Jumble Answers for 12/20/2016







Good Tuesday morning and welcome back!  After breezing through the clue words with no problem at all, I figured that the cartoon puzzle was going to be easy as well.  I was so confident that I attempted to solve it without writing down the clue letters.  After realizing that I wouldn’t be able to solve it without help, I broke down and scribbled them down.  I started with the five letter word and came up with small, blame, means and blues.  After going back and forth with each word and the leftover letters, I found that using MEANS left BUY and ALL which worked and finished the pun!  The puzzle was more difficult than I anticipated, but the pun was a great pay off.  Have a spectacular day my friends and I’ll see you tomorrow.  πŸ˜


15 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/20/2016

  1. Had little trouble again with the words. The cartoon puzzle was a different story though. After ten minutes I put the paper aside for awhile and when I went back to it ,I got “buy” then “all” and with the leftover letters made “means”. Going back to it works more times than not. Later on I’ll check to see if my friend got it. Have a nice day everybody.

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    • I got all the words but couldn’t get the cartoon answer. I brought the kids to school and came back and it. That’s when I started on the 5 letter word. It was pretty smooth after that. I’m interested in hearing how your friend did. πŸ€”


      • The post for today’s puzzle is getting more traffic than usual. I didn’t think it was too difficult. The answers with quotations usually give folks a hard time. Thanks for letting me know. πŸ‘πŸ»


  2. After checking my words, I quickly changed asail to alias. On to the cartoon, I wondered if balloons look enough like balls for that to be the 5 letter word, but finally the word “all” finished it for me. I loved the pun, too, but did not do it without some work.
    I’m still enjoying your picture of the Cardinal because, rather than a side view, he is looking right at us. Our acre yard is desert, dirt, and rocks so we feed gambol quail, finches, doves, a roadrunner now and then, rarely a cardinal, ground squirrels, many rabbits, and whatever else comes to eat birdseed and rabbit food. We have also seen lizards in the yard and one coyote.
    Loved every cheerful word of your blog today. See you soon.

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    • Hi Lelia! If you liked the cardinal, then be sure to check out the hawk that I’ll post a photo of tomorrow in my write up. I just had to pull over and snap a quick photo. I’m not a bird guy so I’m not exactly sure what he is but he was HUGE! Maybe one of our friends will be able to identify it. Post a photo of your “wildlife” if you ever get a chance. See you tomorrow — bright and early. 😊


    • Don’t say the S word John! At least you got your newspaper this morning. My delivery person misses me once a week and I’ve about had it. The only problem is that my state is so small we only have one paper that prints the Jumble. No paper = no comics/puzzles/sports!


  3. I usually do the four jumbles without writing, and usually have to write out the letters to get the cartoon puzzle. This particular one gave me the longest dry spell ever! I took a picture with my phone just so I could puzzle over it in moments of spare time. Finally I figured I had spent to much time and just looked it up. Nice one!

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