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Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday!  And just like that, Halloween and October are gone for the year and the official “holiday season” is now upon us.  It’s time to stow away all of the spooky decorations and decor, and plan and prepare for Thanksgiving and the other big holiday that’s only 54 short days away.  If you’re feeling especially festive, Christmas music begins at 12pm/EST on Sirius satellite radio channel 4.  I’m sure I’ll ask Alexa to tune in at some point later today.  🙂

This mornings puzzle was a piece of cake with only a short pause on CONCUR.  It’s my pick for the most difficult word with MINUS being a close second.  

Moving on to the cartoon, the giant “20 Acres For Sale” sign was what caught my eye first.  Reading the dialogue and sentence gave me the answer instantly with no need for help from the clue letters.  The letter layout was well jumbled and very cryptic.  In case you were wondering, the design on the man’s hat and name tag was a little “sprout” of some sort.  Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!


28 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/01/2017

  1. 🌲First thing that I thought of was what I learned in school
    I remembered the old line, “40 Acres and a Mule…”
    Yes I know that it says 20, let’s just MINUS, It was jest…
    This puzzle involves word play, let’s not make it a math test!
    So, two people are competing and they’re trying to CONCUR
    The gentleman comes out and makes a nice offer to her.
    But another phrase enters my mind, the one about the GOOSE
    And the Gander…See what happens when Ogden Nash’s been ones muse?
    My mind is always DREAMY with puns and phrase and rhyme
    It’s a constant Jumble-Aya of word play all the time!
    Oh yes, back to the puzzle, and what is it we’ve found…?
    They split the cost, became partners, and that’s their COMMON GROUND!🌲

    Friends, HOEmans, BOUNTYmen, lend me your ears! (See what I mean)? Nice CROP of words today, Dave, didn’t RAISE any problems. Our cartoon: Jeff’s showing us a plot of land for sale, and a man and a woman DIGGING in over the purchase. With the same need, the man PLANTS a SEED in the woman’s mind, suggesting they stop ROWing over the land and join forces. Become partners…find some “COMMON GROUND”! Da-Da! We’ve hit pay DIRT! Easy, TREESy, and very clever! Once again, the Jumble Guys have PRODUCEd a winner! So, the eye candy. Nice skyline, I like her gloves. The man has a tiny PLANT logo on his hat and shirt. Other than that, the FRAMEs pretty BARREN. I’m going to fall back on an old favorite. Actually an old THORN in my side…By now, you may know what it STEMS from…Not only is the blonde woman wearing a purple shirt, her visor’s purple too! I’ve tried, but I just can’t PHOTOSYMPATHIZE with this much longer! So, there you have it, Folks! Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And never stop beLEAFing in yourself! 🌲🌿🙋🏻

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  2. Good morning. Went. To 6:30 mass and am now on bus trip to A/C with church group Will read everybody when I get back. The puzzle and cartoon answer was a snap. The only word that I found hard was concur. In fact I solved it by knowning the letters by getting the cartoon. Until tomorrow stay well

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  3. The editor wanted the author of the children’s book to CONCUR with the decision to include the illustrations of the DREAMY GOOSE, MINUS the gaudy purple tutu.

    Easy solves today as everyone has stated. Another subtle hint at “Just Getting Along”—first bi-partisan and now common ground. Way to go Jumble Men. Great posts from Jumble Master and Angela which helped brighten up an otherwise gloomy day, weather-wise and NYC news-wise.
    Stay strong everyone.

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  4. Hi, all! Great post, Mike, with your lovely peaceful picture, closing Halloween, and looking forward to the fun that’s coming. Last year I LOVED hearing about your Thanksgiving preparations.
    Have you received the sunrays yet?
    Who is Alexa?

    Fast solve of a really nice cartoon with its message of cooperation.

    The word CONCUR makes me think of the movie Catch Me If You Can when the star was pretending to be a doctor, needed to make a decision about a patient’s care, had no idea what to do, asked one of the real doctors what he would do, and then said “I concur” before making himself scarce.

    Steve, hope your wife’s trip to the dentist was uneventful.


    • Hi Lelia – Yes, thanks for asking. She does have to go back, but nothing serious. I told her that I would be treating her like a Queen, since I’ll be paying to replace a CROWN.

      I’ll leave you a quick note on IOW.


  5. Hi all – Beautiful banner picture up top here today! DREAMY was my hardest word. Mike, do you think Marty would con-CUR? I hope he and you tolerated his special treat well. Observances before Thanksgiving, though – Happy Day of the Dead – a pretty big deal around here with the sugar skulls, etc. And All Saint’s Day today, and All Souls Day tomorrow.

    I saw a man with a hat just like the cartoon’s at the DMV on Monday, but, this being Northern California, the leaf was *very* recognizable.

    Oh, that picture gives me the chills, though. I just don’t think their differences will remain buried in the plot for long.

    Random thoughts:

    On getting my morning coffee —
    “Despite what some stores said,
    My Peet’s cups have turned red.
    The Christmas creep’s begun to seep.
    I guess Thanksgiving’s dead.”

    All that Halloween stuff, and here I forgot to ask whether you had heard the OLD joke about the teacher in Brooklyn who asked her student to use “bewitches” in a sentence, and he replied “Yuz guys go down the corner and I’ll bewitches in a minute.”

    Earl – my paper has a quote overheard from a British man in a restaurant – “Australia got the convicts. America got the Puritans.”

    It’s official; the grocery store is hipper than I am. Today’s “inappropriately beautiful music” was U2’s “One Love”, which I had to reconfirm when I got home. So beautiful, there could almost have been crying at Safeway.

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  6. Got the 1st 3 words AND the answer with no problem but DREAMY really had me stumped. I had to come here to, ahem, do some research. 😊
    Love that the answers are at the beginning of this space.
    I have no idea what all the rest of this is and feel like I’m intruding on a private party. 😐

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  7. Denny, you are not intruding on anything. I have used your name in about 3 or 4 of my comments, saying that my solve was just like Denny’s. Your “ahem, do some research” is a clever way to put it and made me smile. Making each other smile is the goal of members of this friendly forum. You are welcome here anytime. The Welcome Mat for Denny is officially in place.


    • Good morning, Lelia! I use both Alexa and Siri, and I’m glad you were able to figure out who they were. I’m blessed to have quite a few intelligent women in my life who are much smarter than I am! 😮

      I was happy to hear that Jerry’s party was a smashing success! I trust everyone had a wonderful time with the man they love so much. Thanks for all of the wonderful details and being kind enough to share them with us.

      I’ve already started planning my Thanksgiving meal and I’ll share some tips and a peek at the menu very soon.

      Lastly, the sunshine did arrive but you forgot to send the warmth along with it! I broke down and started the pellet stove which brought the house up to 74 degrees from a chilly 64. ☺️

      Have a wonderful day and talk soon!


  8. Today’s puzzle was easy peasy but I’m not complaining- I sense a doozy coming on soon.😊
    Thank You, Steve in Oakland, Jumbleanswer, and Lelia Ann Ohlund for your warm words. I may need your collective shoulders to whine on soon!

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