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Good Tuesday morning everyone!  The clue word choices were old favorites today with CUSTOM being the only word to slow me down a few seconds.  Pushing on to the cartoon, we’re lazily floating down the river with three people who appear very relaxed. Jeff made sure each of his characters had a unique prop (pictured below) to make the cartoon extra special.  The conversation between the two men centers around what their coworkers are up to back at the office, but wasn’t much help to me in the overall solve of the puzzle.  The sentence wasn’t much help either, so the solution took longer than usual to figure out.  The letter layout was very cryptic, so I split my letters into groups of vowels and consonants.  With some trial and error I came up with EVENT first followed by CURRENT to complete today’s game.  Looking at the cartoon afer the solve, you can clearly see the motion lines in the water which I overlooked as I paid more attention to the people and their conversation.  Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!


27 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/03/2017

  1. 🚣 So tubing down the river, it’s looking so serene
    Surrounded by the foliage, so lush and oh so green
    It’s looking so relaxing, just drifting and afloat…
    I tried it once, once was enough…I got back on the boat🚣
    Today’s words were simple enough, even though, just like last time, I had to tell myself, “No, droven is KNOT a word”. Easy, breezy, not unlike our three amiGOs in Jeff’s cartoon. Leisurely FLOATING down the river, not a care in the world. Drink in hand, cell phone in hand, SHOOTing the breeze. WATER nice way to spend an early afternoon. I tried TUBING once. And for me, ONCE was enough. It went something like this…ME: “Why would I want to get in the TUBE, I’m TIREd”. HE: “Can’t you just once go with the FLOW”? ME: “I WADED all morning to come out here and do this”? HE: “I can’t FATHOM why you’re SHOAL against trying something NEW”. ME: “WATER you talking about? Just the other night…”. HE: “NAUT that! Look, DEW you intend to GET IN or not”. ME: “Hmm, I’m really not SHORE”. HE: “Why, did I RIVER STEER you wrong”? ME: “Uh, you REELy don’t want to ROW there, do EAU”? HE: “Well, make up your mind, either you do OAR you don’t”. ME: “Quit RUSHing me, I’m still undeTIDEd. What if I FALL in”? HE: “Don’t hold your breathe…”. ME: “Nice, very nice. A little exSTREAM, no”? HE: “Well, WATER you expect? You go OVERBOARD with everything”! ME: “Me? You’re the one always going off the DEEP END”! He: “BUOY, now I’M really TIREd”. ME: “I can SEA that. But, what if my hair gets WET..” HE: “Jeez…Forget the HOLE thing, you’re just so SHALLOW”…So, I did try it, just to put an end to the PIER pressure. And my hair did get all wet. And RAFTer that day, the TIDE just turned, and we slowly DRIFTED apart. Today, we’re CURRENTly not speaking. I knew it would happen, SCHOONER or later. He just kept RUBBERing me the wrong way. Anyway, this TUBING cartoon brought out some old eMOTIONs, and reminded me of that EVENTful day. The solve: “CURRENT EVENTS”! Clever, Guys! Nothing deRIVERative about that! Eye candy? A little DEFLATEing once MOOR. The woman’s blonde. Her visor’s purple. I’ll just let it go…I’m SHORE you’ve heard enough! Have a great day, Everyone! 🙋🏻
    🎶Just let your love flow, like a mountain stream, and let your love grow with the smallest of dreams…🎶
    To you, Las Vegas 💔

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  2. Good morning. I gave myself a good pat on my back for a job well done. The only word that took an extra minute was vendor,all the other words came quickly. After taking a second look at the cartoon and looking at the letters, event was the first word to get. Looking at the left over letters and re-living my days with family going down the stream, current appeared. Had it completed before I finished my second cup of coffee. Drum roll please. Until tomorrow,stay well.

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  3. Wanting to REBEL against the CUSTOM of waxing, and to begin a new TREND, the VENDOR offered a line of artificial eyebrows in neon colors.

    Mike, I agree the clue words were pretty easy this morning but I found the solution not difficult either. The cartoon gave me two clues which I found useful—-the stress on the word NOW and the lines drawn in the river/stream, indicating current. Putting those two clues together lead me fairly quickly to CURRENT EVENT But maybe that phrase in on my mind, since I tend to be a news junkie.
    Appreciate the enlarged details which I cannot see in my paper or the web site which I visit.
    Have a tremendous Tuesday everyone.

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    • Earl, you made me *actually* LOL this morning when you confessed to a behavior of which I am also guilty — settling down for a nap or sleep and then interrupting it when you realize one of your posts could be improved, or a particularly good pun occurs to you. This is a serious symptom of “JumbleAnswers addiction” – I think it’s going into the next edition of the Psychology manual. I’m concerned for both of us and this forum is *not* the support group we need to treat it! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️
      (By the way, posting WAY too early before having coffee or actually doing the Jumble is another dangerous warning sign. 😂)


      • Steve–
        I admit to being addicted to Jumble Puzzles. But I am also a bit of an over-thinker often—especially just before I slip off to deep sleep.—last night was one of those nights. I’ve also been kept awake trying to remember something—first name of one of my grandfather’s five sisters for example–I could remember Jenny, Jessie, Elsie and Cynthia, but the other:? Drove me nuts for two days before Sadie came to mind.
        Glad I gave you a giggle.


