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Good Morning, Everyone!        🌲WOOD YOU BE..LEAF..? 🌲

🎶WOODn’t it be nice if we were older? Then we WOODn’t have to wait so long…And WOODn’t it be nice to live together, in the kind of world where we belong…Oh WOODn’t be nice…🎶

🌲 Unless you’re out there golfing, BOGEY may cause a wink
Of course there’s always Bogart and Bacall instead to think…
But moving ONWARD to the task, a Wood Chopper is shown
To some a RELIC of the past, for this may be unknown.
My cousins like to do this, from trees out on their land
I’ve tried a time or two and got a CALLUS on my hand…
The exercise cannot be beat, you’ll sweat and you will groan
(I rather punch a punching bag, and stay inside my home).
But you’ll find people doing this, believe me it’s no breeze…
And ‘fore that wood is burning? There’ll be some BURNED CALORIES! 🌲

Speaking of no breeze…today’s words were not some of the easy ones we’ve been seeing this week. I know we’ve seen ONWARD. And RELIC was seen in the PAST too. But BOGEY? Did you STROKE the side of your head that ONE extra time? And CALLUS? How HARD was that? Oh yeah, these were some good words today. So, raise of hands…Who broke out into a SWEAT this morning? YEW? Well YEW were not alone…Ok, let’s BRANCH out to our cartoon…
Today Jeff takes us outdoors to see a young couple. He’s TIM BER, and his wife is LUM. Tim’s at WORK, OUTside his home. We can see that it’s cold, KNOT just from Lum’s clothing, but from the puffs of BREADTH vapor in the air. He’s CHOPPING WOOD, and Lum AXEs him if he’s tired. He’s like…”P-YEW! I think I’ve lost 5 pounds”! Back to her…”Well, you won’t need the gym this week to work on your CORD“! Back to him again…”Yep, you’re BARKing up the right TREE“! (It’s fiction, FOAKSWORK with me here)! Lum’s holding two CHOPPING bags, and a loaf of GRAIN bread is visible, along with a pineapple. I’m wondering what the pineapple may signify, but I WOODen know, so I’m LEAFing it alone. Really, I’m STUMPed…Anyway, our question is asking to get enough FIREWOOD to WARM UP their home, Tim WOOD have?  BURNED CALORIES! TIM BER! Drop that AXE and ROOT for Dave! This is a good one! OAK ky, eye candy. Hmm…KNOThing overwhELMing today. I think I’ll go WIDTH the little piece of cloth Tim is using to wipe his brow…If FIR no other reason than it’s all I SAW….So, There you have it, FOAKS, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And let’s all try to CEDAR good in one another today! 🌲🙋🏻



40 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/02/2018

  1. His club was a RELIC and gave him a CALLUS but it was worthwhile as he moved ONWARD to bogey three holes.
    Agree with you Angela that the words and the solution were no snap this Friday. I had to look up CALLUS because I thought of callous first. Then I struggled with the solution, even though the cartoon hinted at the CALORIES word—-all the snow up here must have frosted my thinking. Still snowing and we are definitely in for a long haul of shoveling, etc.
    I enjoyed your names for Tim and Lum—although I can’t imagine what Lum is short for, except Lumilla?? Clever, clever, clever on your part and thanks,
    How about “Norwegian Wood” since this is a Beatles/ week?

    • Good Morning, Earl. Yea, we got a little WORK OUT today, but it was well worth it, right? Lum? LOL..A nick-name.😉 Please don’t ask me to explain what goes on in my head! The jury’s still out!! And Thanks for the shout out, I appreciate it, and I had a lot of fun doing it this morning. Your sentence? Great twist. As for the song choice? I went with the Beach Boys today for Moose. He’s snowed under like you, and I figured he could use the smile. Relax today, and we’ll worry about the clean up trow. Have a good one, Earl! ❄️💨🙋🏻

    • Old radio show 1931 to 1954 LUM and ABNER Note:The series was created by co-stars Chester Lauck (who played Columbus “Lum” Edwards) and Norris Goff (Abner Peabody). The two characters performed as a double act, with Lum generally playing the straight man to Abner’s attempts to break free from Lum’s influence. As co-owners of the Jot ’em Down Store in the fictional town of Pine Ridge, Arkansas, the pair are constantly stumbling upon moneymaking ideas only to find themselves fleeced by nemesis Squire Skimp, before finally finding a way to redeem themselves. Lum and Abner played the hillbilly theme with deceptive cleverness. The hillbillies knew that the slickers would get what was coming to them sooner or later and either didn’t mind or knew more than they let on that the slickers getting theirs was a matter of fortunate circumstance.[clarification needed]

      In addition to the title characters, Lauck also played Grandpappy Spears and Cedric Weehunt while Goff played Abner, Squire Skimp, Llewelyn “Mousey” Grey, Dick Huddleston, and most of the other characters.

