Jumble Answers for 06/14/2017








Happy Wednesday morning, my friends!  The clue words were the only difficult part of the puzzle today with ADJOIN giving me the most pause.  We’ve seen GEYSER a few times before so it wasn’t as challenging as it once was.  

Moving on to the cartoon, we see a couple in a loving embrace with the woman’s hand gently touching the cheek of her significant other.  Another gentleman in the background adds urgency to the situation by exclaiming that they’re only moments away from departing the station.  The only good news for that couple is that by looking at the size of his bag on the ground, the trip will be a short one and they’ll be in each other’s arms again soon.  With only six letters, the answer was an immediate solve leaving us waiting for another chance at a difficult puzzle tomorrow.  Enjoy your Wednesday and SO LONG!!!


25 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/14/2017

  1. In the hotel LOBBY he saw the AD, JOIN our tour to the IVORY Coast and view the GEYSER, ” so long” anticipated.
    No problems with the clue words or the solution. Another day sans pen. Always a satisfying way to begin the day. The challenge today was finding a way to incorporate the clue words in a sentence which made some kind of sense. I was more or less forced to separate the syllables in ADJOIN and even then the end result was less than stellar. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. But today is my idea of perfection–sunny, bright blue skies low humidity and a gentle breeze with temps in the 60’s and 70’s!

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  2. Good morning, Mike, good morning, Everyone…
    🎶”See you in September, See you when the summer’s through. Here we are, Sayin’ goodbye at the station, Summer vacation, is takin’ you away…🎶
    Ah, young love. Who doesn’t remember the innocence, the excitement, the angst of young love! Those STEAMy summer months that for whatever reason separated COUPLES, and separated the RAIL from the…”RAILly”? DEPOTS all they had to rely on was STATIONery to keep the SPARKS alive. How BOARDing was that? Today’s kids wouldn’t know how to CONDUCT themselves! Try doing it before cell phones, or texting, or Instagram, or FaceTime, or IMessage, or Twitter, or Facebook, or…Phew, this is EXHAUSTing! Today, “Saying Goodbye” just isn’t the same. Today it’s more like..”SO LONG” as your phone’s still on…” Gotta love this puzzle, sweet and breezy, couldn’t be more EZ! DIESEL do it every TIME; just the TICKET for a warm Wednesday morning. Scrambled with just the right amount of laissez-FARE to keep us on TRACK. The CARtoon? (No need to guess who’s LEAVEing, there’s only one piece of luggage! That wouldn’t even hold her CHOOS)! …The CARtoon giving us a boy, a girl, and the ineviTABLE patient friend trying to ENGINEER the DEPARTURE. Today, the eye candy goes to the CROSS EXPRESSion on his face! And I’m RAILing hoping these kids were able to keep the U and ME in summer!
    Have a great day, Everyone, and let’s not allow TUNNEL vision to deRAIL our TRAIN of thought. Life’s such an amazingly beautiful JOURNEY…As long as we don’t get RAILROADed by biting off more than we can CHOO! 👫 🚂 🙋🏻

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  3. Easy puzzle and cartoon today. Remember when people used to “dress up” to travel? – not so anymore. Steve, do you have your pom poms ready for the big celebration in Oakland tomorrow? Yay Warriors!! Happy Wednsday everyone!

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  4. Hi, Mike!! Your post today was so sweet & adorable that I felt like I had just read a really good love story. Then the picture caused some happy tears as I remembered those days of the war causing so many loved ones to have to say goodbye. I also loved the pictures of the guys returning and receiving & giving hugs to their loved ones. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again; what a good writer you are!!
    Jerry has taken an interest in this site because of all the nice things many have said about him, and he likes hearing what you say about the east coast weather. When you said it was 90 and HOT, he said it was supposed to be 112 out here soon, but I forgot to tell you that he also said to tell you that he would die in 90 with all your humidity. He is used to our DRY heat. Today’s forecast for next Monday is 117!!
    Just found your comments about pacemakers with your wishes for a textbook procedure & swift recovery. I thank you and Jerry thanks you, too.
    You don’t owe me a “sorry” for a late post, me the one who posts last every day!!
    Loved your “funny” story about chipmunks eating your sunflower seeds but really glad to hear that new ones have sprouted already. Younger daughter used to have giant sunflowers in her vegetable garden every year, and they were beautiful to see.
    When they were “ready,” she cut some of the heads off to take inside, dry, roast, salt, & eat. Others she left in the garden for the birds to eat so they would, hopefully, leave the tomatoes & other vegetables alone.
    I think I’ve already told you about looking out one morning to see a little rabbit in the huge pot with my hibiscus plant, happily pulling off one low branch at a time & eating the leaves. I went to Home Depot that day to purchase plant stands for the pots.
    Loved your words, “refreshing ocean breeze in my neck of the woods.” Every once in a while I get “ocean withdrawal,” thinking about the California coast, whale watching off Cape Cod, & 3 trips to Hawaii. Guess I’ll go down & look at my shell collection.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday! See you tomorrow.

