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Happy Tuesday morning, everyone! If you’re an early riser and visited the site before the sun came up, you no doubt noticed that there’s a new section called the “Early Bird Edition”. It’s a no-frills post of just the clue word solutions and surprise answer. I’ll do my best to keep posting it Monday-Friday for those folks that get an early jump on the day. Now on to today’s commentary!

I have to give Mr. Hoyt a well deserved pat on the back this morning. His clue word choices were so thoughtfully chosen and cryptically jumbled that they were a real pane in the rear for me. We’ve seen them all before, but being stuck on both of the 5-letter words had me so frazzled that it threw me off my game. I’m not ashamed to admit that it took a few minutes before they came into view, although I tried to convince myself that I was just extra tired this morning to make myself feel better.

Moving along to the cartoon, I always attempt a blind solve first to see if I can guess the answer without the aid of the sentence and dialogue. The cartoon was just too confusing without the extra information and I failed to come up with a 4-3-5 phrase.

Starting over, I took my time absorbing all of the words while paying close attention to all of the details. We see an older man on a platform next to a giant tumbler filled with raffle tickets. The sign on the window says “WINDOW GIVEAWAY! DRAWING TODAY!”. As he notifies the crowd that the Joneses are the lucky winners, the couple in the front realize that today wasn’t their day to win and the woman shrugs her shoulders in a gesture indicative of a lack of caring about not winning.

With all of my newly discovered information, I had a pretty good idea what the answer was going to be so I wrote out the clue letters just to make sure. Crossing out the words one by one, everything fell neatly into place leaving a surprise answer befitting of Jeff’s well drawn panel.

Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

39 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/23/2018

  1. The ELDER piano TUNER had a LAWFUL claiim to the Steinway but there was a public CLAMOR to leave it at the university.
    I also had a long pause with TUNER– clould not get RETURN out of my head! Once that was solved the solution came quickly. Interesting and clever play on the phrase. “free and clear.” Which prompts me to ask: is this a pun or just word play?

    • Great question, Earl. My first guess is that it’s word play because they won it without strings attached. But I’m sure a case could be made for a pun with the raffle being the “free” part while “clear” refers to the window itself. I think word play is the stronger argument IMO.

      Also, great sentence that flows naturally. I really enjoyed it this morning. Have a great day!

      • Thanks Mike—appreciate the compliment and the answer to my question. I hope others will give some feedback on the word play or pun question. I know I am on thin ice with Angela when I say this, but puns are not my favourite things but I love word play.
        Still enjoy reading your posts Angela, even though sometimes I cannot stifle the groans of agony at some puns.

        • Hey Earl. It’s ok. The louder the groan means more sweeter the pun. No ice here. Have a good one. 🙋🏻

  2. 🎶Once I had a love and it was a gas…Soon turned out had a heart of GLASS…Seemed like the real thing, only to find..Mucho mistrust, love’s gone behind🎶

    🔳🔳 When thinking “Window Shopping” this isn’t ones first thought
    It’s funny though because you figure what else would be bought?
    Go shopping for some windows, it makes a lot of sense
    Or enter in a “GIVEAWAY” and handle the suspense…
    The ELDER guy here’s holding a drawing for your home
    And people are all CLAMORing to be the ones to own
    New windows for their houses, what money that would save
    It’s LAWFUL and it’s good PR this Giveaway he gave!
    Now TUNERs looking like the word that won’t fit in today
    I tried and tried but it looks like there’s no way to segue…
    So winning all new windows! We see the Joneses cheer
    They couldn’t be more thrilled to take them home…all FREE AND CLEAR! 🔳🔳

    Cute take today on “Window Shopping”. IMO. All new meaning? Double entendre? Just Dave being clever? Whatever, it works! Words greatly anagrammed! SASHaying over to our cartoon: Cute too! A WINDOW GIVEAWAY! Very Clever PR move. Surprised no one SAW through this sooner! You win the Windows…..FREE AND CLEAR…Good one! Could it be any more TRANSPARENT? Ok, eye candy…Not much POPPING OUT today…Make it a BYE candy? Hmm. Maybe not. I think I’ll go with the PANED looks on the faces of the three losers…It’s CLEAR they’re not FREE from disappointment…
    So, There you have it, Folks! Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And remember: It’s easy to get JAMMED up in life. But don’t ever let anyone FRAME you…Learn to SCREEN things…It’ll save you a lot of PANE! 🔳🙋🏻

  3. Morning, all –
    I’m sure, MIke, that there are many out there who will appreciate the early edition, though I prefer to start with yours and Angela’s wonderful posts. Jumble Answer recently began arriving again in my inbox after a long stay in junk mail.
    Today I struggled a bit over clamor and had to back into lawful.

