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Good Monday morning my friends and welcome back to another week of Jumble fun! All of the clue words were immediately visible and a piece of cake to solve. I didn’t expect much of a challenge anyway seeing as it is a Monday puzzle. I’d pick ELUDE as the most difficult anagram just for the fact that it has 3-vowels while the other words only have 1.

Turning my attention to the cartoon, the first thing I noticed was that the classroom looked really dark. Reading the dialogue and sentence, we learn that a storm has caused a loss of electricity to the school and the teacher is informing his class that the school day will be cut short. The children are very excited to hear the news and all of them have huge smiles on their faces. Even though the teacher is drawn in such a way that he is projecting authority and calmness over the situation, I think deep down he’s just as excited to get out of work early!

I really enjoy the cartoons that Mr. Knurek draws that use shadowing. Very rarely does he use this technique, so when he does it’s always a special treat. Looking at the panel online, the contrast between the light and dark isn’t as “soft” as it is in the newspaper. If you have a printed version of the cartoon, I think you’d agree that it just looks better.

The final solve only took a few seconds to figure out. I saw LIGHT immediately and all that was left was was filling in the E’s and D’s. I hope you have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Good morning, Mike. ENLIGHTENING! And I totally agree, the printed version is excellently contrasted. Good pick up on the vowels. Have a great day, Bud! 🔦🙋🏻

  2. 🎶Come on baby, LIGHT my fire…Come on baby, LIGHT my fire..
    Try to set the night on fire…yeah…🎶

    🔦🔦A power failure may seem like fun to kids who are in school
    But nothing’s funny losing power as a general rule.
    One never realizes how dependent we’ve become
    On lights so BRIGHT and all devices that we need to run.
    The thought sometimes ELUDEs us, for granted do we take
    The power that we use each day, the comfort that we make
    We heat our homes, we cook our food, we need to be on-line
    (The words DERBY and FILTHY aren’t working out so fine….)
    I’m in the dark, the words don’t gel, and I am feeling slighted…
    Unlike these kids, today I’m really so far from “DE-LIGHTED”! 🔦🔦

    Ironically, last night at a Garth Brooks concert in NJ, the POWER went out…And everyone held up their Smart Phones, and LIT up the place. But if the POWER failure had lasted for hours, and the phone BATTERIES died, and couldn’t be CHARGEd, now that would have SPARKed some interest, RIGHT? OHM Just Sayin’. Anyway, today’s words didn’t ELUDE me, I’m POSITIVE we’ve seen them before, maybe with an ALTERNATE spelling. Easy, breezy, solved with no RESISTANCE. Ok, let’s SWITCH over to our cartoon…Another classroom setting…Do I detect a PATTERN here? WIRE we seeing so many classrooms? I mean, I’m not SHOCKED, but WATT exactly is going on? Anyway, this seems to be a middle school, with a teacher, whose face is ILLUMINATED, and four students. The cartoon is DARKened, and AMPly shaded, since the POWER’s gone out. Nicely done, Jeff, you’ve CIRCUITly done a good job with this. But, I’m looking at the PANEL and wondering if I may have an unFARADvantage here. There’s a proFUSE amount of electricians in my family, and you wouldn’t believe the jokes! Some of them are reVOLTing! They’d never WORK here! I’d get so much STATIC! I need to put them OUT of my mind, and not allow them to OVERRIDE my CAPACITANCE to think clearly…. Ok, FOCUS. So, the teacher is telling the class that school will be dismissed early due to the CURRENT situation. And I sense he’s CHARGED up about the idea. Obviously, he’s not getting any RESISTANCE from the kids! No reCOILing here! The students are thrilled…In fact, they’re “DE-LIGHTED”! ZAP! PULL THE PLUG on this one, we’re done! Great pun, Dave, enLIGHTening! Ok, eye candy. Kind of tough, because we’re pretty much IN THE DARK. The only LIGHT FLOWing is from the two Smart Phones, and the students eyeballs! OHM not sure there’s anything I can RELAYte to, so we’ll have to BYPASS the eye candy today…
    So, there you have it, Folks! Done!
    Have a GRATE day, Everyone! It’s Monday, a JOULE of a day! CONTACT an old friend, CATCH up on old times…And laugh till it HERTZ! 🔦🙋🏻

  3. WATT !!!!!!! No School. ELUDE took a moment, other CW’s, and solution O.K. Have a great day.

  4. The Duchess, riding in the County DERBY, attempted a jump that left her BRIGHT new jodhpurs FILTHY, and she avoided the finish line in order to ELUDE the stares of her staff.
    Clue words were easy and the solution was reached without the need for pen or paper. A nice touch for Monday and a great way to start the day,
    .I”ll bow to your family’s expertise with electricity Angela—that whole realm of power scares me and leaves the hair on my arms standing up straight.
    Enjoy the sunshine and warm temps here in the northeast, things are about to change!❄️ 💨 ☃

    • Good morning, Earl. Trust me, it’s solely their expertise! Like you, I’m not WIRED that way either! Like the bit of “Anglophile” you’ve incorporated into your sentence today. Nice SWITCH! But sunshine? It’s so foggy here we can hardly see! But I did get to view the Super Moon at 3:45, and it was spectacular! Did you see it? Enjoy the day! 🔦🙋🏻

  5. Elude was not easy at all for me but I was able to back in. Mike, sometimes when you describe Jeff’s drawings in detail, it makes me wonder if you are an artist, too.