      • Loving this, Harry, but my LUM is a woman! You know, I was going to go with LIM..😂😂…
        .But I didn’t want to open up a can of worms…Looks like I did just the same! 😉🙋🏻

  2. I solved the puzzle….CWs easy but those big words stopped me so I copied them backwards on paper and voila!, BURNED jumped out at me! Great puzzle

    • Good Morning, Harry. Was hoping you’d be the ONE to catch my BOGEY reference…You guys are killing me today!! 😂😂 I think I’ll sleep in trow! Have a good ONE, my Hoosier Man! 🙋🏻

      • I just wanted to offer an origin for LUM….When I looked it up it said a lot more but I liked the coLUMbus reference. Actually it is mostly a female name in British speaking English. As I have said many times, you are a great talent that needs to be discovered for your talent, we all know about your great beauty!

        • ….And…We’re off..Where are my shades? One can be blinded by that old Hoosier charm..
          Thank you, HM, you really can be soooo sweet. ❤️
          I too like the CoLUMbus reference, and I truly appreciate your looking it up for me. Since I already had a name in my head for LUM, I just went with it. But, I didn’t realize it could be a real name with a British connection. Earl, did we both drop the ball here? I’m going back in, Harry, like IU’s bench would. There’s obviously more to Mrs. Ber than I knew! 😉
          Thanks again, HM, have a good one! 🙋🏻

  3. CALLUS and BOGEY gave me a tussle. Finally solved it. Have a good day. Hope we don’t lose power!

    • Big Guy? You’re breaking my heart here!!! 💔 WOODn’t you like to take a look at my song choice? And I’m pretty sure CALLUS will be the HARDest one to solve today…ROOTing FIR you, Caro, hope the power stays PAT!! 😉 Be careful…❄️🙋🏻

  4. Angela– Never heard this name but I’ll e-mail some of my friends and relatives in the UK and inquire. Could be a regional name.

    • Hey Earl. Just got in. Haven’t had a chance to look yet. Ok, if you have time, and get a chance, I appreciate it. Curious now! 😉🙋🏻

  5. Onward and callus stumped me at first,and too many letters for a quick solve,but burned calories finally came to me.

    • Good Morning, Chuck. They STUMPed you, huh? Good one! 😉
      It was a tiny bit of a challenge today, but it made it more interesting…Hope you’re enjoying your day! 🙋🏻

  6. No problem with the clue words but the cartoon answer took awhile. Had to keep studying the dialogue and then all of a sudden it dawned on me. Good workout this morning. Happy Friday everyone.

    • LOL..Good workout, indeed! Glad you just didn’t CUT out! Have a great day, Betty! 🌲🙋🏻

  7. I had no good ideas for the answer so I just started making any words I could, which finally led me to burned. I’ve been burning quite a few myself shoveling, but fortunately the snow has just about stopped and we didn’t lose power. Hope others have been as fortunate. Wishing all a great day!

    • Hey, Caroline. We got all kinds of wildness going on here, but nothing’s accumulating yet. The winds are really fierce, though…I think the clues to BURNED were the mention of Firewood, and Warm, and him wiping his brow. Subtle…but deadly, huh? News now saying so many people in the Tri-State area lost power already. So many downed trees…Please be careful out there…❄️💨🙋🏻

  8. Hi, all! Boy, my poor spelling skills BURNED me today. I got BOGEY right away but kept looking for another word in case the golf term wasn’t really spelled that way. After solving RELIC and ONWARD, I was “sure” that the thing on the bottom of my foot wasn’t spelled CALLUS, so wrote the letters 12 different ways before looking it up to find out I had it right from the get-go.

    Jerry and I lived in northern Arizona in a cabin in the woods in the 60’s while he wired a new tract of houses for electricity in a nearby town named Snowflake. He chopped all the wood for our fireplace.

    One day I decided to split a log as I had been watching him do. I raised his huge ax above my head but immediately knew that I didn’t have control of that thing & was seconds away from chopping my foot. Jerry knew it, too, so I thank him to this day that he reached his big strong hand out, grasped the handle just above my hand, and saved my foot.

    Enjoy your Friday. I’m hungry for fried catfish so might go to The Cracker Barrel for some after a while.

    • Hi Lelia. Callus is proving to be the Achilles HEEL today. Enjoy your lunch, enjoy your day! 🌲🙋🏻

    • Hi Lelia – Tell Jerry there’s an old joke about an electrician who was hired by a tribal council to provide electricity in all their outhouses – He became the first man in history to wire a head for a reservation.

      • Hi, Steve! Your joke for Jerry is not only funny but also very punny. You’ve done it again, clever man.

        I saw her shopping bag and thought “shopping-chopping” until looking for the letters and finding them missing, just like you.

        I used to love singing California Girls because of the music, words, and great blend of the Beach Boys’ voices, but Wouldn’t It Be Nice is over-the-top with pretty music, the sound of their voices, and sweet, special, soul stirring lyrics.

