Jumble Answers for 01/24/2018








Good Wednesday morning, everyone! We’re halfway through the week and we’ve already seen some really challenging puzzles. Jumping right into today’s game, the first two clue words were solved at first glance. It was the next two words that saved this puzzle for me by making me pause and work for the answers. ADMIRE took 2 self-jumbles before it came into view, leaving GALLON to require 4! I think we’ve all experienced that “how could a simple word be so difficult” moment after the solve so I was determined to finish off the cartoon without the aid of the clue letters that caused me so much trouble.

Looking at Jumble artist Jeff Knurek’s panel, we see a salesperson talking with a customer about a rather large diamond ring. Reading the dialogue, the salesman boldly states that this particular “piece” was owned by Beyoncé. The customer doesn’t seem convinced as shown by the look of skepticism on his face as well as his three question reply.

There’s no real fine detail in this piece except the shadowy figures walking by in the background leading me to believe that this particular store is in a mall. The ring itself did have action lines around it leading you to believe that it was exceptionally sparkly and very high quality. Missing was the little string and price tag that usually dangles off the band and it would have been interesting to see what value Jeff would have placed on “Beyoncé’s diamond”!

As mentioned earlier, I was determined to solve this one without any clue letter assistance. The dialogue and sentence never mentioned ring so it came to mind immediately. All of the doubt surrounding its authenticity brought TRUE to mind making the surprise answer a super quick solve. This puzzle was definitely a gem!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow. 💍


38 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/24/2018

  1. 🎶I got gloss on my lips, a man on my hips…Got me tighter than my Dereon jeans….Acting up, drink in my cup, I can care less what you think…I need no permission, did I mention? Don’t pay him any attention.. ‘Cause you had your turn, but now you gon’ learn…What it really feels like to miss me. ‘Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a RING on it…If you liked it, then you should have put a RING on it…Don’t be mad once you see that he want it, If you liked it, then you should have put a RING on it…🎶…Beyoncé!

    💍💍 Life may come and life may go, but diamonds stay so true
    They sparkle with the brightest glow and look so good on you.
    Peeking out from CURLY hair, they shine around my ears
    Around my neck they wink and blink and sometimes can cause stares.
    And rings I do ADMIRE, quality measured by bucks
    This isn’t all that “pasty” stuff that sometimes falls off TRUCKs.
    These diamonds don’t do anything but sit upon your finger
    And shine so bright that eyes cannot help but look and linger…
    I purchase jewelry cleaner a GALLON at a time..
    To keep my jewelry sparkling …I like to see it shine…
    Any no matter what the day may bring, if I’m happy or I’m blue
    Those little shiny baubles never fail to just RING TRUE…💍💍

    Today’s words SHONE just like our subject. My favorite, Curly. I had just received an email saying, “Good Morning, Curly”, so the word made me smile! The others, ENGAGINGLY anagrammed! Our cartoon. A man CARATerized as purchasing a DIAMOND ring. Look at his face! Skepticism at its best! The jeweler telling him that the RING once belonged to Beyoncé! Beyoncé! The buyer thinking…”What? No JAY did this RING belong to her”! He’s feeling PRESSUREd to buy, and he knows he’s being lied to. This jeweler must be STONEd if he thinks this story’s going to CUT it! Anyway, our question mentions the “Story”..? SETTING? Ring? It just didn’t RING TRUE! Wrap it up, I’ll take it! And DON’T HURT YOURSELF in the process! Good one, Dave! Ok. Eye candy. The two men are pretty nondescript. Suits, ties, a lot of hair. But both of them, plus the man walking in the background, are all slim and FIT. They’re all in SHAPE! Way to go, Jeff! A real GEM! Now this is something to CELEBRATE! ROCK on with your bad self! So, There you have it Folks! Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And to the Ladies…may we all get our daily requirement of Biotin, Vitamin K, Potassium, and Vitamin B6! May we all get our CARATS! 💍🙋🏻


      • Mike, He came into my mind, but with his newly announced health issues, I wanted to wait for a more appropriate time. Anyway, Jeff gave us Beyonce…and the ring? Had no choice but to go with the signature song! Thanks, and the same to you! 💍🙋🏻


      • He’s not on my radar at all and neither is Beyoncé. I know of their names but music (and celebrities) are of little interest to me. I only know ND from “Sweet Caroline” at Red Sox games! 😂


