Jumble Answers for 03/17/2018










🍀🍀🍀 Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!!! 🍀🍀🍀







40 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/17/2018

  1. 🎶Don’t let the GREEN grass fool you, don’t let it change your mind. Oh Baby…You know why? It may be GREENER on the other side, now Baby, but right in my arms is where you belong. Baby…Don’t let the GREEN grass fool you…Don’t let it change your mind..🎶

    Good Morning, Everyone! ⛳️ FORE….PAY? ⛳️

    ⛳️ The poor guy wants a salad, he’s trying to stay fit…
    And what’s he get for effort? He gets a line of s..%€#
    You know it’s much less trouble, a salad’s done with ease…
    The fries involve the cooking, and the turning in the grease.
    I never got this policy, this whole menu FORGO,
    It’s like you’re EXILEd to a place where substitutions flow…
    The set price now is not ENOUGH, you switch up and you’re screwed
    I think it should be overlooked…C’mon it’s still just food…
    More places should consider making change “Par for the Course”
    The diners wouLd SALUTE them, and they’d come and eat in force…
    Until then, we just say OK..we’re hungry, we agree…
    But it would be a whole new Game if we said…”No GREENS FEE”! ⛳️

    Ok, so, Show of hands… FORGO had you croaking…you were Gone with ENOUGH, and SALUTE had you throwing your hands up in the air? EXILE? You didn’t feel so lost though, right? I think you’re not alone…Some good anagrams here today! Ok, let’s BOUNCE over and CHIP away at our cartoon…FORE we even start, I’m laughing because just the other day, I wrote a Golfing poem for my friend. I titled it “SWING With Me”, and compared us to BOGEY and Bacall. Mostly tongue in cheek, I threw in words like HOOK, IMPACT, SOLE.. Unfortunately, he didn’t find it to be the GRAND SLAM I’d hoped…which could be HAZARDous to the relationship. It may all just SINK now…But I TIGERess…So, today, Jeff has us dining at the Golf Course. Our couple, ACE and Candace, who goes by the name CADDIE, are ordering a BITE to eat. She’s good with the Corned Beef, one of the St Patrick’s Day Specials. Maybe she should try the MULLIGAN Stew, though, I heard its MAJOR. ACE is looking to BREAK away from the menu. The waitress is telling him it’s ok, but there’ll be an extra charge, a FEE. What is it with these places? GIMME GIMME GIMME! I mean, sure it’s just a paltry $2, but is this the FAIRWAY to do things? FAT chance! Anyway, we’re at the Course, he’s ordering a Salad…our question asks: The extra charge was a…GREENS FEE! Drop your 4-IRON and DRIVE this one home! You go, David! You’ve given us PUTT another good one! Ok, eye candy. I like the woman LINEing up her ball in the BACK. SWINGing, but I’m not AIMing for that. There’s the waitress’s hatpin and necklace, but if they’re supposed to be Shamrocks, they look kind of HYBRID. Her earrings are Shamrocks, but they’re yellow. The little St Patrick’s Day FLIER SITting on the table is cute. ACE’s visor has the Jumble “J” printed on it, and his shirt has an indistinct animal logo. Since Lacoste has temporarily replaced its Crocodile logo with those of 10 endangered species, perhaps Jeff meant to DRAW one of those? IDK. But, none of these are making the CUT. I think I’ll go with CADDIE’S glasses. There’s a tiny MM printed on the stem, and unless I’m MISREADing it, that fits it to a TEE! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great St Patrick’s Day, Everyone! Sláinte mhaith! And may the COURSE be with you! ⛳️🙋🏻


  2. The EXILE asked the captain to FORGO the SALUTE, saying safety was ENOUGH.
    Well Angela, FORGO was not the word to slow me down today. SALUTE caused the tic. As I’ve said before I tend to shy away from using the same letter to began the unscrambled word. Hence did not go to an S word until I had looked at the cartoon and had a blind solve with GREENS FEE.
    A very clever play on words, IMHO and very appropriate for the day.
    I haven’t enlarged the cartoon to see the details you pointed out, but will later. I’ll swing by later and see what you flagged.
    Have a great day everyone.

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    • Hey Earl, Good Morning! I think all the words today were very well scrambled, and it’s nice to see a puzzle coincide with the day. And yes, I agree, it’s a very clever play on words. Like the slant you took with your sentence. Have a good one! ⛳️🙋🏻


      • Hello again Angela. Just had a chance to read your post again and enlarge the cartoon. Not a golfer but had to smile at your puns today. Hope you did not miss my feeble attempts in my last reply—maybe I “bogeyed”. it.

