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Good Tuesday morning everyone!  All of the clue words were old favorites, with PARDON being the only word to give me some hesitation.  Moving on to the cartoon, we see a woman painting a picture of a flying pig with a farmer type gentleman admiring her work.  The inspiration for her painting can be seen fast asleep in the pigsty with the faintest smile on its face.  Did she dress the pig in wings or does the farmer truly have an oddity on his hands?  Either way the solution was a very quick solve of only 7 letters.  Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

29 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/17/2017

  1. A GLAZE of confusion passed over the prisoner’s face when told he had to AWAIT a PARDON to be freed from the MEDIUM security jail.

    I too paused when confronted with PARDON. Not sure why some words come instantly and others are sticklers—-perhaps the way the letters are scrambled?? The solution to the puzzle was a no-brainer with many clues being given in the cartoon and a relatively short word. Haven’t read any other comments and have to rush off to several appointments this AM, so later~~~~~~~~

    • Earl, I just realized that I didn’t give you a kudos for your sentence this morning. Your imagination certainly runs the gamut! Hope all the appts went well. 🙋🏻

  2. 🎶”Don’t go BACON my heart, I couldn’t if I FRIED…Honey, if I get restless, BABEy you’re not that kind…”🎶 (Apologies to Sir Elton)!

    🐷🐷 From childhood we’ve always seen a pig as being pink
    That stays with you for years and years, it’s what you always think…
    Some Duroc pigs are red in shade, most others though are white
    Exposure to the sun all day makes pink appear to sight.
    Another belief is dispelled, we learn there’s no pink sow
    You wonder which one will be next…There’s no “How Now Brown Cow..”? 🐷🐷

    Looking at today’s words, I’m thinking PARDON me, is this a good scramble or what? I give it a 10. The rest of the words were ok, kind of BOARing. Jeff today takes us to a farm, where for some reason a woman is painting a portrait of a PIG. A flying pig! Where’s this painting going to hang is the first thought that comes to mind. The second thought is, OH, pigs can fly, but they can’t be pink? HOG wash, I say! So this large hog is asleep, with what appears to be a huge dragon fly upon its back, and a grin on its face. I don’t know, I just can’t take for GRUNTed that this SQUEALly goes on. Maybe? Maybe BABEy? I definitely have my SNOUTS. I think this woman really has some sort of PORCINEality disorder, PIG time, and the whole idea is BACON me crazy! Why doesn’t she just take an InstaHAM photo? Anyway, the man and woman are discussing color, and a “special blend” is mentioned. “PIGMENT”! What a SOWprize, Guys! Great pun! SHOAT them the Blue Ribbon with this one! SOW, eye candy. The pig in the painting has the most disGRUNTled look. And wings. It could be him. And there is that big fly…Fly in the OINKMENT? And of course, the curly tails are always aBOARable…But I think I’m going with the SOWS EAR. You never know. After what we’ve seen here today, there could very well be a SILK PURSE in my future!
    So there you have it, Folks. Done. I’m AWAITing a visit from my friend, Chris. CHRIS P. BACON. We’re doing lunch. A little sWINE, a little cheese…maybe some HAM…
    Have a great day, Everyone! Hope you’re IN THE PINK today! 🐷 🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. I’m becoming the master of the back door. Then again we were always told to use the back door into the house. For me I was stuck on medium. The cartoon answer was an instant read so knowing the two letters it was another easy word that I should have gotten. Angela,you had to be thrilled with the Yankees last night. Goliath rose to the occasion. Judge yea not. Now at least it’s game on. Until tomorrow stay well. Oh,whatever the problem was my fantastic daughterinlaw fixed the problem. She said I didn’t need to subscribe as it showed I was already.

