Jumble Answers for 01/03/2017







Good morning!  Not too difficult of a Jumble today, with ADMIRE being the only word to slow me down.  The cartoon answer was well jumbled but didn’t put up any challenge.  The cartoon was well drawn and I was surprised that there weren’t any door handles on the car.  Before driving a HARD BARGAIN, the gentleman should have inspected the vehicle more closely!  It feels good to be back into my routine.  I was up real early, dropped the kids at school and had a few minutes of peace and quiet to do the Jumble.  See you tomorrow!  😀🚗

10 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/03/2017

  1. ADMIRE was difficult to find but I got it after figuring out the jumble without using the letters in “admire”. Back door approach

  2. Good morning. Another easy one for Tuesday. The whole thing took fifteen minutes to solve. I felt “redemption”. Far crry from Sunday where I spent hours and hours and finally gave up asking my children for help.

  3. There weren’t any door handles on the The Firefly, an all-electric 1961 concept car in that Colin Neale helped design. Colin Neale was a top automotive designer I interned for during college. Sadly, he passed away recently. When I found out, I decided to include his design in the Jumble. He created the inspiration for the Mustang.

    • Had the puzzle answer in snap, then on to the words which took no time at all. Probably less than two minutes!

    • Please don’t take my comment as a critique, Jeff. After doing the puzzle, I enjoy searching your cartoon drawing for little easter eggs that you sometimes put in. I guess I found it today with the door handles. 😊

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