Jumble Answers for 01/11/2017







Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday!  ONWARD gave me the most trouble this morning.  At first I thought it was wandor but I knew it was wrong because wander has an E.  I figured it out after noticing the ON together.  The cartoon was great and the artifacts were fun to admire.  After reading the caption and picking up on abacus, I figured it had something to do with adding.  ADDITION was the first word I found leaving NICE to be found in a flash.  Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!  🙂


12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/11/2017

  1. Good morning! I thought it would be “Fine addition” but nice is nice.
    I studied my 3 games with letter tiles for you and Hoosier Harry and anyone else.
    SCRABBLE has 98 letter tiles with a number for scoring on them, 2 blank tiles, and only one each of these 5 letters: J, K, Q, X, Z.
    SCRABBLE SCORING ANAGRAMS, the ones I use for Jumble, smaller box, 180 wooden tiles, at least 2 of each letter, red capital letters.
    BANANAGRAMS, zipped into a small bright yellow banana shaped cloth case, 144 ivory colored plastic letter tiles, at least 2 of each letter, black capital letters similar to the ones you wrote and showed us in a pic. I’m going to try these.
    Have a very “nice” day!

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    • Good morning and you’re up early! Very nice break down of the differences between the games. I’m sure I’ll run across a few of them this spring during yard sale season. When I find one, perhaps I’ll post a YouTube video of me solving the puzzle “live” for a week — or an even better idea would be you folks taking a video solving it and I could make it guest solving week or something like that. If anyone has an interest just let me know. 🙂


  2. Good morning. Todays puzzle was pretty easy. We were on the same wave length regarding the third word but then I remembered seeing onward before. Infant stumped me for awhile so I went to the cartoon and immediately got the answer. Knowing I needed two Ns and an I,infant fell into place. We have had abacus as a word and I failed that one.

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  3. I thought at once the answer was ‘good addition’ but when I got doing the words I could see good wasn’t right…didn’t take long to figure it was nice. Onward got me for a few minutes even with knowing what letters I needed. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone.

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    • I had the answer first again, and did the entire puzzle in 39.57 seconds this morning; a feat probably never to be equaled! I do use the stopwatch on my phone and, yes, my wife just rolls her eyes! It is the way I have chosen to challenge myself with the Jumble.

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