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Good Monday morning my friends and welcome back to another week of Jumble fun!  CEMENT was the only word that slowed me down this morning making it my pick for the most difficult word.  Moving along to the cartoon, we find ourselves in an office at the train station where a new CEO is being introduced to the rest of the executives.  The name “Sir Topham Hatt” seemed very familiar to me for some reason and I thought about how I knew it while preparing breakfast.  The answer hit me like a ton of bricks as I was spreading cream cheese on my bagel and I paused to smile with delight.  Sir Topam Hatt is the manager of the North Western Railway in the children’s cartoon “Thomas & Friends”.  If you look at the cartoon very closely, you can see Thomas the Tank Engine in the background with his face on the front of the engine!  My son was a huge fan of the cartoon when he was younger and it was really fun to see Jeff use these characters in his cartoon.  The solve was quick and took no effort after writing out the clue letters.  Have a wonderful Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Today’s shoutout goes to Angela!  As many of you know, Angela is a regular contributor to the forum and fills in occasionally when life gets in the way and I’m unable to post the words.  She always posts a fun and pun-tastic write up for each puzzle that brings a smile to our faces every morning.  Many people don’t understand how difficult it is keeping this ship afloat and her tireless efforts and behind the scenes emails keep our ship sailing smoothly.  Thank you for all of your hard work, Angela, and I couldn’t do it without you.  You’ve become a close friend and here’s to many, many more years of Jumble fun!  🙂


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  1. Good morning, Mike, and thank you! The pleasure’s all mine, believe me. Working with you is the best “Job I never had”! 😉 And I knew you’d recognize Hatt! I’m sure we’ve both been RAIL ROADED into reading about him for years! Again, thank you soooo much! ❤️🙋🏻

  2. 🎶His name is Sir Topham Hatt, some people say he’s-Stout! Rather rotund, really quite round…But he doesn’t see it like that. He considers he’s a gentleman of merit, with a railway exquisitely fine. But his main aim is to see that his trains run right on time!🎶

    🚉 I’ve read enough kids books to know, that this guy is part of a show
    From “Thomas and Friends”, his prowess he lends
    His Railroads they come and they go.
    They call him “The Fat Controller”, a name I’m not sure he prefers,
    But trains are his game, and henceforth the name
    And he keeps the rail system aflow! 🚉

    Now HISS!!! is a puzzle! Let’s get GOING! First, we’ll SCAN our words: EXPRESSing my feelings here, could Groggy be new? I could be OFF TRACK, but it’s what I’m thinking. Kayak and CABLE are old favorites. Cement I’m RAILy not sure of. CHUGGING along to our cartoon: Today, Jeff’s given us a look at the fictional Great Western Railway’s offices. Sir Topham Hatt, dressed in his iconic top hat and morning suit, has been hired to get things ROLLING again. Business has backTRACKED a bit, and with hopes of improvement, the BOARD feels Sir Hatt will be just the TICKET. Known for his TUNNEL vision when it comes to trains, he’s developed quite the reputation of not just BLOWING SMOKE! And between the dialogue and the question, we read that the RAILROAD needs help getting “BACK ON TRACK”! Easy, breezy, no STOPping here! BELLS and WHISTLES, eSTEAMed Jumble Guys! Well done! As for the eye candy today? Nothing could SIDETRACK me from the TRAIN SCENE in the background. And even though we’re not given the BLEW body and gray face, there’s no DOUBTing, it’s THOMAS, the TANK ENGINE, from the Rev. Awdry’s children’s series! He just CARRIED me AWAY! So there you have it Folks…First puzzle to pull into the STATION this week! And, we’re on a ROLL!
    Have a great day, Everyone! Get out there today and EXPRESS yourself!🚉🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Typical Monday morning puzzle. Like Mike,the only word that took an extra minute was cement. For some reason when there is an M and N in a word, it always takes me a little longer to get. My brain is wired to give me trouble immediately. Thanks Mike for explaining the cartoon. After your description I looked with the magnifying glass and my face got a broad grin on it. I keep repeating but we miss a lot doing it from the paper. Thank goodness you have your “girl Friday”she does complement your success. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good morning, Paul.. Thank you. Reminds me of that old joke…
      Q: Who was the most efficient person in history?
      A: Robinson Crusoe, because all his work was always done by Friday. 😉
      Enjoy your day! 🚉🙋🏻

