Jumble Answers for 05/11/2017








Good morning everyone and happy Thursday!  The clue words have really impressed me so far this week as fresh words make the puzzle more satisfying to solve.  ACCENT gave me a hint of trouble causing me to pause just for a moment before it came into view.  Moving on to the cartoon answer, Mr. Hoyt decided to give us another word in quotes for the third time this week which is unusual yet appreciated.  Looking at the 11 clue letters, I noticed RESPECT was clumped together at the end but surely he wouldn’t make it that easy of a solve.  I took the bait anyway and tried it but of course it didn’t work.  THEM came into view next and after crossing it out, PERCHES took a few seconds to decipher for the finish.  The cartoon that Jeff gave us contained no obvious details that would help you solve the puzzle if you got stuck so you really had to use your noodle for this one.  Enjoy your Thursday and I look forward to seeing you right back here tomorrow!  


27 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/11/2017

  1. Good morning, Mike, good morning Everyone! Going out on a LIMB, and saying syrupy isn’t the most common of words; one of those that somehow manage to ‘look wrong’. You EIDER know it or not. Loving the quote answers, I FLEW through the words and couldn’t wait to get to it. The answer, an easy one with Sale and Sell, (I’m
    thinking: Buy-‘Purchase’) stated in the dialogue. ‘Perches’ Them, was a great pun, a real TERN of phrase. HERON NYC, we learn early on not to be so GULLible with real estate listings. ‘Nice and AERIE’? The stove has an exhaust fan…Great views? If you WRENch your neck a little you might see the river!
    Wishing everyone a Rockin’ Robin day! ๐Ÿ•Š ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป

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    • Hi Angela – Nice touch – “Rockin’ Robin DAY” since I found that the original was performed by Bobby DAY when I looked it up. The first name that popped into,my head was Bobby Goldsboro, but his songs were much more SYRUPY!

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      • Hey, Good Day! Good catch. But, Bobby Goldsboro, Jeez, he made like a zillion dollars singing about grief. When you said his songs were syrupy, did you mean “Honey”? That’s the one…he literally cried all the way to the bank with that tear jerker. So now, since 5:30 this morning ‘Rockin’ Robins’ playing over and over in my head. Then I walk in a while ago, accidently step in the sawdust, and think ..”D— I’m walking in sawdust”…So now, it’s “I’m Walking in Sunshine…”, going reel to reel. There’s got to be a way to turn this stuff off! LOL….’ Rockin’ Robin’ should be Trumps theme song….The word TWEETs used like 50 times! ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป


      • Yes, at least the song “Honey, I miss you”, could be the definition of syrupy. The Smothers Brothers had a hilarious, vicious parody of that, starting out singing “Honey”, then the backdrop lifts and the audience is encouraged to enter the “Honey House Gift Shop” where they can buy all kinds of song-related cheap cr*p.

        If you find a way to turn off the songs in your head, let me know. There’s almost always one playing in here, sometimes welcome, sometimes not!

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      • Syrupy doesn’t to justice to that song. It was sad and sappy. Sad. A lot of people jumped on that song after his hit. Too sad for me. I went through a stack of Sinatra’s LPs this morning, Those are the 33s right? Nothing. Maybe it does exist only in my head. I’ll look at the rest though, because I read through some web pages and they’re are others who say they heard a version by him too. I wish it didn’t bug me so much because I’m afraid I’m ‘gonna lose this one. On the run. Home Depot. And now “Honey”s starting to play! Let’s hope whatever’s playing in the car will win out! Ciao! ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป


      • Oh man, you can’t make this stuff up! I just learned that “Bobby Day”‘s real name was Robert James BYRD!
        “Robert James Byrd (July 1, 1930[1] โ€“ July 27, 1990), known by the stage name Bobby Day, was an American rock and roll and R&B singer, multi instrumentalist, music producer and songwriter he remains best known for his hit record Rockin’ Robin, written by Jimmie Thomas[2]”

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      • We need the Nationals to lose. What’re they at like .650? They’re tough. PS.,,Justin Bieber-he’s listening to Justin Beiber. TAXI! Later…๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป


  2. Good morning. I was stuck for fifteen minutes on syrupy. Then when I looked at the cartoon the first word was in quotations and I have problems with that. It took a little time but the answer finally came. Had to get my brain to think like a bird. After all,I’m perched on my chair doing this puzzle. Not as poetic as Angela but you get the point. Till tomorrow stay healthy.

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  3. My goal of writing nothing down was not met today. Got all the words with only a little hesitation on accent–not sure why that gave me pause? Solving the puzzle meant writing the letters down and coming up with “them” quite quickly and then looking at the quotes and the letters left and thinking of the cartoon–“perches” came quickly . Interesting choice of clue words, haven’t ever heard “syrupy” used in speech, I don’t think.

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  4. No problem with the clue words but the cartoon took me longer. Like Earl I had to write down the letters and worked from them. Perch finally came to me and the rest fell into place. The quotes always make it an extra challenge but it fun. Have a happy day everyone.

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  5. No problem with the words except a pause at SYRUPY to reassure myself that it was a real word and spelled correctly. Wrote down the clue letters, saw THEM right away, then had to separate the vowels and consonants to have PERCH jump out. Good day, everyone.

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  6. Hi Mike et al, not a quick solve again today. My brain & the word MERGE would not MERGE. After self-jumbling 17 times, I got out the scrabble tiles, swirled them in the box lid only twice, and they merged into the word MERGE. The word โ€œroostsโ€ in the question gave me the answer word PERCHES.
    Loved the cartoon picture of the birds. We still feed the birds that come into our desert yard every day; gambel/gambol quail, doves, finches, road-runners, sparrows, & more. Right now we have 2 or 3 families of gambol quail. First in line is the mom with the babies in a straight line behind her. Daddy takes up the rear & rushes at any bird that gets too close to the babies. If the babies are recently born, they look like little cotton balls bouncing along behind mom; an adorable sight!!
    Enjoy your Thursday! See you tomorrow.

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    • That’s a wonderful picture, Leila, thanks. We had hummingbirds non-stop all winter, but when the flowers exploded in April from all the rain, there was a drastic drop-off. I think the flowers taste better. I was just going to say we had hardly seen any in months, then just glanced out the window and there is one, happily drinking away. Cheers!

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      • Steve, arenโ€™t humming birds just the greatest to watch; such beautiful colors! We had several feeders for them until our neighbor did the same so we decided to let him do that while we concentrated more on attracting finches with finch feeders and the small, extremely expensive food they like. That small finch food comes in handy to toss to our little baby quails. What fun!

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      • They are absolutely beautiful, but I’ve learned, very territorial and aggressive. One article said that if hummingbirds were the size of robins, it wouldn’t be safe to walk in the woods.

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