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Good morning and happy Thursday my friends!  It’s great to be back from vacation and I’m ready to get back into the Jumble groove.  Today’s puzzle had excellent clue word choices with LLAMA and SUDDEN giving me the most trouble.  Moving along to the cartoon, we are at a garbage transfer facility where a man is attempting to discard his rubbish but is being informed that the site is closed.  Jeff added a couple of interesting items to the back of his truck which appear to be an old water heater as well as a bicycle.  The final solution took a little work in the margin of my newspaper but wasn’t overly difficult.  I decided to cross out FILL first, followed  by LAND.  That left ED for the finish.

If anyone was wondering, our family vacation was a mix of business and pleasure.  My wife’s cousin was getting married so it was off to Istanbul, Turkey for the wedding!  What an unforgettable experience it was with the location being an old Ottoman palace on the edge of the Bosphorus.  There were approximately 500 guests and the evening started with a cocktail reception, the ceremony, and finished off with the most elaborate wedding dinner that I’ve ever seen.  Course after course of delish local foods were served and then it was time for the dancing and partying.  I’ll end the story there as the party lasted well after 2 am.  Everyone had a wonderful time and the bride and groom left for their honeymoon in Bali.

I know that I was supposed to post pictures along the way, but our iPads were left on the plane and we didn’t have them during the entire trip.  Thank goodness almost everyone in Turkey speaks English and we were able to locate them in the lost and found of our airline and they are currently being shipped back to us.  I apologize for not following through with what I hoped was going to be a fun guessing game.  The few pictures that I sent to Angela via email used up just about the last of my international data package which was only 300mb.  Interestingly, the answer to where I was could  be found if you zoomed in on the road sign in the background of the photo that she posted.  Pretty sneaky, right?!

From Istanbul we went to Izmir, Turkey where we stayed at my mother in law’s apartment for a day before renting a car to go to her waterfront summer home in Cesme.  We spent the following week relaxing at the edge of the Aegean Sea.  We purchased my son a fishing spear gun and he had hours and hours of fun snorkeling in the turquoise blue waters in search of dinner.  Although he never was able to spear one, the tales of the big fish that got away were very filling!  We took day trips to Bazaar’s for shopping as well as a boat ride around the area and ate out at all of the different waterfront restaurants every evening.

All wonderful things eventually come to an end and so did our vacation.  The 10 hour plane ride was torture but we survived and knowing that you’re on the way home is always a great feeling.  Thanks to Angela for keeping the fun flowing as there would be no way that I could have kept up with the posts while I was gone.  Thanks for listening and I’ll see you tomorrow!


35 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/10/2017

    Your descriptions might be better than the pictures! Great post!
    Again, glad you’re back. You know I missed you! ❤️🙋🏻

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  2. I wasn’t going to post this, but after the question above, I just can’t resist!
    From posts a few days ago:

    🎵”Whooo are you, who who, who who”🎵(The Who)
    No really, we remember! You slipped away so fast (🎵”Slip kid, slip kid”🎵, also by The Who), I didn’t get a chance to post:
    🎵”Gonna take two weeks, gonna have a fine vacation
    Gonna take my problem to the United Nations”🎵 (Eddie Cochran, but famously covered by, Who else, The Who.)
    (Please excuse all this “Funny Biz” 😉😉).


  3. Mike, glad you & family had such a great trip. This was one of my fastest solves. David and Jeff are back at the landfill, this time a full one. Anti-straw campaign got me to give up plastic straws, which I don’t miss at all.

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  4. Sounds like you had a fantastic vacation with your family. I did wonder why there were only white cars in the pic showing the canal. I seldom read long posts, however, enjoyed your informative post for today. We missed you and glad you and your family are back safe and sound with lots of great memories. Welcome home and get some rest! BTW today’s puzzle was an easy solve for me. Have a restful day! 🙂

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  5. Hi, Mike, et al! Did some self-jumbling for llama but the rest was easy with a fun solution.
    Welcome back, Mike! Thank you for sharing details of such a fun & exciting vacation. We got to visit Mykonos (Mikonos) Island in the Aegean Sea. Beautiful!!
    Only posted today to welcome you back, Mike, because I am taking care of Jerry after surgery. I will read your wonderful vacation write-up to him.

