Jumble Answers for 12/03/2017










Good Morning, Everyone!         0️⃣ NAUGHTy NAUGHTy! 0️⃣

🎶NOTHIN‘ from NOTHIN‘ leaves nothin’…You gotta have somethin’ if you want to be with me…I’m not tryin’ to be your hero, ‘Cause that ZERO is too cold for me, Brrr…I’m not tryin’ to be your highness…’Cause that minus is too low to see, yeah…🎶

0️⃣0️⃣  The cutest thing to me it seems is listening to kids
The logic they portray at times can tickle any rib
You watch their faces as they think, they’re FIESTY and they’re cute
Uncertainty may show on one, and then they follow suit…
You try to teach them lots of things, their small minds not OFFEND
The sponges that these young minds are, knowledge has no end.
I learned to read when I was three, Dick Tracy was my passion
I now find it IRONIC, that I use comics for lessons.
You know which kids are ready, it’s not that hard to tell
With word ORIGINs you make up games and then they start to spell.
Some kids may first seem GRUMPY with things they cannot see
But patience and a grain of salt, you take it HOURLY.
So seeing this here teacher tackling basic digit math
The “GOOD FOR NOTHING” ZERO sometimes gets stuck on the path
They need to know its value, despite it being naught…
I did the words with our kids, the math in school was taught! 0️⃣0️⃣

Words and NUMBERS. Makes the world go round…And today’s words have been around before. The only slight tic was at Origin. Show of hands, who saw Groin? Let me COUNT…I think we were set up! And how Ironic that two words today have 2 I’s, an O, an N and an R?  Just sayin’. Different. FIRST and SIXTH, my eyes were  darting back and forth. And word # 5? R U HOLY? Well it is Sunday, right? How cute is that? Really great anagrams today, Dave! We can always COUNT on you to deliver!  Ok, on to our cartoon. Another classroom setting, we seem to be ATTENDING a lot of these lately. Jeff shows us a teacher, with 5 littles. I’m figuring it’s a Pre-School group. How cute is Jeff’s dialogue, with the little girl saying, “Your thumb is not a finger”? I know I didn’t know that at her age. But today’s kids seem to know so much, so young. The thumb is a digit. Digit get it? Being set lower on our hands, it consists of one joint, and two phalanges. Whereas the other four fingers, have two joints and three phalanges. And the thumb is opposable to the other fingers. As some of you may be “opposable” to this conversation! Sorry, what can I say? This is a Math cartoon, right? Ok, ok, enough. Let’s get on with the dialogue. The little boy asking “How many fingers is zero”? And how cute is that? So we’re shown the teacher stating that you can’t COUNT ZERO. And that the poor little ZERO has no value…it’s GOOD FOR NOTHING! Great pun, Dave! ADD another one to the winners list! Easy solve, but great job, Jumble Guys! Ok, eye candy. Our teacher, a blonde…dressed in purple? Uh, no. But, the little boy farthest left? He’s wearing a blue shirt, with the cutest pic of Thomas the Tank Engine on it! That’s my candy!
So, there you have it Folks! Done!
Have a great day, Everyone! And to whoever invented ZERO? Thanks for Nothing! 0️⃣ 🙋🏻


27 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/03/2017

    • Good morning, Moose! GOOD for a Sunday! Scrambled perfectly.
      And, It WAS easy. I don’t need to ask… ARYABHATA? 😂 😂
      I knew it’d be either you or Earl that I’d get to use that one on…Lucky you!
      Go ahead, groan…It’s worth it! Have a great day, Big Guy! 0️⃣🙋🏻


    • Thank you. It’s not too bad here. Sunny and 45 on Staten Island… Going into the 50’s. Can’t complain for December, right? Enjoy your day!
      PS: Jints at 4:30. (This should be good…) 🙋🏻


  1. Morning, all – I couldn’t get origin and ironic without the answer and some jumbling on paper. Nothing was the first word I found in the answer. Angela, I did think of that word & loved your last line.

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    • Good morning, Caroline. Thank you very much. You have me smiling!
      I find it so interesting; both words spelt almost exactly alike, and yet the pronounciations miles apart. I love all the little quirky things about words.
      And that word’s ok, we all have them! I can attest! Between yoga and baseball, I’ve had 4 groin pulls over the years! (I remember the first time asking the Dr if he was sure! 😉 He shakes his head at me a lot)! This morning, I asked my 3 friends…”What word do you see”? It was unanimous! Have a great day, Caroline! 0️⃣🙋🏻


      • It seems like a common injury in sports, though I haven’t heard it mentioned with women athletes before. Another song that came to mind 🎵I got plenty o’ nuttin and nuttin’s plenty for me.🎵

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      • LOL…Bingo! There you have it! I’m obviously NOT an athlete! 😂
        According to my Dr anyway! 😂 You can’t imagine the lectures! 😂
        🎶Porgy and Bess🎶!! Great choice! I have the soundtrack…Kudos! 👏🏻🙋🏻


  2. It was IRONIC that the old professor grew less GRUMPY and FEISTY and appreciated HOURLY visits from those who tried to OFFEND him when his research into the ORIGIN of the universe was first promulgated.
    Clue words were easier than the solution for me. ALL those letters and I failed to see the “nothing” for some time. Eventually got it but struggled.
    Sorry, Angela, you lost me with your comment to Moose. Guess I’m dense this morning. Or it’s the fact that I know nothing about yoga.