      • 🎶Sweet Caroline🎶 from all over. Car commercials, Sport events, Big Bang Theory, etc. It’s a classic by now. But just y’day, he announced that he’s ending his tour due to the onslaught of Parkinson’s disease. Very sad day for all of us fans. And then the stories broke this morning that his fans are all “Paying it Forward” with the refunded ticket money. Donating it, all in his name. How cool is that? From darkness comes beauty. I’m glad I got to see him a few times. I wish him all the best…There’ll never be another…🎶🙋🏻


    • Great post this AM, Angela. While reading it I kept thinking about Marilyn Monroe and “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”
      Only a few small groans today, pun-wise. 😉 🙄 💨 ❄️

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      • Hey Earl.Thank you very much. I had it in mind while I posted also. In fact I looked over at my finger and did a little, “Hello Friend”! 😉 If I hadn’t used the song a while ago, I might have gone to it, but today truly belonged to Queen Beyonce! All the JAY! Now, Sir, about those groans…There’s groans…and there’s GROANS…I’m good with either, 😉 really…Just Sayin’!
        Have a good one, Earl! 💍🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. Ditto Mike. Only difference is the cartoon was solved using the eight letters. After a minute I had to look for the finish. As usual,until tomorrow stay well.

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  3. The TRUCK driver spilt more than a GALLON of gas when he looked over to ADMIRE the woman with the long CURLY hair at the next pump.
    No problems with the words or solution and I enjoyed your comments, Mike and I know exactly how you feel when an easy word just will not unscramble!
    Other complaints– both web sites that I use to read the Jumble let me down. Seattle paper had yesterday’s puzzle and the other site had today’s puzzle but no indication for the number of words for the solution. So I solved the clue words and studied the letters and the cartoon and luckily came to–RING TRUE.
    Also when I checked the early bird site today, I could find no place to write comments.
    Interesting beginning to Wednesday. 🤔 😠 💎

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    • Hi, Earl, and thanks for the compliment. I also found that the online paper that I use didn’t have the puzzle up and was praying that there wasn’t any fine detail that needed to be enlarged. Let’s just hope that it was an oversight on their part.

      The early bird post goes out the night before and just has the answers. No comments, no observations, no frills! I save the “good stuff” for the morning. I thought the easiest way to not have too many conversations rolling in different spots about the same puzzle would be to disable commenting. Does that make sense? So many people visit early in the morning from all over the globe and I don’t want them to have to go elsewhere for answers. I hope my explanation helps. 🙂

      Sorry to not compliment your sentence before my rant. It was excellent as always! Great use of all the words and very believable. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


      • Thanks for the thorough explanation. I thought I was missing something. Glad to know it wasn’t something on my end. Hopefully all sites will be back tomorrow.

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    • Earl. I’m dittoing Mike. In my excitement for you over the “3 Men Without the Tub”, I failed to Kudo your sentence. And we curly-haired woman have to stick together! Great imagery as always! Have a good one, kind Sir! 💍🙋🏻


  4. The Curly haired Truck driver did Admire the Gallon of moonshine he would get if he delivered the pay load on time. Nice work Angela and Earl. While I was doing the first one I saw an empty blog making me think you slept late, Angela. Should have known better. You’re Mike’s right hand LADY. Ciao!

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    • Good Morning, Paul. Thank you very much. You know I’m laughing! I especially thought of you this morning, because growing up, I remember there was always “stuff” falling off the trucks in Brooklyn. Everything you could imagine! Brooklyn in the good old days, right? That’s why I threw it into my poem. And your sentence reminds me of your entrepreneurial “soda machine” story. Did it inspire you? 😂 Well done! Have a great day, Bud, and I’m going to perform some magic on your post. Let me know if you catch it! Ssshhhh! 💍🙋🏻


  5. I figured it out, but I’m a little tight. Admire could have also been ARMIED. I saw the R and G and totally knew it was Ring. But I did put Armied and then noticed that it could have been Ring True but there was no E. Then I played with the only word with an E in it and come up with Admire. PSHAW!!!! I was ticked…

    Definition of armied – Forming an army; gathered or assembled into, or as if into, an army; army-like.

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    • Hi, Kim! EXCELLENT point on ARMIED and I compliment you on finding it. I sometimes find other words (and have even posted them by mistake on this blog). If it’s just too obscure, I know it’s incorrect and keep searching. Great observation and hashtag. Thanks for sharing it. 😊😊😊


  6. Kimberly,this is in jest. When you say tight,we could take that as Tipsy, Inebriated. I was laughing because it was the first thought that came to mind. Angela,checking back I see three mistakes I failed to see with the last one changed. I don’t want to know that I put the navy slang for dinner. T Y for fixing it. Steve,listened to Misirlou by Dick Dale and Deltones. Don’t remember it but it was great. .

