Jumble Answers for 03/08/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!          🇺🇸 ARE THESE..PRECEDENTS?? 🇺🇸

🎶Anything you can do, I can do BETTER …I can do anything BETTER than you.
No, you can’t…Yes, I can. No, you can’t…Yes, I can. No, you can’t. Yes, I can,
Yes, I can! 🎶

🇺🇸 On February 1st, the Jumble took us to this place
That day we looked at 1 and 2, someone mixed up a face?
The question started HOUNDing me, and Jeff came by to say,
Stage left and right in theory could explain the glitch away.
As one who loves to HOARD info, I thought I’d be MATURE
And take his word on this one, even though I wasn’t sure,
But I suffer from mixed direction syndrome so with me…
The left and right that’s in my head’s not always what should be.
Like I’ll get the kids all DRESSY, but it’s often the day’s news
That once again that left and right made me mix up their shoes!
But anyway, I’ve gone off track..The cartoon must be read…
Today the men upon Rushmore are going HEAD TO HEAD! 🇺🇸

The last time we saw DRESSY here, it caused a few of us to PANT. While it might again, today I think HOARD may be the word to STOCKPILE the most votes. Let’s FACE it, it just looks odd. Ok, let’s move AHEAD to our cartoon. Once again, we find ourselves at MT RUSHMORE.  Today, Jeff decided to show us a bit of SOCIAL UNREST, among the Best. It seems that our Presidents Washington and Lincoln are arguing over who’s really the TOP banana. Can this be the FRUITs of all that labor? That’s just cold, STONE COLD. And sadly, Jefferson and Roosevelt are caught in the MIDDLE! What’s UP with this? By GEORGE, can this be TRUE? You know me, the Doubting THOMAS…I really don’t believe the CLIMBate UP there can get this bad. Competition, really? “Lah Dee dah”? Really? Hmm. Is this all etched in STONE? Again, there’s my doubt..I really don’t want to be a PARTY to all this…But anyway, our question asks: The competition between the Presidents was…HEAD TO HEAD! Good one, David! You’re always taking us to new HEIGHTS! Ok, eye candy…I’m looking at every FACE, LIFTing my eyes UP and DOWN the panel…Hmm. LEFT to RIGHT…We have..Animosity, we have Skepticism, we have Shock, and we have Anger. Politics as usual? I think I’ll just pass on the candy today…So, There you have it, Folks, Done!  Have a great day, Everyone!  And let’s all keep our HEADS UP and ROCK ON!🇺🇸🙋🏻






17 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/08/2018

  1. Although her very MATURE daughter had a tendency to HOARD and be overly interested in DRESSY affairs, mother did not HOUND her about those eccentricities.
    The only word that caused a hiccup (tic?) was MATURE. Not sure why. I had the solution way before that word revealed itself.
    Love your song choice Angela and your puns are bi-partisan and that is refreshing in today’s tumultuous times. Thanks.
    As far as I’m concerned EVERY day should be Women’s Day and we should celebrate them without limitation. .👠 👒 💄💍 💃🏿 👩🏽 👵🏼

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    • Boy, did you just score major points with all the women reading this! ❤️ Thank you, Earl. Your words are touching and eloquent. Good Morning. And your sentence is right on point with today also! Kudos! I have to say, I had to think about the song choice today. One usually pops into my head as soon as I glance at the puzzle. But then I was writing the post, and thinking why do people think they’re better than others…and ..Voila! The politics? Not the time nor the place, nor would it do any good to delve into it. Social and political unrest seems to be the choice du jour, every du jour lately, and it’s sad…Thanks so much for your kind words, and I hope you’re coping well with the aftermath of the storm. Have a great day, Sir! 🇺🇸🙋🏻

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  2. Good morning. And the Queen for today’s International Women’s Day award goes to none other than Angela. For without her today,we would be staring at a blank page. Great job as usual and good choice on the song. Earl, were you buttering up someone to have a great meal rather then treat that person on today? Just got a chuckle in thinking of your devilish plan. Today’s puzzle was another no-brainer. Straight down the line of words with a ten second stop at mature. This would be my choice for the most difficult. Once I saw the letters for the cartoon, the answer came quickly. Been on a good role so far this week. It sure makes up for last week. Angela, read Hagar the Horrible today. It brought a huge smile. That coupled with Earls made me think he was trying the flattering approach. Whoever said it’s a mans world is sure off his rocker. You women rule. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • And…Wait for it….There’s that smile you put on my face! I’m telling you Paul, I should seriously consider giving up the Multi every morning if this keeps up! You, Brooklyn are an absolute ray of sunshine! And Thanks so much for the award, you’re way more than kind. So both you and Earl “tic” ing at Mature, I didn’t see that coming. But as you both, and so far this morning, four of my friends have agreed, it was an easy Monday-ish puzzle. I read Hagar early this morning, and I had to chuckle at his ignorance. It made me think of something my Father used to say…”Your tongue is ‘gonna dig your grave”! LOL…Kind of loses something in the English translation, but you get the gist! Poor Hagar! And you’re right up there with Earl vying for the capture of women’s hearts today…Do we rule? I think we try to guide more than rule…but some things do come naturally! 😂 Have a great one, Brooklyn, you deserve it! ❤️🙋🏻