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    • Hello, Lelia! It was great to hear from you and I hope that everything went as planned with Jerry’s surgery. Thank you for taking a moment to write and I hope Jerry enjoy’s my little tale. Talk soon!!!


  6. 🎶”By the way, that’s a cute hat, And that smile’s so hard to resist
    But what’s a sweetheart like you doin’ in a DUMP like this…”🎶

    LLAMA tell you something…I REFUSE to believe that today’s theme isn’t a serious issue. As far as I’m concerned, talk about GLOBAL WARMING being a myth, is total RUBBISH. That’s just how I feel. I THINK, if FOAMY we paid attention to SUMP things sooner, we could have prevented a LOT of problems. This didn’t just SUDDENly happen…Do you remember the Jumble Guys giving us a puzzle similar to this awhile back? Yes, I think it’s BIN done before. I especially remember a little boy wearing clogs, not the kind of shoes you’d most LIKELY see in a DUMP like this…( You know with me, it’s HAUL ways the shoes…)! Anyway, let’s not WASTE any more time. Our words..: No problem FILLing them in, RECYCLED goodies, easily DISPOSED of. The cartoon: Kudos, Guys, nicely done. You’re not talking TRASH here! Do you know that the average American produces about 5 pounds of GARBAGE a day. A DAY!…That’s a LOT of GARBAGE….LITTERally! Jeff shows us someone looking to add his TRASH bag to the JUNK PILE. And I don’t want to METAL here, but he’s got some serious stuff in his truck too! He must be off to the RECYCLING plant next! The city worker’s saying no. He doesn’t look very COMPOST. Maybe he’s thinking…”I’ve had enough of this, MIASMAs kicking in…”. Or “A WASTE is a terrible thing to MIND”! Or, “Can’t you see we’re SWAMPED, we’re too full..”? “Don’t you see The LAND is FILLED”? And there’s our solve! As for the eye candy? I’ll take a GAS on it today, cause nothing’s METHANE me grin!

    So that’s it Folks! Don’t THROW AWAY this beautiful day! And keep in mind..”To the VECTORS belong the SPOILS”!
    Enjoy, Everyone! 🚯🙋🏻


  7. The SUDDEN thunderstorm and resultant rapid run-off were the LIKELY causes for the FOAMY appearance of the stream which ran through the LLAMA pasture.
    Easy solve for me today and even though I had to use the pen for the solution it wasn’t too much of a challenge.
    Welcome back blog master and thanks for the update on your travels.

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  8. Good evening. Posted late because I’ve been out the whole day. Went fishing on the Captain Jack from Sheepshead Bay with my youngest son and daughterinlaw. Between the two of them they caught at least seven fish. Three were keepers. I caught nothing. From there it was off to Roll N Roaster. (Agela would like that). Now back home watching Mets and doing puzzle. Llama was the hardest to get. Other than that it was fairly quick to get. Glad your back and had a great time Mike. Until tomorrow stay well

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    • Hey Paul. You were “down the Bay”? We sail through those waters all the time! I grew up hanging out down the Bay! What did you catch? Flukes? They’re plentiful now. And you can get lucky with some bass. The Bay was so hard hit after Sandy, but it’s looking beautiful again now, right? They put a lot of money into it. Roll N Roaster? LOL…You’re right! I die for the cheese fries! Be well. See you t’row! 🙋🏻


  9. What!?? No puns?? Oh, wait. I see some in the comments. Got to have our daily PUNishment! Sometime, just to be a little different you should see if you can sneak a palindrome into your comments as well as puns! Or even some alliteration. Always look forward to some antics with semantics.

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    • Eric, For you:
      When proposing to pun on a purposeful platform, one tends to provoke some people. Personally, it provides a productive playground for puzzles. Problem? Not probable; it piques my propensity for playfulness!


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