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    • Paul, you really slay me! I think I’ve mentioned before that there are no mistakes here. We call them auto-correct incorrects. Or slips of the nails…Nothing wrong with Navy slang either, at the aPORTpriate time! Anyway, take another look. I think I MUSTERed up enough magic to get them all. We can CUMSHAW another time. Steve and I were talking here last night, this morning really until 3AM. And then we pulled up Misirlou, too…I hadn’t heard it in a while. And you’re right, great piece of music. Talk to you later, Brooklyn! 🙋🏻


  7. Hi, all! Fun, challenging puzzle today. I solved the first 3 words in 45 seconds. Eighteen self-jumbles, 6 minutes later, I had the word GALLON! With our paper in the yard & using the Seattle one, I first guessed that the story didn’t “sit right,” but after solving “gallon” & getting the 8 boxes, I was home free with RING TRUE.

    Mike, the wonderfully descriptive words you used today made the cartoon come ALIVE! Some of my favorites were BOLDLY, SKEPTICISM, SHADOWY FIGURES, & AUTHENTICITY.

    I have a lot of catching up to do today after Jerry & me feeling tired & using his favorite words, “We’ll do that tomorrow.” Well, today is tomorrow!! Enjoy your day, all!!

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    • Hi Lelia. Today I’m the one with the catching up to do, but it’s not happening today. I’ve been shopping before a rainstorm blows in. Nothing major, but it’s starting now and will be going on for a day or so. I did find 5is for you, though:

      About the instrument in “The Word”:
      From Wikipedia, Beatles’ producer from the beginning at Abbey Road studios, “George Martin plays the harmonium solo in the track. McCartney, Lennon, and Harrison sing the song in three-part harmony. Lennon sings the middle eight by himself.”

      Remember the bridge from “In My Life” that we heard at Christmas? George Martin also played that. I always thought it was a harpsichord, but “Martin wrote a Bach-influenced piece that he found he could not play at the song’s tempo. On 22 October, the solo was recorded with the tape running at half speed, so when played back at normal pace the piano was twice as fast and an octave higher, solving the performance challenge and also giving the solo a unique timbre, reminiscent of a harpsichord.”


      • Hi, Steve! A harmonium! Which I had never heard of but now have listened to on 2 videos. The first was a young musician who showed how he opened his portable/folding instrument and then played it. The second was an older man playing his Indian Harmonium. Thank you for finding that out for me.

        They showed the side view of the Indian one showing something in the back that to me looked like bellows & reminded me of playing an accordion.

        I will listen for more of George Martin who thought of recording with the tape running at half speed to produce a faster piano sound an octave higher. That stains my brain just to think about it. I do remember the harpsichord.

        Rainstorm, huh. We had one night of a LOT of rain but none since. Don’t float away.
        Thanks again.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Lelia! I never knew Jerry and I had a similar catch phrase. Speaking of Jerry, I hope he’s is feeling better and that you got some much needed rest. 🙂🙂🙂


  8. In this puzzle I got the answer of RING TRUE. But there are two other possible answers. Notice the silly grin on the seller’s face. That would tell me that what he was saying was not on the up and up. I.e., The story about the diamond and its setting didn’t GRIN TRUE. And also I note that the last word, GOLANL, anagrams to GALLON, but it also anagrams to LOGLAN, an artificial language. If you put this answer in, then we find out that the seller’s story did not earn him anything, and further, this episode occurred in the premillennium (before there were euros) in Italy. The story about the diamond and its setting didn’t TURN LIRE. I.e., make many liras.

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  9. Easy solve with both the jumble words & the solution once “true” popped up in the list of letters. I always enjoy the blogger’s explanation of the steps he took to figure out the answer. However, with all due respect, the rest of the discussion, obviously not that of the blogger, with the incredible bombardment of silly puns &/or play on words is totally unnecessary and, to be truthful, quite boring. Some may enjoy this exercise in not funny humor but, for me, I enjoy Jumble for the challenge it presents every day & one that I look forward to every morning to get my (retirement) day off to a good start.


    • Hi, Norskinut. There’s almost no censorship here in the forum unless the comment is hurtful or otherwise inappropriate. Sometimes I receive negative feedback about my posts but I don’t summarily delete them because you can’t please everyone all of the time. With that being said, everyone is encouraged to post their take on the puzzle so please feel free to scroll right past what you don’t care for. Enjoy your retirement and keep Jumbling!

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