Jumble Answers for 11/25/2016







Good morning everyone and happy Friday!  I’m sorry for the delay in providing the answer to today’s puzzle.  My routine was off with the kids not having school and picking up after the Category 3 Turkey Tornado that struck my house!  All is pretty much back in order so let’s get to the puzzle.  I solved the first 3 clue words without a hitch.  After pausing on the fourth for a minute, I finally solved it.  The cartoon was where all of the trouble was.  The letters were well jumbled and just finding a word to start with was a challenge.  The only 5 letter word I could find was TRAIN.  It seemed to fit with the theme of the puzzle so I stuck with it.  That left SUXOEE and I was sure that I had one of my clue words wrong or omitted a letter so I double checked my work.  Feeling confident with what I had produced, I worked with what I had and finally decided on EX leaving SUOE.  At that point I read EX-TRAIN aloud and figured out it was a pun of extraneous.  What a brain buster and genius work by Mr. Hoyt — I tip my hat to you this morning.  Take care and I’ll see you tomorrow!  😀


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