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Good Thursday morning everyone!  TOPAZ was the only word to give me a hint of trouble today.  After a couple of looks, it popped into view and I raced along to the cartoon.  I had no guess for the final answer so I wrote out my letters and read the cartoon dialogue and sentence.  With still no answer in mind, I had no choice but to break out my notepad for assistance.  I tried separating the vowels and consonants as so many of you have suggested but it didn’t work for me.  A little self-jumbling led me to find NOTE.  With a bit more jumbling, I stumbled upon COMPARED and added the remaining S to NOTE for the finish.  Not an easy solve for me today, and credit must be given to David and Jeff for keeping the final solution well hidden.  Enjoy your day my friends and I’ll see you tomorrow.  😀🎼


25 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/20/2017

  1. Good morning. The words were easy. It took me maybe twenty seconds to get. The cartoon answer was a different story. Rather than rack my brain which has too many things on it now, I took the easy way out and looked for the answer. Just have not been in the mood. Till tomorrow,stay healthy.

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    • Just realized why I had trouble solving cartoon answer. Again as usual, I left out the letter “P” from skimpy. And I use to pride myself that I never made mistakes when it came to all the electrical wiring we did. It was always the other guy!!!oh brother. As always,stay well.

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  2. I thought the answer was going to be a play on words from a song, but then I saw notes, too. I don’t like The Voice’s discriminatory voting system. There must be others like me who don’t have a mobile device to download the App onto. So we couldn’t vote for Josh, who is so likable and talented, 10 times. I also don’t like voting being tied up with marketing.

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    • CAROLINE, thank you for your words of praise for Josh. When you said the voting is tied up with marketing, you were referring to the sale of iTunes, and I had feelings of doubt & wondering about that, too. You mentioned their discriminatory voting system. Can you imagine how discriminated against we in Arizona, where Josh lives, felt when we tuned in to The Voice at 7 p.m., all ready to watch & vote, only to find out that the voting was closed?!! Some of us had read the fine print online & knew to begin voting at 5 p.m., but I am thinking that the huge majority of his fan base here in the Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria area did not know to vote before the show even came on!! Oh, well. He enjoyed the experience, I couldn’t be more proud of my precious grandson even if he had won the whole thing, and he is now home safe & sound. Thank you for writing.

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      • Lelia, The voting system is very unfair to voters where you are, and I’m sure it cost Josh plenty of votes. But it’s a testament to his talent that he got this far with all the people who want to make it on The Voice. And I imagine he must have learned a lot.
        Angela, I’m glad you liked the Dyngus Day clip. Believe it or not, I hadn’t heard of Dyngus Day until it was mentioned on this blog, and then the next day I spotted the article. I really enjoy your comments and those of everyone else, and of course Mike’s.

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  3. Easy words, but solution was a different story. Thought I was so smart when I came up with composed. RNTAE left me with nothing to work with, however! From there it was an easy jump to compared, leaving me with sensible letters.

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  4. Ditto John and Clay. I could not figure where I screwed up. I was so sure of COMPOSED I did not try anything else. Well done Jeff!


  5. I had the same issues as John & Harry. The clue words were no problem but I had “composed” stuck in my head and like Mike had to break out pencil and paper and work for a longer time than usual to come up with compared. Actually I finally saw “notes” in the mix of letters and compared followed rather easily. Good brain workout today. Have a happy day everyone.

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  6. Good norning, Mike, good morning Music lovers everywhere!
    Props to the inimitable John and Paul, with a nod to Jeff, music aficionado.
    Haven’t we all gotten by… 🎶”With a Little Help From My Friends”🎶
    Opening the paper, my eyes hit on SKIMPY, but since I like doing the puzzle in order, (tiny shades of OCD), I went back up to CROWN. Had no problem with TOPAZ or EXCEED, although I sometimes lean towards spelling it as Excede. And I did! Then after finishing the entire puzzle, I glanced at it again and…hmm. Funny thing is, regarding this puzzle, it didn’t matter; the same circled letters were correct! This might be a first, incorrectly spelling and still getting the necessary letters. Mike, do you remember this ever happening before? The solve: With the music NOTES so obviously displayed, I looked at my letters and there was the phrase. Overall easy breezy once again today. But, did anyone else see/think COMPOSED as a possibility? Another little quirk in today’s puzzle, no? Do we think it was intentional? Do anyone of us read music? Do those notes mean anything? …DO BE DO BE DO…(Just keeping with the music theme)!
    Rainy here in NY, but wishing everyone a 🎶🎶” Good Day Sunshine..”🎶🎶 🌞☔️ 🙋🏻


    • I don’t know about the notes, but as I assume you noted from your post, John’s comment shows that they’re working on “A little help from my friends”.

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  7. Yup, same here. Got the words in an instant, then gave up after 10 minutes on the clue. Found COMPOSED after 5 minutes, but decided that if that wasn’t correct I’d never get it. Duh, failed on a music puzzle, and a Beatles at that! I”m not worthy! (Or, Angela, “I’m a Loser”! Like I said, I ain’t proud, though)

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      • Since we’re Beatle-themed today, I have a couple of links you might like — a pro musician’s loving appreciations and explanations of John’s and George’s guitar playing, and an explanation of “A Hard Day’s Night” including 7 minutes about that first chord! They may be too long for most people’s interest, but I learned a lot.

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  8. I guess a lot of us are alike. I got the words very easily but got stuck as most of us did with composed and the remainig letters did’t match anything
    Had to wait For the answer. Felt like a failure today

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  9. Hi Mike. God knows you’re busy, but I think I’ll need your help. I never even got the email notice of your post this morning, which I always do. I did the set up, but obviously hit a snag. You have my info. Would you text me if you get a chance? Thanks and sorry! 😟 🙋🏻

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  10. Hi! Loved the Jumble today about music!!! Fits right in with all the excitement about Josh! Super fast solve for me. Got all 4 words quickly, even topaz because that is my sister’s birthstone. Thought the answer might be “Together Again” but with no “g” I wrote the 13 letters. Decided to rewrite them with consonants in a row & vowels below. Out jumped NOTES first and then COMPARED. Fun!!
    Enjoy your day!! See you tomorrow.

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    • Hi Lelia! Today sure was a challenge for me. Like I noted, breaking the clue letters into groups didn’t work for me. I thought I’d give it a whirl but nada. I was surprised TOPAZ got me because it has a Z in it and there are only so many possible words with one. When I saw the cartoon I thought instantly of Josh. Hope he’s in good spirits. Nice and sunny but breezy today. Be well (Jerry too). 😎


  11. Mike, thanks for cluing me in. I’m back to planning parties for Josh. For congrats & welcome home, we’ve invited 50 for a potluck Friday at his home and 11 family members for Sun. lunch at Mex. restaurant where I’ll show him the wonderful words from you & all who commented so many very much appreciated words of praise & encouragement.

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