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Good morning everyone and happy Thursday!  The fourth clue word tripped me up once again this morning.  I happened to self-jumble it just by luck as “DINOOR” and INDOOR became instantly visible.  Moving along to the cartoon, I tried a new technique of just observing what Jeff had drawn in the cartoon before reading the sentence and dialogue.  Starting from top to bottom, the “Hatchet Firewood” sign came first followed by two men loading wood into the bed of a pickup truck, two piles of firewood, a fire pit, a cash register, money being exchanged and a safe under a counter.  Reading the dialogue and sentence, the cartoon was an instant solve so I’m not too sure my new technique helped.  I’ll try again tomorrow just to test it out and see if changing the order in which I solve the puzzle yields a faster solve.  Have a terrific Thursday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 💰🔥Not often in life do many of us, find ourselves able to say
    That earnings we’ve made from working so hard can eas’ly be frittered away…
    So our Jumble today, while clever it is, suggesting it go up in smoke…
    Might be true for some, but most likely not for the every day, work-a-day bloke!💰🔥

    When I saw the banner, reading ” HATCHET Firewood”, I AXEd myself if it had some major significance to the puzzle. Other than reading that it’s located in Staples, Minnesota, I think it’s just the PUNniness of the name…HATCHET, CHOP down a tree…make FIREWOOD, you get it. If it means anything more to Jeff, well, he needs to CUT us in on the joke! The idea of a FIREWOOD business and it’s earnings being “MONEY TO BURN” is a brilliant pun. It’s one of those solves that gives HEW a chuckle out loud. Once again, the clues in the dialogue helped us CEDAR way…”Raking it in” and “Buying..two trucks AND a car…” Excessive earning and spending! And seeing the WOOD BURNing pit, coupled with both men at the register handling MONEY are just added ACCELERANTS. I mean accents…BLAZING GLORY Guys! HEW two are real CUT UPS! As for today’s words, I think the scrambling was top NOTCH on words we’ve seen before. Eye candy? The GREWsome looks on the faces of the men loading the truck caught my eye…The FIREpit? No, MAPLE KNOT…YEW know what’s really got me today? The idea that Jeff went with a safe under the desk! CORD this guy be making so MULCH, that he needs a safe right there! That STACKS up as a winner! And the SERRATED edging on the desk is OAK-ky too!

    So, HATCHETs FIR today, Folks! Have a great day, and…Smoke ’em if you got ’em…💰🔥
    PS: WOODn’t this have been a great puzzle for last month? SepTIMMMBERRR!!

      • Hi Mike – Maybe the customer is buying supplies to make English applewood smoked cheddar (Earl, ever heard of it?), but the owner needs to upgrade the cash register to accept Apple Pay. (Hey, it’s still early for me.)
        Also, very commendable flexibility you’re showing, still trying new tricks on the puzzle after all this time, plus the new blog format. “Change is good”, I’ve heard!

        • It may be a “simple” puzzle, but changing the way I attack it might make a difference. It never hurts to try! I’m glad you enjoy the format with whatever wrinkles come along with it. Isn’t it refreshing to see it seasonably appropriate?

          • It is very nice, Mike. When I was using Windows at work, I used to change my desktop background to bats in October, a Fall cornucopia in November and Christmas wreaths in December. There may be some seasons that it will be tough to come up with a theme for though, like February maybe?

  2. They named their Dalmatian SPOTTY and he was a BLEND of INDOOR calm and RUMMY rambunctiousness outside.

    Clue words came easily but I had to write the circled letters out and really concentrate on the clues in the cartoon to come up with a phrase that has never been applied to me.
    Thanks Angela for your usual brilliant twists and linguistic turns and for pointing out the safe which I did not see. Thursday is here and the weekend beckons. Good day everyone.🌂 🐿🍁

    • Moose, Regular pie a la mode! 😉
      CUT over to IOW. I left 2 replies to your msg. 🙋🏻

