Jumble Answers for 04/08/2017








Have a great Saturday everyone! Β πŸ˜€πŸž


11 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/08/2017

  1. You were right Mike, it was kinda easy but at first glance I was so proud of my self, I thought it had to be HIT BOTTOM.
    LOL Another case of humbling me. My entry yesterday is not there anymore, I swear I made a response! Today in golf…my Men’s Club starts. Will try to not get blown away!

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  2. Good morning. Your a man of your word Mike, It was very easy. The whole thing was solved with minimum effort. I didn’t even have my coffee yet. Much preferred a little challenge. Where is the happy medium. Tomorrow should bring a good one. Stay well.

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  3. Good Saturday morning everyone, good morning Harry. (I did notice your absense y’day). Totally agree, with you and Mike, puzzle was a breeze. Only teeny tiny blink was at AWAKEN, I thought WEAKEN for a second, but I already had the answer; no W, and saw 2 As, NOT 2 Es, so … As for the cartoon, I wondered why only one climber has a backpack and an alpenstock. And, Betty, for all us footwear aficionados , both men are wearing red boots. I love red boots! No win for my Mets…Zack got sacked…Sigh. Harry, enjoy your golf game; everyone , enjoy your day! We’ll be cooking/prepping all day for the Holiday t’row. Happy Saturday! πŸ™‹πŸ»

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  4. Hi! It was fun to AWAKEN to standing on the cold, BREEZY, 29,000 foot summit of Mr Everest. Didn’t have to DITCH a puzzle as easy to solve as this one, and nothing made my attitude DROOP.
    Speaking of being cold, we are now (thanks for asking yesterday, Mike) the proud owners of a new 5-ton refrigeration unit, 10 yr. warranty, on our ground floor that cools faster and more quietly. We are ready for a lot of hot AZ summers!!
    Enjoy your Saturday!! See you tomorrow.


  5. Steve, I’m not as clever as you today, so had to figure out what you meant. You were joking about something weighing 5 tons crashing down from upstairs. Good one! I’m sure you already know that a unit that delivers 5 tons of refrigeration does not weigh 5 tons. Luckily, we do not have an upstairs. Our other floor is our basement with a 3-ton unit down there.

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    • Oh – no, I didn’t know that; I thought it did weigh 5 tons. We don’t have air conditioning here; we’re more likely to need a bit of heat in our “summers” – not as bad as San Francisco, though. The upside is cool days.


    • Lelia – thanks for teaching me a new term, “ton of refrigeration”, having to do with the amount of heat equivalent to melt tons of ice. Wikipedia says it’s analagous to “candlepower” and “horsepower”; units that relate familiar objects (candles, horses, ice) to the newly understood concepts of heat and energy. This is delightful, and I’m always amazed at how much I don’t know after all these decades, especially since I was a physics minor and spent my careers in somewhat scientific areas.



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