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Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday! What do LLAMA, BOSSY, and LESSON all have in common? Besides all of them being instantly visible this morning, they all have double consonants! David was really on a streak that I thought he’d continue into the fourth and final clue word but he decided to switch it up right at the end. TIPTOE does have two T’s, but we saw this clue word last month so I didn’t take the bait. With all of the clue words solved it was on to the cartoon!

Monday and Tuesday’s cartoons didn’t have much detail in them and I figured Jeff would be saving his creative talents for something later in the week. Well today’s the day that he pulls out all the stops and astounds us with not only a spectacular panel, but a personal one as well.

In the cartoon we see two characters having a discussion while looking at a female dress makers form that is in between them. We can see that the dress isn’t finished yet as there are 16 straight pins (yes, I counted) holding the fabric together. By reading the dialogue and sentence, we gain a greater understanding of what Jeff is illustrating and we can piece it all together.

If you’re a fan of the tv show Project Runway, you’ll instantly recognize that the male figure is none other than Tim Gunn who serves as the on-air mentor to the designers of the reality themed program. Tim asks the young woman if the dress will be ready for the runway in only an hour which put’s her seamingly under his Gunn. With the pressure on, our young fashion designer looks confident and determined to complete the project and dazzle the judges!

While most casual players of the Jumble will think that the woman in the panel is just an ordinary contestant on a tv show, it’s in fact Jumble artist Jeff Knurek’s daughter, Sydney! Jeff has told us that Sydney is a fashion design major at the University of Cincinnati and today he’s made her the star of the show and chosen to adorn her in a UC Bearcat t-shirt. I bet she thinks her outfit is sew perfect! Way to go, Jeff!

The layout for the final solve starts with a 5-letter word in quotations and a larger 8-letter word at the end. Writing out the clue letters, I noticed the double consonants again and the P brought POSSIBLE quickly into view. After crossing out the letters, SEAMS was a quick solve for the finish. This puzzle was an excellent challenge and a lot of fun to complete. Let’s hope Sydney agrees!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

47 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/21/2018

  1. The farmer learnt a valuable LESSON when he tried to TIPTOE around his BOSSY LLAMA and she turned and said: “This worries me.”
    Easy solve today mainly because of the double consonants and the appearance of TIPTOE again. I recognized Tim Gunn but had no idea who the designer was or what the “C” on her sweatshirt meant. Thanks for the background Mike, great post and you really know how to “Make it work.”
    Have a great day everyone.

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    • Good morning, Earl. I enjoyed the humility in your sentence and the “This worries me” triggered a chuckle!

      Today’s Jumble was really special as Jeff has drawn his daughter numerous times in the past and I’ve watched her “grow up” through cartoons. It truly shows how proud he is of his daughter and I was a bit emotional myself as I carefully placed every word to make sure he would be pleased with my observations. I’m pleased that I could fill in all the gaps for you. 😎👍🏻

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  2. Hi – I struggled with the answer for an hour and was thinking about giving up. But I finally saw possible and it wasn’t hard to unscramble the rest. Thanks, Mike, for all the information. Earl’s “bossy llama” made me smile.

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  3. Good morning. I had problems getting into today’s blog. I finally was able to get it using Mondays blog. For some reason I couldn’t use yesterday’s. I had no problem with llama as I remembered it from the last time. The cartoon answer was a quick read as you can see the designer pointing at a seam. Mike nice job. I checked three times because I thought it was Angela that counted the 16 pins on the dress. You really do study the picture meticulously. Earl, as always a great job. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • If you meant me Paul, thank you very much, but I can’t help wondering if you have me confused with someone else! 😂 I did think of one more guitar instrumental – a bit later than Link Wray and Duane Eddy – Peter Green’s “The Supernatural” with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers.


      • I’m sorry Steve but I have no idea what you are referring to. I did mean Earl for always putting the words in a sentence. You have me stumped on “The Supernatural “with John Mayall and the Bluebreakers. Don’t think I ever heard them.


      • Ah, now that makes sense. I think you just mistyped “Steve” instead of “Earl” originally (that I saw in my email), and it’s been corrected, so all is well. Also, I wasn’t trying to stump you, just suggest a good instrumental that occurred to me. I’m sure there are many more. Have a good night!


