Jumble Answers for 08/26/2016







TGIF my Jumble friends! What a FANTASTIC puzzle and a great way to end the week. RAYON had me puzzled for a couple of minutes but I finally found it. With all the clue words solved I moved on to the cartoon portion. Seeing that the cartoon stated “design of his new yacht” it led me to believe that one of the words would be DRAW or DREW. I went with that at first and when that didn’t work I saw BOARD. Well OVER was a good fit of the remaining letters and WENT was easily visible. That’s how I solved it and the cartoon was awesome. So much detail in the tiny panel!  Great job Jeff!!! 

My OFFICIAL Jumble coffee mug arrived today I was excited to open it! Here are a couple of photos. Show your Jumble pride and consider treating yourself to one. This is the large mug and here is the link: http://www.cafepress.com/ilovejumble

Have a great Friday and I’ll see you tomorrow. Jumble on my friends 😀


4 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/26/2016

  1. I had no problems at all with the words. Got them all almost instantly , but was a little overwhelmed with the number of letters in the answer. The first word that jumped out at me was WENT. That narrowed down the number of remaining letters and also gave a clue as to the direction in which the answer was going. From there, the answer came fairly easily. I agree, this was a fun puzzle and the cartoon was very detailed and well done, as usual.

    I also enjoy reading your, and other people’s, thought processes and how they come up with the answers. Very interesting!

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