Jumble Answers for 05/08/2017








Good Monday morning everyone and welcome back to another week of Jumble fun!  The clue words were more difficult than usual for a puzzle so early in the week.  I goofed on WEAKEN and wrote down AWAKEN as my answer which gave me some trouble while solving the cartoon answer.  CAVIAR had me stumped for a couple of minutes but it finally came to me after a bit of self-jumbling.  With all of the clue words completed (at least I thought I had them solved correctly) I started the cartoon.  A couple of things jumped out at me right off the bat.  First of all, Jeff had David wearing a shirt with a “B” on it.  The man sitting next to him also had a “B” on his cap.  Was this cartoon taking a jab at my Red Sox???  There was a man pouring wine at the bar in the background which was odd as the cartoon sentence said it was a beer pub.  Looking at my letters, I found BAR straight away and jotted it down.  That left me with 5 letters that made no sense.  I went back to the clue words and found my mistake almost immediately.  A quick shuffle of the letters led me to find WHINE which solved the pun as well as the cartoon conundrum.  Even if Jeff was poking fun at the Red Sox, I thought the word choices and the cartoon made for a challenging puzzle that I’d enjoy seeing again in the Jumble App, calendar, or in one of the Jumble books that they publish.  Have a great day everyone and I’ll see you tomorrow!  😀⚾️


20 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/08/2017

  1. Good morning. Today’s puzzle was a little tougher for a Monday. The first three words came easy but caviar took a few minutes to get. After writing down the letters for the cartoon,bar jumped out right away followed by whine. Never noticed the guy pouring wine until you said it. Certainly a hint for the answer. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  2. I also thought AWAKEN, but noticed it had two A’s and got WEAKEN. Couldn’t get the last word, but BAR in the clue gave me the A and R for CAVIAR.
    Harry – Thanks for reminding me about Gabby Hayes yesterday. Speaking of seldom-used words, he sure did make a great ornery varmint, didn’t he?
    And Angela, anyone who lived through the Cold War heard plenty of times about the Hammer and SICKLE.
    It’s a bit quiet here today — too quiet.


  3. Mike – Both those ‘B’s in the cartoon are almost invisible in my paper because the hat and shirt are, of course, Deep Purple.
    🎵 ” Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose” 🎵


  4. Mike, I agree, the B for Boston is totally inappropriate. He should have used NY for Mets or SF for Giants. Both those turmoil teams meet each other later today — I’ll watch hockey.


  5. Hi Mike et al, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I thought “awaken” first, also, but noticed it needed two “a’s” before writing it. Mike, I had to do your famous self-jumbling three times for CAVIAR. The first 2 techniques I learned from you were to just keep staring at the letters for a while (and don’t do my usual, give up) and the self-jumbling, which works most of the time. Thanks. My husband’s comments during a game are not so much about the performance of the players. He mostly complains about the umpires.
    Have a great Monday. See you tomorrow.


    • Steve, I was going to have to ask Mike about the B’s but you answered it for me. Go, Red Sox. When you watch ice hockey, which is your favorite team? Do you cheer for the San Jose Sharks? Do you live close to San Jose? Do you know the way…….?


      • Hi Leila. Yes, I always watch the Sharks, but like when I was growing up in New England with the Red Sox as my team, I’m beginning to think I won’t live long enough to see them win a Stanley Cup. I know the way; San Jose is only about 40 Miles south. I get the NHL Center Ice package during the season, so I can see the local broadcasts and follow Chicago, Boston, Minnesota and Hockey Night in Canada mostly.


  6. Failed to get Caviar….However solved puzzle just by reading the picture.. Some days I am the bug and some days I am the windshield! Made the drive to Milwaukee and got through that Chicago traffic and only got the “finger” 2 times!


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