    • My pleasure, Paul! The details on the train were very tiny and I figured a picture was in order to pull the whole post together. See you tomorrow!

  4. Morning Angela. This one was like a piece of cake in the DINING CAR. Was on TRACK with it. Have a good day.

  5. Good way to start out the week with an easy puzzle. No difficulty with either the words or cartoon. My Grandson just loved Thomas the Train. Watched the show all the time and played with his train set with delight. Have a good day everyone.

  6. No e-mail today and I had a hard time finding my way around that–the new format flummoxed me!,

    The CABLE man, GROGGY after a weekend of taking cold remedy pills, failed to see the newly laid CEMENT and ended up prone on the ground with the KAYAK he was delivering upright and intact.

    At my volunteer post, more later.

  7. Hi all – Ok Mike, now this is getting creepy. This morning was the first time in about six months that I had a bagel and cream cheese with breakfast. Next, you’ll be telling me you had a Peet’s coffee! Also, thanks for the puzzle insight. My picture is small and indistinct, so I looked at the train and said “Is that Thomas? Nah, it’s just the bolts on the locomotive front.”

    Actually, CABLE took a short pause; the rest was quick.

    I think that if the new CEO wants to keep the firm’s turnabout in his wheelhouse, he should table the idea of sharing his plans and keep them close to the vest lest the competition run his company off the rails.

    Here’s one to combine the Jumble with the shoutout (slightly edited):

    🎵”Aboard a train, I met a dame. She was a hipster, Man a real gone dame.
    She sure was pretty, From New York City, As we strutted down that ol’ fairlane
    With a heave and a whoa! I just couldn’t let her go! “🎵
    Fittingly, from the (railroad?)YARDBIRDS.

    • Hey Steve. Thank you..🎶Get along, sweet little woman , get along….🎶 GOOD editing job, too.
      Six months sans bagel and cream cheese…? In NY, that’s called “going on the wagon”! Thanks again, Bud 😘🙋🏻

      • If I switched to decaf, you’d have to call it going “Cold Turkey”.
        Yes, two edits were definitely required to reflect my actual feeling, and to preserve my physical health! 😉😂🙋🏻‍♂️

    • I only eat honey nut cheerios in the morning, but I ate very little yesterday so I woke up super hungry. I splurged and made a french toast flavored bagel with lite cream cheese. The bagel tasted awful and I threw it away after 4 bites. If you had a french toast bagel, my mind would be blown!!!

      No Peets coffee, unfortunately. I’m faithful to my Folgers! It’s cheap and I pick up the ginormous size at the warehouse club. 😉

      • Your mind is safe, Mike! No french toast bagel (and no OLED TV screen 😉😂).
        I think that’s good advice on how to become a foodie – don’t be afraid to,try new stuff and make mistakes (or should that be missteaks?)

      • You know, now that I’ve thought about it, this is even *creepier* and *my* mind is blown! It’s not like one of us has a bagel with cream cheese every morning and the other happened to — *neither* of us usually has one, and haven’t for months, and now today, we *both* do *and* you mention it on the blog! That is worthy of the Halloween theme, or The Twilight Zone!

  8. Just a note about word #3 for the computer inclined – there was a spoof Microsoft commercial announcing that the company was going to consolidate the operating systems Windows CE, Windows ME and Windows NT to produce “Windows CEMENT” – the operating system that weighed 1000 pounds and would sink like a stone. Considering that this was around the time of Windows VISTA, they weren’t very far off the mark!

