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Happy Wednesday, Jumble friends! The challenge was kept to a minimum today with this midweek breeze of a puzzle. The hardest part was choosing a clue word to feature as the most difficult anagram of the day because they were all instantly visible upon first glance. I’ll go with SURVEY because none of the others left me sPEACHless.

Today’s cartoon features a scene of three women in a kitchen making pies. An older woman is in the background preparing pie shells while two younger woman in the front prepare the filling. We see an oversized bushel basket of fresh peaches on the prep table with two large bowls next to it. Both of the filling makers are wearing expressions of bordem and fatigue as they slice the stone fruit and discard the pits into a pile. By reading the dialogue and sentence we discover that they’re baking up fresh peach pies but they’re not peachy-keen on all of the work that it takes.

I’ve never made a peach but it sure sounds delicious! I can imagine my kitchen smelling of warm cinnamon and fruit as it bakes in the oven to a golden brown hue. Doing a search for fresh peach pie recipes, most of them call for 5 cups of peach slices. Well how many peaches is that? One pound of peaches equals 2 3/4 cups of slices. So to make a pie we would need roughly 2 pounds of fruit. Looking back at the women cutting the fruit, I now understand why they dislike making the pies. A bushel of peaches equates to approximately 55-60 pounds of fruit slices so no wonder why they they think making peach pies is THE PITS!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎶 Apples PEACHES pumpkin PIE…Who’s not ready? Holler “I”. That’s a game we used to play…Hide and seek was its name….Oh ready or not, hear I come…Gee that used to be such fun…Apple PEACHES pumpkin PIE, soon your love will be all mine…Then I’m gonna take you home, marry you so you won’t roam…Marry you so you won’t roam…🎶

    🍑 I love the taste of peaches, I love the color too,
    My homes are mostly decorated with this pretty hue…
    Ironically the weirdest thing, as much as them I crave?
    I can’t touch them, I never could, I’ll take it to my grave.
    I shop for fruit, I used to try to grab them through a bag,
    It never worked I had to give up shopping when I’m stag…
    They’d move around and slip away and then I’d hear a THUMP..
    They’d hit the floor and there I’d stand just looking at the lump!
    Sometimes I stand and just AWAIT till someone else comes near..
    And then I ask for “picking” help…some look at me quite queer!
    I don’t think I’m alone with this, a SURVEY I should take,
    To see if any others share this thing that makes me quake.
    There’s probably a name for it…us with these “texture issues”…
    A CATCHY little byword for this quirk we didn’t choose…
    So watching them prep for these pies, I can’t help my teeth grit…
    They need the help, I wish I could, but it’s all just THE PITS! 🍑

    Looking at today’s words, we see that they’re easy breezy LEMON squeezy old favorites. Except maybe for THUMP. Is it new? I’m a little FUZZY on it…But did it upset the APPLE cart? Of CORES not! So, onto our cartoon. Set in what looks like a professional kitchen, we have a very apPEELing scene. We see three women, prePAREing to bake pies. PEACH pies…Trying to work as fast as they PULPsibly can, they still seem to be behind schedule. Let’s face it, Folks, PEARing PEACHES is not easy work! It’s not all CUT and DRIED! And Jeff has given us a cartoon that dePITS just that. Our dialogue is telling us that the amount of work involved, and the time it’s costing may just turn out to be a bottomless PIT! And the reason may be because our women are using freshly-picked PEACHES. No blanching, no PEELing? No RIPEning? Well that’s a new TWIST! Or is it simply that they’ve picked CLINGSTONE instead of FREESTONE? Perhaps PITTED one against the other? What can I say…to PEACH his own. So, we see that our woman on the right, on EDGE and cutting, and our woman at left, (looking like she doesn’t give a FIG), removing the pits…seem to have reached the point where the whole endeavor just doesn’t seem very FRUITFUL…And all the while, our women at the back seems to be thinking…”What the SHELL”? And our question asks…What was it all? It was THE PITS! Good one, David! Once again, you’re PEACHin’ to the choir!