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    • As always, you’re too kind, Lelia! The humidity was downright AWFUL a couple of days ago and the kids came home dripping in sweat from being in a hot classroom all day. No a/c in our school as it’s usually very pleasant this time of year with just a handful of really hot days right at the end of the year. Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kiddos and the end of August seems like an eternity away after all of the hard work and effort they’ve put forth this year. Over breakfast we discussed all of the wonderful memories and experiences of the past school year and it was truly enlightening to hear what they remembered as we went from month to month. Christmas was the highlight followed by the school field trips and Halloween.
      Be sure to tell Jerry that it’s another picture perfect day with highs forecasted to be in the low 70’s. And of course that gentle ocean breeze throughout the day gives you a nip now and then to remind you that it’s only mid-June. All my best! 😀


  5. Hi, all! A good morning for me!! Jerry heard me getting up and when I got to the kitchen he handed me a fresh, hot beautiful breakfast; fried egg & oatmeal. While I ate, he read the Jumble question to me, and when I said, “Hmmm, a long goodbye,” I knew it was SO LONG. All words easy because I got to back into ADJOIN with the only letter left being the “N.”
    Enjoy your day! See you tomorrow.


    • I agree with Mike’s comment and wishes for Jerry’s procedure. Of course it’s concerning; that’s why they always say that a “minor procedure ” is defined as one that the other guy’s having. But all I read says it’s very common. Since I told you about Bruce Bochy’s heart stents, I’ll also mention that our senior Senator had a pacemaker installed earlier this year, and was back at her job very quickly. Cheers to you both and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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      • Hi, Steve! Thanks again for telling me yesterday, “Get some sleep.” That 3-hour nap saved my life. I take care of Jerry constantly but have a really poor track record of taking care of Lelia, as all of my friends & family will attest to.
        Thanks for your good wishes concerning the pacemaker. I knew you would give me some helpful info, and I’ll read it to Jerry, as usual. Thank you for it.
        Very funny definition that a “minor procedure” is the one that the other guy is getting. We also just love it when the doctor says, “This won’t hurt me a bit.” With the angiogram that Jerry had yesterday, the nurse always says there is a chance of a life-threatening stroke during the procedure. Any more good news, nurse?!!
        When Betty mentioned the Warriors celebration, I read your answer to Jerry that you would be hiding out at home because those are his sentiments exactly. I have heard Jerry say infinite times about going to any kind of ballgame, “I don’t like crowds, and I can see it better on TV.”
        Both of you: no crowds, yes pepper, like to wear jeans & T-shirt. Hmmm.
        Every time I read my words, “3-hour nap” I think of Gilligan’s Island that started with a 3-hour tour, I think, if memory serves.

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      • Hi Lelia – Thanks for the kind response. (I had to take notes here to remember all the comments to respond to -:) ):

        Yup, 3-hour nap, 3-hour tour, your memory’s fine!

        My dentist used that line, “Won’t hurt *me* a bit!” last year. Fortunately, he didn’t hurt either of us.

        Yes, those medical people’s comments can really wake you up, can’t they? I was once asked an even worse question about my wife’s care that really got my attention, but I don’t even want to repeat it. Speaking of which, I am saving up a joke for Jerry in case he needs it later, but, of course, only if you think it would be appropriate and he might appreciate a chuckle.

        Sounds like Jerry and I may have been separated at birth. Scary thought (for him!) I have gone to many baseball games and concerts, but today’s Warriors celebration is a different animal when I read an estimate of as many as 2 million people coming to our sleepy little burg, population about 390,000.


  6. Hi, all!! Jerry heard me getting up this morning as he finished his breakfast, and when I got to the kitchen he handed me a nice, hot fried egg & oatmeal. While I ate, he read the Jumble question to me & told me how many words & letters. I said, “Hmmm, a LONG goodbye,” and knew it was SO LONG. Got to back into ADJOIN with only the “n” left. How’s that for a great way to start your day!
    Happy Wednesday! See you tomorrow.


  7. So sorry for two of those. I didn’t believe it when it said I had already posted so I wrote another one. Next time I’ll check first to see if it really did post.


  8. Absolutely LOVE your comments. They are great to read each day. I must tell you that my friend and I cannot tell by your writing if you are a male or female. I think you’re female and my friend thinks you are a male. I look for clues in your writing just like you look for clues in each Jumble, but still can’t tell. Either way you are an EXCELLENT writer. We love reading your comments and you’re always right-on in terms of what words were hard and which were not.

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    • Thanks for the kind words, Millicent! It’s always nice to hear from fellow Jumble fans like you and your friend. I can tell you FOR SURE that one of you are correct in your guess, however; I’d probably spoil all of your fun if I blurted out the answer. Let’s keep the mystery going just a little bit longer, shall we? All my best for a wonderful evening and I’ll see you tomorrow! 🙂

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