  9. HI, all! I enjoyed seeing that the cartoon was about a railroad because I have ridden many miles on a train. When we came to Arizona from Arkansas, half the trip was across Texas where I was amazed to see so many oil rigs and saw Saguaro cactus for the first time.

    Solved the cartoon immediately and all 4 words quickly.

    Mike, I like the new site. Thanks! Great job!

    Steve, we are headed for Walmart & a full day, but just wanted to say that I agreed with your compliments of the new site yesterday and the humorous one when you said you were glad our little avatars didn’t turn into Halloween bugs or monsters.

    Angela, congrats on your well deserved shout out from Mike.

    • Hi Lelia – Thanks, I hope you enjoy your day, and I hope your daughter gets good job news.

      • Steve, I forgot 3 things:

        First, I wanted to tell you that I like the song “Chattanooga Choo Choo” a lot and thought of it until realizing our cartoon is a kid’s train.

        Second, I forgot to tell you that your comment about being glad our avatar didn’t turn into a Halloween bug gave me a much needed smile. I made myself do too much paperwork at one time.

        Third, I should have known that the man wouldn’t call daughter until late in the day so should have said I’d report to you Tuesday. (I tell other people not to “should” on themselves but here I am doing it.) Anyway, thanks for being your usual self in remembering & caring about it.

    • Hi, Lelia, and thank you. I hope the new theme gave you a surprise when you arrived!!! I didn’t forget about your post asking me about my YouTube idea or your idea of a Jumble solving pamphlet. Although both are great ideas, I find that it’s difficult to just keep up with the blog. The pamphlet might be a better idea because I can work on it in my spare time and posta link to it. Thanks for showing excitement towards the idea and encouraging me to move forward. It’s greatly appreciated. 😊

      • Mike, your hope came true with me about us being surprised by your new theme. I was very surprised!! It brings back memories of when our children were young and we had Halloween all over the house.

        One year we didn’t put enough cardboard down before carving our pumpkins at the kitchen table, and I still have the plastic tablecloth with several holes in it that I keep for sentimental reasons of having so much fun.

        You are welcome for everything you so graciously thanked me for including liking our new site and encouragement for two possible projects.
        See you tomorrow!

  10. Angela–well-deserved shout out to someone who contributes so much to this site E-mail finally came and I discovered the icon at the beginning of the blog which leads me to all comments. Somewhat of a slow learner here. Duh!

    • Thank you, Earl. Same thing here. The other day mine arrived at 2:30. We still can’t figure out why. Your sentence this morning, a gem as always. 🙋🏻

      • You know I am somewhat of a perfectionist, right? \Well, after I went to bed last night I realized that my sentence was not as good as I wanted it to be. I played with “cable “buy and “UPS” man as the person who was groggy. Since cable was one of the clue words, I went with that, but then failed to amend the end of the sentence—a UPS driver would deliver a kayak, but a cable guy? No. So thanks for the compliment but I don’t think I deserved it. I’ll try better today (Tuesday) if I get an e-mail this AM.

        • Earl, Good morning.,.Being somewhat of a perfectionist myself, I can relate. But trust me, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The sentences you come up with are ingenious. And let’s face it…Cable guys? ‘Nuff said! 😂 REST assured, you Sir, are never a disappointment…sleep on that. 😉 See you soon…🙋🏻

  11. Like Steve I had some trouble with cable and had to back in. I used to ride Amtrak trains occasionally. In the beginning, they were usually on time, but in later years they were frequently made late by commercial trains, which had priority. The conductor explained that we were on “railroad time.” Thanks, Angela, for devoting so much time and talent to this blog.

    • Hey Caroline – That’s funny and ironic that he would say that since the whole time zone system was pushed by the railroads to synchronize their schedules. We’re all on “railroad time” every day, and it’s supposed to be correct!

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