    Ok, eye candy…I’m just going to go with what I don’t see…Maybe if our woman at left had some kind of knife, she might have a RAISIN to CUT a smile…Other than that? I don’t GUAVA clue! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…If you want people to apPEACHiate you in life? Practice what you PEACH! 🍑🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Thanks Mike for all your input. Today’s puzzle was a breeze and agree if you had to pick for the hardest word it would be survey. But that was just seconds longer to get. Once I wrote down the letters the cartoon answer was visible. Another one this week that was easy. When will the hammer land. ? In the Navy at Guantánamo they made pear pie that was the best pie I ever tasted. What was good about the Navy was as long as you finished your plate you could have as much as you wanted. I’ve eaten a whole pie at times it was that good. Very few places make pear pie and they never quite tasted as good. It’s funny,when your in the service all you want to do is get out and then when your out,years later you wished you stayed in. Looking back,it wasn’t a bad life. Especially in peace time. You get to see the world for free. One fond memory was watching the Marines digging our fox holes for us Navy men when Castros Army was rumored to invade the base on Easter Sunday. Thank God that never happened. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Your most welcome, Paul. And I really enjoy hearing the stories about your time in the service. Pear pie is also a pie that I’ve never heard of but it does sound great. I’m not a big “pie guy” and prefer cobblers instead.

      Fingers crossed for a whopper of a puzzle before the week ends! 😉

    • Hey, Brooklyn…I’ve said it before..I’m saying it again. You need to write these stories down..they’re Gold…Have a good one! 🍑🙋🏻

  3. There are orchards north of Spokane where one can pick themselves. Nothing beats peach cobbler baked with freshly picked fruit. Bing and Rainier cherries eaten right from the tree ain’t bad either!

    Agreed that today’s puzzle was a breeze!

  4. With a loud THUMP, the SURVEY package landed on the floor and the messenger muttered a CATCHY phrase and paused to AWAIT a reprimand.
    No challenge today as several have already pointed out. Thanks for the details Mike and good luck with the pie recipes.
    Angela, I thought for just a trice that you might go with “Pits me once and pits me twice and pits me once again, it’s been a long, long time,”
    I have empathy for your “peach fuzz” antipathy. That outer skin can be clingy.
    BUT. Peach pies and peach cobbler are two of my favourite desserts. My mother was not a great cook but she excelled with baked goods and as a child our whole house was redolent of her pies, cake muffins, rolls,etc. I grew up in an area where peach trees were abundant and we had three of them in our backyard. We let them ripen on the trees and ate them outside, near the garden hose for obvious reasons.
    Great memories were evoked today, thanks Jumble Men!🍊 🍊 and a pear for Paul 🍐.”

    • Hey Earl…You had me laughing out loud. No, Sir, no way did I think..🎶PIT me once..🎶, but it’s a good one! Too funny! And please don’t get me wrong, as I said, I LOVE PEACHES…I eat them constantly, as long as someone’s around to peel them for me. Growing up, my Grandparents had a huge Peach tree in their yard. If I’m not mistaken, the rootings were brought here from Italy. They couldn’t pick the peaches quick enough. And all my cousins and brothers would constantly pick them as we played. Except me! We’d be in the street playing ball, and they’d run to get a peach between innings…with the whole neighborhood’s kids following. Me? I had to beg one of them to take one inside for me so my Grandmother could peel it..😉 And I can still hear her saying, “Povera Bambina”..Poor Baby! 😥 And to add insult to injury, I’d be relegated to DH most of the time because it took me so much longer to eat mine! LOL…And as kids will do, I was chased around plenty of times with their outstretched hands holding peaches! Ah, the memories! 🙄 But today, those same cousins and I still band together and make Peach Pies, and we laugh about it…Love your sentence, especially the use of Catchy. Very well done! Hope you’re having a great day, Sir! 🍑🙋🏻

  5. Easiest puzzle in awhile w a blind solve.Catchy seemed to be a familiar word.Go Cavs Go,defend the Land!

      • Neither would HIT PETS, but maybe PET THIS or HIT PEST (with Raid? – frequently there are insect pests in fruit) or HIP TEST (maybe it needs to be replaced). Looking for THE TIPS to see which answer to use.