  3. Good morning, Earl. You’re welcome, and thank you also. Mike and I both picked up on the cash register, I think because it seemed kind of out of place there. But, it provided me with an extra pun! I prefaced the post with that little poem, because I would imagine the phrase doesn’t apply to many of us! We may all be part of the 1%, just not that 1%!! 😂
    “SPOTTY” sounds spot on, and the rummy rambunctiousness is most definitely a descriptive, darling, delightful, dazzling, delectable way to introduce us to the dog!
    Have a great day, Sir! 🔥🙋🏻

  4. Good morning. A third day in a row where the blog does not come to me, I have to go to it. Simply puzzle today. Just the cartoon answer took an extra couple of minutes to get. I too noticed the safe where everybody could see. You may get away with it being there in Tim-buck-two but not in Brooklyn. It’s an invite to disaster. What ever happened to the old adage “out of sight out of mind”. A fun puzzle never the less. Until tomorrow stay well

    • Hey Paul. Maybe Brooklyn today, but not the Brooklyn we grew up in. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, we always slept with our windows and doors open. It was the best place to grow up in. And have to tell you, your story y’day about the golf course was a trip! You have the funniest stories! Be well. 🙋🏻

      • Angela. Your correct. Back then you didn’t have to lock your doors. I told that story before on the blog. We had two guys watching us with binoculars for the rest of the course. Three out of the four of us never even picked up a club.

        • Hey Paul. Yes, it was soooo different back then. I remember as a real small child sleeping outside on the air shaft on hot summer nights. And walking home from Coney Island along Ocean Parkway after midnight…
          I didn’t hear your story first time around, and it had me in stitches. I’ve said it before, you have amazing, funny stories! Be well. 🙋🏻

    • Hey Paul – I’m glad my comments to Lelia yesterday made you grin! You know, when someone says “that’s a story for another time” as you did, the response is usually “don’t leave me hanging.” But I think in this case, I’d rather you did leave me hanging – I’m not sure I’m mature enough yet to hear it! (Unless it’s like the joke about the doctor’s patient who had a tattoo that said ‘MIT’ – now that one I *have* heard.)

  5. I paused at indoor but did manage to get it with pencil and paper. The cartoon was certainly apropos for Northern California, money and everything else is burning. The sky in San Francisco is red, the air thick with smoke and ash and we’re 50 miles away from the fire – more evacuations last night. Hopefully the winds will die down and the firefighters (there are 8,000 of them) will be able to get a handle on it. Hope a of you have a good day.

    • Hey Betty. This mornings news was saying they may close all the schools in the area. What upset me especially was hearing about the winds picking up, and the shortage of water remaining to fight the fires. You are all in my thoughts and prayers, especially your cousins. Be well. 🙋🏻

    • Hi Betty and Angela – Well, there’s some better news I heard on KCBS. Here in Oakland the air quality is much better than yesterday and although it is rated unhealthy, people were out and about normally this morning. They said all the school activities in Alameda County are normal, but in counties to the north and east, they’re cancelling the outdoor sports through the weekend. They said the winds were not as bad as they feared overnight in the fire areas and the humidity is up, so they’re getting at least some containment.

    • I’ve been following the news, Betty, and the images are horrible. They said the amount of smoke in the sky equates to approximately 1 years worth of California traffic. I hope you remain safe from it all and will be thinking of you. 🙂

  6. Hi all – The last word took a little extra time until the IN got separated out. Of course my day begins INDOORs, but now that the season has turned and it’s dark when I go out to get the Jumble, I’m ORION’D every morning when I look up at the stars. I’m Sirius!

    Lelia – they’re inviting you to use RUMMYKUB in a sentence!

  7. Hey Mike – It occurs to me that I haven’t offered you proper condolences on the Red Sox season. It got me remembering when the Sox won their opener this year, and the next day April 3 I shared with you about how my father was the quintessential Red Sox fan, never having seen them win the World Series and you mentioned that your grandfathers had much the same story. At least your wait wasn’t as long as theirs, and there’s always next year. For the Giants, probably not so much! By the way, Pablo Sandoval, Eduardo Nunez, – don’t trade for any more Giants!

