Jumble Answers for 02/11/2018










Good Morning, Everyone!          🚀 AIR WE GO AGAIN 🚀

🎶AIR I go again, I hear those trumpets blow again, All aglow again…Taking a chance on love. AIR  I slide again, About to take that ride again…Starry eyed again…Taking a chance on love…🎶

🚀🚀 For those of you who know me, Outer Space is not for me
I’m happy here upon the Earth, to any/all DEGREE
To travel to the great unknown, trust me will never hap…
Despite however cool they look dressed up in all BURLAP.
I like to see my SHADOW, would that happen out on Mars?
The most I know about it is, it’s Chocolate and it’s far…
My friends get high and MIGHTY telling me I’d do just fine
Because my head’s up in the clouds…at least most of the time…
Yea, I may be dizzy one, but OUTWIT me? No, no way.
I’ve more sense in my POCKET here, it’s just a role I play…
The bottom line, let’s face it Folks, I’m really happy here…
My feet upon the Earths’ good ground..not Mars GOOD ATMOSPHERE..🚀🚀

Ok, I’ll say it. The words today were no real CHALLENGE, but trying to make a RHYME of all this, related to OUTER SPACE? The REASONing? It was tough. And I was late for MASS. I didn’t PLANET that way, I’m not very organized lately. My head’s just in the clouds…SPACEd out, so to speak…But, enough about me…Our cartoon…Today, Jeff has taken us WAY OUT THERE. MARS. I think MILKY WAY, I think BRUNO. I remember that a few years ago, NASA found evidence of WATER there. I know it’s the 4th PLANET from the SUN, and it’s RED. But this? A restaurant? New FRONTIER…Ok, What shall we call it? “The MARS BAR“? Yes, I know it’s a restaurant, but for now, it’ll do. We see three couples, and a man entering alone. The maître d’ is asking if he could take his “climate helmet“. He’s aHEAD of the game here. The man at the back table resembles George Jetson, but his hair is black, not RED, and that’s no Jane he’s sitting with. The other two couples…The women are drinking, while the men are eating. It’s easy to see that everyone’s having a really GOOD time. And I RED that there’s no distinct boundary between ATMOSPHERE and SPACE, but there is an imaginary line about 62 miles from the surface, called the KARMAN LINE. This is usually where scientists say ATMOSPHERE meets OUTER SPACE. So KARMAN at you with this information…The customers liked the GOOD ATMOSPHERE! BIG BANG! Solved! Ok, eye candy. Today? A BYE candy. What I’m NOT seeing. The man on the right side of the table of couples? No arm! …Jeff, are you pulling my leg? So, there you have it Folks, Done!
Have a great day,  Everyone! And remember…We’re all LIVING, we all occupy SPACE, and we all have MASS…We all MATTER! 🚀🙋🏻


23 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/11/2018

  1. To OUTWIT the MIGHTY carnivore, they kept to a deep SHADOW so their POCKET compass could give a DEGREE reading under the BURLAP tarpaulin.
    Easy solve of the clue words for a Sunday–either I am on a roll or the words were easier than usual. The solution took considerably longer. I had to go away, come back and play with several four letter words before GOOD became a possible beginning. Then voila, the answer. Humm. Looking at voila, I realise that it is an anagram for VIOLA. Fun to play with words. I am looking forward to what Angela has in store for us.

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    • Good Morning, Earl. Running on empty here….Craziest night and morning…And I really did have to make MASS. Added on my contribution for today, not my best effort by FAR.
      Agreed, pretty easy words for a Sunday., and a GOOD puzzle all around, no? And your sentence, Sir? VOILA! A Tarpaulin! Not just a Tarp! I love it! Have a good one, Earl. 🚀🙋🏻


      • Good brunch time Angela. Sorry you have had a Zooey time–not sure why auto correct likes the proper noun but I’ll live with it. (Probably a reference to Franny and Zooey”?)
        Great post and no need for self-denigration. Are you a fan of the “Big Bang Theory”? Are am I reading too much into a casual reference? I know Sheldon is itching to be one of the first colonists on Mars.
        Hope things take an upward trajectory for you as our planet rotates toward evening. Ciao.