    • Clay, didn’t see you here and commented to you a few comments further down.

  6. Easy one today. My mother used to make a fresh peach cobbler which was just delicious. I haven’t ever been able to duplicate her efforts. She was a pro. Go Warriors – Let’s make it a clean sweep!!

  7. DONE! Instant cartoon solve. Used the answer letters to solve SURVEY. Peach pies, yum! Mike, your description of the kitchen aroma was wonderful!

    CLAY DAVIS, I solved CATCHY quickly by remembering your yesterday’s comments about double letters. Thanks!

    Speaking of yesterday’s comments, Steve: Make a small fortune owning racehorses by starting with a large fortune. That is funny!

    • Good, doesn’t always work but probably 80% of the time! The two As apart in AWAIT sure didn’t work out but it’s usually consonants not together, rather than vowels, that end up being together in the word.

      • Glad you liked the comment Lelia – that’s another oldie. Best wishes to you and Jerry!

  8. Hi all – Yup, easy one today. Everyone had great comments today – enjoyed them very much. I’ll pass on the fuzzy skin. The nectarines showed up about a week ago, and I love those. They smell and taste great. Cherries arrived here about 2 weeks ago and have also been very good. We also have U-Pick cherry orchards in the Eastern suburb of Brentwood that attract big crowds.

    Angela, that’s the great song I was trying to remember. You nailed it, thanks! (1967).

    Have a great day everyone, “Bless your pea-pickin’ little hearts!” 😂
    (And speaking of the services, give a thought to this anniversary of D-Day, 6/6/1944)

    • Hey G, Remember 🎶Keep the Ball Rollin’🎶? They weren’t around for long, but they put a few good ones out there. Amidst all the drug culture music 😉 And they were integrated and mixed up a few nationalities too. They were refreshing for the times. Plus it’s one of those contagious “reel-to reel” sounds! 🙄 …Ad nauseam! Favor? Clue me in on the pea-pickin’.. Going by the way of the softball team? Have I been 🎶Asleep At The Wheel🎶 ? I’m having trouble putting the references straight today…Brains a little FUZZY! Lou3 brought a ton of nectarines…Nice! Soon we’ll start doing the peaches in the wine…That’s when you know it’s summer…Cause today, the heat kicked back on…Springtime in NYC! Enjoy…🎶Tonight..🏀 .Tonight..🎶🙋🏻

      • The self-pick fruit references reminded me of the Tennessee Ernie Ford saying. I didn’t even realize it was a song!
        I’ll enjoy 🎵”Tonight, 🏀🏀 tonight”🎵 *and* 🎵”Tomorrow, 🏒🏒 tomorrow”🎵
        “Peaches and Wine”? Sounds something like the duo who did “Reunited.” 😉🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Hey G, Peaches and Herb! 👏🏻 Only us! LOL…I can’t wait for the peaches in wine. I think we spoke about it last year, or maybe it was Mike. Nothing like it. I had to look up the TEF saying..funnny..corny, right? I thought I was really losing it…(As it is, there may only be that thin line remaining) 🙄 A lot of excitement about tonight. Partying’s at the club this time..I think I’ve rated a break…So, you said live right? Beer on tap? …Let the games begin! 🍻🙋🏻

          • Well, not exactly on tap, but the bottles are chilled anyway. (I even got a special deal at Safeway this morning. They know me!)

            Athletic headline – “Back to Ohio”. They’ll be no PRETENDING now. Enjoy the game and the club! 🙋🏻‍♂️

            • Chilled is good enough! We got a tap here..They know you? LOL..Neck and neck!!!! I can’t hear myself think here…Maybe not such a bad thing tho, huh? 😂😂 Pretending? HA! It can’t get any more real at this point! Cheers! Enjoy! Talk to you later. (I saw the Peaches and Herb..😉) Commercials over…Ciao! 🏀🙋🏻

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