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Have a sensational Saturday everyone!

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  1. 🎶”Way down among Brazilians, COFFEE beans grow by the billions,
    So they’ve got to find those extra cups to fill….They’ve got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil….No tea or tomato juice, you’ll see no potato juice, ’cause the planters down in Santos all say “No! No! No”! A politician’s daughter, was accused of drinking water, and was fined a great big fifty dollar bill,
    They’ve got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil….”🎶

    ☕️☕️Who amongst us hasn’t been where Dave finds himself now…
    Needing that caffeine fix, can’t get by, no way, no how.
    Morning brings that craving, the urge rears its ugly head…
    Most of us are “tasting” it before we’re out of bed.
    No way getting ’round it, I know for one I’m shot…
    Eyes are open, feet on floor…Give me my coffee pot! ☕️☕️

    I’m looking at today’s words, and I’m wondering if LUXURY has BEAN seen here before. JARGON, yes, speaks for itself. TOTAL and DEPTH, ✔️✔️. Our cartoon: A local COFFEE shop, incredulous patrons. “What, no coffee”? It’s going to MOCHA these people crazy! No one likes to wait for their coffee, we all want that instant GRINDification! I know me, without my morning coffee, I can’t even ESPRESSO myself! Anyway, the coffee grinder’s broken, and the Barrister, in an effort to get the coffee going, is beating the beans with a piece of the machine! I ‘gotta HAND it to him, he’s putting a LATTE into it! Check out the ESPRESSOn on his MUG! He’s not waiting for a repairman, he’s not proCAFFEINATING one bit…This guy’s not MILKING it at all…He obviously takes pride in his work, seems like he’s kind of SEDIMENTal about it, you know? And he’s URNing his keep! So, no machine, no coffee, things have just…GROUND TO A HALT! Another great pun from our favorite CUPle of guys, Dave and Jeff! Eye candy? It’s BREW, Dave, it’s BREW, in your MARVELous Captain America Tee! TEA…??
    So, there you have it, Folks. Have a great day. Enjoy! ☕️🙋🏻

  2. Not having the LUXURY of knowing the requisite JARGON, the new hire was at a TOTAL loss and out of his DEPTH at the first meeting of his team.

    Clue words were easy until I got to the last word. I wanted it to be orange, and shook my head, then dragon would not leave my brain. Finally got JARGON and wondered what took so long. The solution was no problem and I got it without writing the circled letters out, which is always a goal of mine,

    Yesterday I had to have blood drawn and so a morning of fasting, no coffee, until that was done. So the cartoon and Angela’s comments certainly hit home and I was SO happy to be able to get up this AM and smell the pot of coffee already brewed. Ahhhh happiness is a warm(hot) cup of coffee.
    Happy Saturday everyone.

    • Good morning, Earl Yes it is! ☕️ I’m right there with you…I pulled out of the Lab’s parking lot the other morning, and directly into Dunkin’ Donuts lot! Did not pass Go, did not collect the $200! And now with the Dunkin’on the Go, no waiting!
      Great sentence, and so on point. Actually brought me back…I think we’ve all been there..
      Enjoy the second cup, and have a great day! ☕️🙋🏻
      Raining here, but supposed to clear up.

  3. Jumble was very kind to me today. Still trying to find out why Paul never played a 2nd round of golf!

    • Maybe my lap top is different. This was from my PC the above my laptop this will tell us

      • Harry, yes that must be it. I believe it happened to Earl a while back. I think if you use a different devise, you have to log yourself in again. Whatever, it worked! ☕️🙋🏻

  4. Good morning, Harry. Wherefore art thou name, Harry? You’re back to Anonymous!
    I think today, the Jumble will be kind to everyone. COFFEE, the universal language. Keeps us all GROUNDED!
    Stick around, Paul should be here soon…☕️🙋🏻

  5. Morning All – Once again, it was the last word, Jargon, that gave me trouble. I was able to back in by trying J in the first square that wasn’t circled. Angela, expresso myself really made me smile.
    I wasn’t a daily coffee drinker but gave the caffeinated stuff up when I realized I got headaches if I didn’t drink regularly.