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      • LOL..I too just tried Zooey..and here you go! Capital letter! Who knows with Auto-INcorrect as I am want to call it! Good call on Franny and Zooey. I was thinking more Zooey Deschanel. How great a name is that? Musical! Thank you for the Shout-Out, you’re very kind…But, I just couldn’t seem to get OFF THE GROUND with it this morning. 🎶Mama said there’d be days like this….🎶 😉 And you know I had to get my Gravy started….it’s Sunday! 😉 “BIG Bang Theory”? BIG fan! Since Day 1, when none of my friends would listen to me and watch. And I’m also the BIGgest Sheldon Cooper fan! I’ve even gotten bitten by the spin-off, “Young Sheldon”. That little boy has completely stolen my heart! Things have calmed down here, Thank you for saying….Could be the aromas filling the kitchen! …😉 And I love your closing sentence..Totally pointing me in the right DIRECTION! Ciao, Gentile Signore! 🙋🏻


    • 🎵“Well the sun is surely sinking down
      But the moon is slowly rising
      So this old world must still be spinning ’round
      And I still love you“🎵
      Love the “rotating planet” imagery, Earl.

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      • 🎶So close your eyes, you can close your eyes…it’s all right🎶…Which I may have to do if this “rotating” continues…Have you forgotten my Vertigo???😂🌪 🙋🏻


  2. The Sunday puzzles usually give me trouble,but except for degree,that I was trying to make into gender,the words were no problem.Given the restaurant on Mars,atmosphere was also a given.

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    • Hi Chuck, Good Morning. I can see Gender…to a certain DEGREE…And, I agree, Dave went easy on us today…Nice change of ATMOSPHERE for a Sunday! Wishing you a good one! 🚀🙋🏻 .


  3. It was a pretty easy Sunday for me , though I did back into shadow and burlap. I thought the answer was going to be cool atmosphere. Great posts, as usual, Angela and Earl.

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    • Good Morning, Caroline. Thank you, you are too kind. Burlap, a JUTE word, right? 😉 All in all, a really GOOD puzzle for a Sunday, as you’ve stated. We’ve had a ton of rain here, and it’s stopped for a bit, although I’m sure we’re not done yet. I’ll need to check the ATMOSPHERIC conditions!! Hope you didn’t get more snow…Have a great day, Caroline! 🚀🙋🏻


  4. Good morning. Great job Angela. I’ll lay off putting the words in a paragraph. It’s Sunday and after church I want to just relax. Thank goodness your head is in the clouds rather then.!!! Your too sweet to even hint towards the opposite. Fun puzzle today. Even my friend called before she went out, to see if I thought it was an easy solve. When starting,I look at the first word and if the answer does not come immediately,I move to the next and so on. Then I start over again and so forth until I solve all the words. They came fairly easy. From 1-6 they were solved in this order. 4,5,3,6,1 then 2. When I looked at the cartoon I started to think what makes me return to a restaurant besides good food. Without looking at the letters, Atmosphere came to mind. Now crossing out the letters,Good remained. That is the reason I rarely go to,like a McDonalds for a meal. I’d rather pay the extra money for a more comfortable environment. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • ROTFL….Brooklyn, I damn near fell out of my chair! 😂😂 No, my head is NOT towards the opposite! How would I be able to walk in these 4-inch heels???!! You absolutely slay me! My friends do tend to jump on my case about being Ditzy…I just tell them they’re all jealous! 😂 🎶Life is very short, and there’s no time for fussing and fighting, my friend…🎶 Every knock’s a boost, as my Father always said…And we agree 100% on the food and ATMOSPHERE, it’s so important. And between Brooklyn and Staten Island, we have a PLETHORA of riches, don’t we, Bud?😉 I’m glad you and Marie had an easy time of it…BTW, I can do a coffee at McDs in a pinch… Hang in there, Brooklyn, you’re OUT of this WORLD in my book! 🚀🙋🏻


      • Angela, I’ll return with Rotfl for your opening line and Plethora. I too have been called crazy. My answer to them is…I know I’m nuts therefore I can handle it, but when you realize that you’re crazy you won’t be able to cope and therefore you’ll blow your brains out. That shuts them up. Earl, you and Angela get silver and gold medals for the use of all the words. I’m certainly not going to say who gets what. I’m smart enough to avoid that trap.

