Jumble Answers for 12/21/2017








Good Morning, Everyone!       🐨 Why DO We KOALA Them Bears? 🐨

🎶Oh, I love you, I still care..All my affection’s there. I will walk with you to the end of the passage…My little KOALA type bear. Little KOALA type bear, I can see you sitting there. With your silent smile..I won’t talk to you for a couple of minutes…My little KOALA type bear, little KOALA type bear…🎶

🐨🐨 A couple on vacation just relaxing in the sun
Koalas spend a lot of time asleep, not on the run.
One wonders what they’re resting from, since all they really do
Is sleep 3/4 of the day..or do they Bill and Coo?
A person living life like this, quite INEPT would they be
But how good does a few days off sound now to you and me?
What IMPACT would it have on us, to just relax our bods…
I know that I’d be KNELT thanking the sleep-inducing Gods.
But we are not Koala bears, so dreaming does no good
And anyway a real good dream? Asleep, right? Understood.
I’m left with one word once again, NOTARY needs a rhyme…
But I need sleep, so I’m just giving you “KOALA-TY” TIME! 🐨🐨

Today’s words are nothing new, but NOTARY may have had us UP a TREE, and given one the desire to SIGN OFF  on this puzzle! But you know that’s not APPROVED by us…so just jot it DOWN UNDER Impact, and we’ll move on…
Our cartoon: KOALAS, on vacation. Dave, EU-CA-LYP-TUS all you want, but that word Marsupial? We knew! Yet I’ll admit, I’d BEARly looked at Jeff’s cartoon, and I said it! KoalaBear“…🎶AUSSIE can you see…🎶 Ahem..Ok. The cartoon. The couple lounging in the sun, eating leaves and having a cocktail. I’m not BAMBOOzled into thinking it’s water, because they don’t drink water…Let’s just hope those drinks don’t make them POUCHy! And I’m a little emBEARassed  to mention this, but would you believe that Koalas have an extremely high rate of STDs? That Bill and Coo I mentioned earlier? Making a whole lot of sense right about now, huh? Just sayin’. Any…way!! We see them relaxing, and the dialogue is a hoot! “Take a nap”..! That’s all they do..Sleep! 16-18 hours a day! They could KOALAfy for one of those sleep studies, right? Ok, ok..So, our question? “Together to get some”? “KOALA-TY” TIME! Cute pun…almost as cute as these little Koalas! Ok, eye candy. I like the polka dot bikini. I like the little draw-string on the swimming trunks. I like the little umbrellas in the drinks…I absolutely love the Bamboo table! But I’m TILTING towards Jeff’s signature sailboat in the background. It always BUOYS my spirits!
So, There you have it, Folks, Done!
Have a great day, Everyone! Christmas is almost here…Good time to get in touch with old friends…Why not KOALA someone you miss today! 🐨 🙋🏻

** After writing this up this morning, news came through about the car attack in Melbourne, Australia. My heart 💔 goes out to our Aussie readers, and to all those affected by one more senseless tragedy. Prayers for Australia. Prayers for Peace.