  4. Missed checking in yesterday. Today’s puzzle was a no solve without the clue letters. Words came easily, though I did loop back for a second look at vendor. The answer was an instant solve once the letters were written down.

    Make it a great day!

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  5. Paused a bit at vendor but was able to solve everything else without difficulty. I too separate vowels and consonants Mike. It’s fun to learn the different techniques we all use to solve the puzzle. Wishing all of you a good day.

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  6. Very colorful sentence, Earl! I noticed there were two N’s, T’s and R’s. Trying to make words with these double letters led me to current. Happy Tuesday to all.


  7. Phew! I thought I’d lost You!
    That skull&crossbones – is that something new? As a last resort I pressed it and it let me in.
    I initially tried to Like Angela’s 1st Comment and that only lead me to the application for a WordPress blog site. Duh? Just to *Like* a Comment?
    Is this new or am I delirious this morning? 😐

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  8. Hi Denny. No, it s not you! Mike’s trying a new format, and there may be a kink or two to still work out on Word Press’s end. Thank you for the Like! Take care. 🙋🏻


  9. Hi all – No problem today with the words or answer.
    The thing that got my attention was having a cell phone in a tube, and isn’t that a even a drip of water coming off it? C’mon, man! Not only is the water going to ruin the phone, and the probability of it ending up on the bottom of the river very high, but sheesh, you’re out in nature on a beautiful day, put the phone down or leave it behind and enjoy your friends and the moment!

    Now having said that, I must confess: The first thing the cartoon reminded me of was not rafting trips, tube floats or swimming, but the 1980’s Arcade Game/Pinball Machine hybrid called “Granny and the Gators.” Granny’s float down the screen in her kayak was not so relaxing, as she had to keep using her paddle to BONK the alligators on the head in order to finish her trip. Great inventive fun.
    Have a great day!


  10. Steve, my goal for the last 5 days has been to clear my desk so I could request that you send me the much-anticipated information about how to take better care of my eyes.

    Thursday daughter called, unhappy about being treated badly at work so we had her over. She told me to thank you for agreeing with what she said.
    Friday granddaughter called in tears with a typical teenage problem & asked to come talk with me. She stayed & talked for almost 2 hours.

    Saturday I began paperwork but didn’t finish. Sunday I forced myself to stay at my desk from after breakfast until 9 p.m., except for eating, and finally got it all done; Oct. junk mail letters & magazines shredded & recycled, 3 of Jerry’s doctor folders reorganized & put away, & more.

    Yesterday, Walmart & I bought a dozen red roses ($70) at the florist shop for sad granddaughter & delivered them.
    Now I have a folder prepared for your info and will read it as soon as you have the time to send it to me. Thank you in advance & apologies for my disorganized life lately.


    • Hey Lelia – Perfectly understandable with all you’re dealing with – no “sorry’s” or “should’s” necessary, right?
      In fact, I have one more thought for your daughter. As we discussed before, isn’t it about time for Josh to be able to sing his fellow Arizonan Alice Cooper’s song “I’m 18”? Tell Joyce to send him over to sing THAT at the school assembly! That should take care of any future annoying requests for free performances!

      I’ll write my eye advice and let you know when I post it – it may be a day or two. It may not apply to you, but I can tell you what I had done that seemed like good advice to me.


      • Hi, Steve! Thanks a million for your reply about no “sorry’s” needed. I needed that. I have the same addiction you mentioned to Earl and felt sad all day Sunday that I was refusing to let myself say Hi to you until that paperwork was done!

        I read the neat stuff you said to others such as being glad our avatars didn’t become bugs. That one cheered me up.

        Take your time with the eye advice, and thank you for your time & effort.

        You told me once before about the Alice Cooper song & I forgot to tell Joyce, but she’ll be here in about 10 minutes so I won’t forget this time. She went to the same High School as Alice Cooper. Right now I’m going to find the lyrics to the song and make a copy. Thanks!


      • Steve, wow! What an insightful song to have been written at the tender age of 18. His line “I gotta get away” reminds me of Joni’s excellent song “Urge for Going.”


      • Well, I don’t know whether he was 18 when he wrote it, but he certainly remembered or imagined the feelings. If you want a good example of precocious, check out “These Days” that Jackson Browne wrote when he was, I think, 17 going on 45.


  11. HI, all! In Arizona we have quite a river tubing experience on the Salt River. I’ve never participated because our family went to Lake Pleasant frequently, but I’ve read a lot about it. The directions included having to wear a life jacket, which was also required at the lake.

    Got the first 2 words immediately. VENDOR & CUSTOM not so fast. Had to write out the letters for the solve, seeing the word EVENT first, just as you did, Mike.

    Have a fun day, all, and wear a life jacket if you go tubing.

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    • Hi Lelia – I’m surprised nobody noted that, and of course wearing a life jacket should be the first thing you do. Every year out here at Lake Tahoe and the Sierra we hear of even off-duty police, rangers, and others neglecting that “just for a minute” and paying the price.


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