Jumble Answers for 12/19/2016







Happy Monday morning my friends!  BISON gave me a little trouble this morning.  I know we’ve seen it recently but it’s just one of those words that gets me every time.  With all of the clue words solved I headed to the cartoon.  When I read the word “hire” in the dialogue, JOB jumped out at me and STEADY was right there for a Monday morning quick solve and stinky pun finish.  Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!  


6 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/19/2016

  1. Good morning! My poem said, “Some you finish very fast,” and this was a fast one for me. The wind is blowing ferociously outside today. I’ve been hoping that you, family, & truck made it to & from the movie with no mishap on the ice.
    Your encouragement has paid off! With your cheerleading and positive comments for us the last two weeks, our house is clean and the menu is under control. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful, restful, fun, Merry Christmas celebration with your family. See ‘ya.

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    • Morning Lelia! It was a slick ride to the movies and we made it with time to spare. A fun time was had by all! I’m glad you’re all prepared for Christmas. I just have some last minute wrapping to do and then I’m done. Have a great day despite the wind! 😀


  2. Today’s jumble was not hard to solve again. Have been on a pretty good role lately. Glad you had a safe and good time with family members. I love this time of year. People are more friendlier than normal,it brings out the best in them. This year most of mine are here Christmas Eve. The old days it was Christmas Eve with my side of the family and the Christmas morning with my children and after mass with my wife’s side. “Best time of the year”.

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    • Hi Paul! I think of today’s Jumble as a “typical Monday” Jumble. Easy and quick! People sure are pleasant and happy this time of year. I went to Walmart yesterday and even though there were lines 10 people deep at the registers, nobody was complaining! I like reading stories about people doing good for others during this time of year. It sure fills the heart with happiness. Enjoy your day my friend and thanks for the comment. 😀


  3. Speedy today but could not get Bison…solved the puzzle and found the letters I needed and wrote Bosin! You know the navy guy! I guess that is really spelled Bosun! Blush!

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