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Happy Thursday, Jumble friends! The clue word choices were rather interesting for a Thursday. They weren’t overly difficult and were all solved in seconds which is uncommon for a puzzle near the end of the week. My choice for the most difficult anagram would be ACUTE because I’m guessing that some folks will think that it’s not spelled correctly unless it has 2 C’s. The X’s in EXERT and VORTEX narrowed the range of words that could be made making them instantly visible. Last but not least was PARODY which took an extra glance before coming into view making it the most challenging of the quartet for me.

Moving along to the cartoon, we see a couple of costumed characters that appear to be doing battle on a movie set. Reading the dialogue and sentence we discover that the director was not happy with the take and want’s to film it again. The actress doesn’t want to hear any of it and can be seen spreading her arms very wide and out to her sides in a motion that indicates that she’s had enough. The antagonist to our hero says “Now that’s anger!” and seems to agree with the director that the sequence was a bit off.

Kudos to Jeff for making the lead superhero a female as it’s uncommon in the comic book industry to have women in such powerful roles. This is changing with Wonder Woman doing phenomenally well at the box office and Captain Marvel making her way to the big screen early next year. I could care less if the lead character is female, male or alien as long as the story and acting are top notch!

The layout for the final solve allowed me to see OVER instantly upon writing out the letters. Crossing it out left REACTED to be found for a quick solve of this action packed Jumble.

On a final note, Congratulations to Scott S. for being the winner of the March Giveaway! We’ve been in contact and his David L. Hoyt “Word Winder” board game is on the way. Thank you to everyone who entered and be sure to keep an eye out for next month’s prize. Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


22 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/15/2018

    • Happy Thursday! Jeff made my day with this panel and I could have gone on a lot longer but kept it to a minimum so I wouldn’t geek out. They’re not real characters but I think the “Movie Star” stole Cap’s shield! 😊

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      • LOL…You could never get any more geekier than Steve and I do with our music! We each have our own forte! But who’s Cap? He’s my Bonnie Raitt 😉 for today!! 📽🙋🏻


  1. 🎶 If you are what you say you are, a SUPER STAR, then have no fear the CAMERA’S here and the MICROPHONE and they wanna know…Oh oh oh oh. If you are what you say you are, a SUPER STAR, then have no fear the crowd is here and the LIGHTS are on and they want a SHOW…Oh oh oh oh…🎶

    📽 I’m not into Super Heroes, nor the villains poised as foes..
    I could sit and think for hours, still my ignorance would show.
    So there’s not a name I’ll offer, nothing ACUTE comes from me
    Give me Wonder Woman any day, the rest I let them be…
    Caught up in the VORTEX whirling, swords and shields they all possess
    I’d much rather spend my time on all the hairdos, not the dress…
    Same thing goes for all these muscled men, EXERTing all this brawn
    Testosterone running amok, a PARODY they spawn…
    So I’ll take a pass on who they are…no checking nor no facting…
    And we’ll agree that Super She is simply OVER REACTING! 📽

    Today’s words may be another example of the 5’s BEATING UP on the 6’s. Before 6AM, four different people told me they were ACUTEly annoyed by ACUTE. Despite the fact that we’ve seen it a few times in the past. I felt VORTEX may have been the word to cause the tailspin, but no…they all POINTED out ACUTE. Different SPIN than mine. Who knew? …Ok, our cartoon. Super Characters. This is definitely not my wheelhouse today. I’m going to defer to Mike to come up with names and faces, because he’s the SUPERMAN when it comes to this. Me? You could hit me over the head with a BAT..MAN, I still wouldn’t know. So, I’m calling them characters, because I couldn’t tell you which one of these two featured is on the side of JUSTICE. I mean, I don’t MARVEL over these guys. I’ll simply call them Male and Female characters. Jeff’s taken us to a Movie Set, and there’s a BATTLE going on. The female, seems to have OVER powered the male. Let’s hear it for Jeff! Way to go! The director, who I’m also THRILLed to see is female, is looking rather annoyed. That or she’s just stressed with needing another take. The female actor is furious, her patience obviously having WAYNEd a long time ago. She FLASHes out at the director…”No more…”! The male is impressed…He’s like..”Hmm. I WONDER…WOMAN, now you’ve got it…”. So with our question asking what the female star did…She “OVER RE-“ACT”-ED! CUT! PRINT…and it’s a WRAP! Good one, David! I’ve SCENE the light! Ok, eye candy. Again, not knowing who these people are…I’m going to go with whatever that is in the males hand. It looks like those protractors we used back in school. Half moon type of thingy. Can’t even name it…Oh the IRONy, MAN! So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone. And enjoy your THORsday! 📽🙋🏻

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      • Tks, Bud. …MEZZALUNA!! HALF MOON!! I love it! We use that term referring to someone who acts “half crazy”, (as opposed to all crazy!) We CUT them some slack… 😂😂 Hmm. Maybe I shouldn’t say we and them…In the spirit of full disclosure…It’s what they call me!
        God, I love my family….Hope you have a SUPER one too! 📽🙋🏻


      • I had to jumble on paper to get parody and then work with the word act to get the rest. Your mezzaluna, Angela, sounds kind of like meshugganah in Yiddish, also meaning a little crazy. Wishing all a great day.