  4. 🎶It’s imPOSSIBLE, tell the sun to leave the sky, it’s just imPOSSIBLE…It’s imPOSSIBLE, ask a baby not to cry, it’s just imPOSSIBLE…Can I hold you closer to me, and not feel you goin’ through me? ….Split the second that I never think of you, oh, how imPOSSIBLE…🎶

    👗👠Tim Gunn from Project Runway, a long running TV show
    I recognize immediately, the woman? I think I know…
    I’ve watched it once, it’s not my bag, but I think I can see
    It’s Sydney, she’s Jeff’s daughter, a designer hope to be…
    The prizes are fantastic, the fame for those who win…
    The LESSONs learned invaluable, all on a mannequin!
    Some stand upon their TIPTOEs to pin and hem and seam
    Designing clothes to hopefully achieve that life long dream.
    A shirt covered with LLAMAs, a dress sequined and glossy?
    Tim Gunn’s a mentor on the show, polite and never BOSSY
    He’s known to be a guiding hand to those who are most suasible
    And in the end he likes to hear…”Oh yes, Tim, that “SEAMS”POSSIBLE”! 👗👠

    With Fashion Week just ending here in NY on the 16th, today’s puzzle is right on POINT. As are today’s words. Old favorites, with one compound word that David SEAMS to be becoming SEW fond of. Pretty simple words, and it took no time to SEW them right up. Ok, let’s CUT over to our cartoon. Today Jeff is featuring TIM GUNN, the well known fashion consultant and co-star with Heidi Klum, of the show Project Runway. Tim, is the quintessential gentleman; and though gay, he’s still a real CHIC magnet to me! The show, going into its 17th season, has been a rating hit from its very bePINning. It’s featured a lot of Fashion talent…these young people who just SEAM to have Fashion in their JEANS. Anyway, here we see Tim, in all his SARTORIAL splendor, adDRESSing Sydney and asking if her DESIGN will be ready for the RUNWAY within the hour! An hour? Boy, she better TAYLOR SWIFT, right? It may just cause quite a FROCK-us! But, let’s take a CLOTHESer look, and see if we can get the real SKINNY…Sydney SEAMS very calm. She’s CLAD in a mauve University of Cincinnati T-Shirt emblazoned with a large C, which may stand for their swimming team, since I read that she swims. She’s SHOWn PINNING up a sample DRESS, which appears to have a lot of SEAMS, and is in two shades of Purple. Is it just me, or does the DRESS APPEAR to be inside out? You know, OUT OF SEQUINS? I can’t really tell…Jeff’s dialogue has Tim saying..”I like what’s going on here”. I’m not sure if that’s one of his signature catch phrases, but I do know he is fond of saying, “Can I be honest here?” CLOTHES, but no cigar. Sydney is making a little pun of her own for us, by saying she’s “CUTTING IT CLOSE”. Cute, Jeff! Anyway, our question wants to know if the DRESS will be ready, and she answers..”SEAMS” POSSIBLE! Well DROP the HEMLINE and WRAP this up! Good one, Dave! Clever..and very SUITable! Ok, on to the eye candy. I like the TAPE MEASURE around Sydney’s neck, but it’s too obvious, maybe even a little PLAID out… I’m going with the ROTARY CUTTER on the bench behind Tim. Along with the BOLTS of FABRIC and the tiny pin SHOWn BACK there, it’s a PERFECT FIT! SEW, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…Being CLOTHES minded can sometimes make us incomPLEAT. Before that leads to the need for HANGER management, let’s follow a different PATTERN. Let’s concentrate instead on knowing that we SHAWL overcome! 👗🙋🏻

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      • LOL…Hi Moose. Aren’t you the clever one today? Two good ones, Big Guy! Thank you, Caro, you know you’re a CUT above the rest to me! 😘 Yes, let’s hope we both have a great day today. I think your weather forecast’s the same as mine for t’row. Ciao, Caro! 👗🙋🏻


    • Wonderful parade of puns, Angela. Worthy of a strut down any runway , be it in NYC, London with the Queen or Milan with Donatella.
      Your post made me think of “The Man of La Mancha.” and his “Impossible Dream.”