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    • YOGA a hold on me here! Good morning, Earl. I’ll apologize to both of you. I was stretching the pun. My friend just told me that I was really COUNTING on anyone thinking wayyyyyy outside the box, like I sometimes do. (Those weren’t his exactv words, but I’m sparing myself here)! 😂 ARYABHATA was supposedly the first mathematician to invent ZERO. So, I was going for the puzzle being easy, not making anyone “stressed”. So I didn’t have to ask…”Are ya batty”? Mea culpa…😂😂 I did say it was a groaner…
      Love your sentence..Promulgate? 👏🏻👏🏻
      Like I tried with my pun??? Have a great day, Earl? 0️⃣🙋🏻


  3. Thanks for the clarification or rather elucidation. As I’ve said before, I am severely challenged in the mathematics field and freely admit it. Have a sunny Sunday–and no irony there.🌝 🌞
    Super moon tonight if the skies are clear.🌝

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    • Or rather additional confusion! I do apologize! You know Math’s not one of my favorites, but I hold my own! I just remembered ARYABHATA because it was used one night in one of our Luigi Board sessions! Maybe you had to be there! 😂
      Heard on the news that here in NYC, the ideal time to view the Super moon will be at 3:45 AM Monday! Now who’s possibly awake at that unGodly hour? 😂😂
      Enoy your day, Earl! 0️⃣🙋🏻


  4. Good morning. Enjoyed today’s puzzle. The cartoon answer for me was especially cute. Reminded me of that song where the guy says ” absolutely nothing “. Right now I have a senior moment and can’t come up with the rest. I was stuck for awhile on both the 1st and last words. I had iconic stuck in my brain and took forever to get “ironic”. Once I wrote down the letters the cartoon came pretty easy. Good job Angela and Earl. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  5. Good morning, Paul. Thank you very much.
    Do you mean the song 🎶War🎶, where the artist comes in with..🎶War..huh,yea…what is it good for?….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING🎶! over and over again? Great anti-Vietnam Nam war song. The Temps and a solo artist recorded it. Starr or something. Not sure who did it first. Iconic was close! And you know once something’s stuck in your head…Curtains! 😂 Glad you enjoyed it!
    Have a great day, my Friend! 0️⃣🙋🏻


  6. Ironic & Origin were the two words that I got stuck on initially but did figure them out. Nothing was the first word I got of the cartoon puzzle and the rest fell into place easily. Happy Sunday everyone.


  7. Hi all – I-yi-I-I-I, the I’s have it today. ORIGIN took the longest, followed by IRONIC. The answer – “Days are numbered?” No, the clue says “it’s”, not “its”. Had to write the letters, saw NOTHING, then the answer. Zero is VERY good for nothing; saves us from Roman Numerals.

    Angela, the teacher should get FEIST-y and use the song “1-2-3-4” in her math lesson. (Saw Billy Preston do “Nothing…” on George Harrison’s solo tour. Audience loved it, especially compared to poor George who had laryngitis and could barely sing.) Believe it or not, I did *not* see the forbidden word today. Must have been too early.

    Lelia, nice of you to make an appearance in the cartoon today! Hope I didn’t OFFEND you or make you GRUMPY with my unHOLY post yesterday. I left a quick note about 8-tracks on IOW.


    • Hi, Steve! I just read your post. Yup! There I am teaching math again, which I loved to teach. Some days when I finished teaching the math lesson on the overhead projector or at the board, my third graders would clap. Sweet memories!

      To reiterate what I told you 2 days ago right here in comments: Hi, Steve! Carte blanche, remember. I enjoy all of your quick, witty, musical, clever, entertaining, funny, educational comments.

      Off to IOW to read about 8-tracks.


  8. Hi, all! Solved the cartoon answer quickly but rather than solve all the words, I took a quick drive and brought home eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, pancakes, & biscuit for me (still trying to gain weight) and breakfast burritos for Jerry.

    I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments today and think you covered the subject of clue-word solving very well.

    Hope your Dec. 3, is merry as can be, and has zero problems & zilch snafus.


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