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Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday! All of the clue words were instantly visible this morning and didn’t cause me any hesitation whatsoever. I’ll venture a guess and say that ENVOY was the trickiest clue word of the bunch. Yesterday’s choice was also a 5-letter word as were many of my picks for last week. David seems to be challenging us a bit more with them which is a refreshing change.

Speaking of change, the website that I rely upon for doing the puzzle didn’t change their website and they posted the wrong Jumble. I subscribe to my local newspaper so it was no big deal.

Looking at today’s cartoon, Jeff transports us to a comedy show where we see a performer on stage. There were no visual clues that I noticed for a blind solve so I read the dialogue and sentence. It was an instant solve after seeing a few of the words (married, getting serious, always been there, nice) which left me some time to investigate the performer.

Since NASHVILLE and the letters ANI were clearly visible on a sign behind the act, a quick web search brought me to ZANIES comedy club of Nashville. Looking at upcoming performances, Nate Bargatze (www.natebargatze.com) is the comedian we see a caricature of in today’s Jumble and he’s scheduled to appear there on December 12th. He also has a comedy special on Netflix that I’ll have to check out this weekend.

Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 🙂

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  1. 🎶Make ’em LAUGH, make ’em LAUGH…Don’t you know ev’ry one wants to LAUGH? …And you could charm the critics and have nothing to eat..Just slip on a banana peel, the world’s at your feet…Make ’em LAUGH, make ’em LAUGH…Make ’em LAUGH…🎶

    🎀🎀 Comedy’s a funny thing, no pun intended here
    On a QUEST to get some laughter, a comic will appear
    Before a crowd of people, most coming there to judge
    They try their best to please the crowd…but sometimes they don’t budge..
    Once on a quiet AUTUMN night, we thought we would attend
    A fundraiser for Breast Cancer, like ENVOYs we would send
    We PLEDGEd to make donations, the cause one we applaud
    The comics put on quite a show, I think they really scored.
    It’s not an easy living, but so many still do try…
    They get on stage and hope they’ll hear…Yep, he’s a “STAND UP GUY”🎀🎀

    COMEDY, today’s theme…ENVOY today’s first word. How often have you used that word? Myself? Uh, today! Next party you attend, try working THAT into the idle cocktail chatter…Now that’s a LAUGH! Our other words, easy, breezy. Ok, our cartoon. A COMEDY show, at Zanies Comedy Night Club, in Nashville, TN. (Ah, Nashville…)! Most likely, the five faces we can see are people Jeff is “Jumbling”. Featuring people he knows. I know the performer is Nate Bargatze, a comic who’s known to be a really nice guy. TV, clubs, you may have seen him. The joke about being married four years is from his “Marriage is Like a Mosh Pit” routine. And, he’ll be performing in Nashville next week. (Ah, Nashville)! A supporter of Breast Cancer research, as you can see by the woman’s tee shirt. You know, I want so badly to say this may be Tig Notaro. I’ve seen her perform, she’s a gem! Great comedian, breast cancer survivor. But except for the hair, it doesn’t look like her….And there’s a good chance that the man in the audience is comedian Jim Gaffigan, although the woman with him is NOT his wife. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!…Just sayin’. The others? Maybe Mike may know, maybe Jeff may tell us…I got nothin’! A NY phrase. Like “STAND UP GUY”! Cute pun, Dave. Old NY phrase. We use it all the time! (Although, maybe not about comedians)!…Anyway, today’s solution is one of those I call a gift. Between the dialogue and Jeff’s perfect portrayals, it just falls right into your lap! So, eye candy today? No LAUGHing matter…It has to be the Pink Ribbon. 🎀 So, there you have it, Folks! Done!
    Have and great day, Everyone! And always leave ’em laughing! 🎀🙋🏻

  2. Good morning, Mike. Nothing FUNNY about AUTUMN. No problem with other CW’s, and solution. Have a great day.

  3. In the AUTUMN of his life the diplomatic ENVOY took a PLEDGE to complete his QUEST to secure peace in his homeland.
    Ah, a Tuesday Jumble with no pen or paper needed—made my day in spite of the incessant rain up here this morning.
    i enjoyed Mike and Angela’s posts and thanks for informing me of details in the cartoon I would have otherwise missed.

  4. Good morning. Mike your small details was most interesting and you were spot on about envoy being the hardest of all the words. It was my last word to get which took an extra few minutes to get. The cartoon answer was a blank at first so I put it down and came back to it after I poured myself a second cup of coffee. Listened to some news and then went back to it and bam!!!! It appeared as if by magic. The magician from the jumble the other day has nothing over me. Now it’s time to read Angela’s short story. Just having fun. Until tomorrow stay well

  5. Today’s cartoon has several guest appearances. Of course, Nate Bargatze is the star. Off stage is my friend, comedian, poker player and cancer survivor, Lissa Sears. In the audience are Nate’s, parents, Carol and Stephen Bargatze. David and I have been friends with Stephen for some time. He is a friend of Mac King and a hilarious magician who has been in the Jumble himself before. Stephen’s business partner is a huge Jumble fan, so Stephen asked me for a week’s worth of answers so he could look over his partner’s shoulder and rattle off all the answers instantly for a week. Funny stuff!

  6. Paused at envoy but had already figured out the cartoon answer so didn’t have to spend too much time on it. Wow, Mike, you always amaze me with your analysis. I never would have figured out that there was an actual comedy competition taking place in Nashville. Thanks for enlightening me. Have a good day all.

    • You’re most welcome, Betty! With the puzzle being so easy, I had more than enough time to dig up some dirt. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. 😊😊😊

  7. Blind solve and only a brief pause on AUTUMN (couldn’t get past TUNA!)

    Been busy with a Welsh Terrier that we adopted, so haven’t checked in for a few days. Though he is mature, he had developed some bad habits that need correcting. Almost like getting a puppy!

    • Just like the NY Giants. They need the Big Tuna to come back and coach.
      Good luck with your new buddy. Don’t let him chew up the paper; we won’t take that for an excuse (“the dog ate my Jumble.”) You’ll have to start reading the comic strip “Red and Rover” for tips!

  8. Hi all – “Been married for four wonderful years — and four out of 20 ain’t bad!” (Henny Youngman?)
    No problem with the words or answer.
    It was only after I found this blog that I learned to look closely at the picture and appreciate all the detail and hidden items. Thanks!

    Have a great day. (My newspaper’s forecast for New Hampshire says “Ice.” Yikes!)

  9. Hi, all! I agree with everyone, Mike, that your today’s sleuthing was impressive and taught us things that were good to know. Thanks for your time & effort!!

    QUEST & PLEDGE easy. I had to self-jumble AUTUMN 7 times, then solve the cartoon, and last job was backing into ENVOY so I agree with Caroline.

    Fun cartoon puzzle and enjoyable explanation by Jeff. I love stand-up comedy.

    Once when I had a family dinner planned and knew we’d watch Wheel of Fortune together after eating, I called my dad & told him to write down all the answers. I called to get the answers from him before our later airing of the show began.

    Happy Tuesday, and I hope something makes you smile or laugh!

    • Hi, Lelia! I did something similar, but it was with Jeopardy. My parents recorded it and were watching it later in the evening but I watched it live and “miraculously” knew all of the answers. Of course I got a few wrong to keep my shenanigans in check and they were astounded! It was hilarious! Your story truly made me smile. Talk to you tomorrow! 🙂

      • Hi, Mike! Thank you for telling me your Jeopardy story that made me smile and for telling me that my Wheel of Fortune story made you smile. Whole lot a’ smilin’ goin’ on!!

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