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      • Hi Earl. Good afternoon. Thanks so much, you’re very kind. I like your play on words with parade and runway, very creative. Today, I’d rather be in Milan with Donatella, then y’day in London with Anna Wintour! She’s getting slammed for all her faux pas! And she’s British and a Dame besides! …Media saying she should have known better…I made a few faux pas of my own here.. it wasn’t the best morning. But it’s 72° already, and sunny…so until the SNOW comes again t’row (?!!), I’m making the very best of the rest of this now beautiful day! Hope it’s just as nice up by you! And your sentence this morning was outrageously adorable! Tks again, and have a good one! 💃🏻🙋🏻

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    • And here I thought you went on a sabbatical Angela. Perhaps a late night out? I’m use to you being in the for front. Your top in puns! I guess I’m clothes minded because I can not get in touch with my feminine side and seat there and watch that show.

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      • Hey Paul. How’re you doing? No, not this time! I was at a Lab this morning doing my best imitation of a PIN CUSHION, and it SEAMS they were serious about their zero tolerance policy for using any devices. I had the post done, but it was all in VEIN, because I couldn’t send it until I got out. Guess you could say I was FASHIONably late today! 😂
        And I’ve only seen the show once, years ago, but I do like Tim Gunn.
        Thank you very much for the shout out, Brooklyn, you’re a Sweetheart! Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful unSEASONably warm night! Ciao! 👗🙋🏻


  5. No problem with today’s clues or puzzle. Lesson & tiptoe have tripped me up in the past but ah ha not today. Recognized Tim Gunn right away. He’s a sweetheart. Is always so kind to the designers even if their finished product is awful. Didn’t know that Jeff’s daughter is a fashion designer. That’s such a nice touch for today’s puzzle. Thanks for the information, Mike. You’re great with the details. Have a good day everyone.

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  6. What really confused me about this one is the word “runway” in the cartoon. It had me looking all over for an airplane or an aircraft of some sort. The best I could come up with is a BLIMP, and the answer BLIMP EASESSOS, meaning that a dirigible has arrived to the rescue of someone sending the SOS. But blimps don’t use runways, it’s two words instead of one, and rescue vehicles are usually ambulances or helicopters, not blimps. But I still felt that “runway” distracted from the solution.


  7. Hi, all! Mike, I enjoyed your post. I think if someone who doesn’t do the Jumble happened upon your blog today, they would want to give it a try after reading your enthusiastic words, details about the people in the cartoon, and description of the fun word solves. Excellent job!!

    Couldn’t believe that LLAMA eluded me for a minute since we have people in the neighborhood who raise them. Got TIPTOE quickly while thinking about the two compound words we had yesterday, “lowdown” and “redeye.”

    Even though my mother taught me how to sew straight SEAMS, it was not POSSIBLE for me to complete the cartoon solve without choosing the 13 letters from my scrabble tiles and swirling them a couple of times.

    Have a great day!!

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    • Hi Lelia – If my happy songs are having the effect you mentioned, I’d better stick to “whiskers on kittens” for awhile! And I’ve been meaning to tease you about this – your party must have been great to sit next to at Top Shelf, with people breaking out in tears. Like, “Um, excuse me waiter, could we move? I didn’t think that next table would order so much BLUBBER.” 😂
      Take care!


      • Hi, Steve! At least we didn’t order gizzards & grits, and the girls didn’t have on as much mascara as Tammy Faye Bakker. We sobbed quietly and then ordered tacos, tostadas, & enchiladas.

        When our waiter seated me, he asked if there was “an occasion” and I said, “Big news.” Because he couldn’t take our order until after the announcement and “crying time,” I gave him a 40% tip. Then I asked if he would like to know the big news and he said, “Yes!” Jessica told him she was moving to Chicago, and he said he was born & raised there and started telling her about some places she should visit. I asked him why in the world he came to Arizona, and he replied, “My parents.”

        Loved what you said to John. That IS everyone’s standard RECURRING nightmare and so typical of you to remember it. I had forgotten until you said it.


      • Hi Lelia – I also have a NON-standard recurring nightmare – I’m back in Rhode Island driving at night in sleet. Now *there’s* a reason to move to Arizona (or Oakland) from RI *or* Chicago.


    • Thank you for the kind words, Lelia! I tried to make my write-up a little extra special today and I’m glad you noticed. I hope it put a smile on Jeff’s face like it did yours. 😊😊😊

      Llamas in your neighborhood? Do they raise them for their fur or for food? Pardon my ignorance in not knowing but I’ll never know if I don’t ask!