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      • Hey Earl….”SWING by and see what I FLAGGED”! I did notice it, but not at first read. And, they were far from feeble, Sir. My apologies, and my Kudos! I’m not sure whether or not I told you this the other day, but one of friends has recently started calling me Evelyn. Like I don’t have ENOUGH monikers I’m forced to answer to already! The Evelyn is his “sweet” way of reminding me that my “speed reading” his texts doesn’t always CUT it. And this is usually going on between 4:30-6:00 AM! And keep in mind, I’m writing up my post at the same time. Gotta love the guy…And I do. I call him my Sweet Baby Boy..😂 (It’s part of my Bacall imitation…)!! 😂 So, you’re not alone…I probably need to slow down a tad…!
        You ‘gotta keep ‘me happy….and laughing! Thanks for the shout out, Earl! Hope you have a great day! 😉🙋🏻


  3. I agree that the toughies today were forgo and salute. Working with various endings – finally ute – led me to salute. I didn’t know about Lacoste, Angela, but good for them. Wishing all a fun weekend.

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  4. Good morning to all us Irish for a day. Agree with Earl that Salute was the tic for this day. In fact I backed into it after solvingo the cartoon which was pretty simple. Good morning countess,nice work. I think you will find that salute will be the toughest word. Would even bet the green fees on that. As always thanks for the laughs every morning. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Thank you, for the shout out and the laughs! The puzzle was a nice mix today, easy and breezy with just a little zing. Have a good one, Bud! ⛳️ 🙋🏻


  5. For your information. With the app that Angela had given me,I would like everybody to know it’s. 1.St Patrick’s Day. 2. National Quilting Day. 3.National Corndog Day. 4.National Carned Beef and Cabbage Day. If anyone is disgruntled regarding this useless but informative information can blame it on Angela. Thank You for your time and be careful out there.

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  6. I also backed into salute after solving the puzzle and needing an s and an e from the salute word.Being an avid golfer,only playing on days of the week that end in the letter ‘y’,the greens fee solution was a given.

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      • Hi Chuck. Unfortunately, the poem I was speaking of in my mornings’ post, that I wrote for my friend, would cause immediate termination if printed here! As you know, some of those golfing terms are ripe with innuendo! 😉 I was just joking as to the sharing of it when you mentioned golf.. But I’d be more than happy to pen one for you, and I shall. A G-Rated version…🏌🙋🏻


      • Hey Chuck. I’m totally immersed in March Madness, so my mind’s not really on golf, but sitting at Mass a while ago, and hearing the priest speak about Easter approaching and the rebirth, this thought came to me. Beginnings…No puns, no jokes, this is what I remember when my friend was the novice and I was the woman learning the basics behind him. I intend to write you something using golf terminology. I had a lot of fun with the one I’ve already written, but as I said its way “off course” for here…I hope I’ve correctly remembered the basics…Have a good night, Sir…🏑🙋🏻

        You start off with the swing stance, you practice weeks on end
        Feet firm, hips back, spine forward, and slightly the knees bend…
        And once you feel secure there, you move on to backswing
        You keep your right arm close inside, a most important thing.
        The downswing next you practice, the wrists that need to hinge
        To watch your hips and chest rotate can cause a girl to cringe…
        But here you are with movements both graceful and yet strong
        You follow through, your shoulder down…like this you can’t go wrong.
        I watch you keep your head down, so as not to tilt your spine
        Your swing stays right on target, so far you’re doing fine…
        You lean over the ball just right, you really surprise me
        Careful to not straighten your back, losing trajectory.
        So now you seem quite ready, you look like you could do
        What all the others did before, go out and play right through…


  7. Hi all – Had to write down the letters to see SALUTE.

    🎵“I’m looking over a four leaf clover that I overlooked before..”🎵
    I’ll declare the official song for today to be “Wooly Bully” though – you know, some “Sam the SHAM” ROCK.
    And to stay happy and healthy tonight, I’ll remember my Lagunitas PILS.
    To celebrate the fact that my wife’s family left their native Holland long ago, I will now go HUGONE LUSTEA EXILE. 😱
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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    • LOL..🎶 First is the sunshine..the second is rain..🎶 Oh, this ISN’T the one with the Cocoa Puff Train??? 😂 And, no, please, Bud, not today…I KNOW the lyrics! 😉 🎶WB🎶? In honor of St Patrick? Do you think it’s the proper song for today? .We need something a little more reverent, no?Remember doing the 🎶Wooly Bully🎶 “Thing” here a while back? The cat? 😉 Every once in a while, the guys in the club drag this up again, and we go thru the same old, same old…You want to talk lyrics? You want to talk imagination? You want to talk 6 Degrees? A lot of SMH! 😂 Grasshopper, Should we CZECH on the Lagunitas? 🍻 I’m confused ENOUGH,as it is! And you GO FOR it, Bud! Happy St Patrick’s Day to you too! ☘🍺