    • Good Morning, Caroline! The early edition is only posted on the website — it doesn’t go out to the email subscribers. I hope it doesn’t ruin your day if it’s still up before one of us has a chance to post. There are so many EARLY morning visitors (and those abroad) that dislike having to wait. I hear them about having to wait and it’s my solution to partially appease them. Have a wonderful day! 🙂🙂🙂

  4. Good morning. I whizzed through the first three words and stumbled on lawful so I switched to the cartoon. Once I looked st the letters I had so far the answer was easy. With the three letters I needed I finally got the last word. Earl and Angela great job. After seeing yours I was going to lay off but,what the heck,why not throw a different slant. Hope it’s right.. Feel like a school kid and you guys are the teacher. The elder tuner under lawful rules made the engine roar as it passed the finish line first to the clamor of the crowd. Until tomorrow stay well. Thanks Mike on you input every day. I especially liked today’s answer. I think I’d put it as a pun.

    • We had almost the EXACT OPPOSITE solve today, Paul. Amazing.

      Don’t discredit yourself — your sentence was fantastic! It flowed wonderfully and you didn’t change the words at all which is always a pleasure.

      Take care, Paul, and enjoy your day. 😎👍🏻

    • Paul–love your sentence and the different use of TUNER, as in mechanic. I took piano lessons as a boy and I was constantly on my parents to call the tuner. The old upright needed tuning about every 6 months, hence that TUNER came to my mind first.
      You are welcome to tune up my sentences any time. 🎹 🎼 👍🏽

  5. I had an AWFULL time with LAWFUL. Finally sort of backed into it after solving the surprise answer. It was good to be challenged this morning!

    • Again, a complete opposite solving experience! Paul’s solve sounded like yours. The puzzles finally seem to be increasing in difficulty after so many easier ones earlier in the month.

      Have a great day, John. 😎👍🏻

    • John, I should have sent this to your profile picture ages ago:
      🎵”Say the WORD and you’ll be free
      Say the WORD and be like me
      Say the WORD I’m thinking of
      Have you heard the WORD is love?
      It’s so fine, it’s sunshine
      It’s the WORD, love

      Every where I go I hear it said
      In the good and bad books that I have read…
      In the beginning I misunderstood
      But now I’ve got it, the WORD is good.”🎵 🙋🏻‍♂️

      • Hi, Steve! I listened to this whole song, “The Word” by the Beatles all about the word being love, and I loved every word. Thanks for sharing. Of course, I recognized the excellent drumming of Ringo, but there was one beautiful instrument that I couldn’t name. Guitars can make a lot more different sounds than I know, so it could have been one.

        • Lelia, glad you liked it. I’ll have to listen for that instrument. I have a couple of great Youtube videos I’ve seen about Ringo’s drumming (and also Led Zepplin’s John Bonham.) l’ll try to send them along in the next day or so (along with the flu shot story 😂).

  6. Had a challenge this morning with all of the words except lawful. I actually figured out the cartoon answer first and worked backwards again finally getting those pesky five letter words which often trip me up. Happy Tuesday everyone.

  7. Hi, all! Well, if I have been wishing for more of a challenge with the Jumble, I got my wish today with about a 5-minute solve. My brain kept thinking of words that have similar but different letters such as “neuter” for TUNER and “waffle” for LAWFUL.

    Mike, I loved your wanting to blame your solve on being extra tired this morning because I thought that exact same thing.

    I glanced at some weather reports, and going from Phoenix to Oakland to NH, it was cold, colder, coldest. We also have wind today.