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      • Hi Caroline. Yes, they’re similar in meaning. I always knew Luna to be the Goddess of the Moon…But of course then there’s Lunatic…I’ve studied Latin. Lunatic is taken from the Latin root word Luna…I believe it’s a very fine line…!!😂😂 Hope you’re having a good day! 📽🙋🏻


  2. Trying to PARODY a VORTEX on stage, the actor had to EXERT an ACUTE amount of energy.
    Clue words and solution were not difficult for me today –once I separated “over” from the letters the answer came quickly.
    I had to smile when I noticed all the “three-fingered” characters , now that I know that’s the norm,
    Great posts Mike and Angela. Appreciate all your ruminations.

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  3. Good morning. Jeez,one of the pills I take every morning must be a smart pill because lately I’m acing the words. I got all four words instantly which even shocked me. However,the cartoon answer was another story. In between “Perry Mason” and going back and forth to the cartoon,I was having no luck. Once the show was over I solved it in less than a minute. I guess the pill doesn’t work on multi tasking. Now that I’ve read Mikes monologue, I don’t feel so brilliant. “All in fun” As always you three amigos inspire to enlight. Can not say enough about you guys. Now I know you guys are wondering how I did yesterday. If I stayed away from playing “let it ride” I’d be at least $700 richer I quit after losing $355 but made a little more that $200 back on the slots. This is now four months straight that I made money on the slots. When you go home with losing less than $200 you had a good day. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Had to laugh about the remark of a smart pill when I opened the paper to the sport section and the headline for the Rangers was “Geez” and I spelled mine with a J. Congrats to Scott S on winning. By any chance are you related to Scott S Fitzgerald. Sorry but that’s how my mind works. I got a chuckle when it popped into my head.

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      • Hey Paul. I read the article too. I always spelt it with a J, as in Jeez. I think the other 4 boros use the G. Brooklyn? ❤️ We go with the J…The smart pills are still in play.. 😉🙋🏻


    • Hey, Brooklyn, Thank you for the shout out. I was is Brooklyn y’day. Had an appt in Manhattan Beach. Went by the water before we came home…Nothing like the smell of Brooklyn sand and sea…I miss it. Glad you enjoyed yourself at AC. That’s what counts,..Have a good one, Bud. 📽🙋🏻 .


  4. The third word was VORTEX. As though polar vortices had come into the media again. Instead we now get nor’easters. I.e., neither Christmas nor Easter is likely to produce good weather. In any case, just two days ago I saw a car with license plate VORTEX. It belonged to a storm chaser. As far as the cartoon was concerned, I didn’t think much of it. The over-reactedness does not seem that convincing. In any case, there is another solution, OVER CREATED, as though someone’s creating a scene, which has two meanings and could have just as well be a valid solution, which says this Jumble has two solutions – it’s cooked. OVER CATERED is possible but I don’t see any catering in the cartoon.


  5. Acute gave me fits as I had c as the first letter.The other 3 words came quickly as did the solution, given over as the 4 letter word.


  6. Hi, all! Good grief!! If this was a Thursday puzzle, I am anxious to see tomorrow’s because I thought all of these words were challenging. My breakfast was stone cold before I solved the last one, ACUTE, which I backed into after solving the cartoon.

    Professor Chuck, I am going to do my test carefully in which we have to correctly label 3 triangles, the acute, obtuse, and right, so that you can give me 100 percent.

    My daughter, Diane, loved acting in plays in Jr. High but got tired of always being the mother because of being so tall. For Cinderella, she tried out for Cinderella but was chosen as the wicked stepmother. Her coach apologized to her by explaining that she would have to find a cast of giants in order to choose Diane as Cinderella. Diane decided to give that wicked stepmother all she had and was delighted to hear from many, many people that she STOLE THE SHOW!!

    Mike, I just read your post and have to congratulate you on solving the words with the greatest of ease while I was feeling as though I were falling off the trapeze. Maybe I just looked at those X’s and OVER REACTED.


  7. HI, Mike! I just found your roast post and copied it! Thank you! With you sharing your cooking skills with me and Steve describing some of the healthy food he eats, I am revamping my lazy, retired-lady ways in the kitchen and getting back to some healthier cooking & eating. Thanks!


  8. Hi all – PARODY definitely took a couple of extra looks. I didn’t find ACUTE to be particularly obtuse.

    The star is Re-acting? I love it. Reminds me of the guy who asked the garage why they hadn’t refurbished his tires and got no re-ply.

    Mike, Angela and Caroline had me absolutely ROTFL today.
    A meshugganah mezzluna knife sounds like the *perfect* kitchen implement to have on hand later this month when Passover and Easter fall on consecutive days!

    I really thought Mike would tell us the characters, and why the woman’s hair was green and black! 😱 At least it’s a switch from blond.

    And Angela, the IRONY – did you miss protr-ACTOR?😂😂 Ah, protractors, compasses, French curves (!), Spirographs, pencil sharpeners, good times!
    Also, Bonnie Raitt synchronicity (not a Chronicle story):



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