    • Good morning, Caroline. How’re you? I think it may be the “J” that’s causing the snag. We don’t see many J words as a rule.
      You’re probably all the better for giving up coffee, it’s truly a crutch. I applaud your success, it’s not an easy thing to do.
      Happy to bring you a smile…
      ☕️ As much as I talk, you may think that I lied..
      But without my coffee…I’m often tongue tIied! ☕️
      Hope you have a great day! Be well. 🙋🏻

      • I’m good, thanks. I wasn’t much of a drinker so it wasn’t hard for me to give up caffeine.
        When a word has a J, I think it’s usually a good bet that the word begins with J.

        • I’m glad you’re doing well. You make a very good point. Some food got thought. I think I’ll have another cup of coffee while I think about that! 😂 🙋🏻

    • Hi Caroline – I do believe that you’re correct that ‘J’ is usually the first letter, but I wouldn’t adjudge it to be true in general 😉.

      • Good morning, Steve: Judging from your reply to our coffee jejunator, I just want to say, in jocoseriousness, that J words don’t seem to be that big a part of our jargon. Which seems a little odd, because this is the Jumble, and I for one, am always writing jingles. And you and I certainly come up with a lot of rejoinders! And we conjure up a lot of jovial puns too. Hmm..And we never object to the old standard…”Shirley, you jest”!
        So, it’s hard to justify, I guess. The jury’s still out. 🙋🏻

        • I guess court is adjourned until we adjust to the situation and stand for the Judge again later! 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • That’s funny! That was the first word I thought when I saw GRANJO, then forgot about it during this discussion. My father had a banjo that he said he only learned to play 3 songs on. I’d pick at it once in awhile, but never made any progress. Wasn’t until the Beatles showed up and my grandfather bought me a guitar that I learned any playing.

  6. Good morning. I had the luxury of visiting the planetarium but I had trouble understanding their jargon in trying to explain the total depth of this vast universe. Today’s puzzle was almost a complete instant read. I was stuck on jargon and even knowing the letters I needed I still struck out. But I still had fun and that is what counts. So far all the teams that got into the next round of baseball made it. If the Indians had beaten the Yankees I wanted them to go all the way beating the Dodgers. Simply because they are a bought team. Payroll being over 200 million at least. Even though I’m a national league fan I’ll route for my other NY team. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good morning again and Happy Dessert Day. Forgot to mention that fact. Also that the teams that I wanted to get to the next round made it. Hate the Red Sox. The only one I didnt care about was Clevand and Yanks. clevand has been waiting for a long time for the brass ring. Expect the Dodgers to beat the Cubs. Again,the reason I never played golf again is because I just don’t enjoy it. I find it boring.

      • Hey Paul. Our posts “crossed in the mail”! Happy Dessert Day to you too. Good catch!
        But how do you feel about the Dodgers? As a Brooklyn native? My Father “wore the black arm band” for years after they left. He told us he was heartbroken. He never forgave them.
        This year, Postseason seems very exciting…I think we’re in for some great Baseball!

        And Harry? Meet Sally…I mean Paul! I hope you guys settle this! 😂😂😂
        Have a great day, Paul. ☕️🙋🏻

    • Good morning, Paul. And look at you, becoming a wordsmith! Well done, Sir!
      ☕️Jargon seems to be BREWing some trouble today..
      I was just telling Caroline, I think it’s the J…☕️
      200 million…! It boggles the mind, right? I too was born and bred National League, but it is good to root for the Home Team…
      Paul, Take a look above. Harry’s shouting out to you…
      Have a great day! ☕️🙋🏻

      • Angela,growing up in Brooklyn our whole family were Dodger fans except our cousins in the Bronx. Even as a kid I never felt resentment for them going to greener pastures They deserved a new stadium and when the bluff didn’t work (new stadium or leave) they packed up lock stock and barrel and fled. It back fired on the mayor. They never thought the Dodgers would leave. If you remember, in the beginning there were no water fountains in their new ball park. Walter O’Malley Was looking to make as much money as he could. He was ordered to install them. At least that’s how I remember the facts and just the facts in the great metropolis

        • Hey Paul. I can only go on what I remember my Father telling us. I remember him saying there was no loyalty and it was all for money. The water fountain thing is totally new news! I never heard that before. You learn something everyday! I just know that my Father said O’Malley was a pariah, and that he turned his back on Brooklyn.
          The facts, just the facts! 😂😂 I love the reference! A tangled WEBB we weave! 😂🙋🏻

    • Great sentence Paul. I can retire any day now and know that Jumble sentences are in good hands.

