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Good Morning, Everyone!          🏌 TEE For FLEW? 🏌

🎶The problem is all in your backswing, it’s plain to see, you’ll hit the ball much further if you’ll swing more easily. If you will let me show you, I can help you break ninety…You’ll find that GOLF is Such an Easy Game. You gotta putt like Jack, charge like Arnie, swing it smooth just like Ernie. Be like Ben and dig your game out of range…Be Dalyesque and crush that driver, concentrate just like Tiger…You’ll find that GOLF is Such an Easy Game…🎶

⛳️🏌I’d say maybe the last five years in the New York confines
Walking in certain areas, you look out for “land mines”…
An influx of these geese has hit and and it’s TOXIC to me
Since you could fill a BUSHEL with the “things” that you may see…
They travel in formation, in a V, not in a U
(I’ve used that line so that I could get rid of the FONDUE)
From parks to cemeteries, the golf course and the beach
You walk precariously because the geese are right in reach…
They’re never in a HURRY, making you the one to tarry
I’m wondering if this can be a problem too for Harry?
It’s he and Paul who speak of golf, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard…
One truly loves the game…but to the other? FOR THE BIRDS! 🏌⛳️

If you were in a HURRY to FLY through today’s words, BUSHEL may have made you see Blue, instead of GREEN. Did you MISREAD that one? Did you CHOKE? Sure, we’ve seen today’s words beFORE, PUTT the letter SETUPs seem all new. And the SCRAMBLEing? DEAD on. They could have STEERed us in the wrong direction, but with a little fancy FOOTWORK, we got AWAY. Ok, let’s get a GRIP, get into the GROOVE, and BOGEY on down over to our puzzle…We find ourselves on a GOLF COURSE, perhaps in NASSAU, NY. Have you ever been? Nice area, although a little OUT-OF-BOUNDS of the city LINE. We see two GOLFERS, HOOK MULLIGAN (who OPEN FACEd, resembles Dave..Hmm a MATCH)? PLAYing with a SENIOR, IRON BYRON. They’re having trouble PLAYING THROUGH, because a gaggle of Geese has WEDGED its way onto the GREEN. Yes, Geese. Not EAGLES or TURKEYS, Folks, these BIRDIES are Geese! And here they are, walking UP AND DOWN, WAGGLEing their feathers, and just making things practically UNPLAYABLE. Take a look at HOOK’s  TOE. The Goose is almost giving him a SCRATCH…GOLFERs surely don’t need this…It’s really ROUGH. It could definitely DRIVE you crazy! Where’d they all come from? Were they RELEASEd from a wildlife preserve, or did they just POP-UP out of nowhere? Anyway, HOOK is saying…”GIMME a BREAK”, while IRON BOUNCEs BACK with..”I can’t see the HOLE, how’m I ‘gonna SWING“? (OK, so I inFRINGEd a little…)! The question asks…PUTT was it? It was…”FOR THE BIRDS“! DRIVE this one home! We got a ZINGER! Good job, Guys. MAJOR kudos, I DIVOT a 10! Ok, enough CUTting up…I was getting CARRYed aSWAY there…I’m ready for the eye CADDIE….I can see a HOLE on the BACK NINE, but it’s FLAGging in my opinion. There’s some sort of structure off to the right, but I’m STYMIEd…Is it the CLUB HOUSE, a DORMIE HOUSE, or just a SWEET SPOT Jeff decided to DRAW? TBT, it’d be a BARE (faced) LIE if I said I knew. I’m going to go with the eyes of the Goose in the FOREfront. Set up there in his SKULL? He’s loving the HOLE thing…FAT CHANCE he didn’t plan this SIT in! So, There you have it Folks, Done! GOOD? GOOD!
Have a great day, Everyone! I think I’m ready for a cup of TEE and HALF a donut. Or maybe just the HOLE IN ONE. And today?…May the FORES be with you! 🏌🙋🏻




55 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/18/2018

  1. Started out like a genius on the first 2 then hit a hazard.. Almost FOWLED out but dropped an albatross for the win! Well done Hostess, love the early posts.