    • Good morning, Paul. Yea, I did get excited. Judge ye not, is right! I like that. Great coverage in the News this morning, right? A lot of good articles..and pictures…I need more pics for my Judge scrapbook! 😉 I’m glad your daughter-in-law straightened out the problem.
      And yes, game on…!
      Did you see the article I sent you y’day? Some whack job from SI was going to Gracie Mansion…It’s gotten insane out there..
      Hope you have a great day! 🙋🏻

        • Paul. I don’t know if it was in the Daily News. I get both, the News and the Staten Island paper. I guess SI covered it right away because the guy was from here. I didn’t see it in the News, did you?

      • Good evening. Angela. ,Bet you thought the Yanks were finished with the score 4-1 going into the 8th. I did. What an exciting game.im such a doubting Thomas. It’s fun seeing him hit.
        Stay well. One out to go. “Put it in the books”. Good night

        • Hey Paul. No way.!!! I had the faith…!!! These games just keep getting better and better…
          Unbelievably exciting game. Have a good night, my Friend…..🍻🙋🏻

  4. Oh it is a set of costume wing on that hog’s back..Now I get it pigs fly. LOL well done. Easy peasy lots of fun but not as much fun as you people getting excited over a baseball game. Almost time to pick all my green tomatoes and see if I can have some of them for Thanksgiving dinner!

  5. No instant solve on the puzzle = no back door for me, today. Medium and Pardon both had me stumped. Once I had the letters Pigment was simple.

  6. Like others I struggled with pardon, but backed into it since I figured out the cartoon answer without any difficulty. Happy Tuesday everyone.

  7. Hi all – I got derailed by PANDORA on my way to PARDON, so that stopped me for awhile. When I looked online, it looked like a bunch of leaves on the pig’s back had inspired the interpretation of wings.

    Caroline – Since Earl granted us free reign, I was inspired by your list of words to attempt a sentence. Then I’ve had enough of the ‘J’ words for now, I promise.

    When the court adjudged that it must reject the lawyer’s rejoinder that the object used as the weapon could not have been a banjo, he adjusted his decision to object and abjectly accepted the adjournment.

    • Wonderful sentence, Steve! I never thought of musical instruments as possible weapons but I guess they could be.
      Pardon was also the toughest word for me. Made me think of the song “Angel from Montgomery.”

      • I bet people who play in bands consider that all the time! (Eagles, Fleeteood Mack, The Who).
        Another John Prine reference? I have to do some research. I don’t have his songs right in my memory like some other songwriters, for some obscure reason.

        • I see. Thanks, I didn’t know that. As far as weapons, there was an episode of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” where the wife clobbered her husband with a frozen leg of lamb and then served it to the investigating detectives. Not to give you any ideas or anything!

      • Now that I think of it, Caroline, the guitar and banjo are extremely good examples of weapons – Woody Guthrie wrote “This machine kills fascists” on his guitar, and Pete Seeger adapted that on his banjo to read “This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender.”

      • Love these inscriptions by Guthrie and Seeger on their “weapons,” reminding us of the power of music.

  8. Just jolly jaunty job, Jumble jouster. Join John jingling Jeopardy Jackpots.
    And yes Steve, Pandora also popped into my pea-brain prior to pardon, please!

  9. Hi, all! I’m late again today. During late breakfast had a call from hospital and another from doctor office followed by trip to pharmacy. Done.

    Yesterday, Carolyn, thanks for welcoming me back to the Jumble beat, and

    Steve, loved your “taming of the shrewd” for Denny.

    Today, Mike, great job on details included in your post of the smiling, winged pig asleep in the pigsty.

    Steve, I saw PANDORA before PARDON, also, and

    My first answer for the comic was PIGPENS before PIGMENT.

    Have a terrific Tuesday, all.

  10. Hi, Steve! P.S., with your words bolstering my courage, I talked to the surgery scheduler at dr. office, and I wish you could have heard her very long & very lame explanation. Elder abuse!!

    • Hi Lelia. I’m having much the same experience with my cable company. We’re just too nice! But they’re testing my limits!

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