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Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday!  All of the clue words were quickly solved at first glance with no hesitation whatsoever.  I’ll choose TRICKY as the most difficult anagram to decipher in honor of the solution to the cartoon puzzle which I’ll get to in just a moment.  Jeff transported us back to the lock and key store (the name of which escapes me this morning) where a brief team meeting is taking place.  By reading the dialogue we discover that that the locksmith is unveiling a new uniform which is turning out to be a tough sell to the other employees.  Will these new pants be his key to success?  We also see that everyone is already wearing a shirt with a key on it.  I noticed that the locksmith has his key on the right side of his shirt while the other two are wearing theirs on the left. Even though the letter layout was cryptic, I assumed that PANTS would be part of the solution.  With six letters left, KEY was a quick find leaving KHA to be found for the finish.  A brilliant pun and a funny cartoon make this Wednesday puzzle a “KEY-PER”!!!  Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow!  🙂

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  1. 🔑🔑 Early morning off to work, and having not to choose
    What matches what, a dress, some pants…and what about the shoes?
    A uniform would solve all that, you’d dress without a care
    The time you’d save not worrying about what you would wear.
    But looking at the pants shown here, the statements very bold
    Locksmith or not, it’s quite a stretch..and then it’s all in gold!
    The boss seems thrilled, the workers you can see they have some doubts…
    Especially the woman, she’s like…”What’s this all about…?
    The shirts not bad, I could do that, but pants so full of keys?
    A keyhole for a belt buckle…, Uh help me out here, please…
    Go out like this in public, in this outfit leave my door…?
    It’s never gonna happen, not with this fashion faux pas”!
    I think I have the answer tho, to help allay her fear
    Throw on some jeans and change the pants as soon as she gets there…
    The young guy though might have it worse as far as I foresee…
    Poor kid, he’s shocked…He’s never even heard of…What? Khaki? 🔑🔑

    So, WEAR do we go from here? In my opinion, today, David has pulled out all the stops! Or should I say PULLED ON all the stops? This has got to be one of the best puns one TWILL ever hear! Truly a KEYper! Jeff’s cartoon? He’s adDRESSed it perfectly! The eye candy? Without a doubt, the KEY HOLE belt buckle…I simply aDOOR it!
    Have a great day, Everyone! Hope you find your KEY to happiness! 🔑🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Happy Monday to all. Oh wait it’s Wednesday!!The puzzle was so easy I got confused about the day of the week. All kidding aside,it was easy on both ends of the puzzle. I get the feeling the author is easing me into answers with quotation marks to build up my confidence. Have a great day and stay well.

  3. The nurse was able to INJECT the yellow fever vaccine, often a TRICKY procedure, with little difficulty APART from a SHAKY hand afterward.

    No problems with words or solution–great pun this AM! Great cartoon and yet another J word and I am beginning to get the hang of them! Angela, I’ll make some comments later–off to get the vehicle inspected and then to DMV for registration renewal–got to love NY.

      • I wrote a long reply after reading your poem but I deleted it, deciding that it wasn’t what this blog is all about. I’ll give you a very condensed version: Something about people not being concerned with the way they look/dress when they go out in pubic .I ended it by referring to the way men dressed when they went to baseball games in the 40s and 50s. Your poem certainly made me think and it took me far away from the realm of today’s cartoon. You have a talent which I hope you use in many, many ways.

        • Hi Earl. LOL. I wrote a poem too, after reading your sentence! Being “under the weather” and indoors gives me wayyyyy too much time on my hands! 😉 I know where you’re coming from tho. Where years ago, almost everyone to a man (or a woman) took pride in how they looked, especially in public, today things are very different. And you’re so right about the baseball games. Men wore suits and ties! I have pictures of my Father at Ebbets Field, dressed “to the nines”! (Actually, IMO, he was always a “10”, but I digress)! 😉 Maybe for sports events that’s a little (?) too extreme for today, but I get your drift.
          And thank you sincerely for your compliment. I always consider the source! 😉🙋🏻
          Oh, here’s your little poem….Have a great day, Kind Sir. 🙋🏻

          Your sentence was a TRICKY one, it’s subject not much fun
          INJECTions make some people quake, they can’t wait til it’s done
          Imagine if the SHAKY hand was there right from the start…?
          The quakers and the fearless?…You’d never tell APART!

  4. The Tricky robbery fell Apart because of a Shaky suspect who did Inject himself with a drug becoming overdosed leading to his downfall.