    • Good Morning, Harry. LOL…FOWLED and ALBATROSS! A MIXED DOUBLE! And you know you’re smart, Harry..no HANDICAP there…HAZARD? You weren’t TRAPPED, you PULLed through and BROKE EVEN. PUTT, only loving the early post? You’re not gonna GIMME a MEDAL PLAY for giving you a JAB in my poem? PUTTs a girl gotta do? This isn’t the FAIR WAY, is it? 😉 Thanks, Hoosier. Have a good day! 🏌🙋🏻

    • Good Morning, GOOSE! Oh, typo…Good morning, Moose!
      EAGLE eye! Good ones! This wasn’t a piece of cake, it was a DEAD give AWAY! Put it DOWN in no time, right? Me really GOOSEta! (I’m trying Spanish here)! Still freezing, Big Guy…I need a DOWN comforter! Hope you gave a great day! 🏌🙋🏻

  2. Jumble picked a good day for this puzzle. I was going to go to a meeting of the Richmond Audubon Society tonight, but they canceled it because the church it was going to be held in closed for the day because the local grammar and high schools closed for the day. I think this policy of closing schools upon witnessing a single snowflake is strictly FOR THE BIRDS!

    • Good Morning, Jim . LOL…I’m guessing you’re in Virginia? I suppose they feel it better to err on the side of caution. Better safe than sorry, right? I have friends in Midlothian. Beautiful city, as is Richmond. Once years ago, in February, driving through the South coming back to NY, it was snowing. And I have to say, peoples reactions to it were a lot different than what we feel here! Glad you got to enjoy the puzzle, if not your meeting! Have a great day…Stay dry! 😉🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Nice work Angela. I have no problem with golf,I watch it from afoul. I’ve never went duck hunting but maybe they need a geese round up. Did you know that they have killed thousands of Canadian geese at the airports. The good news is they donate the meat to homeless shelters. Today’s puzzle was almost a slam dunk. The last word had me pause so I looked at the carton and with two three and one four letter word, it was simple. Of course it didn’t hurt seeing the geese all over the course. Until tomorrow stay well.

      • I got this for ya, Paul..,”The vast majority of English speaking people call the goose that is large and has a black head—Branta canadensis—a Canadian Goose. However, its original name was a CANADA Goose. Remember, the official name for any bird is its Latin name. So the “real” name for this creature is Branta canadensis…” Tomato, Tomahto…English speaking…Brooklyn speaking….😉🙋🏻

      • The term Canadian Goose is a colloquialism and does not denote a majority. Although your trivia knowledge far exceeds mine you are not correct on this one.

        • Harry. Yes, it’s a colloquialism, hence my mentioning Brooklyn…where Paul and I were both raised. Nothing trivial about it. And you know I can stand corrected with the best of them. You are correct…But despite my quoting from a language website, this is levity here, Harry! No harm, no FOWL! It’s Jim that’s the member of the Audubon Society, not Paul and I…..Sorry if I ruffled your FEATHERS! I offer you a DOVE as a gesture of peace….FAIR? WAY ok? 🕊🙋🏻

      • Stand corrected. I always thought if you were born in Canada,you were Canadian. My bad!! Never too old to learn.

    • Brooklyn, no matter how bad a day I could be having, you come along and brighten my spirits! Afowl! Yea, ok…I’ve gone duck hunting, but not geese hunting. I’ve gone deer hunting for that matter, DOE I wasn’t the best shot in the FLOCK. But then again, we were all from Brooklyn, soooo.😉 Paul, the airports? They had to. Birds were a HAZARD! Flying into the planes, and COURSEing a lot of problems. What about along the Belt Parkway? Have you seen them while DRIVING? Tons of them. And I go out to St Charles Cemetery on Long Island a lot…talk about Tip Toeing thru the Tulips? Land mines, trust me! Really OUT of control! Anyway, glad you saw the GEESE…Stands to reason you WOOD get it then! A regular EAGLE eye, you too! Have a great day, Brooklyn, and thanks for the shout out! 🏌🙋🏻

  4. Sitting on over-turned BUSHEL baskets and enjoying FONDUE, the eco-tourists were in no HURRY to cross the stream befouled with TOXIC waste from the nearby factory.
    FONDUE slowed me down and I had the solution and the needed letters before it finally came to me. Enjoyed everyone else’s comments and since I have seen the havoc too many geese can wreak, I avoided using their toxic droppings in my sentence.
    Have a great weekend everyone.

    • Good Morning, Earl. And thanks so much for doing us the favor by leaving it out! Mind boggling, right? If you don’t stare down at the ground the whole time….💩! 😵 I didn’t CHOKE on the Fondue, but I did walk gingerly around it!
      Great sentence, of COURSE! Weekend? It’s only Thursday, no? Have a great day, Earl! 🏌🙋🏻

      • TGIT— thought I would get an early start for the weekend which is supposed to be MILD, being old I sometimes forget what day it is, thanks for elbow jab.