    • Hi Chuck. It was an easy solve today. The way Hoard was anagrammed just looked so odd to me. Hope you have a great day! 🇺🇸🙋🏻


      • We are excited to see Ichiro coming back. Too bad injuries to Gamel and Haniger precipitated the move, though. My boys and I are catching Opening Day on Thursday night, then a day game on Saturday, so odds are we will see him play! My first ever Opening Day game, since the M’s usually start on the road.

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  3. Hi all – So we’re back in “the Black Hills of Dakota” again, eh? MATURE took an extra look, but HOARD was the hardest word for me. It kept looking like a variant of ADORE.
    For you MATURE women today (and men, if there are any), I’ll pass along a note from the newspaper – an overheard quote from a business that said “We don’t give a senior discount. It’s your Life Experience Reward.”
    I think I’ll,just stick with the original. I consider it my reward to wake up in the morning.

    Enjoy the day!

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  4. Hey Grasshopper. I think the Life Experience Reward is sweet. Different. And I bet it’s good for business. Don’t be such a curmudgeon! 😂😂 You’re right about the waking up part, though…that’s a blessing. IDK what Hoard seemed like to me…just that it looked like a MASS! Hang in there, Bud! Talk to you later. 🇺🇸🙋🏻


  5. Hi, all! I might be here by myself after sleeping until 11 a.m., but I’m alone and happy because after coughing half the night, that extra sleep was just what I needed!

    HEAD TO HEAD was surely an easy solve. HOUND & DRESSY were easy, too. For HOARD & MATURE, I put letters in the circles that were in the answer. The word that took me an extra minute was MATURE.

    I already told how much Jerry & I enjoyed our trip to Mt. Rushmore and enjoyed reading some interesting stuff from all of you. A related story that happened in the same vicinity was when we saw the entrance to a “driving park” that advertised many animals one might see.

    We decided to take the drive and soon saw a huge buffalo step out of the trees. No one was behind us, so we stopped to look at him. As he began to cross the road in front of us, several more buffalo followed him. Next even more came with some going around the back of our truck. Then we were in the middle of a wide sea of buffalo, all headed for the narrow path where their leader had gone. Wow! Even Jerry felt a little uneasy, saying that our truck was a toy compared to the strength of that many buffalo!

    Enjoy your day, all!


    • Hi Lelia. I think your buffalo story makes all of ours pale in comparison! Hope the cough improves. Take care and have a great day! 🇺🇸 🙋🏻


  6. Hi, Steve! Thanks for all the music on the 6th; “Safeway song from the ceiling,” “These Dreams,” the fun Blast From the Past of Frankie Ford singing “Sea Cruise” on American Bandstand while standing very unsteadily in a little inflatable boat, and Freddy Cannon’s lyrics “You’ll never know how great a kiss can feel when you stop at the top of a ferris wheel.” I asked Jerry to do that once but rather than romantic, it was scary to me when the seat started rocking.

    I have started writing a short, sweet poem about your grandfather. First I brain-stormed 2 pages of rough-draft ideas. Now I am choosing my favorite ones and eliminating repetition.

    If you still have a copy of the joke that I didn’t get copied, please tell it to me again using the word “bleep” for the names. I forgot to tell you that it made Jerry laugh out loud, and I thought it was funny, too. The second name was unexpected, clever, and funny; unlike when people use a 4-letter word that is unnecessary, not clever, & not funny.

    Wow! Our short “winter” is over & we’re back in the 80’s, while you are stuck in the 60’s with some 50’s & rain on the way. I’ve been emailing granddaughter in Chicago and she hasn’t frozen yet even though her first day there was 32 degrees.

    From what I’ve heard on the news, I’m glad that I don’t have Alexa. Spooky!
    See ‘ya!


    • Hi Lelia – I think Jerry would have liked my grandfather. You mean the joke about files?
      “Guy goes into a hardware store and says he’s looking for a file. The clerk says “Do you want that *bleep* up there?” Guy says, “No, give me that *bleep* over there!”
      I saw that you got your normal weather back, and I’m sure the baseball teams at spring training are happy too. It’s actually been very nice here, despite the occasional showers – can’t complain, especially compared to the East Coast right now.


      • Steve, thanks for the joke again, copied, & all is well. I was telling it using too many words. I agree that Jerry would have liked your grandfather. We found my real dad in Texas, went bass fishing with him for a week in the summers, and Jerry liked him because he loved all 4 of us and loved to tell jokes & keep everyone laughing. He also loved to sing and tap dance a little. See ya’!


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