    • Lelia…Love Cracker Barrel.. Try that salt cured Country Ham (get the big piece and extra biscuits) Make some Ham biscuits for dinner……Hmmmmm good

      • Harry, thanks for reminding us of the talent and fun of Lum & Abner in fictional Pine Ridge (a lot like Pine Bluff, which we still have), Arkansas. Them’s my neck of the woods.

        Today my southern fried catfish, corn meal battered before frying, at the Cracker Barrel was almost as good as it is in Louisiana.
        Next time I will try a ham biscuit. Thanks!!

        • Hi Lelia – That NHL outdoor game I mentioned is coming up tomorrow at 6 PM MST on NBC – Toronto at Washington played in Annapolis MD.
          Toronto is doing quite well; in fact I heard them referred to as “one of the teams to beat in the East.”

  9. No problems with the CWs today, but the answer just wouldn’t come to me. I finally logged in and looked it up! Thanks for being here!

    • You LOGged in, huh? 👏🏻 Good one, John…Take a BOUGH!
      And thanks FIR the appreciation! Hope you have a good one! 🌲🙋🏻

  10. Thanks, Angela. The puzzle and clues make a lot of sense now.
    I hadn’t heard about all the trouble down your way. Our winds couldn’t have been that bad.
    I still haven’t seen a snowman this year but I’ve spotted a couple of snow creatures with coloring on them.

    • Caroline.. You’re very welcome. And thanks for letting me know. I’m always more than happy to help. Besides, it’s often easy to miss the forest for the TREES! 😉
      TBT, Caroline, I’d much rather have the snow than the winds. The sounds are deafening…and scary! And I’m surrounded by so many trees..I turned up the volume on my music…Next I may just go for the earplugs!
      The snowman? ☃ Kind of losing its luster, We need spring! LOL…
      Take care and be safe…🙋🏻

  11. Hi all – I paused a bit until I realized that the IC trick worked for RELIC. When I saw the shopping bags I figured the second answer word must be CHOPPING (and that she would acCORD him the luxury of skipping the gym), but the letters weren’t there, and then I was held up when I thought the third word was WARDON. Fixed that, saw BURNED, and got it.
    Good wishes to those in the wind, snow, ice, etc, take care!

    Ok, going off topic here, but Angela, you touched a nerve with that song.
    Here: https://tinyurl.com/itwouldbenice

    I’m not a grammar expert, but I always joke that “Wouldn’t it be Nice” is my favorite song written in the conditional tense (or is it subjunctive? See, I don’t know), but in truth, it’s just one of my all time favorites, period.
    I don’t know a better example of instrumentation and arrangement mixed with beautiful lyrics and pure emotion.
    “And AFTER HAVING SPENT the day together..”
    “You know it seems the more we talk about it,
    It only makes it worse to live without it.
    But let’s talk about it!” What delicious agony in those few syllables!
    And Al Jardine himself said that any songwriter could consider his career a success if he came up with anything as great as the middle section alone:
    “Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true…”
    “Goodnight, baby; sleep tight, baby”

    • Uh…Grasshopper?? You got a light for my cigarette??? Phew! Just WHAT is Peet putting in that coffee? 😉 Of course it’s one of the greatest songs, Steve…we’ve talked about this before! In fact, TWICE I think! 😉 But I’m sorry, this time it belongs to Moose! 😂 CUT him some slack! I listened to it 3x’s this morning, and now it may be a while before I can do so again…!! 😂😂
      Glad you finally got the puzzle DOWN, YEW had my head spinning there for a second! And after all this, I’m a little afraid to hit that link..Is it safe? Have a good one, Bud! 🙋🏻

      • It’s just a link to the song on Youtube. I’m typed, and tapped, out for now. See you later. 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • One can understand your exhaustion! 😉 Talk to you later, Bud! 🤦🏻‍♀️

        • Just the opening chords, right? And you’re back there…And then you wait to exhale…❤️🙋🏻

  12. Pineapple = pine tree and apple tree? Btw, totally had to cheat, I never heard of “callus” for callous before and was totally stuck. 😬

  13. Hi Judith. Welcome! I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure. Nice to meet you. You may be right with the pineapple connection.Very good observation. But TBT, I only mentioned it so that I could use the words WOOD and LEAF and STUMPED as puns. When it comes to puns, I have no shame! 😂 Judith, if you don’t mind me saying, CALLUS and CALLOUS are two different words. The Callus David used today, is a thickening of skin on either the hands or feet. Not what you might expect to see here, right? 😉 Callous describes being insensitive or cruel to someone. The pronunciation is the same for both though, which may have lead to the confusion. And as for cheating? No such thing here. We simply refer to it as “checking your answers”! Thanks for commenting, and please do so again! I wish you a wonderful day! 🙋🏻

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