Looney Tunes vault.” ©️1992, sold as a record album, cost me all of 75¢.

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    • ROTFL…Your take off on 🎶The Rain in Spain🎶 Is a trip. 👏🏻 MY FAIR FRIEND…Doolittle?..Rex Harrison…A 6° platform if I’ve ever seen one! 🙄 Were you going for it, or did you just have that British accent in mind? Paul saw use also…YOUSE guys are thinking alike! You find such great stuff in this thrift shop. I don’t have anything like that near me. I’d enjoy rummaging through things like that. I always loved Looney Tunes. I was Bugs and Sylvester for Halloween a few times, with different ones of the Littles being Elmer Fudd and Tweety. Definitely got my money’s worth out of those costumes. Only bad thing..Trick-or-Treating ended up taking hours, because everyone kept stopping us to take pictures with their kids.. By the time it was over, Elmer/Tweety was exhausted and I had to carry him/ her home….every time! I TAUT I’d die! 😂 Talk to you later, Bud! 🐰 🐱🙋🏻


      • “I TAUT I TAW DAT”? 😂 Just for good measure, they also had an RCA CED video disk of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” that I picked up. Talk about obscure obsolete formats! 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • I saw that Paul saw SEE, but I see that he didn’t see USE – YOUSE see? 😂😂
        No thrift shops? Sounds like ya could use an antiquein’ trip up New England way, eh-ah? 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • I’m confused enough as it is! Didn’t Paul say he thought Run or Use? I just looked..he did…What am I missing here? 🙄
        No, no thrift shops. Raiders of the Lost Ark wouldn’t interest me, but you’re always finding that old music too. That I would love…🙋🏻


    • Steve– good advice about the lug nut key or socket or whatever it’s called. I have learnt by bitter experience to always make sure anyone what has rotated tires or does an inspection job, returns the thing to me or puts it in the car where they found it. My dealer had to replace all the lug nuts and issue a new key but luckily did not charge me–they have my loyalty for that.


      • Thanks Earl, pure chance. I assumed a tire store would automatically have all those locking things, but she told me the facts, and I happened to still have the original kit in the trunk. You should hear her stories about what they have to go through to get the new cars with auto braking and proximity sensors parked in their lot. It sounded like Indy 500 maneuvers.


  6. Hi, all! I am glad I did the Jumble before breakfast even though I was HUNGRY because with Jumble done, I got to eat hot eggs. I couldn’t believe the WACKY way our cartoon mechanic carried his tools because dropping a tool on his toe would be painful, just ask Jerry. Seeing only one vowel in the last word, I was SHREWD in combining consonants but lucky to choose “SHR” first, giving me the answer. Solving the last word made me as happy as if I were singing & dancing in a beautiful green GLADE, or waiting for the prince to come & kiss me.

    Because of not having an instant solve of the cartoon today, as I frequently do, I wrote the letters, took a look, and immediately saw WRENCHES. Because of knowing that the last 3 letters spelled LUG, I began thanking Jerry for not keeping up with his tools, which has caused me to hear hundreds of times, “I can’t find my lug wrench!” And there is my story using all the words, not just a sentence.

    The WACKY HUNGRY boy was SHREWD in eating greens from the GLADE. (Blame it all on my roots. I grew up in the south eating greens, a wacky southern dish.)

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      • Hi, Earl! Thanks again. I wrote a thank-you to you very late on the 19th, the day of the practicing athlete, and not knowing whether or not you go back to find tardy comments, I will repeat it right here:

        Earl, your compliment about my sentence was embarrassingly kind because I actually did not intend to write a sentence. I was just describing my solve, but all the words got in there somehow. I greatly appreciate your daily sentences, your choice of venue for each sentence, and your time & effort involved. Thanks!!


  7. Hi, Mike! I just found your 3 smiling faces to me for my bird story about the cockatiel getting stolen. Thanks much!!!

    Yesterday I was still thinking about your glowing report to me about how delicious your Olive Garden lasagna was so when my daughter unexpectedly called to go to lunch, I chose the Olive Garden, and to my delight, I ate a lot! I love it when you tell me about your cooking or eating out. After cooking all that corned beef, you deserved a meal out at a restaurant!

    I just read your thought about asking us if we had ever had a bird loose in our house and it brought back a well-buried memory:

    I was between 8 & 10 years old, there was deep snow on the ground where I lived in Arkansas, I had a medium sized cardboard box, I asked my mother if I could use some chicken food to feed the hungry wild birds, she said yes.

    Details left out: I propped the box up with a stick that had kite string tied to it that led across the yard and onto the screened-in porch, I put the chicken food only under the box, when I caught a wild bird by pulling the string I went out & reached in & took the bird to my bedroom & let it go. Uh oh! When mom came in and saw 3 wild birds perched on the curtain rods, she became waaaaay more angry than the parents in our cartoon. I didn’t realize how extremely difficult it would be to get those birds out.

    Looking forward to hearing about your first robin sighting. See ya’!

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    • I’m glad you had a wonderful meal with your daughter at the Olive Garden, Lelia! Most people that know me well often ask why I didn’t become a chef. My reply is always the same which is I enjoy cooking at my pace and on my rules and to my tastes. Cooking is somewhat of a relaxation for me and although it would be wonderful to get compensated for something I love to do, being forced to do it to make a living would, for a lack of a better term, leave a sour taste in my mouth!

      I always enjoy your stories so much and you have left me with two wonderful ones that I have already shared with my family during dinner. Thanks so much for all of the smiles and all my best to you and Jerry for a sunshine filled Thursday!


  8. Leila–Yes I did go back and read your post and it caused me to shake my head in awe—I have to struggle to come up with some sentences, for it to just happen , is remarkable, to me.
    Sorry about the typo in my African reference. I do know how to spell but I don’t always proof read carefully enough.


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