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      • Crazy? Oh please,…It’s all in the MIND!!! Been there and back…Enjoyed the trip, too! 😂
        Paul, you kill me! Anyway, what can we say? Maybe it’s the Brooklyn in us, huh? Personally, I wouldn’t change it for anything! Earl and I? Silver and gold? With a nod to the Olympics, and an Oscar contender…are you perhaps trying to start a little Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding thing here? 😂 Hmm. No problem at my end! I’d share the honors with Earl any day of the week! And Brooklyn, you’re FAR from nuts…..ACORNding to my standards! Hope you’re enjoying the rain, because if it’s anything like here….Start lining up those animals…two by two…NOAH have I heard that before? Keep ’em laughing, Bud! 😂🙋🏻


    • Good Morning, Betty! Yes, BURLAP seems to have BAGged a few of us this morning…But we’ve all scratched that itch! Enjoy your papers and your day! Ciao! 🚀😂


  5. Hi all – This was a very enjoyable puzzle. EEEk! though, DEGREE took me the longest. Then I noticed that “Good Vibrations” fit the answer, which led to “Good Atmosphere” and a good laugh.
    The colonists would appreciate the branch on Venus even more given the climate, but personally, I’d recommend “The Restaurant at The End Of The Universe” because it’s so affordable. (You leave a 1¢ deposit at the Big Bang Burger Bar, and by the time you get to the restaurant, the interest accrued is enough to pay for any meal.)
    Have a great day!

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    • LOL.. I do appreciate your THIRD DEGREE reference! You’re the FIRST to mention it! 👏🏻 👏🏻
      And mediocre minds being what they proudly are, I too paused at 🎶Good Vibrations🎶, but you know me and SPACE…I had to go with 🎶 AIR I go again…🎶 We’ve had enough to go AROUND! I’m way liking the Big Bang Burger Bar also, but I think I’d SHELDON go there…Like Paul, I don’t really RELISH the Burger joints…But the 1¢, Grasshopper? Wouldn’t that be acCRUEl joke on the proprietors? Think about it… They’d always be in the RED!!! 😂
      Steve…Is this “way” too exciting???? 😂 Talk to you later, Bud! 🚀🙋🏻


  6. Lelia, I see RAIN in the forecast for Phoenix this week! 😱
    Keep 911 handy and find these on Youtube. (You’ll like them, “Ah Guar-ron-tee!”)

    Let It Rain , Eric Clapton , 1970 Vinyl

    The Who – Love reign over me

    (Should say “O’er me”, but that’s how it’s listed)


    • Hi, all! What a pleasant Sunday Jumble with everyone having such a GOOD time at the restaurant. I had to find out whether the ATMOSPHERE was good, nice, fine, or best. Loved the suggestion of “cool” from our cool one, Caroline.

      Last night I went to Red Lobster (not as good as seafood in NH) with Diane, younger daughter, for our annual splurge during Lobster Fest. My Lobster Lover’s Dream was delicious.

      Steve, loved your outer space/out of this world clever comments; especially the Big Bang Burger Bar. Thank you for the songs about rain. We might get as much as an inch or two so we are hunkering down, pouring cement around the house for good drainage, and gathering sand bags. Just joking about the sand bags, but Jerry really is still pouring cement.

      Enjoyed all the comments and wish all an enjoyable late afternoon & evening. We slept waaay in today.


      • Hi Lelia. It really is a great Sunday puzzle, and it seems like no one today had any GROUNDs for becoming stressed! Happy to hear you’re enjoying your weekend. Take care and I wish you and yours a very enjoyable day! Be well! 🚀🙋🏻


  7. I don’t want to leave a mistaken impression – both those fine dining establishments occur in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, which also reveals — SPOILER ALERT — that the answer to “Life, the Universe and Everything” is ‘42’. That shows up a lot. When my friend came back from the Microsoft Certification Training, he asked me if I knew why the default length of time that Windows passwords expired was 42 days, and surprised him when I guessed correctly.

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    • LOL….Didn’t even realize it, Grasshopper! Not my best day, although it’s gotten much better! That pasta cures whatever ails ya! 😂 And I remember that when Adams first wrote about it, he meant it as a joke, right? Too funny!! But it went wild…the geeks ATE it up! Good “coming out”, Bud. The plagiarism police might have been after you! 😂😂 Or as Lou likes to say…”Repeat? Defeat”! 😂😂 Talk to you later! 🙋🏻


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