Jumble Answers for 03/09/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!        ⛴  THE MOOR, THE MERRIER?...⛴

🎶 MOOR than the greatest love the world has known…This is the love I’ll give to you alone. MOOR than the simplest words I try to say, …I only live to love you MOOR each day…..I know I never lived before and my heart is very sure…No one else could love you MOOR….🎶

🛳 The guy with the bald NOGGIN, where have we seen that face?
A TOKEN shot at David, Jeff has put him in this place
At a Harbor Master’s office, working hard to keep things clear
Determining the right dock, being sure which ship goes where…
Maybe snacking on some CASHEWs, getting in that Vitamin K
(I had to throw that line in, there was just no other way…)
So the Masters giving advice, and Dave wants to be sure
Before he tells that cruise ship it’s ok for it to moor…
They can’t have ships just DRIFTing, they must maintain the flow
It’s tedious and so precise, a dock for each to go…
The agenda must be followed so that everybody fits
It’s all worked out, the day’s plan is right there ON THE “DOCK- IT“! 🛳

Ok, so maybe today David decided we DRIFTed along all week, and now he’d pull out all the STOPS. Today’s words…Hmm…maybe a little MOOR than a quick glance? CASHEW? Phew! And NOGGIN had you GOING there for a minute, am I RIGHT? Yes, today’s words maybe we’re KNOT all that easy…AnyWEIGH, on to our cartoon…So, Tuesday we were CRUISING, and today we’re back to solve another NAUTICAL themed puzzle. WATER the guys trying to tell us? I WRECKen they’ve BOAT CAUGHT Spring Fever, and their thoughts have TURNED to the SEA…Of COURSE, I can SEA that! So, a HARBOR MASTER is seen speaking with his assistant. The assistant,,DAVID, is asking where the CRUISE SHIP should park…which DOCK should he direct it to…The HARBOR MASTER is holding the days Agenda..a DOCKET. And our question asks..Since it’s a busy day, there are several SHIPSON THE “DOCK-IT”…Ding, Ding, Ding…once again! As SKIFF it could get any better! This is a pun! Great job, David! I’m in OAR! Ok, eye candy…I like the BARGE,,laden with CARGO. I like the CRUISE SHIP and the LIGHTHOUSE…But today… I FATHOM I like DAVID the best…He’s just SWELL!

So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember..Let’s be nice to the  HARBOR MASTERS..It’s a big responsibility handling all that BERTH CONTROL! 🛳🙋🏻




28 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/09/2018

    • LOL…You’re stealing my material! I was saving that to use on somebody! …Good MOORning, Big Guy! Two good ones! Wishing you a great day too, Caro.. Ciao! 🛳🙋🏻


  1. According to local DRIFT, placing a CASHEW on the NOGGIN of the statue was a TOKEN of high respect.
    Not sure if DRIFT can be a noun but I’m using it that way. No problems with the clue words or the solution—was pretty sure “dock” was part of the answer even before I unscrambled any clue words.
    Interesting choice of song Angela and I liked your poem. WEIGH (as in anchors?) to go with all the puns. I’ll give you the Quay to the blog.
    Have a great Friday everyone and stay warm and safe.

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    • Hey Earl, Good MOORning! (Ok, that’s Moose, and now you..My lucky number’s 3, so 1 MOOR, and I’ll quit..That last 1 doesn’t count)! Your use of DRIFT is perfect, I was nodding in approval before I even saw your disclaimer. Great sentence. Thank you FERRY much for the shout out. I SAILed through the poem driving over the Verrazano Bridge this morning, and I’m glad you like it. CASHEW…KNOT exactly a Nautical themed word, but I squeezed it in there! And Kudos to your “WEIGH to go”! You’ve won the QUAY to my heart with that one! Have a great day, Earl! 🛳🙋🏻

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      • LOL…Me too, Brooklyn! What a coincidence, right? Ever notice that you could go years without hearing something, and then out of the blue..Boom! Back to back, the most obscure thing..and you’ll hear it more than once! I immediately thought…”Wait til Paul SEAS this”! 😂🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. Wonder of wonders. Today I got the post without going in the back door. Today I celebrated National Pancake Day even though it’s not today. Thought I’d break routine and have a stack or two. Angela,you were moor than good,you were greaaat. Earl,regarding your sentence. Must have been a nut that thought up that idea. It’s fun to see what you two guys dream up each day. Today’s puzzle was fun. Took a little longer to solve. Let’s say I drifted into cashew,which would be my choice for the hardest word for today. The cartoon answer was no problem after playing around with the words. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! Good solve! Thanks so much for the Kudos, you SHORE are a Sweetheart! ❤️ I thought you of all people would get CASHEW right away..Considering the old SALT that you are! But those letters were a little MIXED! NUT that it wasn’t doable though! Hope you have the best day, Brooklyn..You know you STACK up real high by me! 🛳🙋🏻


      • Just paying it back, Paul..You’re the happy WAKE up call everyday! I don’t know SCOW I’d get along without you! So, you feel free to BARGE in with your puns any time of want, Brooklyn,…You’re enTIDALed, Bud! 🛳🙋🏻


  3. It is a good day when one gets a blind solve with the Quotation Trepidation in play. Also sailed through all of the CWs, except for cashew; that one took a few extra looks, but it wasn’t a deal breaker.

