Jumble Answers for 10/11/2017












Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday!  The middle of the week is where we tend to see the puzzle begin to increase in difficulty and today was a great example of that.  The first three clue words were immediately visible, but ONWARD gave me a minute or so of pause.  I tried making a word with every letter except “O” and that was my downfall.  If you’re not up to par with golfing terms then the cartoon was probably a bit of a challenge.  It looks like a beautiful day on the golf course with Jeff in his signature Jumble hat and David at the tee taking a swing.  Instead of hitting the ball straight, David hooks it and it’s headed back towards the other players on the course!  Looking at the letter layout, there sure were a lot of F’s, O’s and R’s.  FOUR came instantly as well as FORE.  The rest of the solution took just a second to get after crossing out the letters.  I sure hope you made a hole in one with the solve and I’ll see you tomorrow!


44 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/11/2017

  1. 🏌🏌You got your wedge, your irons, your different clubs of wood…
    You say you’re quite the golfer…but you wish you really could
    Get out there on the greens and do what’s mostly in your mind…
    Since most days so much time is spent in hopes your ball you’ll find! 🏌🏌

    The FOUR words today weren’t ROUGH at all; easy breezy, nothing to PUTT us off. They’ve been aROUND beFORE. The cartoon, a golf FOURsome not really playing up to PAR. Jeff, in his Jumble hat, and Dave are two of the players, and watching Dave SWING, we can see he’s definitely no EAGLE eye! They’ve all SWUNG in the wrong direction, and didn’t FOREwarn the players on the next Fairway, by yelling, “FORE”, which means “Look out”! Same as a “Heads up”. All FOUR of them guilty, WOOD you believe that? “FORE” for FOUR! Great multiple pun! You guys definitely earned your Bread and PUTTER with this one! You’ve come up ACES! Eye candy? I’m a little GREEN when it comes to golf, SOLE I’m not sure what to look for. I really can’t PIN it down. The carts are cute, but they didn’t MAKE THE CUT. I’ll just take them with a GRAIN of salt…And there’s the FLAG STICK in the backGROUND, but it’s kind of FADEd. I guess it’ll have to be the TEE, yea, I’ll TAP-IN on that. I’m wondering though…WEDGE one WOOD Harry have picked?
    So, there you have it, Folks! I need to pick up the PACE and get RUNning. I’m still feeling tired, and the doctor said it’s IRON deficiency. Im doing a little better, but I’m still not OUT of the WOODS. Maybe I’ll pick up some HOLE GRAINs…
    Have a great day, Everyone! PLAY THROUGH, and may the COURSE be with you! 🏌🙋🏻


      • Hey Harry. How’re you doing? If you remember, you had your picture as your icon for a short time…
        In your 🎶Suit and Tie🎶 (With a nod to Justin ❤️ Timberlake) so I already know what you look like..And I gave you the shout out in my post since I knew you’d enjoy this puzzle…🏌🙋🏻


      • But Harry, how’s your Mashie Niblick doing? (Angela – that is not a typo 😂) (I have no idea – sounds like a side dish I’d make out of a potato and a sledgehammer.)

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      • LOL..For your information, Steve I know what a mashie niblick is, and I was intending to use it if Harry replied to me! 😉 Even though it’s use is obsolete now…
        Well, it’s really obsolete now, because you used it already! 🏌🙋🏻


  2. To go upward and ONWARD, the long-distance RUNNER was tempted to try OZONE therapy but his coach dismissed that as useless FLUFF.

    ONWARD also gave me more of a challenge than the other scrambled words. Even though I know next to nothing about golf, the solution came easily after scrutinizing the cartoon and seeing all those “Fs” and “Os”. Thanks Mike for pointing out details that I can’t see in black and white. Always great to read your commentary. I’ll now go back and read Angela’s post and savor her puns, possible poetry and prose.