      Have a wonderful afternoon, Lelia. 74 degrees here!!!


      • Hi, Mike! Every time we passed the house with 4 or 5 llamas in the front yard, about a mile from our house, which occurs to me is not our house any more, we slowed down to see the llamas. A chain-link fence surrounded the place & the gates were securely closed.

        I just asked Jerry about them and he said that they had a large farm many miles south of there, but he didn’t know what they did with the llamas at the farm. He was pretty sure they kept the few in their front yard just for fun, like pets.

        As per your next comment to me about piling on compliments, with you I have to pick & choose because, my dear, if I complimented every thing you wrote that I thought deserved a compliment, I would spend too much time at this computer.


      • Llamas as pets seems odd to me but so do pigs and I know someone that owns one. Who am I to judge?!

        Thanks for your continued support of my website, Lelia. I’m pleased that so many people come back day after day to not only talk about the puzzle but to interact with the other folks who have such interesting stories to share. I learn something new here every day as I bet you do as well. 😊


  8. Mike, I’m still wondering how your precious “all grown up” son did yesterday wearing shorts to school.

    My Diane decided in 5th grade that she would not wear a jacket to school on cold mornings in spite of my pleadings so she wouldn’t have to wag it home in the heat of the afternoon, and her teacher made hurtful comments about her decision making.

    Joyce bought a t-shirt that came with iron-on numbers and boxes on the shirt for our phone number. Her math teacher dropped a note on her desk, during a test!, telling her he thought her shirt was inappropriate.

    I learned from those 2 teachers how NOT to speak to my students.

    Hope his day went well with no negative consequences. I remember “his” name but do not think I should be commenting it even though I blab our names.

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    • He was just fine and said that he was a little cool in the afternoon. Today most of the kids I saw during drop off were wearing shorts so he blended in perfectly. I’m a little overprotective of him so thank you for not mentioning his name.

      I’d be horrified to learn that a teacher left a note on my child’s desk to tell him that he thought his shirt was inappropriate. The embarrassment! Common sense would be to let it happen in private after class *or* notify a superior to have a look for a second opinion. When I was in school, if a t-shirt was deemed inappropriate, the offender was told after class to go to the bathroom and turn it inside out for the day!

      You must have been a wonderful teacher, Lelia. You’re always so kind and you sure know how to pile on the compliments. I’m still tickled that you enjoyed my write-up!


  9. Hi all – TIPTOE would have been difficult if we hadn’t seen it recently, which reminded me to split it into two words. Then LESSON took an extra look.

    Thanks for all the extra info. The guy looked familiar even though I wouldn’t know “Project Runway” from “Say Yes to the Dress”, but Angela, working “Taylor Swift” into the post was hilarious. Almost as fast as the two little robot tailors in the movie “Sleeper.”

    This was in the Chronicle and I wasn’t going to post it, but now it’s suddenly relevant:
    55th anniversary of Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.
    “ ‘The Birds’ was notable for its beautiful location work in Bodega Bay, the memorable bird special effects and actress Tippi Hedren’s imperishable green blazer and skirt — which withstood an escalating series of bird attacks, and still looked ready for a cocktail party.”

    Enjoy the warmth!

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    • Thanks, Grasshopper. (3 Steve’s… I’m out)! 😉 I was first thinking maybe a Taylor Swift song, and then the line FORMed in my head! Did you know there are stories that when they made “The Birds”, Hitchcock forced Tippi to film with live birds being thrown at her? And during the final scene, he actually tied them to her outfit? They pecked at her like crazy, and she almost had a breakdown…Talk about a real PIECE of WORK, Hitchcock was it…
      2 Steve’s remaining…I’ll choose wisely!
      Down at the boardwalk eating ice cream…T’row..the shovel? 😂 Talk to you later,, Bud 🙋🏻


  10. February 22, 2018. Hello Mike, for some reason I did not receive your daily Jumble Answers today. They are usually in my mailbox by now so I’m hoping they will arrive in a bit and that you receive this information. Thanks.

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  11. Thanks for the help, Mike. I did find the answer by going to the jumble answer website. I just didn’t get any of the comments which I always enjoy. I thought the puzzle was very clever this morning. Thanks again.

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