        • Earl, No jab intended. The way I sleep, I’m notorious for constantly saying..”What day is this”? My friend had a pillow made up for me that reads…”Look at a damn calendar”! Please…Like that’s gonna stop me! 😂 And old? Pshaw! You’re seasoned, Earl.
          Have a great Thursday, Sir! 🙋🏻

  5. I have never heard of a Brooklyn Goose. Must be something that happens on an elevator! I know a guy that caught a very large Muskie in Canada. Fairly certain it was “born” in Canada but he never referred to it as a Canadian Muskie. We have tens of thousands of Canada Geese “born” in Indiana each Spring. Just a thought.

    • What’s the matter, did l ruffle your feathers. I accepted today’s learning lesson. It should have been “my bag” not “my bad” But then again I didn’t go to an ivory league college.

      • Paul. It’s my fault. It’s me Harry’s ranking on, not you. Your GOOSE is good….it’s mine that’s COOKED! 🙋🏻

    • Ok, Harry. Here’s the deal. I want to say I don’t give a FLOCK, but I started this, so now I have to clean up the GOOSE s–t. I never said Brooklyn Goose. I was being a tad self-deprecating, and making a joke about the way we’re perceived to speak in Brooklyn. Rephrase…Trying to make a joke. There’s no goosing in elevators here, because despite what the media projects, Brooklyn men are gentlemen. These Hollywood portrayals are all fake news. The Canadian Muskie is a very clever pun…but I don’t know if you’re DOGGING me or not…I feel like a FISH out of water. Actually, I’m not sure what’s happening here. All I know is I mentioned your name in my poem, being the resident Golfer, and then it just got all FOWLed up. And before I attempt to STROKE anyone’s ego in the future, I better hit myself over the head with a CLUB. So, let’s just let this one FLY, ok? What’s good for the GOOSE obviously isn’t good for the GANDER! Again, there’s that DOVE…Peace OUT! 🕊🙋🏻

  6. Hi, all! Gracious, today was our 4th Monday (meaning quick to solve) puzzle this week. Even calling BUSHEL “bluesh” at first and having to solve all clue words before seeing the boxes for the cartoon answer because of having to use Seattle while waiting for Jerry to bring our paper in, I still solved in about a minute.

    Speaking of our paper, it has gone up to $50 per month. Wondering how that compares to some of the rest of you. We still think it’s worth that because of the Jumble, news, sports, weather, Sunday funnies, local TV guide included, coupons, etc.

    If you HURRY and cook a FONDUE for me to eat while listening to you play some TOXIC guitar, I will love you a BUSHEL and a peck. (Steve, what is toxic guitar?)

    Hope all of you enjoy your day because of or in spite of your weather!

    • Hi Lelia. I pay $25 a month, with all the same inclusions. Also many informative supplemental booklets throughout the year. Best doctors, senior health guides, children’s activities, etc. And I thought everything here in NY was so expensive! ..I love “A bushel and a peck…” I’ve sung it to the Littles for years. And now that that noted insurance company has made it part of their home remodeling commercials…they’re singing and enjoying it too! I guess Doris Day’s voice is easier on their ears!!! Have a great day! 🏌🙋🏻

    • LeliA Ann,you did it again. Had me laughing with your sentence. It was good. Here in Brooklyn,to have it delivered, the next time l subscribe which is in March will cost me $63. That was the last quote that l got.

    • LELIA, My paper went through several increases to $40.00 per month, plus an extra $1.50 at Thanksgiving and Christmas edition so I called them and told them I was retired on a fixed income and the whole thing is out of my price range so cancel it. I now pay $10.00 a month! Don’t blink first!

    • Lelia, I don’t know what toxic giutar is, but at least we know that a BUSHEL is FOUR PECKS now, right? 😉

      I left you a note on IOW.

    • THE WHOLE YEAR??? Paul, really? OMG! I’m getting creamed here, huh? I’m topping off at $300! And here I thought you were getting hosed….Wow, that’s fantastic! 🙋🏻

      • I’m serious. That was the last statement that I got. I paid less last year. The past three years it went up roughly $5 each time. Call them up. That’s seven days.

        • You paid less last year? I tell you Paul I’m stunned. It’s such a big difference. It can’t be a borough thing, can it? That would be discrimination. It’s totally wild. I have to ask my cousins that are still in Brooklyn, but I don’t think they get deliveries. I think I will call the News. But I can’t today. I lost my voice from screaming like a banshee at the Ranger game Tuesday night.
          (Some people here are praising God)……😂🙋🏻

    • Marie, In Brooklyn? Well Paul’s not doing too bad…But me, I’m being taken to the cleaners! I do see the offers in the paper once in a while…But they swear to you it’s for “new” subscribers only…My Uncle hooked up with it, but once the “grace” period ended, they wanted to raise him considerably, so he cancelled it…I can’t believe it…I must be buying their ink!! 🙄🙋🏻

    • Wow. If it isn’t my wife’s best friend who chimed in !! You still pay more than me. This is my friend that I converse with everyday on the puzzle and mentioned once in awhile. She finally got the nerve to post. Haha. That Italian blood finally shined.

