Jumble Answers for 7/31/2017







Good morning, Everyone! A FROG GIG! Let’s HOP right to it!

🎶”Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was a good friend of mine, I never understood a single word he said, But I helped him drink his wine…Joy to the world, all the boys and girls now..Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea..Joy to you and me…”🎶. Frog walks into McDonald’s, orders French FLIES and a diet CROAK. HA! Yea, old joke, I know, but I just couldn’t let it SLIP by. …
My first thought looking at our puzzle TOADy? A little close to that TV, no? My second thought? The FAUNA continues…FROGS! I’m still GUESTing that Jeff’s trying to tell us something…But WART? Maybe take a little poll? A TADPOLE? Any thoughts, Folks? Hmm….BRISKly went through our words today, nothing to PONDer over. The dialogue though is trICKY! This isn’t hard, but it is trICKY!!! The clues: “Amazing”, “I can’t believe”. The question: “Fascinating”. Dave’s DROPping hints at the word: “RIVETING”. And here’s where the PUN begins! If you didn’t immediately associate FROGS and “RIBBIT”, you definitely needed a comPONDium of your letters to see “RIBBITING”. A lot of “I’s”, right? And, Jeff’s cartoon really didn’t give us any KELP! We see a swamper, wading in the water, GIGGING for FROGS, but they keep BROKEN away. (And speaking of “I’s”, when I tried looking up some FROG info…? My EYES, my EYES! Trust me, things I didn’t KNEEd to see this early in the morning…one could KERMIT suicide)! Most likely, the water’s clammy, but not FRIGID. (Yep, cheap shot for FRIGID I know. FROGet it, it’s all I got)! So what’s HOPpening here? Do you think this guy’s one of those Duck Dynasty types? I like those guys; have you ever METAMOR-PHOSIS-tious bunch? They’re all so FLIPpant, so TONGUE in cheek! I’ve been TOAD they’re always CROAKing jokes. Anyway, looking at todays cartoon, nothing will LEAP off the page, (and you may not SWAMP to JUMP to conclusions). Which is why it might have been necessary to write out those letters. All in all, a TOADally clever pun. The eye candy? The tree on the right side background? A Buzzard! Or is it a Vulture? Either or, he had me CARRION on!
So, Monday morning, and a great puzzle! WART better way to start off the week? Make the most of today, don’t let it just FLY by! 🎶”SLIME..is on your side, yes it is…”🎶 🐸🙋🏻