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    • Hey Earl. Thanks for the shout out. I was on such a roll this morning, and it was going so GOOD GOOD, that the poem was APPROACHing 40 lines! OUT OF BOUNDS for here, so I just BOUNCEd BACK, figured I’d BITE the bullet, and only used the opening FORE…I hope it was up to PAR by your standards!
      …And your use of Ozone therapy…? GRAND SLAM! Hope you’re having a great day! 🏌🙋🏻


      • Oh, good one Harry! A jumbled Groan! For a minute there, I thought it was something ethnic…You always have me on edge, I tread lightly with you! 😉 As I told Earl, I really did write a 40 line piece this morning, it just kept LINEing up. Maybe I’ll put it up for you later on IOW. I would be interested in your expert opinion on my Golfing Poem Prowess. 😉
        Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the edited version…🏌🙋🏻


      • ROTFL!!! Excellent! Fracturing the English language with such aplomb!
        And, Thank you….😉🙋🏻


  3. Good morning. Another day where I clicked on yesterday to get today’s post. Thank goodness it’s that easy. Like Mike it was the same for me. I did exactly what he did to get such an easy word. It’s usually easy when you finally see the outcome. As to the cartoon answer it was very simple. Even though I only golfed once in my life I knew the term for that. Until tomorrow stay well.

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      • Hi,Because if you remembered I almost got locked up by the mayor of a town in New Jersey while a bus load of us played 18 holes and then off to A/C. It seemed four of us were on the greens with the golf cart. We didn’t think we did (probably did) and pleaded for about fifteen minutes to give us a second chance. Found it boring. My trophy was the back end of a horse for having the worst score. Anything but golf.

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  4. Like othes, onward was the stickler for me this morning. I’m not a golfer but know the term “fore” so with all those f’s and r’s was able to figure out the words. Fun puzzle . Happy Wednesday everyone.

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    • Carolyn, you gave me 2 compliments last month when I was busy taking care of hubby that just keep going through my mind & making me happy, so the other night I scrolled through Sept. until I found them on the same day as your Shout Out from Mike. I still don’t know what words to use to express to you the pleasure those compliments bring to me, so I’ll just give you a long overdue thank you and wish you a very happy day.


  5. Hi, all! Mike, my clue-word solve was like yours. First 3 words, zip, and then:

    Us talking to Jeff Knurek saying, “DRAW-ON, Jeff!! Draw on and on and on!”

    A rowing team in their canoe calling out in unison, “One, two, AND ROW!”

    Two misspellings, wondar & wardon for wonder & warden.

    Finally solved the cartoon & moved ONWARD by “backing into it.”

    Have a great day, all!

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    • Hi Lelia – I also saw WARDON at first.

      As for your comment yesterday, I’m not making any assumptions about your living arrangements and I’ve had a bit of a CLOISTERED life; it’s just that, as far as tattoos go, you said that you’d seen NUN on your grandson, but CONVENTtional wisdom tells me that a rock singer may have some discreetly hidden somewhere.


      • Hi, Steve! Thank you for your clever explanation of what you meant that I misinterpreted, and thanks for still speaking to me after my limerick. I was in a giddy happy mood after eating lunch at Denny’s with Jerry having enjoyed my biscuits & gravy, etc. and loving their 50’s music, chewing to Splish Splash and Long Tall Sally.


      • I’ve loved all your poems; I feel honored.
        Bobby Darin and Little Richard for lunch? Excellent! Although as I mentioned before, I heard Little Richard once on the overhead music while shopping at Whole Foods!


      • Steve you have me grinning from ear to ear. You could be right. I had a story about that in my household. But that’s for another time.


  6. Hi all – Like others, I paused at the last word, but then pressed ONWARD to address the puzzle, which was a ball. I got stuck thinking the middle word had to be OFF, as in something like ‘fore off course’. Once I saw FOR, everything fit.

    Our air is still hazy and I think some of the smell is starting to return, probably because they said the winds up north are starting to kick up again. Those folks just can’t catch a break lately.

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    • Go Cubbies! Nats are ‘gonna give poor Strasburg pneumonia though, no? ‘Gonna be on Dusty’s head…Always drama with ole Dusty…
      I left you a few msgs on IOW..Somewhere in the middle of the mix.
      Here’s to Chicago! 🍷🙋🏻


      • Anytime , Big Guy. So funny, right?
        Yep, DiDi…Glorious GREGORIUS! But we’re not going to talk about it yet, ok? 😉

        I’ve been leaving msgs on IOW…ONCE Judge hits the homer…I’ll post it here… 🍷Good Luck!


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