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Good Tuesday morning everyone!  Excellent clue word choices this morning but none of them caused me any delay.  HAIRDO has stumped me a few times in the past but I think I have finally committed it to memory and it was no trouble at all.  Moving along to the cartoon, our old friend the Headless Horseman makes an appearance in his usual frightening fashion.  Reading the dialogue and sentence did not give me the answer so I wrote out my clue letters and began the solve.  HEAD was the first word to come to mind, so I crossed it out and was left with USEHDOT.  Picking up on the clue words of map and Hudson River in the dialogue, I figured a direction of travel would be part of the solve and SOUTH came quickly leaving -ED for the finish.  The letter layout was challenging but by keeping my head on straight, the solution was a no-brainer!

Although the Headless Horseman is a fictional character, Jeff was able to masterfully blend the solution into a real-life scenario.  Sleepy Hollow is an actual village in Mount Pleasant, NY and it’s located on the east bank of the Hudson River.  To get to the city by following the banks, it is approximately 30 miles south.  Doing some research on how long the trip might take on horseback, I found out that depending on the terrain and rest needed by the horse, the trip would take approximately 5 hours to complete!  Have a great Tuesday everyone and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow for more Jumble fun.  😀



38 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/13/2017

  1. Good morning everyone. Enjoyed today’s jumble. Only word that took time was hairdo for some reason. The cartoon puzzle was easy. Only took about a minute to get. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  2. Good morning, Mike, Good morning, Everyone
    🎶”On the Road Again…”🎶…From bucolic Sleepy Hollow to histrionic NYC.
    On a horse, ridden by a man without a head…carrying a grotesque pumpkin. Remember, this is NY… HAY, you never know! Traveling on the Saw Mill, along the banks of the Hudson River. North to South. The horseman “Headed South”! From “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, the stuff nightMARES are made of!
    I GALLOPed through words 1-3. I was ADRIFT for just a second on Adrift. But I REINed it in, in the blink of an eye. Before compiling my letters, I had AHEAD in my head for the 5 letter word. But not seeing any quotes, or the second A, said NEIGH, and VEERed off in another direction. Knowing HEAD had to be in there, the rest was guaranSTEED. The cartoon, mentioning Hudson River, travel, and maps, made it an easy, breezy solve. And I HOOF to give the eye candy to the angry looking horse. And, here’s a little story, keeping in mind I love the game Six Degrees. When I was a teenager, I HERD a lot of..”She MUSTANG with the wrong crowd”. Maybe so, and this cartoon did STIRRUP a memory. I travelled up the Saw Mill to go to a place called the Westchester Premier Theater, and I got to see my MANE man, Sinatra. I even remember who tried to BALE me out later, because my parents were not amused, and I was in trouble FURLONG after it. But, the memory’s FRIESIAN in time! That trip up the Saw Mill…? WHOA was it worth it! Which leads to…The victim in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, Ichabod Crane? He was a military man Washington Irving met in 1814. I guess he liked his name, because he immortalized him in the story. Colonel Ichabod Crane is buried right here on Staten Island. I pass the cemetery almost every day… And guess what comes to mind, e-ver-y single time?
    🎶”You Go To My HEAD..and you linger like a HAUNTing Refrain…”🎶
    Don’t let life PASTURE by..NEIGHbe today’s your lucky day! 🐎 🙋🏻

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    • Would have ❤️ for you to email me a pic of Cranes headstone! That would have been a great graphic for the post! Also, I did notice that his horse (Daredevil) had an angry looking face — nice catch! Another excellent write-up, Angela. 😊

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      • Back at you, Coach. Would have sent a pic if I knew! You’re right, that would have been a major coup! I’ll still try and get you one. A lot of weeds around there, tho. I have this inordinate fear of mosquitoes and tics…! Extra innings last night…but you prevailed. And so did the Yankees…The struggle continues…⚾️🐎

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    • Wow, great word Angela, FRIESIAN! I only knew that as a part of the Netherlands, didn’t know there was a horse breed as well. The benefits of a misspent youth playing the ponies, eh?
      Blast from the posts – I mean, past:

      🎵”And I’m still at these races
      With my ticket-stubs and my blues” 🎵

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      • 🎶”Cause I’m midway down the Midway, slowin’ down, down down…”🎶. Good morning, Glory. Who’s misspent youth we talking about? 🐎🐎