  6. Good morning. The words came as easy as 3,4,1 followed by a long pause to derby. A second look still had me so I went to the cartoon and after writing down the letters the second part “lighted”was right there. Knowing the two letters I needed it became apparent what the second word was. For me it was almost a normal Monday puzzle. Great intro Mike. Was hoping you had a picture like the other day to see the difference. Until tomorrow stay well

  7. Hi all – When TH didn’t work, I suspected GHT, which led to BRIGHT and also helped with the answer. Then the first word ELUDEd me for a bit longer.
    “Up top” as an interjection of delight? That’s a new one on me. (It’s probably only been around since 1988 or so.)

    Angela, 🎵”You know that it would be untrue,
    You know that I would be a liar, if I was (sic) to say to you,
    Girl we couldn’t get much higher”🎵
    If Ed Sullivan tries to censor you from the blog, you know I got your back.

    I love “joule of a day”, as it is here. The hummingbirds have decided to DYNE at the feeder outside my window all morning, and I’ll be out all afternon.

    A beautiful day to you all.

    • Coincidentally, the lights also went out during a Warriors’ practice recently, but they said you could still hear the shots swishing even if you couldn’t see them. Who needs vision when you know the basket hasn’t moved anyway?

    • LOL..Steve, I doubt we have to worry about Ed. He’s definitely been shown the DOOR! And thanks, I thought JOULE was Gem too! Hope your day don’t go to SEED! Bye, Bye, Birdie! 🔦🙋🏻

  8. Hi, all! Didn’t know the cartoon answer immediately as usual, so started on the words.

    After the first 3 words quickly gave me “ed,” “de,” and “igt,” I had it. Done!
    I liked the word BRIGHT with today’s cartoon; made me smile, but “filthy?” Yuck!

    Today I was DELIGHTED to learn about a holiday tradition that’s new to me. I went to McDonald’s for more greasy food to help me gain weight, but at the Pay Window the girl said the people in the car ahead of me had paid my bill because they “always pay for the person behind us [sic] during the Holidays.” What a BRIGHT idea! Of course I paid for the car behind me. What fun!!

    What I do on a regular basis is watch for people standing close to me buying groceries or fast food with cash and don’t have quite enough money. I hand it over quickly & quietly.

    Enjoy your Monday! May your day be BRIGHT and Merry!

    • Hi Lelia – My suggestion that the math teacher yesterday should have used “1234” wasn’t far off at all. From Wikipedia:
      “Feist performed an alternate version of “1234” on Sesame Street during its 39th season (2008), teaching children to count to the number four. She said working with the Muppets was a career highlight.”
      See you later.

      • I’ve heard of people doing that at toll booths where the costs are fixed, but (playing Devil’s Advocate here), how could you know the amount of the bill for the person behind you? Or did you just guess and leave an amount that seemed like it would be enough?

      • Hi, Steve! I had no idea there were two messages from you to me. I thought I checked several times today, but I just came on and here are 3 for me. Wow!
        I am posting an answer to Mike first because I spent quite a bit of time today preparing a post to you about 1234, a Coyote ice-hockey update, more about the Ditto machine, and the story of the “pay it forward” which I called “pay it backward” with more details just for you even though I didn’t know you would ask later, but I am not finished with my post to you and it is time for me to go buy more Kentucky fried chicken to try to gain my weight back. I know that you would say for me to get the chicken and post to you when I can, so that’s what I’ll do. It will be a long post so I’ll put it on IOW tomorrow. Thanks!!!

    • Hi, Lelia! This often happens during the holidays at our Starbucks. It’s called a “pay it forward” chain, and sometimes you pay a little more or less, but you leave with a feeling of doing good for someone else.

      Also I’d like to thank you for the very detailed and thoughtful message that you sent my way yesterday. I’ve read it several times already and I’ve also shared it with my wife. It’s not too often that I receive a HUGE compliment for my posts, so it was very nice to read, especially during the Christmas season. Thank you for making my day! 😊😊😊😊😊

      • Hi, Mike! Wow! Your comments to me are like another early Christmas present. You are quite welcome for what I said about your post and your parenting skills.

        Thank you right back for complimenting my holiday message to you. I think your Winter Wonderland site puts me in the Christmas spirit, and I have always thought that you and I sound like a “mutual admiration society” when we speak to each other. You deserve every compliment.

        Peace, love, and joy to you and your precious, young family!!!

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