Jumble Answers for 08/27/2016







Good Saturday morning everyone and I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far.  Todays puzzle was a fun one and not overly difficult.  TROPHY stumped me for a few extra seconds but after that I had all the letters for the cartoon answer.  Starting out I was looking for something with “TRI” as there were three players in the cartoon.  When that didn’t work,  a quick jumble of the letters on my notepad caused EFFORT to jump right out at me.  The rest was easy and a great puzzle finish.  Any big plans this weekend?  I’m currently finishing my basement (media room/office/bathroom/3 closets) and will spend most of my time there.  I’m not much of a handyman so it has been a truly rewarding experience!  All that’s left is some paint and installing the carpet.  I’ll be sure to post photos when I’m done. I’ll see you tomorrow and JUMBLE ON my friends!


4 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/27/2016

  1. I love jumble.my sister got me hooked. I’ve done all the jumble on my kindle and now on 928 of jumble 2…This is the first seeing this page to write about it. Or to figure it out. Today was a breeze on the words but got stumped on answer…thanks for making my morning coffee more enjoyable….I get very upset when my local paper forgets to print it …..

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