  3. While ADRIFT on the Mohawk, Ichabod’s wife ERUPTED in SHAME when her new HAIRDO ” headed south.”
    For this New Yorker, the solution was a snap since I attended university in Albany, NY and often took the train to NYC along the Hudson River passing legendary Sleepy Hollow country on the way.
    The clue words were not too much trouble, had to pause at hairdo but was able to get through without a pen or pencil.
    For non- easterners, the Mohawk is a tributary of the Hudson River and flows east into it.
    I suspect my Ichabod reference needs no explanation.
    Great puzzle and great cartoon– I am guessing the Middle School sign tells us when most people read The Headless Horseman,”

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    • Hi Earl, Good morning! Great catch with the Middle School. I stared at it for a while and wondered why it was featured. Beautiful train ride for the most part, right? The Saw Mill is pretty too. I’m laughing at everyone’s pause at Hairdo. Might be a male thing. We’ll see. Laughed out loud at your sentence, as usual. If I were you, I’d be keeping them in a diary of sorts. HAY, you never know! Try to stay cool. Enjoy your day! 🙋🏻

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  4. Had the puzzle “solved” before the CW’s, but I had the poor guy “HEADED NORTH” rather than SOUTH. Thanks for the geography lesson, Mike and Earl. During both tours of duty through Rochester in my youth (father at Kodak), I never made it downstate!

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  5. John–a Rochester connection in addition to the Jumble! Hopefully you got a chance to see the Genesee as it flowed north through Rochester into Lake Ontario and possibly beautiful Letchworth State Park with the gorge and waterfalls.

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    • I have fond memories of both times living in Rochester. In ’69 we were in a townhouse development out in Henrietta adjacent to the river. As kids we had great adventures exploring the woods. We returned in ’76 and lived on the north edge of Brighton adjacent to the Divinity School. In the winter we would strap on the skis at the back door and go through the Divinity School campus to Highland Park and on to Mt. Hope Cemetery. Letchworth was always a special trip for our family, as was the Finger Lakes and a ride on the carousel at Lake Ontario. Frozen custard, anyone!? Headed to Berkeley in ’79 upon graduation from Brighton High School. Have only been back once since.

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  6. 🎼 “Get me to New York right away… 🎼

    Hi all – Almost pulled an “Earl”, but had to get my pen out for the answer. I thought it was “Planned ahead”, but the letters didn’t work. Appropriate that a clue word was HAIRDO which our rider doesn’t need, but I’ve been stuck on that one so often I recognize it now.
    Hope you all have a great day.

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  7. I think I have a solution to Sue’s problem of having to wade through 100 posts:
    Go to Amazon; order 3 muzzles; folllow directions to apply to me, Mike and Angela.

    Mmmmmmmfffff! 😷😷


    • Actually at times, it is 200+ and that is a lot to wade through; especially if one does not care much for baseball. I am a big University of KY basketball fan and I watch their football games. I post on a site with other UK fans and we have a lot of fun. As they say, different strokes for different folks or to each his own! 😉


  8. Hi, all!! We just got home and Jerry is fine. Good news was that he didn’t need a stint. Unexpected news was that we have to go back next week for a pacemaker. Now I’ll have to study up on those.
    At first reading, I said, “Headed There,” because I wasn’t sure which direction he was traveling in. I don’t know the east coast at all, and what I learned in Middle School has left the building. I self-jumbled HAIRDO the most; 4 times.
    Because we had to be at a hospital far away by 6 a.m, I tried to go to bed by 8:30 last nite, but could I do it with our Warriors ahead in the 3rd quarter? No. I got to see the WIN!! Woo Hoo, Warriors!
    Enjoy the rest of your day, and thanks again for all of your wonderful comments yesterday for Jerry. See you tomorrow. Both of us are headed for a nice, long nap.

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    • Hi Lelia! I’m not quite sure of the procedure for pacemakers but I’ve read that it doesn’t require open heart surgery and most patients go home within 24 hours. All my best for a textbook procedure and a swift recovery. Sorry so late in the reply as the days keep getting away from me. Just a funny story: I’ve been battling chipmunks this year and they ate all of the mammoth sunflower seeds that I planted right out of the ground! I planted some more seeds in an egg crate and they’ve sprouted so now I can safely plant those without having to worry. What a pain they’ve been for such a tiny creature. Clear and sunny/76 degrees here with a refreshing ocean breeze in my neck of the woods. All my best to you and Jerry! 😀


  9. EXCELLENT advice, Steve!! After I fixed lunch for both of us, Jerry went right to sleep in his chair, but I was staying busy as usual until I found your wonderfully, thoughtful words, returned to Plan A to take a nap, and slept for 3 hours. I hope you had whatever kind of afternoon would make you the happiest.
    See you tomorrow!


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