      • Huh? Retire? Let me know beforehand so that I can forward you my Email address…😉🙋🏻

      • Please don’t. I really don’t want to step on your toes. Today’s words just kept rambling around in my head and they had to come out. You’re still the master that we learn from. Thank you.

    • Hi Paul – I found your comment about not liking the Dodgers because of their payroll ironic (and funny!) because growing up in New England, we spent my entire childhood resenting the Yankees for outspending everybody in haseball for whatever player they wanted, treating Kansas City like their farm team, and regularly trouncing the Sox. But I’m totally over it now! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

      • I agree with you on that but I find them to be a classy organization. Everybody (mostly) wants to play for them. I like the fact that they have to be clean shaven to play for them. It’s a little military the way they run the club. You hear a lot less of bad stories regarding the players. I’m all for no beards and wild hair. They give a clean image,whether they are or not.

  7. Today’s Jumble was an instant solve beginning with the sentence, then on to the words. I think I’ll have my second Americano, now!

    Make it a great day!

  8. Paul—Please don’t imagine that you are stepping on my toes—I think it’s great that others come up with sentences using the clue words and I never wanted to claim that opportunity as my prerogative. I think Leila has contributed and I hope others would as well.
    Angela–if I retire from writing sentences I would probably still hang around and contribute to this blog—it has become an integral part of my daily life.

    • LOL..Earl, I knew what you meant I was just joking with you…Ah, two J words!
      (Although, you would be welcomed to my Email address…). 😉🙋🏻

  9. Hi all – No problem with the words or answer today, but that’s probably because I always have some coffee before attempting the solution.

    Nice logo from Mike also, but, fashionista that I am (choke!), I must ask – that thing isn’t really a crown *or* a tiara, is it? Isn’t it more like a headband with a badge in the middle? Inquiring minds want to know, and I think this is the *only* place I could ask without getting one of those sideways glances that Angela always reports getting from the members of her board.

    • ROTFL…See here’s where it soooo fits! “Shirley, you jest”! I certainly don’t want you to choke, but blasphemy comes to mind! Fashion, not your passion!
      Isn’t it the symbol on Captain America’s shield? Why are you thinking a headband or a tiara? Look at Daves’ tee shirt, it’s right there. Kind of like Superman having the big S, and Wonder Woman having the winged W. I’m not into fictional Super Heroes, I prefer the real life ones, but this is soooooo Mike’s wheelhouse, that I think we must tread lightly. He doesn’t take kindly to any sullying of his MARVELous characters. Just sayin’….
      And it’s called the “side eye”. And yes, sadly, and I feel unjustifiably, 😉 I get one way too often!

      • You are correct; I mistook the Captain America logo for the emblem on Wonder Woman’s headgear. And that was even after I Go-ogled “Wonder Woman Costume” and looked up at the crown – really!

        • LOL….I think it’s the whole beJeweled thing that’s getting to you! You’ve got me confused!
          Perhaps you have Wonder Woman on your mind Just a tad too much? Just sayin’! 😘🙋🏻

  10. Since it’s Saturday, I’ll go ahead and state my baseball heresy here.
    I would like to see the Dodgers win, because to me, there’s a reason that’s “bigger than the game”. First of all, the Giants abdicated any right to complain with their “season” this year. But mostly – It’s been 29 years since I sat at the Coliseum and watched Orel Hershiser raise his arm on the mound in celebration. Who could have believed that they wouldn’t have won at least one other since (or that the Giants would win three?) So after seeing Vin Scully retire and Tommy Lasorda turn 90 this year, I would just really like for both of them to be able to see one more championship before they go – they’ve earned it.