    Earl, I took piano lessons and the words “The Elder piano Tuner had to finish the Steinway before the concert,” popped into my head but unlike you with your wonderful sentence, I didn’t know what to do with Lawful or Clamor. Great job!!

    Paul, I enjoyed your sentence, too. Glad I didn’t work at completing one because of how well the two of you did. Enjoy your day!

    • It was the truth that I was really tired this morning. The school called just before 5am to let us know that school was delayed because the roads were so covered with ice (and it’s still horrible by the way). I get up at 5:45 and just figured I’d stay up. Doing the puzzle, I looked at every word while scratching my head. Like I mentioned, LAWFUL was the only one visible so David did an excellent job.

      Have a great day, Lelia! 🙂🙂🙂

      • Hi, Mike! Then we really were both in the same boat this morning because you had a tiring, unexpectedly early, busy morning, and I was tired because of Jerry unexpectedly coming down with the flu on Friday and a case of severe Diverticulitis pain yesterday, both of which kept us awake in the night with his coughing and suffering with pain.
        A 5 a.m. call from the school! Wow! I wish you safety in having to drive on the icy roads!

        • I’m so sorry to hear that Jerry wasn’t feeling well. My wife stayed home for two days with a small cold. We feared that it might have been the start of the horrific flu bug that is all over the news, but thank goodness it went away.

          All my best to Jerry for a quick recovery. He’s so lucky to have such a caring woman by his side. 😊

      • Mike, I’m happy your wife didn’t have the flu, glad she’s well, thanks for your kind words to me about caring for Jerry, and congrats to your wife for having you. I think all 4 of us are lucky to have each other!!!!

  8. Hi all – I got everything except CLAMOR – had to get the letters first to work it out. My home state is determined to haunt me forever, I tell you! Just before seeing LAWFUL, it crossed my mind that there was also a kind of a milkshake called an “Awful-Awful.” When I googled it, the FIRST link that came up said “Awful Awful – Rhode Island Local Food Guide.” Ever heard of it Mike? I’ve never actually had one.


    Angela – (you knew I *had* to go here, right?)
    🎵”Once had love and it was a gas
    [album version] Soon turned out to be a PANE….🎵

    Mike, I felt the PANE in your glass in your intro.
    As far as the new post, remember, the early bird catches the worm — but it’s the early worm that gets caught. I’ll continue to sleep in.

    Have a great day!

    • Grasshopper: I knew you’d go 🎶Somewhere…🎶, because I dedicated the intro to you and our Blondie, but I didn’t think you’d change it up. You know I try to stay as close as possible to the purity, without dirtying it up. Don’t dirty your pizza, don’t dirty your scotch, don’t dirty your music. (Of course if one is forced to stray,,,we BMH) Amen. Thought you’d enjoyed it…
      You and I “did” the “Awful Awful” thing when we did the “Chocolate” syrup mix. The drink went over very well, they ordered it 2 more times…We haven’t gotten Awful yet tho….But there’s still time, right? Talk to you later. Bud 🍫🙋🏻

  9. Steve if you like instrumental music then you have to google “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”. It’s done by the Charlie Daniels Band or by Roy Clark and Buck Trent. Plus Dueling Banjos by the same guys or Glen Campbell and Carl Jackson. That’s serious playing. Try guitar boogie shuffle or rebel rouser just to name a few. Out of the top 30 guitar players Jimi Hendrix was number one. Chuck Berry was in the first fifteen.

    • Paul, I have heard “Devil went down..”, and thanks for reminding me of the others. All great stuff, eh? Off the top of my head, how about “Green Onions” by Booker T. and the M.G.’s, “Walk Don’t Run” and “Telstar” by the Ventures, “Rebel Rouser” by Duane Eddy, and “Rumble” by Link Wray, “The Lonely Bull”, “Penetration” and “Pipeline”, then maybe not in the same class, “Tequila” and “Wipe Out” 😂 This could go on all night. Fun topic to think about!

      • Steve Green Onions,Walk Dont Run,Rebel Rouser,Pipeline, Tequela and Wipe Out Part 1 and 2 I have. Lonely Bull and Ramble I didn’t remember until I played them. Great music and I agree you can go on and on.

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