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Good morning everyone and happy Thursday!  If you had trouble with just one word this morning, my guess is that it was WHOOSH.  It caused me to dust off my trusty notepad and pen to do a little self-jumbling myself.  Coupling the O’s together did the trick and then I could finally treat myself to the cartoon!  Jeff is wasting no time getting into the Halloween spirit with a wonderful drawing of the Headless Horseman from author Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.  Reading the dialogue and sentence, we learn that ol’ pumpkin head has just arrived home after a long day of terrorizing the locals.  I wasn’t able to blind solve this creepy cartoon, so I relied on the letter layout as well as the key words of tired and exhausting to help me gallop across the finish line.  The E’s were grouped together which allowed me to see SLEEP right away leaving the rest of the answer to flow naturally.  Have a thrilling Thursday and I’ll see you tomorrow!  🎃

31 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/05/2017

  1. The centuries old POPLAR had been witness to every important EVENT in the village square but DECAY had destroyed its core and the WHOOSH it made when falling alarmed everyone.

    Poplar made me pause but the solution came quickly when I wrote ” head ” and looked at the remaining letters and the cartoon. Tremendous Thursday everyone.😄 🌝

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  2. Good morning. Ditto Mike. I couldn’t have said it any better. Even after having whoosh down I had to check to see if I was correct, still doubting my fantastic powers. Lol. Everything took a half hour to get with whoosh taking twenty nine minutes. Naturally I came home a looser from A/C yesterday but still had a good time. I only played the slots and let in ride. I watched the roulette wheel for almost an hour picking numbers as if I was playing and never hit once. At the Bogota, you can feel the vibe,the energy. Not at Resorts. But it’s not all about that. It’s being with friends and enjoying their company. I even met a young girl who was in my 7th grade class with me. Notice I said “young”. I remembered the name but not until I got home and looked at our graduation picture did she look the same. “Just a little older” until tomorrow stay well.

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  3. What an ode this morning –almost an epic!! Love it and do I detect some personal history hidden in the couplets? Just joking. You’ve given my day a bright, bountiful beginning. Thanks.

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    • Thank you Earl, it was fun to write. Personal history? Some. Most definitely my Mother’s ❤️💔 SAGE advice…”Watch out for this one. He “LOSES HIS HEAD” too quickly”!…But I dislike pumpkin…
      And I don’t bake.😉 🙋🏻


  4. Mike: here is my quick attempt at incorporating the cartoon in a sentence.

    The lane formed by the line of POPLAR trees heard the familiar WHOOSH of the Headless Horseman as he raced toward the macabre EVENT unfolding but he screamed in agony as the DECAY in his tooth caused excruciating pain.

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  5. Whoosh was my holdup too. I wasn’t even sure that was a word!
    In the answer, because of the clue, I guessed correctly that the 4 letter word had to be HEAD. Then I pulled out the remaining letters and soon, there was SLEEPY.
    This was fun!

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  6. Wow, I know I’m in good company. Struggled with whoosh. I figured the answer had to have the word head in it but it still took me ages to solve whoosh. Doesn’t seem like it should be so hard to figure out but it certainly was for me. At any rate now that the puzzle is complete I can return to my regular activities. Have a Happy Day everyone .

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    • WHOOSH was such a fun word to solve for. It took some time and I couldn’t believe how easy it looked after figuring it out. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one, Betty! Have a beautiful day. 😊


  7. No blind solve either, Mike, but it was pretty smooth once the words were unjumbled. For some reason, none of them gave me much trouble this morning.

    Make it a great day!

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  8. Hi, all! I finished everything fast because, with husband chomping at the bit to go grocery shopping, I did a “take a chance” solve.

    I got WHOOSH fast by taking a chance on it even though, like Denny, I wasn’t even sure it was a word.

    I took a chance on POPLAR despite not knowing if the tree word is spelled like that.

    I took a chance that the 4-letter word was HEAD, and there came SLEEPY.

    What a nice surprise that our creepy Halloween cartoon had such an adorable answer! He was just a big ol’ SLEEPY HEAD! How cute is that!

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    • Hi Lelia – Thanks for the Sharks cheer yesterday, but the game that linked us last night was Toronto at Winnipeg. Ex-Shark Patrick Marleau had two goals in his debut with the Leafs, and your Arizona boy Auston Matthews had one goal and two assists, one of which was on one of Marleau’s goals.
      You and I should have such a good day!


      • Steve, when I posted last night, at first I had go Sharks & Leafs because you had prepared me for this season of ice hockey by telling me that my Scottsdale Rookie of the Year, Matthews, and your Marleau from the Sharks would both be playing for the Leafs but I wasn’t sure so I just put Sharks.

        Sounds like I missed a fantastic game!! Thanks for telling me about it. The Leafs are on CBC and we don’t get that. I’ll watch my Arizona Coyotes for now to begin learning about ice hockey and when I have time, go to our cable company to see if I can pay for CBC, TSN, RDS, RDS2, or SN Sports Net.

        Let me know once in a while when you think about it, how our boys are doing. They are surely off to a great start!


      • Steve, P.S., I forgot to tell you that I did tell daughter your idea of having Josh sing Alice Cooper’s “18” to discourage requests for free concerts, but I read the song to her & said I didn’t see anything offensive in it. She laughed & knew immediately what you meant. She explained that is sounds horrible when Cooper sings it.


      • That’s funny! Yes, I meant that the song is probably not age-appropriate and they probably wouldn’t invite him back.
        If you really do want to see other hockey games, the package you want is probably NHL Center Ice. It lets you see almost all the games played every day, and you can usually choose which city’s TV broadcast you want. So if Toronto plays Boston, you can see Canadian TV or Boston’s NESN network. (Some of the commercials from Canada and Minnesota are hilarious.) It’s about $150 for the whole season, and they usually run discounts right about now, to hook people. In fact, you may be able to check it out for free to see if you’re interested. Comcast in my area is free from yesterday through Oct. 10.


  9. Hi all –
    🎵”Every picture has its shadows
    And it has some source of light.”🎵
    I *love* the various shadings of light from the candle in the picture – *very* artistic!

    Took awhile today because I misinterpreted 3 and 4 as SWOOSH and PARLOR.
    After correcting those, the answer was easy. C’mon, guys; WHOOSH, OOMPH? Is this a trend? Throw in SWOOSH and SMOOCH and get it out of your system.

    It does seem a bit odd that the wife would marry a man with no head, although I’m sure the women here will tell me that that could be a definite improvement in some cases, or that they wouldn’t even notice in others, and at least it saves her the trouble of putting a bag over it. But I must say, his replacement is GOURD-geous – until it falls into DECAY, anyway.

    Hope you enjoy your day.

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    • Hey Steve. We have two guys at the club, MOOCH and SMOOCH. They’re brothers. It’s a case of sibilant rivalry. And 🎶blindness🎶 Is sure popping up today!
      One thing we can be sure of, she won’t go looking for Ted Williams! 🎃🙋🏻


      • *grooan!* 😂😂 From what you’ve posted, you could probably create a syllabus for a course on sibilant sibling rivalries. I don’t know, maybe she’s the only person who could put Ted’s head to good use. (Wasn’t that an old ad campaign – “The Ted-head is dead”?)


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