      • LOL….🎶Oh, WOODn’t it be nice….?🎶..Good one! You know I try, but ..”Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in..” 😂 And sorry, Grasshopper, you can call me by any of the myriad other names I go by, but Evelyn is off the table! That’s reserved for that Sweet Baby Boy…(I need to stop gritting my teeth like this..)! 😂 🙋🏻


  8. HI, all! Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I immediately guessed that the 3-letter word would be FEE, but the obvious St. Patrick’s and golf course word GREENS didn’t jump out for me until I solved the words, with ENOUGH & SALUTE taking a few extra seconds.

    They had St. Patrick’s Day trivia on Google but this is Jumble Answers trivia. Feel free to add yourself to the list:

    Mike likes broccoli.
    Steve likes brussel sprouts.
    Jerry does not like kale salad.
    Lelia is mostly Irish and loves corned beef & cabbage.
    Harry plays golf on the GREENS.
    I just learned, Chuck golfs on days ending with “y.” Good one!

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    • Hi Lelia – I’ve been lying in wait for you with two songs. I remembered that “illusion” lyric (from “row, row) at 11:30 last night. A very sad song, but here’s a very powerful performance by Joan Osborne (in the documentary “Standing in the Shadows of Motown” about their unsung musicians) of the David Ruffin (Temptations) song “What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?” Great drum break near the end.


      If you need to put a smile back on your face after that, check out her related performance of Martha and the Vandella’s “Heatwave.”
      “Whenever I’m with Hiiiiimmmmm…Could it be the Devil in me, or is this the way love’s SUPPOSED to be?” GREAT saxophone, worthy of Gramp (but not his style.)


      • HI, Steve! Very powerful performance is right! Two excellent drummers, at least 2 guitarists, a piano, a marimba, tambourines, instruments they flashed so fast I can’t name them, back up singers, and a band leader! Wow! And on top of all that, Joan Osborne doing a wonderful job of singing about such a heart-rending, sad subject.

        I listened to Martha & the Vandellas sing Heatwave & enjoyed their lively rendition, but Joan brought it to a higher level with her fabulous band, great saxophone break, and singing the word “him” as you said she would. What fun!

        Thank you for my two songs. I also love I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover that you gave us in your blog for St. Pat’s. We had sunshine & rain mentioned so I’ll do the last leaf, “No need explaining the one remaining is somebody I adore.” Happy, happy song!


      • Hi Lelia – Those musicians are known as “The Funk Brothers” and are the original or succeeding players who made all the classic Motown hits for The Supremes, Marvin Gaye and *many* others. “Heatwave” is Joan Osborne’s first performance in the documentary. They play the intro, then she bops up to the mike and I think “they’ve invited this young white girl to perform with The Funk Brothers? This could be interesting.” But she looks smiling, happy and confident. Then she opens her mouth and “Whenever I’m with HIIIIMMMMMM”!
        Whoa! Who IS this, and why don’t I know her already??


    • Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Lelia! I bet your corned beef is simmering away and that your house smells wonderful! I’ve had mine on since noon time and it’s almost ready. Enjoy the day! 🙂


      • Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, too, Mike! I was happy to hear that you got your corned beef on early enough to SIMMER it until it was ready. I put mine on late, didn’t watch it while it was coming to a boil, and boiled it over, but the house does smell wonderful as you said & Jerry doesn’t care if we eat it today or tomorrow.

        My first corned beef years ago, I put a LOT of water in. Six hours later I took it out & cooked the cabbage in the water. Then I thought about what I could do with the water, returned it to a boil, and dumped 4 servings of spaghetti into it for 10 minutes. Our girls LOVED that spaghetti so much I had to do it that way every time.

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      • Good morning, Lelia, and sorry it took so long to respond. I decided to change up my annual corned beef dinner since everyone was out doing other activities. Instead of cooking cabbage, potatoes and carrots with my beef, I just cooked the meat by itself and then thinly sliced it and made a toasted corned beef sandwich with 1,000 island dressing and swiss cheese on tuscan bread. It sure was tasty and a unique twist to what I usually have!

        The spaghetti idea sounds very interesting and a good use of that tasty leftover liquid. I wish I read your comment befire discarding mine!

        Have a wonderful Monday and I look forward to hearing about your solve. 🙂


    • It’s not all health food and vegetables – Steve also likes Haagen-Daas ice cream and Ruffles potato chips, but only buys the ice cream in small cups and rarely buys the chips at all anymore because there’s too much danger that a whole bag might disappear – not good for me.


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