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    • No, it wasn’t a deal breaker by no means…Not even a tough NUT to crack..Just one of those “tic” words….Good Morning, John! The QT…Growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, I always heard the expression..”Keep it on the QT” .After a while, we learned to keep everything on the QT! It was safer that way! 😂 Start working here, it’s not so QT any more! I’m glad you like my sound bite! 😉 Have a good one, John! 🛳🙋🏻

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    • Good Morning, Caroline. Good to SEA you! CASHEWS, great idea! And make sure to get the ones with SALT.!! 😂 Have a great day! 🛳🙋🏻


      • LOL..Tks, Caroline. I do too. I try to get everything without salt. And I figured you might also…You know I JEST said it for the PUN of it! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️


  4. Hi, all. The cartoon answer was easy. I shook my head after taking an extra minute with CASHEW, because of having a large jar of them from Costco, eating some almost every day, and checking the spelling from the jar before writing them on the list.

    I wrote NOGGIN right away but wondered if it were a real word or a word of love made up by my mother when she verbalized “kissing my sweet little noggin” as she kissed my head.

    Day one of school, time for the pledge of allegiance, kindergarten teacher tells the children to put their right hand over their heart. As she walked around helping the children accomplish this task, one little boy insisted on leaving his hand on the seat of his pants. When she politely questioned him about it, he replied that he had his hand exactly where his grandmother patted him while saying, “Bless your little heart.”


    • Hi Lelia. I think we can all agree that CASHEWS are a favorite. When I can’t get to Costco, I’ll pick them up anywhere…whether they’re on SAIL or KNOT! And you’re not alone with NOGGIN. I’ve had 3 people before you questioning if it was a real word. It’s not one commonly used much anymore. As for the little boy..Gives all new meaning to “having your heart in the right place”, doesn’t it? 😂 Have a good one! 🛳🙋🏻


    • Same here. Although it seems that cashews aren’t technically nuts, there was a Dutch study that showed that eating even a small handful daily was very good for you. Other nuts were also good.


  5. Hi all – My hardest word was CASHEW again, but when I wrote down the letters to unscramble I recognized it. I was going to say that I wasn’t sure I would trust an operator who spoke of “parking” a ship, but on looking at the answer, realized that they had to avoid the word DOCK. Like when it drove my brother crazy when people would misuse aviation terms .
    And now they’re just taunting us, putting “ING” right out in plain sight knowing that it doesn’t end the word. That’s ok because we know they’re such nice BUOYS.

    Time for an incorrect-word sentence:
    The Chinese diner was GOING to FIRT-ively pay for his hot SCEWHAn food with a TOKEN instead of coins, but was afraid he’d wind up in the DOCKET.
    Ahhh, I’m glad I got *that* out of my brain; now it’s your problem.

    Happy weekend! I hope you don’t have to spend the *entire* time shovelling out of snowdrifts.

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    • Hi, Steve! Welcome to the CASHEW CLUB, but now you have me trying to decide whether to eat some cashews or a plate of nice hot SCEWHAn. Jerry would choose the latter because he loves Chinese food.

      Now you’ve got me wondering what the misused aviation terms are.


      • Planters cashews, $8.99 per 1 lb 2.25 oz can on Amazon.

        My brother was particularly incensed by Bernie Taupin’s lyric to Elton John’s “Daniel” – “Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane. I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain.” Planes have red and green running lights on their wingtips, quote; “NOT red taillights! I can see him riding along behind a Pinto, scribbling down, ‘Ohhh – red tail lights, great line!’ “ 😂😂

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      • I know, I’ve bought them from Amazon. Half truth, half I was going for the 2 puns! I get to Costco pretty often, Now that you mention it, I have money built up in the Amazon Market account…I should check it out. Steve, Daniel a classic. He needed the right meter for the rhyme…I know your brother was a stickler for details, but have you ever thought about that if we dissected every song for “perfect lyrics”??? How d’ya think we’d do? 🙄🙋🏻


  6. LOL..Well, we can’t expect them to SPELL it all out for us now, can we? It’s all in the reading between the LINES…And you know the ING was just to get you GOING! Grasshopper..Did you notice I omitted using Buoy, this time? This morning Lou3 tells me it’s really pronounced BOO–EE. I went to look it up…Women’s voice on Google says..”BOO-EE”..I say…€^^#¥¥*?’l After all this time? I meant to ask Earl. Earl, I’m asking…Are they both acceptable? Because…BUOY, 😂I’ve definitely used it a whole lot of times! Your “Fractured Fairytales” sentence..👏🏻 Felt good to let it go, huh, Bud? I know the feeling!!! Better for EWE that it’s out of your system!!! 😂
    Have a good one, Bud! Talk to you later! Ciao! 🛳🙋🏻


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