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Good Morning, Everyone!      🚪TABLE FOR TWO…?🚪

🎶Stranded at the drivin’, branded a fool…What will they say Monday at school?
SANDY, can’t you see I’m in misery? We made a start, now we’re apart, there’s nothing left for me…Love has flown, all alone, I sit…I wonder why yi-yi-yi,
Oh why, you left me…Oh SANDY, SANDY, SANDY...Why yi-yi-yi? Oh SANDY🎶

🚪I recently was sanding an old door that we had found,
The surface getting SMOOTHer as the Garnet in it ground.
On the sawhorse did I JUGGLE, this beautiful piece of wood
My friend saying, “Go slower, is what I THINK you should”…
Cause I tend to get excited with the sawdust and the grit
And AFTER find my finish time was just ROUGH ESTIMATE! 🚪

Today’s words, typical Monday fare, were easy, breezy, and I smiled at AFTER…after yesterday. LUMBERing over to our cartoon, we find ourselves in the lumber section of a Home Improvement store. LOWEs and behold, we see our man, DEPOT looking for SANDPAPER. Sandpaper, despite its name, isn’t made of sand. It’s made of either Aluminum Oxide or Garnet, which are abrasive minerals. The store clerk, WOODY, is AXEing DEPOT how big the table is he’s working on. But DEPOT’s like..”I’m KNOT really sure.” Hmm. He looks a little BOARD. I’m thinking if he really wanted this job to go SMOOTHly, he WOOD have had the details a little more inGRAINed into his thoughts. PLANE and simple…But that’s DUST me. If I don’t have all my details hASHed out before I begin, I’d sooner TABLE the whole job. But anyway, WOODY, trying not to let DEPOT RUB him the wrong way, and not wanting to sound ABRASIVE, is trying to help him decide how much he needs to take HOME. DEPOT doesn’t have an exact MEASUREMENT, so they’ll have to go with a …ROUGH ESTIMATE! Get it? ROUGH? MAPLE KNOT? ..No, you get it. Good one, David, in my oPINEion! OAK-ky, eye candy. I see some SAWS hanging on the WALL..NUT that though. I’m going with WOODY’s eyebrows. A little wild…I think they could use some SHAPING! So, There you have it FOAKS, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And don’t ever be afraid to try a WOODWORKING project...YEW can NAIL it in no time…🚪🙋🏻


17 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/05/2018

  1. If you THINK you are SMOOTH and can JUGGLE, slip away quietly AFTER dropping the balls.
    For some reason, AFTER slowed me down but the solution was obvious so I “backed” into the answer. I guess I was reluctant to put an A at the beginning.
    I’ll read your tome when I return from volunteering, Angela, or if I get a chance on my break. Later.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Your sentence made me giggle…Nice for an early Monday morning.
      And “A” is Always the beginning! 😉 Talk to you later. Ciao! 🙋🏻

        • Good Morning, Big Guy. LOL…Thank you so much.❤️ But one of my FAVORITE (ahem) cousins ( Remember him from the Yankee ⚾️ SWEEP? He gave me the broom)? 😂 this morning told me the cartoon was right up my alley…That I have sawdust for brains! He thinks I CEDAR humor in this?? The boy really needs to be WHITTLED down to size! Gotta love your family, right? Tks again, Caro, and I hope YEW have a great day! 🙋🏻

  2. Don’t you crOAK on us Angela, you have so much flASH. You are FIRst in my book. Keep your seed cones up! I had a couple more but they were corny.

    • ROTFL…And it’s not even 7AM! CrOAK?? Harry, what’d YEW hear? Are people talking aBOUGHt me again? Should I take it with a GRAIN of salt? Should I just let it go…PLANE and simple? Yea, I’m gonna CEDAR bright side of it…I WOODn’t give ’em the satisfaction! Thanks for the shout out, the laughs, and the sweet words. And bring ’em on, Harry, BOWL me over! YEW know how I feel about Hoosier Corn! I’m all EARS! Have a great one, HM, and be assured…My seed cones are always up! 😉🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. He did juggle the books and even though,I think it will all smooth over after awhile. I agree the hardest of all the words was After. It was the last word I got. The cartoon answer was not that hard. I got Rough right away but took some time to get Estimate. Another great start on a new week. Angela,you do have true grit. It would take me hours to come up with all them puns. Nice work,between you and Earl,I’m left with a smile on my face Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brookkyn. I’m kind of surprised at After…AFTER we SAW it y’day! I guess it wasn’t HAMMERED home! Thanks so much FIR the shout out, Bud…I’m starting to feel like John Wayne! 😂 And as FIR the smile, you should CEDAR one you give me every morning…You’re a regular ray of Sunshine! Have a great day, Paul! 🙋🏻

  4. After was a little troublesome,but the other words were a snap.Rough came readily in view from the letters,followed quickly by estimate.

    • Hi Chuck…Good AFTERnoon! If we were playing Hockey, you’d be the Hat Trick! 3 so far for AFTER…But I’m glad you didn’t have a ROUGH time with the rest of it! Wishing you a great day, Sir! 🙋🏻

  5. No rough time here today. Clue words and cartoon answer all came easily. Off to a good start this week. Happy Monday everyone.

    • Good Morning, Betty! (And to those who don’t know, I can tell time, but Betty’s on the West Coast)! Glad you SAW your way clear, and yes, we’re off to a good week! Enjoy the day! 🙋🏻

  6. AFTER taking some time to THINK through the project, the novice woodworker realized it wouldn’t be wise to JUGGLE the order of grits if he wanted to obtain a really SMOOTH finish on his table.

    Never tried this before. Don’t worry Earl and Angela, I won’t be giving you a run for your money on a daily basis. A ROUGH ESTIMATE of the time it takes to do so led me to conclude that it would cut too much into dog walking time!

    Easy Monday puzzle; blind solve and instant ordering of words except for AFTER. I had to loop back on that one for some reason.

    • 👏🏻👏🏻 To the man who tried to inGRAIN into me, the blessings of brevity, I say..Bravo! I love it! You can give me a run for my PUNNY any day of the week! DOGGONE it, you’ve certainly shown some TRUE GRIT today! But AFTER? Et tYEW, John? Hope you have a good one! 🙋🏻

  7. Hi all – I’ll JOIN the club here; of COARSE I didn’t get the second word until AFTER all the others. My favorite detail is way in the back – is that a cashier running a big old-fashioned cash register? I can almost smell the wooden floorboards.

    Too bad I can’t tell you my grandfather’s joke about selecting a file at the hardware store – you’re on your own with that.

    Have a great day!

    • Steve:.You felt the AFTER effects too? Is it just Betty and I who paid attention y’day! 😂
      👏🏻 👏🏻 FIR COARSE! ..Good one! The joke? Thank God this blog is aboveBOARD! I can’t imagine where we MITER be if it wasn’t! Have a good one, Bud! 🙋🏻

    • Oh, and Steve: PS: Yes, you’re right on the MONEY with the cash register in the background. I meant to mention it this morning, but I SCREWed up! I was already rePLYing to friends by 4:30, and it SLIPped my mind! 😂🙋🏻

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