  5. Good morning, Paul. First you conquer the quotation marks, and now you’re becoming the sentence extraordinaire! Good work! I replied to you last night, I hope you saw it. I laughed because it’s not that you’re a doubting Thomas..As Mets fans we kind of became conditioned! 😂 🙋🏻

    • You really got me laughing out loud. You are spot on. As a Mets fan we become conditioned to failure. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Even Frank Thomas and Big Pappi are thrilled for him along with the other guys. A Rod is the best at critiquing the game. If you hadn’t heard his talk a month or so ago with Pete Rose (who I dislike) you should watch it. It was fantastic. The both of them really break down the game.

      • Hey Paul. Just the way I laughed when I read your “Doubting Thomas” line! It’s true, right? We have “Wait’ll next year” etched on our foreheads! We know heartache, with a side order of disappointment! I made novenas, and just gave up figuring God must be a Yankee fan! LOL…Big Papi LOVES Judge. And what’s not to love? The kid’s as humble as they come. Notice how all the announcers bend over backwards trying to get him to praise himself? He don’t bite. And Papi’s right when he said that despite the slump and the media circus that followed it, Judge never showed any anger or disrespect towards anyone, or the game. You’re right, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
        A Rod is too funny! Last night with that ring of his! And as I said before, his hands are flying all over the place! Tie them back and the man would be mute! He’s too much! I think there’s some Italian blood flowing thru that guy! LOL…All I kept thinking last night watching the post game was how I’d love to sit with these guys! The excitement and enjoyment were contagious!
        I haven’t seen ARod’s talk with Rose, I’m going to look for it.
        Here’s to the Winners, Paul. It may not be our first choice, but we’re rooting for NY! 🍷🙋🏻

      • PAUL: A Rod to Big Papi: “You sound like a hedge fund manager”!!!! ROTFL!
        Enjoy the game! ⚾️🙋🏻

    • Good morning, Dave. Good one, since those pants sure are dorky! Have a great day! 🔑🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – Same here, I could see KEY and PANTS, but had to write the letters to see the joke they were getting at.
    The blonde’s shirt is white online, but the Chronicle came through and colored it the traditional dazzling and beautiful purple.

    Lelia – The other day when you jokingly asked whether you should fill in OBJECT as a thing or OBJECT as a disagreement, you provided an OBJECT LESSON that there can be even more meanings.
    Here’s a comic about laser eye surgery, which I think should be titled “What you imagine it’s going to be like.”


    I’m off to do battle (online) with my cable company soon – see you later.
    Oldie (aren’t they all?) but goodie:
    🎵”Fear is the LOCK, and laughter the KEY to your heart.”🎵

  7. Hi, all! Mike, you did a terrific job including so many cartoon details in your post.

    The clue words were not TRICKY or make me SHAKY today APART from the word INJECT, which I thought was injected into our list today to inject a little difficulty into our Wednesday puzzle, but I was the only one who found it difficult.

    I got KHA-KEY PANTS right away, but I would also call them TAC-KEY PANTS (tacky) agreeing with Angela that they wouldn’t be the best choice to wear in public.

    Steve, there you are again as a young one asking if they are available in jeans, unless you changed to jeans after retirement. Jerry has worn jeans since we met so I sang:

    The man that I marry will have to be as big & as strong as my Jerry.
    The man I call my own will wear LEVIS and T-shirts and Old Spice cologne.
    His shoes will be polished and in his hair he’ll wear lots of Brill Cream & I’ll be there.
    No more flittin’, I’ll be sittin’ next to him and I’ll purr like a kitten.
    The man that I marry, a man who can carry me.

    Steve, your laser eye surgery cartoon is exactly what I would expect after the doctors we have put up with lately!!!
    Good luck with your cable company.

    • Lelia, I wore blue jeans at work for 20 years until a new dress code forced me to switch to BLACK jeans for the remainng 17. But what is this “hair” of which you speak?

      • Steve, when I changed Irving Berlin’s “The Girl That I Marry” to “man that I marry” and sang it, that was before we were married when he had lots of hair & actually used Brill Cream.

        “Brylcreem, a little dab’ll do ya’, Brycreem, you’ll look so debonair. Brylcreem, the girls will all pursue ya’, they’ll love to get their fingers in your hair.”

        Now our hair is as I’ve said before: We used to wear our hair side-parted but now we wear it departed, a lot of it gone bye-bye.

    • LOL..Lelia, Our posts crossed in the mail! TBT, I think they’d be worse worn in private!
      Hope you’re both doing well. Have a great day! 🔑🙋🏻

    • Leila–love your sentence, wish I had thought of using the clue words in a response to the Jumble today.
      And your song? I’ll be humming that ditty all night long. Pure genius.

      • Hi, Earl! Thank you so much for complimenting my sentence. I needed that after feeling like the ignoramus of the day being the only one stumped by a word.

        Double thanks for including my inclusion of a song with such generous compliments coming from our highly esteemed Sentence Master!

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