      • Aha, The infamous “friend” we’ve all heard so much about! Nice to finally meet you, Marie! You know Paul speaks so highly of you! But then, he’s such a gentleman, one would expect nothing less. I’m glad you decided to join us, and you made Paul a happy man! And Italian, you say? It can’t get any better than this, huh Paul? So tell me, Marie. Has this $6 a month been ongoing? I need to have my information straight for when my voice returns…😂🙋🏻

  7. So Paul and Marie. If I got this straight, .Paul’s going to be “raised” to $5 and change, and Marie you’re paying $6.? Do I need to move back to Brooklyn? Something’s way wrong on this side of the Bridge…I love the paper, but talk about “fake” News! I
    I’m getting my feathers PLUCKED!!!! 😱

  8. Hi all – More challenging words today. Putting IC at the end gave the exotIC TOXIC, but to keep me honest, the UN trick didn’t work for FONDUE, and that third word – the SH trick didn’t work and, funny, it didn’t look BLUESH, or like it was wearing BLUSHE – made me feel like a real SHLUBE until it saw it.

    We know from experience that when you’re walking around in a field full of geese, putting or seeing the hole is the very *least* of your worries. The Canada geese around here have wised up and realized that migrating is for the birds, and there’s no reason to leave, especially with multiple supermarkets and fast food restaurants within half a mile of a wildlife and bird sanctuary on Lake Merritt (yes, we are proudly a bird sanctuary city.)

    “Oh Happy Day” to you folks, and RIP to Oakland’s own Edwin Hawkins.

    (For the “but who’s counting?” crowd 😂 – SF Chronicle = $60/month, East Bay Times (formerly Oakland Tribune) = $28/month.)

    • Grasshopper. We may be the only two getting FLOCKed with these newspaper prices! Brooklyn’s been ” berry, berry, good” to its readers. (Name that one…you win a free subscription.)!!! Shlube? Like Myslob? Is there a pattern here?
      Oh you too have Canada geese? We have Canadian….
      Ditto..RIP Ed Hawkins. Tip of the cap. 🙋🏻

        • LOL…I was going back to the original that started it all…Sammy Sosa. But the Garrett Morris is acceptable. You get 1/2 a subscription…😂😂🙋🏻

      • For the record, my wife calls them Canadian geese, but 1] English is her second language 😂 2) She has lived in Canada, and 3) I am a wise husband and keep my mouth shut. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • ROTFL….Grasshopper…For the record…Go on line…Look it up. Key word: “majority” of English speaking…Anyway, I’m not opening this can of WORMS again. Paul and I are quite content with our terminology., be it “right” or wrong…We’ve made PEACE with it…😂🙋🏻

        • Grasshopper: “Keep you EYES on de ball…” For the $900. And the “inspiration to us all….”
          And to Pete Rose.”Baseball been berry berry good to Pete Rose… 3.2 million dolla Pete Rose. Thank you berry, berry much”. “In National Hockey League…I don’t know hockey….And thank you, Hane”. ROTFL…😂😂
          I’m reinstating the full subscription prize. Life imitated art vs Garrett could imitate anybody…
          You remember I never watched the show…But, which paper were we talking here? The $720 or the $300 and change? And am I responsible for out of state surcharges….???? 😂🙋🏻
          My throat hurts when I laugh…😂😷

      • By the way. I just got back from the park and took a picture of at least 50-75 eh-geese. They just landed l believe,from Canada. It’s a shame I don’t know how to send it in this Tex. It was so cold for them that they were huddled together waddling around to keep warm.

        • Where Paul, Marine Park? You think they just landed? Do you think they speak English yet? So many questions…My friends got off the Belt from Brooklyn a while ago…they said they’re all over. The numbers are staggering. I don’t think you can send a pic from your phone to here. I’m going to tell Mike to send you my cell number. If it’s ok with you, would you send it to my phone? 🙋🏻

        • Paul. None of my cousins in Brookyn get deliveries. They all read the News, but they just pick it up. I am going to call though, because I don’t know how they can justify such a huge difference in pricing. I had no idea! 🙋🏻

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