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  1. 🎶Hey Venus, Oh, Venus – Venus if you will, please send a little girl for me to thrill, A girl who wants my kisses and my arms, A girl with all the charms of you..ou..ou…Oh, make my wish come true…🎶

    🔭🔭 A Dutch GROUP made the first one, years later it came here…
    And those who made a telescope found themselves new careers.
    Then PICKY men with doubts galore, all went there to see
    The clusters set up in the sky, make shapes like a MONKEY.
    “I see a Bear, made out of stars, I think I see a Horse…
    I’ll take two of these myself”, one says with no remorse.
    Imaginations varied, MUSSELS were seen by one,
    And so the star gazing phenom was said to have begun.
    But looking out that window there’s two houses very near…
    I hope that guy did not become the very first voyeur! 🔭🔭

    Today’s words weren’t a challenge, maybe MUSSEL carried some weight. GAZING at our cartoon, we see a GROUP of men, in awe over the new TELESCOPE. It’s said that Galileo was the first one to point a telescope UPWARD, and one of the men looking out the window is saying, “Point it there”, while pointing upward. Hmm. Exactly what’s UP here? Are we in America? Are we in Europe? It’s all UP in the AIR to me! Did Jeff PLANET to be confusing, or am I just off PATH here? SIRRIUSly, I’m having HUBBLE trying to FOCUS on this! Is it NEWTON, perhaps? I can’t FIGure this out! Anyway, business is booming, it’s..”LOOKING UP”! MERCURY, MERCURY, ME! Great pun! Ok, I’m going for the eye candy. I like the price tag on the floor model. I like the little bow in the owners hair. I like the detailed lace collars. But you know what’s really OUT OF THIS WORLD? The guy by the window? Where are his legs? Is he sitting on the sill? What on EARTH…?
    So, there you have it, Folks! Done!

    Have a great day, Everyone! Enjoy your SATURNday! 🔭 🙋🏻

    • Well done Angela. The SKIES the limit today. Piece of cake. Chilly in the Great Northeast.

      • Hey Moose. Sorry you had some trouble. You know I’d never ignore the MOOSE CALL!… I think we may have an ANTLERoper invading the site..Strange happenings! Glad you’re back…
        You’re MOOSIC to my ears! 😘🙋🏻

    • Somehow muscle came to mind,but mussel did not.I could see up was the second word for the puzzle so the u had to be the second letter,so mussel finally clicked in.

      • Hi Chuck. I think unless you eat Mussels, it’s far from an everyday word. So happens, I just made them last night! Glad you stuck with it! Have a great day! 🔭🙋🏻

        • ROTFL! You’re a sick puppy, Steve! I SHELL remember what you said!
          PS: And, my mussels in hot sauce can make a grown man cry! 🙋🏻

    • Angela, thank you! I always thought it was Galileo who invented the telescope and you were confusing it with Van Leeuwenhoek’s microscope (or using poetic license to fit your post), but you are absolutely correct! I learned a new science fact and my wife’s car passed its smog test – a good day so far!

      • Hey Steve, I thought I had told you that we had to move the Pumpkin Patch Hunt to today from tomorrow because we’re predicted to have a Nor’easter. I know I told somebody! Thank you, Jesus, the 70 some odd Jack be Littles are out of my house, along with all the baked goodies we had stacked up for the kids. And like I said the other day, the parents all came for the Boos! I’m getting out of costume and grateful the Lous are helping with the aftermath! And we also have to remove all the outdoor decorations because the weather reports are threatening heavy winds. Maybe we’ll leave all that for the morning. Once again, The Fairy GOURDmother has survived another round of:
        “Pick the Pumpkins” from my yard, as many as you choose,
        Parents: all’s set up inside..You’re welcome to my BOOS”! 🎃🙋🏻

        As for your doubting me…I’ll address that shortly..!! 😉

    • PS – What’s up? VENUS rose at 6,03 AM PDT. The Morning Star with sunlight in its hair. Thanks for the Frankie Avalon memory.

  2. Good morning. Quoting from another. “Easy Breezy”. No problem with either the puzzle or cartoon. I answered Earl on yesterday’s blog this morning because I still didn’t get today’s again but I do not see it posted. Wanted to say thanks for correcting me, and the history lesson with English to boot. I got out the dictionary for pedantic. Forgot that fact about Clinton. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hi Paul. Good morning. Since the comment was made y’day, your reply also goes to y’day’s page. If you check there, you’ll see it. Be well. 🔭🙋🏻

  3. Hi, all! With 3 people looking up, the answer was immediate, and the PICKY MONKEY of the GROUP who did not want to eat a MUSSEL was a fast solve, also.

    A friend once told me that he liked to look up & point straight up for no reason and watch other people look up.

    Hi, Steve! Garfield & Jon, ordering soup for lunch, are told by waitress that the new cook graduated from The Institute of Advanced Bachelor Cuisine. Their soup arrives in opened cans with the ragged edged lids sticking up still attached and a straw in each can. Too funny!

    “Clean house” day for me because after inviting family to “Celebrate Jerry” day tomorrow, I also invited some friends & neighbors, especially the boy next door who put our garbage thingie out every week for 3 months.

    • Hi Lelia – Very funny. One of Jon and Garfield’s Rules for Bachelors is “never look up!” When you do, you see the cobwebs on the ceiling.

      There was a comic just yesterday showing three dinosaur skeletons all pointing up at the sky, and the scientist says “Well, I guess that confirms the asteroid theory!”

      Here’s a good story on Marleau’s return to SJ next Monday and what it means to him to be Canadian:


      • Hi, Steve! Thank you for the extremely informative and poignant Marleau article. I learned that he is Canadian through & through, that playing for the Maple Leafs is the dream of every young Canadian ice hockey player, and that the game is woven into Canada’s fabric. Wow!

        A comic this week showed a mother yelling at her son to remove the huge spider he had hung from the ceiling above the dining table. He calmly walked over & pointed to a real spider on their ceiling that she had not removed. Funny!

        Your dinosaur skeletons pointing at the sky, confirming the asteroid theory, made me smile and reminded me of our 3rd grade science lesson about the different theories concerning the demise of the dinos.

        • Hi Lelia – the Marleau article also led me to discover that almost all of his home Province of Saskatchewan does not observe Daylight Saving Time, just like Arizona!

  4. Hey Mike. Sorry I wasn’t here. Thanks for the save. Although I must admit, seeing one’s name in print so many times, is not the worst thing that can happen! Of all days for me to be out GHOULing around! 🎃🙋🏻

    Second time I’m trying this…..

  5. In the Japanese Snow MONKEY GROUP, the females are very PICKY when selecting which MUSSEL shells to collect and break open.

    Easy solve for me this early AM—words and solution. Getting access to this blog was impossible until after 3 PM. Almost gave up and I’ll now stop any further complaining.

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