    • Actually, uh, no. Heresy is still listed under IOW.
      Convening as we speak….⚾️🙋🏻

    • You just got me to chime in. I like your reasons. Vince Scully along with Red Barber and a couple of other announcers (which escape my mind right now)were my favorite announcers. Tommy Lasorda was the most likeable manager along with the nut Casey Stangel.

      • Paul. I’ll chime in too. Casey was as NY as could be. He was a gem! I always loved this quote of his:
        “So what if he doesn’t talk to me? I’ll get by and so will he. DiMaggio doesn’t get paid to talk to me and I don’t either”. Him and Joe D! I would’ve paid good money to have seen that! ⚾️🙋🏻

      • From back in the day, Mel Allen, possibly, and Curt Gowdy for the Sox and NBC.
        We all loved to hate Tommy and he gave it right back in a good natured way, and there can be no doubting his love and commitment to the Dodgers.
        Casey Stengle – “Can’t anybody here play this game?” This postseason, I’ve substituted “pitch” for “play” a few times, but the original seems appropriate for the Nationals!

  11. Hi, all! I used Mike’s new cartoon solving technique again today, examining the picture carefully from top to bottom, and it worked again for me. Because of seeing the coffee grinder right there in the foreground, I got the answer immediately.

    I had no trouble with JARGON. Most of our family names begin with “J” including Joseph, John, Jerry, Joyce, Jeremy, Jennifer, Jessica, Jocelyn, and Josh (Joshua).

    Mike, thanks for the colorful Captain America symbol/logo today, signifying the opening day of Comic Con in New York. I wish you were there! Maybe next time you & son can go together.

    • How did *you* get into that family? Did they try to get you to change it to ‘JLelia’ and claim the J was silent?

      • Steve, I enjoyed, loved, smiled at all of your comments today on the blog and was touched by your reasoning behind hoping the Dodgers win which I think is a direct link to the fondness you had for your wonderful, musical grandfather.

        Final update before I become immersed in taking care of Jerry. We have to be at the hospital Monday morning at 6:30 a.m., and this time I will quickly tell you as soon as I can that he is doing fine. It was rude of me to wait 4 days last time, even though I was busy every second.

        • No way rude at all. You had your priorities straight. I, and I’m sure everyone else understood. Good luck. Now speaking of priorities, I will resume my nap! 😂

    • Hi Lelia. It was an fun and easy puzzle today! I think we all enjoyed it! Be well ☕️🙋🏻

    • Lelia, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I don’t think it wise to have your family’s names listed here. Especially in light of the fact that you have your last name printed too. I believe you’re the only one who does. And also keep in mind, that there was a last name mentioned when Josh was on TV. I always think it’s better to err on the side of caution, and with all that we hear about today, less is the way to go. It’s not only we 5-10 people who see this. Thousands of people read this blog, from countries all over the world. Again, no offense intended, I just think it’s too much information. If you’d like, I can delete out that part of your comment. Just let me know. 🙋🏻

  12. Angela, you have posed something to which I will give serious thought. First I will go through some thoughts with you. The first 2 names are our parents who have been long deceased. Then comes Jerry whose last name & mine are plastered all over the Internet on the cover of my book. Skip Joyce for now, and the next 4 are children of our younger daughter whose married last name I haven’t shared. Last would be Joyce & her son Josh who has received thousands of hits on the Internet from people who know his last name.

    Well, after thinking that through with you, it seems to me that we’re fine, but let me know if you still feel otherwise. To tell the truth, Joyce cried & cried when she first realized that the name of her precious one was becoming public property, but she has slowly gotten used to it.

    • Hi Lelia. No need to explain anything. Of course, the choice is yours. I’m just very wary of information being posted on a public domain. Today alone, there were almost 4,000 people reading the blog. From about 20 countries throughout the world. It’s kind of mind boggling actually. And if as you say you have already dealt with personal data being on line, then I can understand how your outlook would differ from mine. Be assured, no worries. Hope you’re enjoying your evening. Be well 🙋🏻

  13. Angela, thanks for sharing your concern, all that useful info, and for answering me back. My daughter & I felt the same as you at first, but there was Josh excitedly keeping track of his thousands of hits and anticipating a million in the near future.

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