Jumble Answers for 01/12/2017







Good morning everyone and happy Thursday!  I finally remembered to try and solve the cartoon before starting the game and sure enough I got it correct!  DEPICT was a great clue word choice as I don’t recall seeing it before and ORNERY was an old favorite that didn’t get me this time.  I’ll be away for the long weekend so I might not post the answers right away.  Feel free to post the answers in the comments section and I’ll do an “official” posting when I get a few spare minutes.  The temperature is supposed be 58 degrees today — a huge shift from the 7 and 9 degrees we experienced on Monday and Tuesday.  Enjoy your day my friends!  ๐Ÿ˜Š


8 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/12/2017

  1. Good morning! We have not brought our paper in yet so I found the Houston Chronicle Jumble and did it. It solved really fast, but I enjoyed it. I had a couple
    of thoughts yesterday after you mentioned the possibility of a video after you find those letter tiles.
    I think that making a video of you solving the Jumble is a grand idea but that you should not plan to use letter tiles in your video after doing such an excellent job so long without them. They are just a trick in the bottom of our bag of tricks to use when we get desperate.

    In the video I hear you saying the exact same things that you say in your helpful paragraph every morning, beginning with a cheerful greeting and then describing how you solve the clue words and telling us what you are thinking as you solve them. As you progress through the clue words you will share your ideas that I find immeasurably more helpful than letter tiles; ideas including staring at the letters for a moment, staring a little longer, self jumbling the letters, enjoying the challenge, memorizing the letters and walking around thinking about it, FRESH EYES, and more.

    When you finish the words, you will demonstrate writing the letters in order in large black capital letters as you did in your pic. Next, you’ll read the cartoon puzzle and dialog and say what is going through your mind as you look at the letters just as you tell us every day. Sometimes you choose a 2 or 3 letter word first and sometimes you see a longer word. You will admire the artwork; marvel at the amount of detail in such a small space; notice fun, interesting, noteworthy details; and look for easter eggs. Everything you say will be wonderful!
    Have a stupendous day and a fun, safe long weekend!

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    • Well Lelia, I think you just wrote the script for my video! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time but I’m not sure if there would be a copyright issue with me posting the actual content of the puzzle. If David and Jeff gave me their blessing, then I would go ahead and do it ASAP. Maybe they will chime in and let me know. Otherwise I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing now. Have a great day Lelia. You’ve been posting earlier than usual as of late. I hope all is well. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Soon as I looked at the puzzle I knew the word ‘split’ was in the answer — ornery gave me a bit of a problem but the rest was easy. Good week so far.
    Have a great weekend —

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  3. Good morning. First word took forever for me. Was definitely not sharp today. I was hung up on the first word in the cartoon. Had slice and couldn’t get passed that thought for awhile. First impressions are hard to remove. Better luck for tomorrow I hope. Stay well everybody.

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