Jumble Answers for 10/06/2017








Good morning everyone and happy Friday!  HERMIT was the only word that wasn’t visible right away.  At first I thought it was MITHER, but that was too “exotic” to work.  A few self-jumbles in the margin of the newspaper did the trick and it was time to move on to that cartoon goodness we all enjoy so much!  Earlier in the week I mentioned that Jeff would be appearing at New York Comic Con, so it’s only fitting that he drew himself at a show after his work was done for the day.  The show is called In and of Itself (inandofitselfshow.com) and is performed by Derek DelGaudio.  Here we have Derek on stage mesmerizing the crowd with one of his signature illusions.  Also in the audience is cartoonist and comedian Jason Chatfield, whose “Whaaat!” best describes the illusion he just witnessed.  The letter layout made the answer a quick solve with most of the letters for MAGIC being so close together.  Have a fantastic Friday and I’ll see you tomorrow!


40 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/06/2017

  1. 🎶”You-oo-ve got The MAGIC TOUCH, you make me glow so much, It casts a spell, it rings a bell…The Magic Touch. If I go reeling, uh-oh, I’m feeling the glow uh-oh…but where can I go from you? I didn’t know too much, and then I felt your touch, and now I’ve learned I can return…The Magic Touch…”🎶

    🃏🃏The fascination makes you sit so quietly and stare
    “Now you see it, now you don’t” is often what you hear…
    The movements are quite sudden, you dare to even blink
    There’s got to be a giveaway, is what you always think.
    Abracadabra happens, and despite what you believe…
    Wait, where’d it go? Did he just say “There’s nothing up my sleeve”?🃏🃏

    There were no surprises with today’s words, but Villa may be new to the neighborhood. The others, old HAT, neither HARE nor there. So, let’s SHUFFLE over to our cartoon. Ah, here’s where the MAGIC begins. Jeff and Kathy are sitting in the audience watching an illusionist perform “more than a trick”. Can he be PENN? I really can’t TELLer for sure. Can it be Derek DelGuadio, (who thinks his TRICKS were SECRETly stolen this year)? It’s all UP IN the AIR! The SHADOW knows!…Or Jeff knows! And might that be HOUDINI ensCONsed on the wall? Not sure about that either. His face ESCAPES me right now. Anyway, it also looks like “Phil Dunphy”, the “Great Dunphini” (Is that dILLUSIONal)? sitting farthest right, saying, “It was just in his HANDS”! We see cards FLASHing around a table, and the “POOF” like movement depicting the DISAPPEARance of that MAGIC card. HANDS, TRICK…”MAGIC TOUCH”! Good pun, Jeff, you didn’t SLEIGHT us on this one! It reMINDs me of a show I saw once. A Spanish magician claimed he’d disappear at the count of THREE…He counted, “Uno, dos…”and then POOF, he was gone… I felt cheated…HOUDINI think he was, disappearing without a TRES? Anyway, Eye candy today? The details on the cards are SPOT ON! If I had to PICK A CARD? The 3 of Diamonds…I never met a Diamond I didn’t love! So, there you have it Folks…’Gotta run. A friend ROPED me into something that’s going to TIE me UP for hours, and it’s too late to ESCAPE it now. I tried…He told me I agreed, so “just DEAL with it…”. Yea, he’s such a CARD!
    Have a great day, Everyone! Make some MAGIC! 🃏🙋🏻

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  2. Good morning. Another triumph. Had a second look for the word hermit but more looks for circus so I went to the cartoon which was an instant read. When the front door is locked you try the back door. Knowing my three letters, it was now a simple word to get. The letters that was there without circus lead you to the final answer for both. Until tomorrow stay well

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    • You’re surely becoming the master of the back door solve, Paul! Congratulations and awesome story about meeting your 7th grade classmate. Incredible!!! I think these trips to Atlantic City are agreeing with you. All my best for a great Friday and weekend! 🙂


      • Thank you. It’s all about getting out there and not being fixed to the boob tube. If I didn’t go on the trip I wouldn’t have met someone from the past. She was looking forward to showing her grand daughter her picture from way back when and her message she left in my book in case your curious,here it is. Paul had a little lamb well behaved no doubt,for everytime a girl walked in the little lamb walked out.

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  3. Good morning. Act two. I had an uncle that became a Hermit and lived in a Villa in Europe. When he was young he had an act in a Circus with his animal Gizmo. Stay well

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  4. I’m with the others—circus gave me the most trouble. Had to write the letters out several times. The solution to the cartoon was fairly easy once I separated “magic” from the other letters.

    The blacksmith left the VILLA and thought of joining the CIRCUS but a HERMIT, a disgruntled magician, gave him a GIZMO that made alchemy more attractive.

    Happy Friday everyone and Mike thanks for the “inside” information on characters in the cartoon.
    Angela your post was spooktacualar as always and full of legerdemain.

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  5. Circus had me questioning my memory of the spelling. I looked it up in the dictionary and confirmed that although there is an “i” and a “u”, both sound like a “u”. Another example of how “un-phonetic” English can be at times.

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  6. Hi, all! Usually when I read all your comments, I see my solve in yours, but not today. I had to self-jumble VILLA 5 times and GIZMO 8 times. CIRCUS and HERMIT both jumped out immediately for me. MAGIC TOUCH was a very fun answer.

    I recognized Jeff in the cartoon, but I join with others in thanking you, Mike, for all that extra info about what was happening in the magic show & the audience. That makes it even more fun.

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  7. Hi all –
    Thanks for all the extra info, Mike! That really adds to the enjoyment.
    I had RITHEM, but it soon became HERMIT — who could ask for anything more?
    Escaped my dentist with just a cleaning this morning, so all is well, as I hope it is with all of you!

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  8. Steve, I saw our AZ Coyotes play the Anaheim Ducks for a while last night but realized I have a lot to learn about how to watch ice hockey because I did not see the first goal being made while watching every second and didn’t see it in any of the 3 replays. I could not keep up with the puck for even a second. I turned it off when the hockey stick of one of our players hit a Duck on his forehead.


  9. I know what you mean, and it’s a common complaint. I’ve spent way too many years watching hockey, so I can tell where the puck is by the position of the players — unless it’s a black speck eye-floater!


    • Steve, your comment about the eye-floater made me smile because I have swatted my hand at so many of them. I copied the cartoon you told me about to put into my collection of funny things about growing old.
      Thank you for these extra comments to me which I do not wish to end, but it’s past time for me to cook dinner. Congrats again that all went well at the dentist. See you tomorrow.


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