    • No big deal, Steve! We won the AL East so that was an exciting nailbiter. I’m proud of the season they had and now if we can only get a big bat in the lineup. It was depressing to see the Sox as the only team without a grand slam. Changes are coming and Farrell was just the beginning. 😉

  8. Hi, all! Easy solve today with INDOOR taking an extra few seconds. Enjoyed reading all of your comments.

    Mike, I am amazed that you mentioned looking at the cartoon picture more carefully before attempting your solve on the same day that after solving the cartoon, I saw the little fire pit and wondered if I would have solved even faster if I had looked at the picture first. Great minds!! I, too, will try that technique tomorrow. Thanks for continuing to teach us useful stuff.

    Betty, continued prayers for you & your cousins.

    • Hi, Lelia! It might not help and it’s just a theory at this point. I found myself zoning in on the sentence and dialogue too much so I’ve decided to change my solving pattern. I look forward to hearing if it works better for you tomorrow. 🙂

  9. Mike, I was delighted to see a cartoon about firewood right after I hoped you had yours under control, and you assured me that you took care of it in August. I told Jerry that my math said you made 100 trips with 40 pound bags, but he said that you might have had it delivered in a truck & stored by a forklift. Either way, you done good to get it done early.

    The other night I took a trip through some comments I wasn’t sure I had read, and there was a precious thank-you from you for my “congrats Red Sox.” I felt like I was on an Easter egg hunt and had found the Golden Egg. You are quite welcome! I was happy to read that your son got to watch that game with you. How special! No comment about what has happened since. There’s always next year.

    • Lelia, when I read Mike’s comment, my first thought was that it probably wasn’t like your “five tons of air conditioning” – I think that was 40 actual tons of pellets!

        • Yowza! Just a *bit* off. Ever see the cartoon – there’s a machinist holding a screw that’s as tall as he is, and the foreman says, “Ok Fred, let’s try that again in millimeters this time!”

    • Jerry is correct in a way. I had 4 tons delivered to the rear of my house. Each pallet contains 40 bags that weigh 50 pounds each. I lugged each of them up 2 stairs and into my garage where I stacked them neatly by hand. It sure was a lot of work but I don’t need to use pellets as oil is our primary fuel. After reading what I typed, I paused to laugh as it sounds like a word problem similar to one that my son had for homework! Anyway, the oil heat is fine but the pellets add those extra degrees of warmth on those cold winter days.

      Thank you for your kind words about the Red Sox. I’m surprised they won the east and that was a thrill! It was a fun season and I can’t wait to see how the team shapes up for next season. I’m very patient by nature, so I’ll hurry up and wait for next season. 😊😊😊

  10. Steve, I went back to Denny’s for more biscuits & gravy and this time their music was early 60’s. I chewed my food this time to Sherry and to a wonderfully delightful instrumental by Herb Alpert & his Tijuana Brass.

    Thanks again for explaining to me that when you said Josh might have a tattoo I didn’t know about, I thought you meant that I had led such a sheltered life that I had never seen a real hard core tattooed rock star, which actually might be true.

    Thank you for assuring me that you liked my last limerick because after I posted it I wondered if I should have done GULP, DELETE rather than GULP, POST. You are too kind! Now off to Walmart & Costco (our “Sprawlmart”) for things we forgot to write on the list last time. Have a thrilling Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

    • Always default to “GULP – POST” until you hear otherwise. It’s like “carte blanche”, and at worst, I’ll still get a good laugh out of it!

  11. Hi, Steve! Here is the Rummykub sentence you hinted for me to write, an inside joke with you, Mike, and me.
    Jerry & I played the INDOOR game of RUMMYkub, a BLEND of rummy & poker, until our dog SPOTTY (Earl’s idea) chewed up many of the plastic number tiles.

    • I love it! Here’s one: After I drank a SPOTTY BLEND of Gin RUMMY, I had to stay INDOORs until the room stopped spinning. This is fun, but don’t worry Earl, you’ve got no competition from me, obviously.

  12. snap struggled just a Tad but like Mike, moving the letters around they just fell in order.

    • Hey Harry, (Steve here), thanks for that all that info about the obsolete golf clubs yesterday. It just seems so odd that sporting equipment names could evolve and become extinct. At least hockey sticks are still called “hockey sticks” even if they’re carbon-fiber instead of wood.

      When I lived in New England, the morning news anchor on WBZ played winter golf. Ever been dedicated or crazy enough to try that?

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